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Author Topic: Using the law of attraction to reverse aging  (Read 3178 times)

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Re: Using the law of attraction to reverse aging
« on: May 05, 2019, 05:40:12 PM »

I like your name. It is a very common word in Tamil language.

And the link you have provided about the age reversing experiment is very interesting.
While reading your post I thought the persons who involved in this experiment should not have been given mirror also. After reading the link I understood - yes it was.

Yes. Our body always follows our mind.

Our body works as per the program it was given.

This program or karma has been transferred from our parents through our gene.
Also the body works as per the mass psychology.

You may have heard at some places people live longer than other places.
Because there the people believe that they can live more than hundred years.
It is reported that in few places of Kashmir people live up to 150 Years.
Also in Caucasus Mountains of Russia people are living up to 150 and 180 years. A man named as Shirali Muslimov lived upto 168 years has been officially recorded.

Also you may have heard that Bernard shaw at the age of 70, he moved from london and lived in a small village - where the people use to live more than 100 years - and lived up to 94 years.

So our body follows mind! 
Thank you! Lol. :-)
That is amazing! Yes I really do think that the body does follow the mind. And we're all living longer than before anyway, so it would be interesting to know how far we can push past the old limits that we used to accept.

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