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Author Topic: Is there such a thing as too much RS  (Read 2700 times)

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Re: Is there such a thing as too much RS
« on: September 03, 2019, 02:55:30 PM »
A RS Session should not be timed...This all depends on what you are doing and how effective it is...And the situation of the person at the time that you are seducing...also I do not really do RS any more I fill the people up with energy and the desire of what I want to achieve...Some things like objects, eg..I got a guitar worth about $600 and the case...Although all I wanted was a hard shell case....So I visualised  me as having this case and filled myself with the energy for that desire and received the guitar and the case the same day...Bigger things take more time to manifest...Love is different because all depends how close or how often that person sees you and depending on their issues...But I wouldn't do it 3 times a day ...maybe some days once other days twice...but if you don't notice anything after a week again depending on how often you see that person I would change my strategy...You don't want to make it a task..You want to do it more for fun...For enjoyment or when you are in a good mood or loving mood...
    And Regarding remote seduction loosing its power...If I do RS , I always do reverse...And you cannot be weak..You have to already own that person...Weak meaning as soon as you start say giving them the attention cause you desire and want them, like pleasing them...than you loose power there..You are not in total control of already having that person...Remember you already own them...so they desire you, and want to please you...don't be weak there...
   Because you are effecting their subconscious mind.....Their subconscious mind does not recognise  between if they actually slept with you or not...Reality or fake...the incident seems to them as if they already slept with you in reality..Although it was only a RS session...So even if you never slept with a person you remote seduced...Their mind might think that you did...I hope you know what I mean...The feeling to them may last a few hours all depends for how good or how long you did...But this is why they say that the person always recognises the person that remote seduced them..
    And regarding Dr. Laura De Giorgio..She is from Toronto Canada and yes she passed away from cancer..But I believe her cd's and mp3's are still on sale..I think her daughter is still active with that..

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