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Remote Seduction / Influence / Re: My doubts about the effectiveness of RS
« Last post by NyanshMan on January 06, 2020, 12:30:32 AM »
Its also not true that they will love you forever atleast in my case.When i stop rsing the effects drop.

In my experience,
they  will  love you  forever  or  very least  as  long they  live,
but to achieve  that  entails,  continuous  RS,  like  revving  a  car, for   a  long  period,  even  after  you consummate,
my  present relationship, been  RS  her for  a year,   when  I  don't  RS    over  a couple  of  days  or even  weeks,  the   love still  sticks,  however ,  when  I  keep on RS,  her   love  is so   passionate , its  very  consuming,   to her,  I am  the  most  important  person in the room,  plus  her sex  drive  is off the charts.
Success Stories / Hypnosis and Law of Attraction
« Last post by Eveee on January 05, 2020, 11:22:47 PM »
Happy Sunday all. .Hope you are all having a great day.
I've been putting together a post for anyone that wants to read it. It's been an interesting one to write out. I'm going to be following it up with at least one more post.
So, if you are up for it and fancy the read then here you are...
Remote Seduction / Influence / Re: My doubts about the effectiveness of RS
« Last post by game on January 05, 2020, 08:38:51 PM »
I am happy that some people still believe this stuff.Well to add.

Recently i took a six hour trip back home using a bus.I happend to sit next to a stunning woman.wow! My type.Well to cut a story short.I Rsed her.For the first hour we didnt talk until i broke the ice.The minute our eyes met the vibe could be felt in the air (chemistry).

She was so interested that she could not stop smiling and flirting.I would act aloof and send her a command to resume the convo and she would do exactly that.

I  Rsed her all the way until i could see her climaxing,her literally moving her waist a second or two(i could feel it in my mind as well).I am not talking about confirmation bias or what.Any one who practices can feel when there is affinity between you and the target.or when there is  resistance.

Well after coming she slept on my shoulder.I didn't ask for her number but beyond a shadow of a doubt RS worked because sometimes i would catch her looking at me and i would ask "what" and she would say nothing.Could have exchanged numbers but i admit i was a bit of an asshole(I over gamed her).

RS works,just like football you cant be lionel Messi if you dont practice.Alot has to do with mastering the basics.It takes practice.

Lastly its true reverse seduction is much better because there was a girl i was rsing who i know for sure was in love(she begged me but i acted aloof) with me but i didnt get.She went to someone else because i was doing the normal MT plus love.When i recently asked her for a date she told me she doubts we will meet(i didnt chase).

Its also not true that they will love you forever atleast in my case.When i stop rsing the effects drop.

so yeah. 
I remember when I was in my early twenties, standing in a supermarket in front of the refrigerated-drink section. I came from an interview that didn't go well, and I was a bit bummed out because it would have paid well. I was staring at the drinks but wasn't there mentally. It was “lights on nobody home,” so to say when a distributor approached me and asked me if he can help me find something. I said, “No thank you.” I then picked something and left. Halfway to my car, in the parking lot, a premonition slapped me in the face and said, “The right answer was yes you can help me. You can help me get the job you are doing.” I don't know what distributors are paid today, but back in the day, they did very well. Also, he was an employee of a well-known beer distribution company.

The moral of this story is you must always be ready and always be looking. This is done by staying intentional and in the now. Had I remained focused on my intentions to find a job that pays well, along with my intentional role of being an excellent choice for hire, I would've asked the distributor that question at the blink of an eye. It would have been automatic. I was already moving; I just needed to be able to know when to intercept or know when I was being intercepted. Unfortunately for me, I didn't.

As you move through the day, you must remain within your intentions when interacting with anyone or anything. Keep your intentions in mind for everything you do. Look for the doorways everywhere you go. Make sure your intentions are always in check, so you are always prepared. Make sure you are always ready and always expecting, so you are in the moment.

