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One of my favorite hobbies is creative writing, but in the past year I've had writer's block. There would be many days when I would sit down to write and my story just wouldn't come out, I'd hate everything I've written and blot it out.

I tried to fix this with Neville Goddard's technique. Basically, I'd imagine myself looking at my finished story on my computer screen and being happy about my writing. I'd imagine myself writing my story and feeling that rush of creativity and freedom. I'd feel all the senses of the moment as if the scenes were real. I did this for 5-10 min almost every night.

After a few weeks of that in the summer, my writer's block did not go away. I'd try to write and there would be no inspiration, only self-criticism and frustration. I thought patience was the answer, that I just had to persevere with Neville's technique, but nothing really changed. So I stopped with that and focused on other stuff.

Cue in a very stressful month in the fall when I was under a lot of pressure and had almost no time for myself. So whenever I did get a few hours to myself, I just used most of that time to write. The self-criticism and writer's block was almost gone, my creativity was back and it was more productive but now I wonder....what made it work?

LoA folks, myself included, tend to preach the ideas of be positive, be happy, feel good, focus on what you want, imagine the end result and feel it real...but none of that really helped. What helped me the most was having that pressure which made me value my time more and that sense of pressure - knowing how limited my free time is - somehow made me more in tune to the moment, more creative.

So, what do you think?

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