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Is there such a thing as too much RScmhunter11171340
Remote Influence of MoneyDaness1878
remote seduction/influence server.TheLittleBat1601
Is this overkill?NotAnnaKarenina121242
RI for Self HealingLightstar921367
My experience with RS so far!Lightstar92553162
RS/RI works. It made my target extremely horny but...PLEASE HELPBlackMatter242323
UPDATE: Question about what target feelsBacon of Canada413368
Possible mutual crush, working on RSBacon of Canada131144
My subconscious tells me to fight for him. My conscious tells me to move on and suikaz81257
How does RS change the mindset of the targetfigtree4191365
How does RS change the mindset of the targetfigtree410540
does a person I RS/RI feel my emotions/actions even after RS/RI?Yoursweetlove61446
Okay, what about Remote Influence and best tehniques?Yoursweetlove0615
Very Very Important QuestionOne242040
distant remote influencemetalxx2574
Remote Influence (not for wussies)Instatron127498
Remote Seduction, Reverse Seduction, Magic Touch, Remote Influence...tulip20163413264
How to do Remote Influence? not SeductionAubreybandz62213
Law of Attraction & Remote SeductionTheGalaxyGlasses1848
Advice please ~ How can I get my friend back?imnotgoodwithusernames2818
Influence techniques?penguin51535
Do a few minutes of visualisation help without going into meditation for RS?icequeen82117
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