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Law of Attraction for Ex-Back / Re: Acting as if vs moving on
« Last post by McSprout on Today at 08:58:38 PM »
I'm not chasing her. I'm asking questions about LoA in relation to the situation I'm in.
I think you are both right Brighton and Aquagoddess. Sometimes it can be a lack of self love and sometimes it's about faith. Maybe a person with a lack of self love can obtain things and persons because has faith. I had bad experiences in my past and I lost some self worth that's why I feel insicure so Aquagoddess can be right but sometimes I've also obtained things because I had faith that's why I think you are both right. My major problem is that it's difficult for me to feel. I visualize very well, I can touch in my mind, I sense everything but I don't have emotions, like if I'm doing a surgery operation. I don't enjoy the process, it's like something I have to do to obtain. Brighton is really right about LOA gurus, I really don't like Agnes Vivarelli, Lanie Stevens and so on. Their method in my opinion doesn't work, it's just for money. I want to add that I observed that when I have faith in something I can have that thing or person. For example I knew that I could have that guy because I consider him normal not awesome. Another example is that I have interest in the other two guys, one of them always likes my fb posts and picture of myself. When I post something and I'm sure he will like he does, but if I don't have that feeling so he doesn't. So LOA is about faith not tecniques, when I feel sure he will like my post he does and I have the same self love or lack of always. Self love is important when I have to obtain something bigger. It's easy to get a like, it's difficult to deserve the person instead. I hope I explain well my concept. I would like to ask Brighton that is a man why a man likes your picture and posts but doesn't write???? If I contact him he chats but if I don't do it he only likes posts, why? I know is not a question about LOA but maybe you can give me your point of view.
How to Use Law of Attraction / Re: The 4th density
« Last post by Alexbally on Today at 08:29:08 PM »
Practices that helped me start my journey on this specific path are:

Meditation whilst bringing my awareness back to my physical body so to enable me to heighten my senses and take notice of how the feeling within the physical body changes.

Diet. I'm not a vegan by any means but there are specific food and drink types that improve electrical conductivity within the body and especially, the magnetic core through the endocrine system.

Fasting improved my conductivity and capacitance also.
Oh my god dude...i m gonna say for las time...i attracked 2 exes with the move on way...i attracked my last ex when i was the opposed (deppressed needy obbsesed not love my self worried i was using the technics although) sometimes i ask something and move on (i have faith and i feel like already have it and i have it)  sometimes i do the same but i don t have it..and sometimes i have things/people that i just thought about them but i never asked for them.... NOW LISTEN...WHEN SOMETHING IS LAW IS LAW...ONE WAY AND THE END.FOR ALL HUMAN S AND ALL SITUATIONS..THAT S COMFUSING...
How to Use Law of Attraction / Re: Changing energy
« Last post by Alexbally on Today at 06:46:33 PM »
Morning Brighton, and welcome back to the forum too.

Oooh that was scything lol....and a little unwarranted too perhaps. It's as if I've called your mother a cunt or something when in actual fact, all I've done is bring in to question where you take your beliefs from, something that I personally feel everybody should be willing to do for themselves more often.

I have no idea who Kelly-anne Conway is, I'm not from the US, but thanks to your description I can still work out the point you're trying to convey across.

Did I describe any of the evidence as lies? No, I did not. I only questioned the conclusions that are rested upon from the evidence. You've been told that it's evidence of SM and it's here that you've rested upon without challenging it any further. Now, you may well challenge it further and still reach the same conclusion and should you do so, happy days, you've reached an informed conclusion by doing so.

I did not avoid your guru's explanation at all. Just because I never specifically typed the word "Guru" does not mean I avoided the point. The point was covered off.

I am more than open to discuss my point of view with you if you ask me questions on it. I will answer anything that I can do so and I will tell you if there's something that I do not know when asked about it, you just have to ask.
There does come a point though where you might have to try for yourself so that you can feel what I talk about, so to avoid any ambiguity in my words.
Wisdom is not how much information you retain, this is just having a good memory....Wisdom is knowledge from experience.
An interesting point to make is that it's very easy to dismiss stuff that we know nothing about and it's also very easy to make people believe in irrational and illogical abstract ideas as long as you market it correctly and just keep packing more and more snow onto the top of the ball. I feel that the validity should only be taken from our own observations.

