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How to Use Law of Attraction / Re: Getting scared of Law Of Attraction
« Last post by Kotetsu on Today at 11:49:39 PM »
Guys! I need someone relax me, because of LOA that always works it's starting to make me scared of reality and of my thoughts:Positive and negative. Both.
A sort of existential problems ...
I am in anxious because of this and I am overthinking...

Its a good things if it works for you, you just need to be disciplined

I have never been able to stop thinking about my crush even when I try not too, and if I don't think of him for a few hours, all of a sudden I get this feeling as though I can feel him around me then he's back in my head again. Even if I am not doing anything to remind me of him, even if I am fully engrossed in something else to the point where I wasn't conciously thinking of him.
I read if you think of someone, it means they are thinking of you. Has anyone else heard of this? What do you think? Thanks
Well I can think of channing Tatum intensively but I have a strong feeling he doesn't think of me 😂 haha  on a more serius note. Sometimes you can pick up if someone is thinking of you eg you think of someone and they call. But nobody can be sure that they are thinking of you and it's not just you liking them. I had guys interested in me saying they were thinking of me but I didn't think of them at all or like them that much.
I have never been able to stop thinking about my crush even when I try not too, and if I don't think of him for a few hours, all of a sudden I get this feeling as though I can feel him around me then he's back in my head again. Even if I am not doing anything to remind me of him, even if I am fully engrossed in something else to the point where I wasn't conciously thinking of him.
I read if you think of someone, it means they are thinking of you. Has anyone else heard of this? What do you think? Thanks
How to Use Law of Attraction / Getting scared of Law Of Attraction
« Last post by BalloonFly on Today at 09:48:19 PM »
Guys! I need someone relax me, because of LOA that always works it's starting to make me scared of reality and of my thoughts:Positive and negative. Both.
A sort of existential problems ...
I am in anxious because of this and I am overthinking...

I've been RS-ng my POI since the beginning of March. He lives in another country. We started chatting in November and he came to see me in February. Everything was great. He told me that he likes me and is interested in me.

In March I decided to start RS-ng him ( I do 30 minutes of Magic Touch and Love visualization for 30 minutes, 3 times a day) When I started to RS him, things started to happen and I knew that RS is working. Many times he texted me when I was RS-ng him or just few minutes after I had finished RS. He also asked if I'm ok very often ( most of these times I wasn't feeling very well ).

Told me that he wants to come here again in June. He became very active and texted me more. There were few days when he didn't text me at all. Usually 2-3 days and then he started texting again. Sometimes we were talking and everything was great and then next day he took many hours to respond to my messages.

I felt like someone was touching my body for few times too.

One morning I woke up and I knew somehow that he had sent me a message at night. When I checked my phone, I saw his message.

Lately he has changed. Sometimes there are longer periods of time when he doesn't text me and then he suddenly goes from cold to hot. I'm so confused.

I have started conversations for few times and after that he is active again and starts showing more interest. And then he disappears again.'

Is this resistance?  Would like to hear your thoughts. Thanks so much!
How to Use Law of Attraction / Re: A game of realities
« Last post by Colonel Roosevelt on Today at 09:10:20 PM »
This reminds of a Neville quote from his Q&A:

"Question: If security came to me through the death of a loved one, did I bring about that death?

Answer: Do not think for one second that you brought about a death by assuming security. The greater you is not going to injure any one. It sees all and, knowing the length of life of all, it can inspire the other to give you that which can fulfill your assumption.

You did not kill the person who named you in his will. If, a few days after your complete acceptance of the idea of security, Uncle John made his exit from this three-dimensional plane and left you his estate, it is only because it was time for Uncle John to go. He did not die one second before his time, however. The greater you saw the life span of John and used him as the way to bring about the fulfillment of your feeling of security.

The acceptance of the end wills the means toward the fulfillment of that end. Do not be concerned with anything save the end. Always bear in mind that the responsibility to make it so is completely removed from your shoulders. It is yours because you accept it as so!"

And this is confusing. On one hand, I'm the cause of everything. Shouldn't that include the uncle's death? On the other hand, the uncle's death wouldn't be my fault because it was his time and the "greater me" understood that and used that since it logistically fit. So when Neville says I am the cause, is he talking about "me" or this "greater me"?

