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Success Stories / Re: What good thing happened to you today?
« Last post by saksh1107 on January 09, 2020, 12:35:37 PM »
I was struggling about the relationship with my father for the last few years, he used to be my hero but over the time I somehow lost communication with him and bitterness between both of us getting bigger day by day, I want to improve my relationship with him because I know I have to do something to make our relations better, so I tried to practice gratitude for my father after reading "The magic" and try to write why I am grateful and love my father and i slowly started to feel how ungrateful I become and forget all the struggles my father did just for me over all these years. now we started spending more time together talking to each other and I start enjoying the company with my father. With my experience, I can say this with certainty that practicing gratitude definitely helps us making happier and make our relationships stronger and meaningful.
Vision Board / Re: A Success Vision Board
« Last post by saksh1107 on January 09, 2020, 12:25:44 PM »
I think its a great idea, i will definitely try this one, photo paper will help create more emotional intensity than just normal printing paper. Have you able to manifest something by this method?
Say Hello to All / Re: Saying hello to all!
« Last post by saksh1107 on January 09, 2020, 12:07:20 PM »
Hello to everone.
Success Stories / 6 hypnosis download sites and links to loads of freebies... enjoy!
« Last post by Eveee on January 09, 2020, 03:15:15 AM »
Good evening all.

I wanted to share that I have had an amazing day.

Looks like I have found a perfect flat for me, roads seemed to clear as I drove down them, parking spaces opened up in places that can be a struggle to park normally, I have been given furniture, and offered more. Emails have been replied back to and I had a laugh with my great-niece. That's just a part of it :)

All in all a pretty good one, and I have been buzzing.

So this evening, I have another post for those that may be interested. It's a follow up from my last post on hypnosis

I have researched hard, and put together all the info you may need on choosing a good site to download your hypnosis from. The best bit is there are so many freebies, so fill your boots! Have a browse, get you freebies and enjoy some self-hypnosis of your own.
Remote Seduction / Influence / Re: My doubts about the effectiveness of RS
« Last post by flyinghigh on January 07, 2020, 09:30:46 PM »
Yeah like deaf can appreciate classical music...

Remote Seduction / Influence / Re: My doubts about the effectiveness of RS
« Last post by TheLittleBat on January 07, 2020, 12:12:39 PM »
Everyone can RS. Anyone who says otherwise is lying.
"What does it mean when he takes hours to respond?" "He takes long to respond but he's super flirty and he seems very into me... or is he?".

There is a joke about this issue: he is replying to you while playing video games. He is texting you in between matches  ;)

On a more serious note, the fact that you're writing this in a forum shows you're overthinking it. It's not a problem per se, but in my experience, overthinking can cause problems that don't exist in the first place because it affects your actions.

Unless a man is absolutely into you so that whatever you do doesn't affect his attraction to you, overthinking can make a man lose interest gradually, especially in the beginning phases of interaction.

This behavior is sometimes called being needy. Do you think you're being needy, when a man shows interest and you're hoping that it can turn into a relationship? If you can let go of that expectation, of thinking too forward instead of enjoying the present, then most of the time the interaction will run naturally and smoothly. And if there is good chemistry, then the relationship will manifest on its own, almost without effort.

Being needy can also come from fear, fear of losing what you have, even if it's just the attention of a man. Do you ever feel that fear?
I look nice i am a good guy as per others many of my female friends say this that i am very good cute and all , i do have good family background good cars etc like everything you can think to have girls around you but i dont know why I can't get a girlfriend.

These aren't necessarily the qualities that can get you a romantic partner. I would suggest to not let this thought make you feel stuck, thinking as if you have what it takes to, or that you should, have a romantic partner. That kind of thinking may be one of the factors preventing you from attracting a partner.

In my experience, when finding a partner, it can take both conscious effort and relaxation. I went out and met many women, but I didn't set up any expectations about when I think I should get a partner. Interesting enough, I did meet my wife a few weeks after I set out my intention, but I didn't enter a relationship with her until more than a year later (since I didn't give her much attention at the start).

What kind of conscious or physical effort have you done so far? You say you don't give it much thought, maybe that's actually not the way to do it this time, even though it worked for other things in your life before?
Has anyone read "Law of Attraction, Plain and Simple: Create the Extraordinary Life That You Deserve" by Sonia Ricotti?
I've heard extraordinary things about this book but would like your thoughts before I buy it  :)
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