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I don't understand why this is a problem? Or why it's the opposite of anything?
How to Use Law of Attraction / Alignment work is so complicated. Why is this?
« Last post by InnerMagic on April 18, 2019, 04:57:08 AM »
I know that in order to manifest something, we need to be a vibrational match to it, to be tuned to the same frequency of it. Also, in the words of Abraham Hicks (not verbatim but still), the physical manifestation really shouldn't be the end-all-be-all of the whole thing, but the idea is to be aware of it, despite it not yet being physically detectable at this time.

But yet I find it a little difficult to get into that state of being...

I'm at my witt's end because I can't come here and ask you guys "well, how do i make myself a vibrational match to it?" because that's our individual work, meaning there's no one specific way for everyone. So I wish I knew how to ask for help on this because for this particular desire I am attempting to manifest. I've been told to find better-feeling thoughts around that subject but they don't even help. I guess i will ask, has anyone else struggled with this? If so, how did you overcome it and go about aligning with what you want?
How to Use Law of Attraction / Re: Signs about my list?
« Last post by InnerMagic on April 18, 2019, 02:58:57 AM »
This has happened with me once when i tried to manifest a significant other. I wrote down this individual drives a blue Kia Sedona and around that time I'd been seeing blue Kia Sedonas quite frequently
How to Use Law of Attraction / Everything I've tried brings me the exact opposite
« Last post by Aching on April 18, 2019, 12:31:16 AM »
I was out drinking with my 30 year old daughter Saturday night.  Near the end of the evening, the bartender  handed me a note. He said it was from a girl at the bar. I turned and there was the woman from work I've been dying inside for these past couple years. I went over and chatted. My daughter came over. The two of them bonded right away. They have made plans to hang out with each other in the near future. What if they become best friends?  What if she comes over o the house? What if my daughter hangs out at her place? What can I do?  I thought that I had pain before but this is the worst. Saturday night before my daughter came over to us at the bar I had my arm around the waist of the girl from work and she didn't move it. I was in heaven. Now I'm so down I can hardly breathe. I don't know if I want to breathe.  I've tried everything about LOA for months now and it's lead to this.
Remote Seduction / Influence / Hillier Audiobook
« Last post by ris10 on April 17, 2019, 08:05:04 AM »
Hi, just a quick question. Does anyone have or know if there exists an audiobook version of hillier. I have the pdf, but would also like to hve an audiobook.

thanks in advance :)
There are some thoughts that just like to keep coming back, and I've done everything from saying “I love you negative thoughts, but please leave and be replaced with positive ones”, to trying to rationalize them and my reasoning for why I have them. Those ones happen to be the stronger ones, but I'd like to overcome them.

I have had some horrible thoughts recently. A friend (who moved away some time ago) got married but didn't tell anyone about it. She is having a wedding blessing shortly and I am not invited and I feel very hurt and left out, and as if I don't mean anything to her. She has also had stratospheric career success, as as her husband and they earn a fortune. As for me, I have no relationship and no proper job other than a short term contract that is shortly to end. I have been overcome with feelings of envy, anger, injustice and so on. I have not achieved the same and realise that she has been the focus for all my own feelings of failure and underachievement, the anger at myself for not trying hard enough,and the problem is about me, not her. I personally believe in God, and what I did last night was to write all this out in the form of a letter, saying exactly how I felt, owning the feelings (that I feel embarrassed about and ashamed of) reading them all out and saying that I choose to let them go. I haven't shared those feelings with anyone as I feel too ashamed of myself. I then set the letter on fire in the backyard. That's my way of dealing with it. It may not suit everyone, but that is how I handle things like this.
Hello Everyone!

Sorry for the delay in reply, I've had such a busy past few days! I hope everyone is well. I want to thank everyone who has replied and read this topic. I am wishing everyone amazing results in manifesting.

