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Author Topic: LOA material..  (Read 1104 times)

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Re: LOA material..
« on: September 17, 2018, 09:48:46 PM »
Your very concentrated thought power is the transmutation of your thinking energy from its potential state ( your mind) into energy in its material state ( real world manifestation), which then is attracted to its original harmony source through spiritual law. This transmuting of mind energy into matter energy,does take some time or delay into matter in the physical form. Just like when a seed is planted, and needs a period in the darkness of the soil, to germinate. You have no idea if it will grow if a doubter, so you tear it up and look, ending it, or breaking the growth period. Like a gardener or farmer if you believe, you water it, take the weeds out choking it ( ie any negative thoughts on your level), and wait, it will produce the corresponding thing.

If you planted a tomato plant it will yield one and not a pumpkin. If you planted an acorn, or a walnut tree it will take longer but will come. If you have doubts, then every time you undo the work you did.

All are humans lack, have problems or negativity, that is life they are there.

The key is if you have faith, are unwavering and no doubt you will receive what you ask for. That is not luck, it is the law. You have to allow for the necessary, uninterrupted passing of time when allowing the state of being, in your world. Therein lies the secret of  being in faith, no doubts and truly deciding what you want. Uninterrupted time is the very key and not tempting your fate.

The important moment you realize you can change your thoughts, change your life situation is the moment you bestow yourself with the keys to life, this is the reality of spiritual law and you.You are a master of your conditions. If you havenít taken control over your thoughts , you havenít mastered your life.
The reason being in control of your life is so powerful is because it means you can change your circumstances, bringing into your world the things you want. If you think lack or poverty that is what you will get more of.

Negative thoughts are OK, analyze and see why they are there, and don't let them master you. It is dealing with or bypassing, them in faith that gets you to the point you want to be.

There are plenty of books if you want pure mind power. Joseph Murphy, Claude, Neville or Wallace are a good start. Troward is awesome but too intense for many.

The problem with many is they won't take the time to read, grasp and do. They "try" which implies it is hard and lacking. Or they spend all day reading what doesn't work for many, or waiting for someone to give them a hint or worse DO for them. The key is within.

Or some could get an A, on methods or books but never put them to practice themselves.

 Look within, and look outer that is where your thoughts were. If you don't like it, see why. What made you think illness, lack of money or abundance or lack of love. Do the opposite. If you want money or love, believe you have it. Act as if you have it. Have faith and ask, believe and receive.

You can use your 3rd eye chakra, in doing so you are activating the energy fields around your crown and aura. As you visualize, it comes into reality because you have put it into your auric energy field. If you are asking from an energy perspective. There is much more to it, studying energy and understanding, but many do that if that is what you are asking.

Many of us use that energy field to heal others, read auras, RV, or manifest. We use a specific organ to do so.
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The mind is everything. What you think you become.

The greatest & highest wonder-working name is Jesus


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