Here is another thought. There is a saying that goes, “leave your problems at the door.” When I had the dreadful experience of promoting penny stock, the boss would say this several times a week. What this means is if you left for work right after an argument with your spouse, you need to remember that when you walk through the door of the building you are a promoter. If you remain an irritated spouse during work, you will waste the day. You must remember to update your role as the shifts take place into new segments of your day.

What this means for you is during your endeavors you will have to hit your “refresh button” many times throughout the day. Just like movies and plays have scenes, so do you throughout the day. The difference is that, on average, you have more scenes that are much shorter than that of a movie or play. Every time you enter a new scene or segment, you must reevaluate your role. You must evaluate whether you want to remain in the role you are in at the moment or shift to a different one.

Let's say you are going to a store to buy something. Scene one would be your driving into the parking lot to find a space. Scene two would be you getting out of your car and making sure it's secured. Scene three would be you walking through the parking lot towards the store. Scene four would be you entering the store. Scene five would be you looking for the item you came for. Scene six would be when you find the item. Scene seven would be you walking towards the cashier to pay for the item, and I will stop there because I think you get the idea.

Every time you begin to move through a new scene or moment you must hit the refresh button and acknowledge the most appropriate role that will suit your overall intentions according to the new scene you are in. It's tedious at first, but as you keep consciously practicing, it will become second nature to you. There is a unique essence or feeling you should get from each of your roles. Remember to focus on the feeling and essence they spark up so every time you reach a new scene you merely need to revisit the emotion. This will be more instant and effective than mentally voicing words all day long. Reviewing a list of titles for your intentional roles while feeling the essence of each title will help you access the feeling quickly. Transitioning between titles will also be swift.

Always be in real-time. Stay away from your mind and your daydreams when you are in “ready mode.” Stay away from yesterday and tomorrow, and get back to your senses right here, right now. The more intentional you are, and the more ready you are, the more natural and quicker your transition will be. Even when you are alone and want to tune everything out and relax, be your role in “relaxed-mode.” Who you are when no one is looking is the defining factor of your true character and ultimately your destiny. As long as you are conscious, you are manifesting. Who you are when no one is around also determines who and what you are going to attract into your life.

Trillions of things are happening every second on this planet. Even when you are alone, you are still influencing unseen events with your gravitational presence in this universe. Therefore, it is best to always be the role and state of mind that belongs to the life you desire because there is constant movement and change happening around you at all times. By staying in your role and the moment, you allow whatever opportunity that is around the corner to come into your reality and join you to have an experience with you. Staying in your role and intentions at all times (Even when you are alone) contributes to the manifestation of your choice. Right now, you are resonating with the universe, and right now there are many shifts and setups taking place to balance with your resonance. As long as you are conscious, you are creating your tomorrow.

Stay open to all options and avoid being selective when you are in pursuit. Do not only be your desired role when you think you are in more promising circumstances according to your limited awareness of all possibilities. You do not know how it will come to you, or when, and will always be a bit surprised when your attractions come through. Therefore, by knowing this, it makes sense to always be on guard and ready to interject or be interjected.

Let your walls down and intentionally flow with reality. Attempting to hide behind a “proverbial wall” while selectively interacting with who you think is a good prospect, is ineffective. This is because you will only know who the real prospects are by letting everyone in your space for evaluation. If you hide behind a wall and interject selectively, you will grow bored as the many opportunities continue to pass by.

You must tell the universe what you want to experience and let the universe take care of the rest. The universe works efficiently when you fully allow the energies to flow into your life. If you are a moderator of the flow, then you are placing restrictions on the possibilities and sabotaging your opportunities. If you choose to micromanage, then you will end up in a stagnant place.