How to Use Law of Attraction / A game of realities
« Last post by MrMaverick on Today at 08:34:29 PM »
I live Neville lifestyle now and I was very critical about "other stuff". For there is no other practical and accurate explanation of how to use your mind to create the life you desire. In spite of the results I was getting, I still had many questions, rather suspicions about what Neville taught.
One night, about an year ago, I was contemplating on things like "Those starving children in Africa, is it really my fault?", "The terrorist attacks, is it really my fault?" And to be honest, I didn't feel like I am at the cause because I played no part or contributed to any of those things in the physical world. But as Neville says, we transform ourselves in the the likeness of that which we contemplate. So I kept asking the same questions over and over again.

A few days later, I was randomly watching meme videos on YouTube and in my recommendations, came a up video called "A rustle of morning stars". The thumbnail was some dude who looked like Hank Moody from Californication. So I was compelled to tap on the video. The video was over 7 hours long. It didn't take a me long to realize that I was listening to an Audio book called "Reality Transurfing" by  Vadim Zeland. As much as I don't like to engage myself into non-Neville teachings, there was something about this book that I could not keep away from. So I kept on listening. And sure enough it provided me with all the answers about the questions I've been pondering.

Am I responsible for starving children in Africa? Yes, I am. How?

The questions like these are very accurately and sensibly answered by a the concept of "Pendulums" explained in Reality Transurfing.

Whenever multiple people think in a certain way, their collective though energy creates a energetic structure called Pendulum.
Pendulums are very real.
Basically when a Pendulum is established, it strives to stay alive. Pendulum is energetic structure and it feeds on energy. Therefore it tries to attract as many adherents as possible. As long as the adherents are contributing their thought energy to it, it keeps swinging.

So going back to the original question about how am I responsible for what's going on there in Africa. Well, I've been watching a lot of news. The news elicits the emotional response like anger, sympathy for those people and what not. I keep thinking the thought of same nature and thus I contribute to the existence of malnutrition pendulum of Africa. It doesn't matter if I contribute money or how much money I contribute. It doesn't matter how hard I fight the government and try to "change" the things the way they are, as long as keep providing the pendulum my thought energy, it is bound to keep swinging and it is expected that it will feed more reasons to keep me expending my energy to it's cause.
So who is at fault here? I am. Because the only reason that pendulum existed in my life was that the pendulum was assuming me as it's adherent. The moment I stopped fighting it's existence it left me alone.
I haven't ran into those horrible stories since. Now, does that mean that there is no more poverty and malnutrietion in Africa? Of course not. Because the pendulum is still swinging and there are way too many people expending the energy on it. And yes, that also includes the charities who are trying to raise "awareness".

This has been an awesome journey over last year. My life has changed 1000 folds. I have become like Varys from Game of Thrones (the motivation for the title of this thread). I keep playing the game of realities. I am a Trans reality surfer (reality transurfer) now.

Why am I making this post? I have no clue. I ended up here the same way I fell on the Reality Transurfing audiobook on YouTube. I just felt compelled to do it. So here I am.

Do you want to live the life you desire? Here is how you start.

Become an observer. Being an observer means, you are not putting any emotions into anything. Thus you free yourself from involuntarily contributing to the swing of pendulums that you do not want to associate yourself to. You can't beat pendulums by playing it's game. You defeat pendulum, or at least eliminate the pendulum from YOUR life, by not sticking to the script it wants you to.
When you become an observer, you begin "notice" pendulums.
Let's say you are sitting in a park a couple walks by. You immediately feel envious and begin imagining various ways why that can't happen with you. How you always attract wrong kind of people and how you've been heartbroken before. So you're certain that the couple you just saw is going end up splitting up and miserable.
Now, this is where the pendulum plays it's game. It, the pendulum being miserable, gets you to expend your energy by making you think the thoughts about how bad your life is. The more you fight back - using affirmations, using RS, using EFT/TFT etc.. well.. we all know how that ends.

