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Author Topic: ghosting  (Read 3065 times)

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Re: ghosting
« on: September 03, 2019, 12:45:42 PM »
Hi alwaysfaith222,

I am sure possom-power means well. With that said, if you'rr looking for an answer with the nature of reality at its root, it would be to go with a nighttime practice as alexbally has suggested. There are a few reasons for this, and I'll try to break it down:

When possum says that's happenes to her too... nothing is ever the same for the universe in terms of circumstances. What may look the same from the outside is a snapshot that can and will have completely different causes and transformations. Maybe he has freaked out, or one of countless other possibilities, one being that he is, in fact, distracted with other things. The universe has perfect timing, so never underestimate the idea that this red not minute may not be as perfect as if it comes together next month, or next week, or tomorrow... length of time is overrated bc it will not be late when you are not worried about it.

About there being nothing you can do... well, you shift tour state of consciousness to one where he is already on a date with you (or pick another point).

Being aware of the same thing happening because of this one phase in the process would be pretty much assigning this relationship out of your life. A perfectly great person and relationship would never have a chance to manifest if you are aware of "this happening again" or "this being the type he is". People show up as we define them in our minds or imagination. Nobody is a type. That's a way of never seeing a person for the whole of who they are.

If I were you I would fall asleep as though things have progressed and feel it real as you prefer. Make it natural. Assume both of you communicate well with each other. That is all, and it will open up at the perfect time.

Again, possom has her own viewpoint, but if this is the law we are learning, that's just not going to help you navigate relationships in a healthy and happy way. People will be who you decide they are.

Best to you.

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