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Meditation is THE most important skill you will develop in leveling up your attraction power.  We have all been socially conditioned to believe that we are "victims" of life and that life just "happens to us".  In order to brainwash (literally wash our minds of this gunk) ourselves of these fallacies, we need to root ourselves in  a clear mind so that when limiting beliefs come up in our day to day life, we are able to clear them quickly and then shift our attention and focus to what it is that we DO want.  Here is a very practical and easy to understand meditation to help you achieve that.

Meditation to increase Your Focus and Manifest Your Desires 100% Faster:
Break your meditation down into two 30 minute sessions - one right when you wake up and the other right before bed.  Break the 30 minutes down into 10 minute segments.

1.   Spend the first 10 minutes breathing, listening to music or silence, feel your body and your breath, stare into your closed eyelids

2.  Spend the next 10 minutes thinking about past memories where you felt fulfilled, in love, grateful etc.  Do this until you feel an "awakening" in your heart chakra or heart center

3.  Meditate on this feeling of gratitude, joy etc you have awakened in your heart center and start imagining the things you desire to manifest - using this feeling of gratitude to pretend that it is felt for the completed manifestation of the things you are working on.

Meditation is KEY when you are working on stretching and changing your thought patterns.  Meditation allows you to spend FOCUSED time in changing your negative thought patterns into patterns of thought that puts you in the right frame of mind to vibrate the same as the things you want to attract. 

Full Video here:
This is actually something i noticed years ago. One of the first things that started to happen is getting things i wanted before.. literally people i wanted to date would show up, or the jobs i wanted, or situations.

It was cool, but at the same time i didnt care about it now.. i had new things i wanted and i grew and had different life goals.

BUT dont be discouraged, this means you are manifesting and in the flow.. this shows you this is actually working.. and gives you a very important lesson. Let things unfold, stop obsessing , its all coming.

Eventually you get into this amazing effortless flow, i dont NEED anything but i DESERVE everything.. and it comes and comes

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Hi all! This success story is about how I manifested getting accepted into a very top university for my post-grad studies, and got over my fear of being attached/not-letting-go in the process.

I faced the greatest contrast of my life towards the end of my undergrad studies, which affected an important aspect of my results. So despite having a great academic record, this one aspect was enough to ruin everything. I felt my future was over - that I had no chance of getting accepted for either studies or jobs in this field. I got rejected from some jobs and courses I applied to as well. I was so disappointed and heartbroken that all of my sparkly academic work could be so easily ruined by something I couldn't control, that I lost interest in the field.

Anyway, after getting into LOA, I started having hope again and eventually felt interested in my field again and made applications to 3 very top universities. Let's call them X, Y and Z - X being the most highly ranked one and my preferred uni.

Usually when I try to manifest something, I am really scared of being too attached. I would normally try to detach by telling myself that I would be ok no matter which uni I get into. Maybe someday I'll get to work at X, even if I can't study there etc. But I did this method for a number of things, none of which happened, and I was getting really frustrated at what felt like denying myself of things I want.

So I decided to follow Abraham's advice of putting my feeling-good first, and fully believing in my desires instead. I told myself I am the creator of my reality, and if I want to go to X, that's where I am getting accepted. Not just someday in the future, but right now.

I then worked on my feelings (of being worthy of and belonging at X) and beliefs regarding X. I went from believing I am more likely to get accepted at a low ranked uni, to believing I belong to X and that being a vibrational match to X, I couldn't possibly get accepted at lower ranked unis. I also got over some negative beliefs regarding the kind of people who go to expensive universities. At this point, I knew that it was only a matter of time before my physical reality matches my vibration.

Two days later, things happened really fast and I got an unconditional offer  :)

Edit on 18/03/19: Forgot to mention I had a gap year where I didn't do anything academic or job-related, to explain in my personal statements.
I affirmed every day in my journal "thank you for my healing" I also thanked each part of my body part, organ, cells etc for working in harmony with each other to keep me healthy. At first I felt fear but then I watched the documentary called heal and it restored my faith. I recommend that documentary and watching videos on how to heal body with mind. I started eating better and exercising and I felt so much healthier as well. It was a miracle but it starts with being happy and grateful. I don't miss an opportunity anymore to say thanks. I drink water believing it's healing me, when I eat I believe it's healing me. My doc was shocked and also skeptical. I can understand that because he was not in my mind.
Iím a grown ass woman. I donít need validation. I am here to get real, honest answers about my personal situation.

I was having a conversation with two people in my response and what was not meant for you, was not meant for you, and so there's no cause for you to take personal offence. When your maturity has grown as much as your ass, you will understand this naturally.

I donít know who the hell Brighton is.

