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Author Topic: Which is the best Manifestation book or article you have ever read?  (Read 1386 times)

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In my opinion..most of these LOA gurus, made books and videos, etc..to teach you how the LOA works..You my friend have to use the LOA ..the laws of the Universe and multiply them in your favor 100 times more powerful..Yes you can learn basic hypnotism but YouTube is filled with subliminal and paraliminals that are programmed to put your mind in a theta level and use voices that are put in your mind that you can hardly hear, yet they do enter your mind at theta level, and you get awesome results..Anyways my interest has been energy..so books and authors that power my energy, are the ones that I have been looking into..now if they are powered with energy and mass and color obviously hermetics..I use them to manifest so effen fast..I have been very very successful so far..all of your visulizations have to have energy filled with mass..heaviness..So books..dealing with energy..Al, G Manning...Frank Rudolph Young..Adana Washington..awesome pamphlet..immediate results.. There's a good actually very good book for beginners called Auric Streaming in touch..fast short..teaches you all the basic energy techniques. Anyways..I could go on forever here...This mostly depends on what you want to learn and achieve...If it's just love..use the LOA multiplied ...Lanie Stevens for all you girls is awesome...I have read many books and tried and tested many different ways..So now I use My Way...I have been very successful and totally amaze myself on what your mind is capable of doing....Just a quick example..energy flows where attention goes...energy follows thought...example..if you visualize say the person you love..you don't have to visualize their head or their whole body..you can just visualize say their sexual thing or organ..and your mind already knows who you're thinking of...even if you don't know what a person looks like..you just think of the emotion or the noise or figure out what they look like and your mind finds them..it fills in the rest...Anyways..where am I at knownow..well in short..in the mental mind..there is no time and space..so how big or how old does not matter..so...basically I can visualize a person that I want 3 inches long..like a poppet..and fill them up so powerful with heavy energy and keep filling until I totally hypnotise or influence them..I can picture myself on the desk in front of me and fill myself with any desire I want in the already achieved desire..and I keep filling until I manifest..I haven't tried big lottery..but this is where I'm heading.. So I Guess I can say I work with or visualize..people as POPPETS..
  Have funnn!! My friends and Happy manifestations...

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