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Author Topic: Any advice? Having a very hard time  (Read 1274 times)

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Re: Any advice? Having a very hard time
« on: September 13, 2018, 07:44:40 AM »
I just transferred to my dream University a few weeks ago I am 21. I decided to get a head start so that I may graduate in a year and a half. But I have never struggled so much in my life. Both of my parents do not work and I still have to help them pay for gas and other things. I have $500 in my savings account (which will take 10 days to close) and my rent is $530 which is due this Saturday. I have two accounts. One account has less than $1 and the other has $3. My credit card has $2 left of credit. I have to send my transcripts to the school (which costs $20) or else my admission will be blocked. I have a job but I just started and haven't gotten many days because of my new school schedule.

I've been so stressed out that I cry every day and feel physically ill. I am angry at my parents and I am sad for myself. I feel like giving up. It's so hard for me to be positive because I will try to tell myself that I have money coming to me but I don't really believe it. I don't want to take out loans because I don't want to be in more debt. My parents and I are alive and healthy and I have a safe place to come home to but I am really going through it because I didn't know going to my dream school would be this tough. I pretty much just cry and sleep when I don't have class or work. I am just really struggling and could really use a good piece of advice or even a good read.

Thank you.

First Off Kudos to you for going to your Dream University and being so driven.

When you write I AM ( always in capitals) that is your soul your power is within, never state I AM.... blank unless positive. You can say I feel sad, angry etc. but never I AM... it is taking it from your feelings of a situation to I AM. I AM powerful, I am abundant, I AM lucky I got money for college, I AM happy, I AM in gratitude. you get the idea.

If you know LOA, you will bring the bolder words or worse to you by talking of it all in a negative way. We all can't be positive all the time, or without situations or problems, but if you can look within to see why you are in this situation, and how to solve it then not only are you taking 100% responsibility but trying to solve your situation.

Perhaps there is grants, or scholarships that can help, someone will give you the money, at least for future so you are not in the same spot 10 months from now. A part time job, or etc.  The thoughts you are thinking, perpetuating or writing of is where you will be at months from now , unless you turn your thoughts around. Change your thoughts change your world. That might not help right now, but it will help for your future.

There are methods where people have literally saw the rent, or semester paid, saw their bank accounts bigger, and it happened. I would highly suggest not reading those that ask how, why, did it really happen, as that would put doubt in their and your mind. Yes, it has for many. Can you find them here, I have no idea, but one sticks out as an acquaintance from a seminar. She has a youtube of it. I have manifested money, clients, offers etc instantly it seemed. Many have. YOU won't, period thinking in doubt, lack, worry, can't, won't, sadness. Because you are not in the state of being to see that, receive that or even believe that. You can simply see the issue resolved, where your parents come up with the money for gas, through a gift or offer somehow, see more money in your account ( you need to go within, and meditate on the account and seeing more money) don't see how it will happen, or why just that the numbers increased. Money is an energy if you repel it or let it master you, it always will.

See if there is a way for them to put off the bill for a few days, and see more money in your and their accounts to meet the obligation at extension.

You need to train your mind to think of gratitude for the next 28 days, write a list. THANK people who help you, many here have a hard time even thanking for a post, or private message. Will they manifest, yes, but truly not what or how their potential can.

Attitude of gratitude is important. Giving is important so see each dollar you give out blessing the service or person receiving it, and see it returning. For certain ones do you need that to manifest money, no but the ones who do, do or they would not be here, or in lack. It takes 28 days to break a habit, not saying you are not thankful, but being in gratitude is a whole new meaning. Train your mind on confidence, self worth and have faith.

As hard as it is you need to see the gratitude of the school, professors, classes. Live in the dream of loving it there, being privileged to attend, see it paid for and money to give for your expenses and what you help your parents with. See living and loving being at home with family. See the end result of your degree, and being in financial freedom. Be in the state of being of abundance and wealth. Even if baby steps to get there in future.

Truly the ones who turn this around overnight, change their thoughts change their world. They don't accept the words, sad, or lack or debt. Even if you say I don't want to be in.... that is what you will get. So if you want financial freedom, and security you see and feel what it would be like to be in that situation. Emulate a friend or person who has no worries about money and schooling. See in your world that it is resolved somehow.

Your main want is for your degree and feeling happy the secondary is money for your parents and bills paid. See they have money somehow to pay things, see the bills paid. Feel the feeling of being relaxed and grateful your dream is coming true to go to the school. IN being in that state you feel you belong there and your higher power, God or the universe makes a way where there is NO way.  It is making bricks without straw. Use your mind.

Use your mind to feel the fun of being in school with no worries. See the money to pay all these things and it all resolved or answers. Otherwise you will see your parents with no money, you with none, no answers and it will keep you in a cycle of the above words with no relief.

Put a number 8 in your wallet. See again going within your accounts have more. If you doubt, or don't believe don't even bother wasting your time. No one can make you believe or give you faith. Reading of lack, feeling it or continuing it is a recipe for pure disaster. Have faith, like ordering in a restaurant. You have no doubt it is on the way.

 A person in abundance would see this a blip and continue on in faith they are meant to get the degree, the bill will be resolved and services blessed that their family and they are abundant in even the small things and continue to bless the days of smalls until they are never in that situation again. Energy is money, welcome it,. see it, feel it and see your accounts filled with more.

Be open to receive, you are a giver and have a hard time seeing or accepting for you. You can only receive what you see yourself receiving. See and feel you are worthy, none will value you if you don't yourself.

Don't live in past or future, see it resolved in the now.

If any of the above is a problem go within and see why. There lies your answer.

Write the amount you truly need and put it in your minds eye, write it on a card, fold it tell no one, pull it out and see it. See you have it, feel you have it and have no doubt. Don't disperse your energy, here, in doubt or worry. Go within and see it solved only YOU Can do that.

Here is just one example of mind power, there is so many, mind over matter for ....: https://www.upi.com/Science_News/2014/12/24/Mind-over-matter-the-brain-alone-can-tone-muscle/2281419402986/

Thank you so much. I would say another big trigger for me is everyone around me not having to work and their parents giving them money to buy whatever they want. It makes me so sad and almost sick to my stomach! My family has sent me money and is helping me out as much as they can, so I am very thankful for that.

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