He is an LOB master, and is AlexBally's Dad.

Hey now. You can call me immature all you want. But donít mess with the ass... itís fabulous.

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I don't think that forgiving someone or not forgiving them is necessarily going to stop you manifesting a car or any other thing. There are people in my life that I have not forgiven, but that I have put them out of my mind enough for it not to have any real impact on my daily life or the things I am manifesting today, as far as I know.

But I do think that if you are eaten up by hate, resentment, the need for revenge or getting even, and are constantly going over in your mind past incidents where you wish you had said this or that....then that might well have an impact on your general energy. And yes, I feel that IS going to affect the kind of things you manifest. Sometimes non-forgiving energy - if it is accompanied with very strong negative emotion - is a potent fuel that can quite easily bring into your life what you don't want.

So basically, I think that whether you forgive a person or not, it all depends on how well you are able to put an issue behind you.

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I first joined in 2012 when I wanted to get my ex back. Spoiler alert, we didn't get back together but we're on good terms. I realized he wasn't for me.

A few months ago, I ended a relationship and since then I've been meeting great guys, with each being closer to what I want. The thing is with the last two, they never really materialized into anything.

Guy #1: I liked but I got serious friend vibes. Like me he was fresh out of a relationship.  After I realized he wasn't that into me and that we really didn't have chemistry I moved on. He's now engaged and Iím happy for him.

Guy #2: He's who made me realise that I really didn't have chemistry with guy #1 and I wanted that. We had tons of chemistry, spoke everyday for weeks, shared books, podcasts articles. Flirted but he was always respectful of my boundaries. I thought there was a possibility for something more. But he expressed that even though he was attracted to me, he wasn't looking to be involved with anyone. He made me realise that I wanted someone who was open with his feelings and open to going with the flow if the connection is there.

Then enter Guy #3 he has all the qualities of #1 and #2 but he's definitely into to me and isn't afraid to talk about his feelings. We are both on the same page of being open to where our connection might flow.

What worked for me was each time I met someone and I realized there was something I wanted I'd say, "I give myself the freedom to desire...."

For example, though guy #2 and I spoke every day and he was always watching my stories online. He never brought our interactions into the real world. So I wrote in my journal that I desire a man who wants to be an active participant in my life and not just observe from the periphery without making a move.

And what happened?

Guy #3 enters. He's all about spending quality time with me!

With each new connection Iím getting more and more of what I've been asking for. And Iím refining my desires.

I've also been really conscious about being happy with my life. I truly haven't experienced any terrible guys, they all have treated me with care and respect.  And I think it's because I've treated myself with care and respect.

I literally put it out that I only date nice guys and the universe continues to send them!

By reading the posts from this wonderful forum, i am able to come to a conclusion that, LOA = LOY.
So this law works only because of you, you, you, you...100 times you.
YOU have to change the something in you to get something from out.
This something of ourselves only attracting everything to us.
So change that some thing now..in this very moment..right now..!
So completely understand that Law of attraction is Law of YOU!!
No one says you have to love yourself to let go. Itís a misrepresentation of what we are saying. Loving yourself was never anything I very said, but the benefit is clear. Anything you can do to raise up your emotional state will help you in dropping the negative thoughts and emotions that can block manifestations stemming from subcons belief. Like I said, you work BOTH sides.

Unless youíre a seasoned master and can marshall the faith necessary to move those mountains despite internal upset you will have to face your mental and emotional state head on. Unlike what some here have said, psychology and loa are inexorably connected because your MIND is the tool you use. A broken tool wonít get it done.

There is a reason people who promote letting go generally have better results than people who donít.

Letting go = exercising faith.

As fora the vortex, I have no idea what that is or how to get in it, or why. Sounds daingerous to me. Nothing called a vortex can be good :P

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First of all! I wish you the best year ever, to all of you no exception <3
May you all be blessed. May you all understand that your words, acts and smile can change people's life, so use it, give what you have, even if its just a smile, just a second of your time. You never know how important it may be for someone. We all can give, we all are important. You may not know and I may not talk to anyone here but I'm grateful for all of you.

Now, back to the post:

I first read those 6 words when I was readig Thomas Troward, one of my favorites authors. And it gave me such a deep insight.
We as human beings, often want shadows, symbols because we don't understand the cause behind them, we don't understand our power. So here I come just to suggest "new" method or approach to manifest anything you want into your life. I will avoid making long, philosophical texts, so here is just the method:

For a month, try to forget symbols and shadows (specifics) and come back to you. If you were trying to manifest a car, a house, a person, a message, no matter what, forget all objects and specific things/people for that month and ENTER THE SPIRIT OF THE ENERGY OF WHAT YOU WANT to be, do or have.
If its money you want or anything money can buy enter the energy of wealth and aboundance.
If its an ex or a specific person just enter the energy of love and companionship.
If its a healing you want, then enter the spirit of health and perfect harmony.
If its some kind of success of success you want, enter the spirit of accomplishment.

