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Author Topic: **The Nightly Method**  (Read 4659 times)

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Re: **The Nightly Method**
« on: January 09, 2019, 09:05:09 PM »

Brighton, you say I lack practical experience and intelligence, most people here know what I have manifested, so I will not go debate about that :D

I'm sorry then. You do have practical experience. But you lack the intelligence to understand it properly and teach it.

Neville manifested many things, but he was not a great teacher of the practical loa. You really needed to be an excellent student to get the max out of him. However, he is honest enough, and this is palpable in his recordings, to have agreed that he had big gaps in his approach if someone had put it to him directly.

Unlike frogs.

You calling me superfrog won't change my reputation =)

Also known as soupafrog.

And no one can change your reputation. LOLOLOLOLOLOL

And besides that your attitude shows who and what you are, no words are needed :D Almost half of the forum is gone because of you. I strongly suggest you change your attitude before you get banned again.

Only a frog will miss the bitter half. Only a frog would mourn that the cockroaches have been chased out of the house.

And lo and behold....a frog has !

There was nothing great about this forum when I found it last December. It was a joke. So many capable people have left because of the slop that festered here and were milked by the loapornstars. It was a live real time focus group for fake loa gurus. I've had so many people write me that they left because of it. And now you have new intelligent people showing up, and even one fighting back against preexisting soupafrog mutation.

Ultimately it doesn't matter. Those who have ears, who really want to make it, will hear. Those who don't, will end up working for those who do. These are the rules - I didn't make them.

Other than that you say "Secondly, you are building faith in the subconscious mind, not the conscious mind. That's where it counts."
Faith is another word for trust or belief, those are the same.

Essentially yes.

All beliefs are subconscious because they work behind the scenes without you needing to be aware of them, but they are conscious too when you look at them. So "building faith" is just another words to say "accepting a desired belief" ... and this doesnt contradict what I said above.

No frog. You can often consciously accept something that makes sense, yet you would not have shifted the negative subconscious belief enough. That's generally how it is with deep seated beliefs, and when dealing with people new to the loa. Everyone has had that experience.

What is "subconsciously" accepted doesnt depend upon at what time you use suggestion, but of the intensity of thought and your association with them.

Yes. Eventually a skilled practicioner will just make conscious choices or decisions, one time, and get what he desires. It works because he ALREADY has a huge body of previous loa successes buttressing his subconscious faith - so there is no interference from unbelief. But when you are new to the loa, you start off with the basics, something simple and sure to work even if it takes much much longer. It is a tried and tested process that works best for most people. Then you BUILD UP the number of deliberate successes you have and eventually you get to the point where you cut down what you manifest.

course. This "nightly method" will work if you use strong emotions and associate strongly with the idea you desire.

That's kinda how it is supposed to be worked.

But for that it needs to be stronger than your daily negative thoughts you take as facts and that give you negative emotions.

Alpha programming is stronger than beta thoughts. And remember, in alpha programming, you are building subconscious faith for what you want, and you STOP BUILDING SUBCONSCIOUS FAITH FOR WHAT YOU DON'T WANT.

Need just a leeeettle experience and intelligence for that distinction.

Keep building subconscious faith for what you want every day + stop building subconscious faith for what you don't want = Positive faith being greater than negative, eventually = intended physical manifestation.

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