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Author Topic: Manifest Absolutely Anything v.2.0  (Read 1170 times)

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Manifest Absolutely Anything v.2.0
« on: February 09, 2013, 10:10:59 PM »
Manifest absolutely anything v2.0 really does deal with all issues, even though itís pretty short. Itís just to the point, and doesnít drag it out into a 10 DVD course. It helps you form a vision using all of your senses, and presents a real routine and practice to strengthen and hold that in a way that acknowledges that this is a daily practice. Here are some of the things manifest absolutely anything works with:

1.  Getting in touch with what you really want, through a questioning process that is useful.

2. Acknowledging and working with how believable you think the goal is. Something very important and often overlooked!

3. What if Iím not a visual person? An important question. Manifest absolutely anything v2.0 has a series of questions and processes to get you in touch with various sensory and emotional experiences that the goal would create, to help you feel the energy of the goal in the kinesthetic and auditory levels as well. Even if you are extremely visual, all of these elements are important.

4. A powerful script and process to get you into a meditative state where you can more deeply experience the entire process. In a way, this part right here is really worth way more than the price of admission. Letís talk a little bit about this script.

Click here to Download Manifest Absolutely Anything v.2.0


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