It can be a very short topic to discuss with very little detail that tells people nothing or it can be detailed so to try and avoid any ambiguity in my own written words. It took me a fair while to train myself to where I am now and assume that it would take me just as long, if not longer, to do a full write up and also to field questions that come from it....and controversy, as I've not managed to avoid on this very thread it would appear. The problem is not my own understanding of it, it's other people's understanding of it, or lack of, that requires time and patience to detail effectively for them to understand. One thing I've learned from training hundreds of people before in various fields is that evefybody is different and they all take in information differently, so to be an effective trainer you need to find the key that unlocks things for the individual. This takes time and patience.
So me posting lessons and exercises in a new thread is indeed a good and viable idea and one that I have previously considered before. I decided against it at the time because of time constraints that I have and because ultimately, the lessons will not hold the subject title of something like "here's how to get your ex back" which made me consider how much time I would spend on the thread for nobody to read it or to continue do the work into a 4th, 5th or 6th months time.

Weirdly enough, I see this morning that somebody has started to explain one aspect of this knowledge already...perhaps encouraged to do so on the back of reading this very thought provoking discussion that we're having over here......

Morning MA138,
Actually no, the only movie that I've ever been to the cinema  to watch was Bruce Almighty, back when I was 14 or 15, so some 19 or 20 years ago now and it was on the back of an invite from 2 school friends and not from watching a trailer. I do not watch tv apart from watching football.
That being said, advertisement is everywhere that you look these days, not just on tv but I pay little to no attention to it and as I've said before, nothing convinces or hypnotizes me into buying it.

I appreciate your curiosity in the subject but I require more than curiosity from just one or two people. My time is very scarce these days with work and family taking a huge priority as well as me finding the time to continue with my own development.
I also do not know where I'll be in 6 months time and whether or not I'll still be around to help people through the queries and onto the next stage.

I'll consider it again guys....let's get Xmas done and out of the way first.
I heard Brighton is getting me the new Barbie mansion with retractable swimming pool cover! I can't wait!
Law of Attraction for Ex-Back / Re: Why Your Ex Broke Up With You
« Last post by PrototypeOA on Today at 06:07:35 PM »
Well, just close your eyes and think about it for a second. If you acted forever like you did in the beggining of the relationship what could possibly go wrong?

What if you just enjoyed love, enjoyed giving to your partner, enjoying every moment. Just enjoying... Being in the moment. No past, no future, just present. Just now. Not putting labels, having expectations, nothing. Just purely enjoying the moments you have. How could something possibly go wrong? Why would anyone want to abandon a person who is so full of joy, fun and love?  :)

What if you never thought "Omg, what if he doesn't call me anymore?" "What if he finds someone else?"? What if you never thought about those things. What if you only thought about that great time you and your partner have right now, not yesterday, not what you might have in 1 month, but right now? What if you unchained your mind from the shackles of the past and the future? How would that make you feel? When feeling like that how high would your vibration be? How cool things would you be able to attract with your vibration? How would you radiate?

We all have fears and doubts but if you could at least reduce them to a very minimal size you would experience benefits in all areas of your life.
It hasn't worked for them because they are stuck on this forum for ages instead of going out and really moving on or letting go or whatever.

You haven't let go really if you are stuck reading threads on this forum for ages about how to get your ex back.
 In your post u said "is it the ONLY WAY TO GET HIM BACK? YES YES AND YES" in an other post u said "there s more than 1 way"... now you re saing is the most powerful way...and i m saying that all worked for me..also with some people never worked not yet at list ..
Moving on, moving forward, letting go, climbing up or whatever the fuck you want to name it. I see all these people jut cherry picking info from my posts and reading only what suits them.

What I offer is the most powerful way of attracting and ex back. More powerful than any journal, vision board, visualisation or technique combined. It is the hardest but most effective way of getting the result. My reading is not confusing, you guys just have a problem with doing what's best for you because it requires big amount of energy. It takes more energy to work on yourself and improve than to lie down and cry and visualise every now and then.
Personally I can't see the difference between "moving on" and "letting go".   To me it seems to be one and the same, when you let go, you move on.

"moving on", "letting go", "giving up", "quitting" are all exactly the same.

But, that is not what the original poster of this thread meant. He meant "moving forward", as I have explained earlier. He will correct his mistake soon.  Please read his first post carefully again, substituting "moving forward" for the words "moving on", wherever they appear.
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