~Nicholas D’Arezzo~
Remote Seduction / Influence / Re: My doubts about the effectiveness of RS
« Last post by halouniverse on January 05, 2020, 03:48:56 PM »
OK My LOA Friends....First off, I totally disagree with many of the comments on this topic...I am usually MIA...Missing In Action...And yes I do visit the forum once in a while...when I'm drunk ....Why? because this forum is Awesome..and I am emotional when I am drunk....I have been through and witnessed some of the greatest ever on this forum...So I do not quote anybody on the forum or do I try to better anybody...I have been quoted on some silly things at the beginning of this post, and I am totally disappointed in one of my friends on the forum
...Listen...If I have to give you refferences about the world is flat , than you are wasting my time...Energy FLOWS WHERE ATTENTION GOES """"""    IS TESLA TIME !!!!!!!!!R U THAT STUPID!!!!You want me to give you references on the world is flat!!!!! You GOOGLE "ENERGY FLOWS WHERE ATTENTION GOES""" YOU WILLLLLL HAVE OVER ...150) WEBSITES TELLING YOU THIS MEANING!!! BUT YOU WANT EFFEN FUCKEN REFERENCES...OPEN YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND TO NOW!!!!STOP BLOCKING SIMPLE EFFEN THINGS THAT YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO FIND SIMPLY!!!! THE EARTH IS ROUND BY THE WAY!!!!..... I Test everything OCCULT I do...And I will only tell you what works...I will not Quote some author that has put in something they read from somewhere else...
    Regarding....MT....Magic Touch....Amagri Hillier...,I have to say...I do not like Amagri Hillier at all...where is he now ? ...I prefer Pallazo...because he rates all his techniques and how powerful they are....And the results you can expect to achieve..Yes the MT works...but you are only turning your dream person ON...Let me explain...If You Are Straight...And you have a gay guy Magic touch on you...INDIVIDUAL!!!....Will you love them forever and turn Gay??....Hey I have loved girls with long legs, tall, even short, but I will always have my prefferances...as to what turns me on about a girl...

   So IN Short...You want a Girl/Guy...Reverse it....It is already known ...you know you want them!!!Reverse it !!! They have to want you!!!Sorry friends , I get so mad because some people tell you crap that they haven't even tested themselves they block you just because their subconscious mind tells them this is what I prefer....so they just block you from getting better.. and cause their effen mind is closed to anybody else's thoughts..  You want results?????.....Go for the real time ....I Test all my results and I don't need fucken references that somebody just copy and paste...that they haven't even tested or tried....OK I can Go On and ON!...Try me ...I have gotten everything in life so far...that I wanted.......I am not going to name you everything but in a different post...
   Topic here is Doubts about RS!!!!!..... LOA is the Law Of The Universe...everything will always happen this way!!!.... Reverse It!!!!... Energy Flows where Attention Goes....Energy will always follow thought...so what you think deep...You will create deep energy!!!!
Have funnnnn my friend and don't listen to negative people that block you from achieving your desire...
I met him for the first time last week and I am so proud of my LOA skills, because I was really nervous that I would never meet him. I now feel more confident in creating this relationship :)

This is great news.

I am curious to know updates.
I just added my crush on FB a few months ago.
I saw a really nice post of him and I commented. Since then he sends me messages every week.
I felt it deeply and imagined it but the outside world has not conformed.

This is the problem. You are imagining and visualizing but when you are returning to the real world, immediately you are chasing for the results. When you are chasing for the result, you are telling to your sub conscious mind about the absence of your desire. When you are not observing any result in the real world, you are getting frustrated and accumulating negative energy. So don't rush for the results. Instead do the things which will strengthen your belief.
Gopal samy!
Trying too hard is not good. Shifting of energy from negative to positive is the must one.
Success Stories / Law of Attraction Goals - Make Mini Goals - Make Progress
« Last post by Eveee on January 03, 2020, 01:55:09 AM »
Hi all, happy new year everyone.
That's the last time I will say that this year.
Hope you are all good.
So, I have got another post for you all. Feel free to share if you like it.
I'm ready for the new year and 2020 and have so many plans for the year. Most including my site. My books are coming together in my mind still but not written out yet. Watch this space!
Anyway, all good, and here you are.... Get your mini-goals going and see where you can take yourself
Instagram is all fake. Most people buy followers, likes, comments. Do same if that’s what you after.
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