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It took about 1 year ....... in space I stopped and continue

Now I make it old to marry him .......

I still do scripting and a list of gratitude

I did it for my friend from no contact we have 3 years relationship
Do you mean you had no contact for 3 years?

No contact for 10 years and we lived in other cities ........... and after rs and the law of attraction we came closer and we are together in a beautiful relationship

I did it for my friend from no contact we have 3 years relationship

elinaki  can you add me please??

I pray for you too!marioska.I wish you to succeed :) :)

Law of Attraction Lounge / Re: Where are you from?
« on: October 03, 2012, 11:52:21 PM »
Greece :D

Hi everyone,

I am trying to access the files, Berylac has sent.
I don't have access and need the password to open it.

Kindly help and pm me the password if anyone of you have

Thank you Ava for this

I am grateful and very happy now that George and I are old couple. It's great to have him beside me is so very gentle with me. I look at the ring he gave me and smile. George and I are together much in love and very happy. Thanks George shows me his love. Thanks for the nice words I said. Thanks so much we love and thank happy that we are married. Thanks for always beside me with love.

I thank everyone here for everything you pass me give you energy and optimism thanks to all of you smile again! many kisses to all
 :) :) :)
Sorry for my English is a translation of google I hope to read

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