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How To Get Your Ex Back After A Breakup; Should You Break No Contact ...ChaliceSnowFlower2484
Attracting someone who has lost interest in youakansha1351
How You Can Use Scripting To Manifest A Specific Ex-Boyfriend Back Into Your...ChaliceSnowFlower0818
Succes Story: An instant ManifestationCandyCotton93303
Difficulty when manifesting a specific personangeisariaa1831
Heeelp!! Manifestation challengesTanita51205
Can you please tell what's happening this ? SillySoul5812
Specific person - need help in a complicated situationloveda1740
Attracting a specific person #succes storyHuman magnet21534
Attracting new specific person while being affected by a break upblack_poison0677
i really need help with a specific person!!Pdw23090722
Need help Attracting commitment from SP/partnerprofessorpony1804
Why do some people say RS only works if target knows you?pyre151557
Attracting the specific personPositive guy142120
Is it really all my fault?fluorescent51161
ATTRACTING A CELEBRITY 101fluorescent1116723
So close yet so far, my success and relapse...and success?DeeDee0849
Love at first sightBebilina192474
A letter to my love (to whom it may concern)soul_survivor0693
HELP Changing a Person's Behaviour seabreeze182002
Attracting a specific person illusion0714
Finally learned to let go!!!Yoursweetlove01066
Attracting an intagram idol crush who looks like my specific person.suikaz2789
How much of visualization/affirmation we should fo and when to Let go??suikaz251859
Attracting a person/attracting a relationship Blue0231204
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