Now, what do I mean by "enter the spirit of it"?
For a whole month DECIDE, be determinated that you will mostly generate only one kind of energy.
Say words, act and be only what represents and generates that energy. Become that energy! Be obsessed by it, cultivate it every hour in every way you can. Radiate it.

example; you want a message from someone.
First understand how little you want, how poor it is to want so little. It is a very poor and negative energy, it is making a beggar of the glorious you.
Second, instead on focusing on having a small message, understand that what you really want behind that is love, the feeling of being loved, the feeling of being important to someone, the feeling of having company, etc. It is different for everyone. So if you find out that you want to feel loved then generate exactly that feeling as you were loved now, but again without limitation to one person or messages: amplify it, make it big, go beyond your self imposed fences... become such a great energy of love and generate such a great feeling of being loved that you don't even need it anymore from anyone. Become so full of it. It is very important that when you do this, you really don't feel the want or need of it: it means that what you did was a success. YOU CAN DO IT. You know your way. Don't ask me how to do that: trust yourself and do it your way.
Now of course, don't do that five mintes and then ask "okay now where is the message?" lol ... Don't do it to see a result, just do it for the purpose of generating that energy and live like that for a month! Then you will be the judge :D

This method/Exercice will make you understand that all things come from you and that you never have to seek them. All things come when you feel content, whole by yourself.

Of course, the time limit is important, say to yourself that you will do it a month, fully and completly, and that you will judge results only after a month. This keeps you focus on the wanted energy and it helps you avoid anything that is not that.
PS: if you cannot do a month, try at least for a week without "flaws" or interruption, always try your best.
Because the results depend of your quality of energy.

|| Our thought as feeling is the magnet which draws to us those conditions which accurately correspond to itself. || Thomas Troward
Pussum, Siamese Cheese, and MissUniverse(nuff said). 

Did you guys go to the same school and meet up in detention or something ? You've been forum members for years (which means you're no longer in high school and should be an adult) and you ask the most simplistic questions despite english being your primary language, and can't seem to figure it out even when given time to think.

Is this what being an empath is like ? Does the overuse of your right brain (traditionally, the hemisphere involve in intuition, psychic perception, etc) drain 'resources' from the left brain, compromising it?

english is NOT my primary language so ill take that as a huge compliment (not even kidding) :))

and whats exactly an empath and why is it so important (serious question bc im too smart to know  ;D )

not being ironic here.

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Well that's a big problem 
When I say LOA I'm talking about the nature of reality, the power of beliefs, and everything that makes your life.

So YOUR beliefs and definitions about love have EVERYTHING to do with "loa" and your experiences. Because those are the cause of how you experience love in your life. You have specific thoughts about what love is, what relationships are... and how you think about those and what you believe in those areas is the cause of how you experience love and relationships.

When you say "I never understood what the term ďloveĒ has anything to do with LoA." Its like saying "I never understood what the term ďmoneyĒ has anything to do with LoA. Terms like money, love, health, success, power, good, bad, etc etc are all personal/subjective for all of us. Some people associate money with evil, others assiociate love with weakness. And all those beliefs or associations impact their life and what appears "desirable" to them. I'm sorry that you don't understand such an important and crucial thing. Everythinh in this life has to do with LOA, and especially love because "LOVE" has so much implications, associations, and influence in your life.

I understand what you are saying. I agree my beliefs and definitions about love have everything to do with my life and my LoA experience.
What I don't understand is, if that is the case - it should be the case with hatred as well. I MAY believe hatred makes me happy and so will my life and experience be.
That goes on for EVERYTHING.
So why only single out something as abstract and esoteric as love. Why ONLY love? That is my question.

And if everything depends on my subjective beliefs about something then my subjective beliefs about "vegans suck" are equally impactful on my life as love.

Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to trash talk you on this subject - In the past, I have engaged myself into thinking and believing this is true.
In last couple of years the more large scale successes I have had, the more I realized that this, however morally comforting it sounds, has no impact on your ability to manifest. I arrived at this conclusion by going the extreme opposite - going in with all round hatred and there was no impact on my ability to manifest whatsoever.

Hatered is not something separate from love. It is the other side of the same coin. Its a little bit long to explain for this topic and not really useful here.