So what do you do? You observe all the bullshit that floats through your mind. You look at it, you ACKNOWLEDGE that you are thinking these thoughts and eventually reacting emotionally.
The thing is, EVERYTHING, both living and non living, that has existed, exists now, and will exist, has the right to exists. Just like you have right to exist in this place, so does everything else. It's not upto you to decide whether something should exist or not. What IS upto you is that you get to CHOOSE what you'd rather have existing in your experience.
Therefore you do not criticize the game the pendulum is trying to get you into. You just acknoledge that you were on the verge of playing that game, and CHOOSE not to play it.
Choosing to not play the game is to not react emotionally to it.
You just say, "cool! There is a couple! Well. Let them enjoy and have fun". And you move on. You don't judge, you don't attach labels, you don't attach "meaning" to what you're thinking. You just let it be.
That is how you rid yourself of the effect of pendulums.

So henceforth, become an observer. You don't have to be a monk and meditate for 18 hours a day. You don't have to take pride in not shaving your armpits. All you have to do is get yourself accustomed to observing your thoughts whenever you're not doing anything that requires mental concentration.
Go ahead and do it. I'm sure you will see immediate reflections of your changed thought process.

Now, I am aware that from the explanation I gave above may make some people think that pendulums are these evil things and need to be kept away at all costs.
The fact of the matter is you can never detach yourself from pendulums. But when you understand "the game" you can consciously CHOOSE what pendulums you want to attach yourself to and to what pendulums should your energy go to.
Healthy eating is a pendulum, exercising is a pendulum, being a person of integrity is also a pendulum. Basically any thought structure is pendulum. So you get to CHOOSE what you INVEST your mental energy in. If people stop thinking about the things the pendulum is based on, the pendulum extinguishes. Think about mobile phones with keypad. Now the pendulum of smart phones is in full swing. Because very few people are thinking about good ol mobile phones with keypads.

If I feel drawn to it, I may make another post on the same thread about some other concept from reality transurfing. Don't count of me for anything. If you feel interested, go ahead and listen to reality transurfing audio book on YouTube. The author has made it available free of charge in form of an audiobook.

the one where he say take deep inhale ,exhale then put image in your mind and put your self in a strong emotional state and with the last breath ithe energy inside of you almost explode.

All the Neville techniques I have used did work for me, but I don't know this particular one. Where can I read about it?

In any case...any time you focus on something with a lot of energy and intense emotion, the chances of it manifesting are pretty high.
The only techniques I follow are Nevilleís techniques.
Rest of the things are pure bullshit. I donít care who says what about it.

The fundamental concept to get hold of should you want to adapt Neville lifestyle is ďThe pearl of great priceĒ.
What it entails is that you must buy the pearl, which is so expensive that you need to sell everything in order to be able to afford it.
What it means is that you must ďsellĒ your beliefs in all the ďfalse godsĒ - I need money to be happy, I need to be tall to get women, I need to do certain ritual to succeed in current project, I need to follow bible to go to heaven and all that bullshit.
Any time you say I need x to get y, both x and y are false gods.

Once you suspend these beliefs, what remains?
You arrive at the realisation that there are no external causes to whatever that you may have experienced in your life or that which you will experience in the future.
You and what youíre conscious of being is the cause of everything.

That is what it means to buy the pearl of great price.

Any of his technique you may use, if it is not performed from the mind that has bought the pearl, is useless and just going through the motions.

If you think technique is what will bring you result, then youíve made the technique a false god and youíve already sold the pearl. The technique, on its own, has no power. Itís what you assume it is that makes it powerful. You may assume that jerking off is the powerful ritual. And with faith, it will be, for you.

Iíd suggest you study Neville.

Starting with 5 core lectures.
And then the lecture - The pearl of great price.

Iíve been living this lifestyle for over an year now. My life has improved 1000 folds.
Whatís most important here is that I no longer have worry and anxiety about anything.
Iíve come to the conscious realisation that I am the cause of everything. If I persist in an assumption that my life is a certain way, then it will be. For the assumptions when persisted onto, harden into facts.

Thatís not true, Neville did charge money for his lectures.
But no need to worry about that for that doesnít matter.
Say Hello to All / Hi everybody!
« Last post by kenji20th on Today at 06:00:34 PM »
Hi everybody, I am a new guy here (not really new, I joined since July 2017 hahaha).

I know Law of Attraction since 2011 I think, from The Secret movie. I wanted to have a skateboard back then. I used visualization and combined with some upbeat music that makes me happy.

Right now I wanna use Law of Attraction again in my daily life.

Nice to meet you and have a great day.
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