Erana, you are a gift from the heavens! Thank you so much for your input. You've all helped lots :)

That chart is an eye-opener! Makes me wonder how Abraham Hicks compiled it :)

Thank you so much for your thoughts on forgiveness and having negative thoughts in the first place. So I guess in response I wish to ask, I want to think we all get intrusive thoughts sometimes. This isn't to bad mouth anybody by any means, but has anyone gone about enjoying their day then a thought that's negative just 'pops' into your mind? Sometimes it's a quick, instantaneous thought about being doubtful that your manifestations will arise. Other times it can be about a person or experience that was unpleasant. Whatever the reason, I'm told this hinders the LoA and also spiritual development.

Your advice on “don't focus on it” was really good, when I think of a person I didn't get along with I used to check out their social media pages. That came to a stop because I thought it was unhealthy for you, your spiritual development and as I was told in the past, manifesting your desires. So I've made strides in trying to get better about inner thoughts. Essentially it's easier to get over some thoughts than others, but how do you get over some of the more intense ones?

There are some thoughts that just like to keep coming back, and I've done everything from saying “I love you negative thoughts, but please leave and be replaced with positive ones”, to trying to rationalize them and my reasoning for why I have them. Those ones happen to be the stronger ones, but I'd like to overcome them.

I hope we are not going off topic (because I don't wish to get this topic locked :p), but I feel this all becomes related to one another as LoA is a journey in its own right. 

Anyway yes, about the YouTubers. There's so much information online but it's overwhelming for the reasons that you said, in that some don't know what they are saying and end up spreading bad messages. Actually some of my favorite LoA gurus started out genuine (they had won a large lottery, hence their tips were reputable) but made sooo many videos afterwards that the original message seemed lost (or that the later videos seemed like simply adding to get more views). In that case, I felt less is more in LoA because too much seems to confuse me.

I will check out “illuminatingjoy” some more (I haven't been near my computer for a bit), and get back to you on how that channel works for me. Thanks for sifting through a lot of channels to find one that works!

Onto another point. Since I'm kinda new to LoA in that I'm still trying to get my first manifestation, may I ask what was the last thing you manifested was? I know you don't need to have routine (as everyone can have a different one), but knowing what a successful a journey was like to someone else will let you know what to expect in it all.

If you can, I'd really like to hear about the emotional journey too. In regards to myself, when I'm manifesting sometimes I go from feeling on top of the world because I focused so much to I'm not doing enough to bring my dream to the physical. Sometimes I know it's coming without a doubt to this is hogwash, it's not here and won't be here be realistic. I know we shouldn't entertain these thoughts, but is it wrong for thoughts in all this range to simply pop up in the first place? My mind only seems to think in one direction, one emotion for so long before another mindset takes over for a while.

And Lanaa; thank you so much for your input! I'm glad to see this topic is helping others too :) Yeah often I see people are going to spiritual hoops to get what they want and I wonder if it's always necessary—especially in a timely way. That's not to put a time constraint, but I'm just saying it adds more to your plate when you want to manifest a sum of money, but now you have to work on other things too. It just puts more on your plate and if you can handle that: great. If not, then forgive yourself, realize you are human and move on. :p

That's it for now. Gosh I wish my post was shorter, but I have so much to say it seems! Much love, light and happy manifesting to all!
Law of Attraction Lounge / Re: im Sarah From uk
« Last post by Mikehouse7 on April 12, 2019, 11:03:12 PM »
Welcome to the board Sarah 👋
Marriage and other Relationship Issues / Re: How to let go of these feelings?
« Last post by OldOak on April 12, 2019, 02:21:52 PM »
For letting go I recommend in looking on YouTube. There are several interesting videos. I like those by Alan Watts a lot.
Law of Attraction Quotes & Oneliners / Re: Quote that inspires from the very root..!
« Last post by OldOak on April 12, 2019, 01:59:23 PM »
Don’t let your learning lead to knowledge. Let your learning lead to action. (Jim Rohn)
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