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Author Topic: Letting Go VS. Not Putting Enough Energy Into Dream  (Read 973 times)

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Re: Letting Go VS. Not Putting Enough Energy Into Dream
« on: April 10, 2019, 02:38:26 PM »
Hi LoveAndLight

You don't need to spend a certain amount of time to put enough energy to create anything. The moment you have a desire and decide you want it, it's done. It could just be a few seconds of visualising an image of what you want. You are the Universe, so how can it not know what you want? For instance, one day I saw a bird on my window (with its back to me) and wanted to know what kind of bird it was. I tried googling with what descriptions I had from seeing just the back of it, but couldn't find anything; I then forgot about it. 1-2 days later, I happen to see the exact bird in the exact pose (with its back to me) in the thumbnail of a video and could figure out what bird it was. (It was a dove. Don't laugh now, I didn't know doves could be brown too). The point is, I didn't even have to specifically visualise me finding the answer. The Universe knows. The Universe delivers.  :)

Now if you continue visualising and dreaming about something, it would only be because it's a fun thing for you to do! You do have to be in the right vibration (generally feeling good) to receive something. If the topic of money doesn't make you feel better, then think of something that does. It doesn't matter.

Another thing is, whether you believe it or not, what we really want are the feelings behind the desire. Once you get those feelings, you will notice you no longer feel the urgency. Then you just know that the manifestation is now an inevitable side-effect. That's letting go.

So focus on the feelings of abundance - You being the Universe is abundance and the source of all riches. Why would you of all people need to worry about money? I personally found that despite getting the feeling of abundance, I didn't lose my sense of urgency because I was still focused on what others would think. I realised I was equating my sense of worth on how much money I had. We being the Universe are Gods. Nothing on this physical reality is real - just illusions and reflections of ourselves and our thoughts/feelings. Once I got over that and realised nothing in this world can threaten my sense of self - I was free! Free of the desire. Money no longer had power over how I felt! I now could feel like an Empress even if I had to wear rags and live in the streets. (Not that I'd have to). More money is now coming into my family, and opportunities are ideas for more are flowing!

Something to remember, is that your priority should be to feel good. After all, the only reason we want things are as an excuse to feel like our true self - worthy, important, free etc. So you don't have to go buy more things if it doesn't make you feel better. If spending more just makes you feel more worried about money, you are still in a vibration of lack and will attract more lack. So just know that your million dollars are coming, and until then, the universe will take care of all your needs. You are the God of your universe. Once you have the feelings I described (that is, when you are aligned with your desire and allowing it), then as sure as the planet is still in orbit (as Abraham Hicks puts it), your money is coming soon. If you ever catch yourself wondering how long it's going to take, just ask yourself - "What do you mean how long? I already got it and it was instant!". That's true because the feelings are instant; the feelings are the first signs and indicators or how close we are to our desires.

With regards to other people, as you seem to understand yourself, it is a futile endeavour to try to figure out why or why not something works for them. Perhaps the man who won the lottery finally let go, or stopped thinking negative thoughts about money. We can't really say. Someone could be really depressed but put on a happy face for others. We will get nowhere if we wonder why this supposedly happy person isn't attracting loads of goodies. Sometimes people with great beliefs might talk things that lead us to believe they are negative. But like you said, we can never know what is going on inside anyone's head - but we can tell from what they are manifesting into their lives.

Also, once you get the feelings associated with abundance, the money thing is now old news. You can move to manifesting other fun things!

Something else I do for fun is treat my life the way I would if I were already a multimillionnaire; it's just a fun way of being appreciative of everything, really. I put on clothes as if they are $5000 worth designer wears. I savour each meal as if I am at a fine-dining. I put on my products as if they cost $500, and are made of rare exotic herbs from the Amazon forests  :D I recently got accepted to a posh university and got invited to a top-notch hotel to meet a professor. So my reality is already beginning to relfect everything. You don't have to do this too, but it's just an example of having fun and appreciating everything we have  :)

Hope my equally long answer helped  :)
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