But why LOVE? Because many people here have a big issue with their love definitions, that is what causes all those posts of "how to get ex back" and all the "rs" things. You maybe already know I was the one who wanted exes back too and I created all kind of posts. But back then (4 years ago) I had a definition of love that was very fearful and degrading to me and so I dealt with all sorts of love pain. It created in me a "logic" that I have to "control" every thought of the other person. This desire cannot come from true love, but from fear. So I make this post to make people question what they think of love and how it affects their relationships and their desires and logic.

Again why love? Because on this forum most of the people don't even read anything that goes beyond relationships and ex back techniques.

Keep in mind that a person who has a complete "sane" definition of LOVE cannot suffer because of love, cannot chase someone, cannot want to influence or "rs" someone, and definitely whould have better things to do than trying to attract someone who doesnt want him/her. All of this because when you have a healthy definition of love you dont even have to deal with all those problems. Those problems become unknown to you. You just never create them anyway. In the same way that if you have a helthy beliefs about money you don't deal with poverty. What makes you want someone who doesnt want you has everything to do with your beliefs about love and it all has to do with you, the person you think you want is just a shadow of that. And again I repeat it: I was in those "bad" positions too.

Lets imagine you believe that you are BLESSED in love. And with all that it implies! Lets say it is your core belief. Where is the need to want someone back? Where is the lack of anything? Where is the suffering? Chassing, rs, ex back techniques, trying to influence someone by focusing on them and believing that you have to change them or control-influence them is far from believeing that you are blessed, it is far from a sane definition of love. So instead of just blindly obey to your desires ask yourself what belief or fear creates them. Because if you look back into your past you will see that not all of your wants or desires were positive for you, in fact often they can lead you to all sorts of hells :D So yeah, its very important to check your definitions and beliefs about love because they control your actual logic, emotions and attitude when it comes to relationships.
@denydritz: Thank you!

I do think we can be as specific as we want - in my case, I only left some details because I don't know enough about designing to specify those  :D I trusted the Universe to either bring me the inspiration to make those, or put me in touch with someone who can help or something. But of course, the Universe went way above those expectations and gave it to me all at once  :)

But you are right about letting go of the when part. That was always difficult for me. I realised it was because I didn't truly appreciate what I had - at best I could tolerate them thanks to the promise of manifestations to come. I recently realised, around the time I started visualising the dress (what a coincidence!  ;) ), that manifestations really won't make me happy. If I don't know to be happy, I will keep finding reasons to be dissatisfied no matter what I fill my life with. So I earnestly looked around at my life and noticed all that I have until I realised my life is pretty great just as it is. There was already plenty I could do to appreciate and celebrate and have fun with - and I can do this no matter what situations I get into and no matter how much or how little I have. I really got that life is all about the journey from desire to manifestation, where you have so much fun along the way.

Here's an Abe quote that kickstarted this epiphany or sort.

 But if they say, 'I'm looking forward to being over there,'
and someone says, 'Why, will you be happier?' 
And you say, 'Not really, I'm really happy over here.'   
'Why are you so happy over here when you want to be over there?'   
And you say, 'Well, partly because I've seen what's over there and I'm positively anticipating it, but there's so much wonderful stuff that I'm seeing that's over here, and frankly,' you say, 'I'm looking forward to the journey between here and there.  I think that's what I was born for.  I think I was born for this eternal, expanding journey, you see.'"

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And it came way earlier than I expected.

I like designing dresses in my mind. So I was designing a ghagra-choli (an Indian dress) in my mind and was thinking that one day I want to find a designer to make it for me, because it's not possible to find this kind of dress where I live (middle east) - at least I haven't seen one since I was a child - and none of the tailors I know are up to the task.

I designed in my mind the overall look, the kind of material, the colours, the sleeves etc, but was fuzzy on details such as the ergonomics of the top, the exact patterns, embroidery, stone-work etc. So I asked the Universe to fill in those details for me, because I trust the Universe knows what I will and won't like.

I currently don't have the financial freedom to get a designer (or if I can even find one where I live) and have the dress made professionally, but I fully believed and knew I can have this dress regardless. So I visualised what it'd look like, how I'd look and feel in it etc for the fun of it.

3-4 days later I went Christmas shopping. I was planning to wear a dress I already had for Christmas, and although I was initially dissatisfied with not having something new, I learned to appreciate what clothes I did have and was looking for new shoes to go with it. And that's when I noticed that after more than 10 years, suddenly they had ghagra-cholis! And I found one just like what I had in mind. All the details I skipped were nicely filled in and I absolutely adored it. I even got it at a Very attractive price, even without considering the Christmas discount.

Thought I should share this story considering my very first post on this forum was about how I tried to experiment in LOA by trying to manifest a dress and couldn't  :D I have certainly come a Long way since then, and I thank everyone on this forum who helped along the way, either directly through replies or through their own posts.  :)
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