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How to Use Law of Attraction / Re: Who attracted the 'web site down'?
« Last post by Superman on Today at 01:10:07 AM »
It was kinda funny how there seemed to be some infighting on the forum lately then that happened....

This happened multiple times before.
How to Use Law of Attraction / Re: Who attracted the 'web site down'?
« Last post by Mikehouse7 on February 23, 2019, 10:09:52 PM »
It was kinda funny how there seemed to be some infighting on the forum lately then that happened....
Except what you’re feeling is your own doing. Thank it for coming into your life for making it aware and then let it go. And go for a more neutral state then happy.


Check out dr hew Len and his techniques

I am in the process of creating a healthy committed relationship with this guy I was recently dating. The problem is, I've never been in a healthy committed relationship before, so I'm not sure what to feel when I visualize. I just say "we are developing a new healthy, committed relationship. These feelings will come at the universe's timing, and I trust that I am on the path of least resistance." So I'm not really "acting as is" because I don't know what feelings are associated with it. My mindset is more "you have your intention clear, now the journey is beginning. The path to your destination is better (and more important) than the destination itself." I feel like this is the right way, and I'm excited to see how this journey unfolds, am I doing this right?


You are Asking what kind of feeling you have to generate when you are visualising your desire. When you are getting your desire you will feel happiness. So you have to build that happiness now itself. It's not difficult. It seems difficult. But happiness is your true nature. The happiness is already there. Already it is raining. But you are protecting yourself with your umbrella. Throw away your umbrella. Get wet in the rain. Don't wait. You have been waiting for a long time. Start feeling happiness. Feel that your desire has been already fulfilled. Throw your misery. Throw your umbrella. You will dance in the rain immediately!
Although I understand what you are saying, at it makes sense that it has to do with the personal energy, I think there is much more to timing than that.   I think when it comes to personal relationships, we predecided before birth certain lessons that we liked to learn and with whom., so you can't just "attract" anyone you want, it depends on WHOM you have a soul agreement and contract with.   You then also decided before birth when this was going to happen in your life, that is the timing, and typically you will not get into any relationship that can last when you are desperate to be fulfilled by something or someone outside yourself...   All will fall into place according to timing when you are ready, when you have let go of all you think you want and when you think you want it from this human ego level.   So really there is not much you can do to attract anyone if it is the wrong timing, it will just not happen.

I don't like the sound of that. I don't want to be a puppet.
I found a nice video about How to Find Your Soul Mate Lover by Abraham Hicks that I am happy to share.
Hope it can be usefull to us all, here is the video link :

Well she didn't actually take him away from me, that had happened before he met her.
And of course, the relationship with the Japan woman didn't last either, so things evolve and change.

It is very interesting to read this and look back on it.

So even though he broke up with the woman who took him away from you, he didn't come back to you. He went with someone else instead, again. So this is an loa failure.

I'm sorry you had to go through all that.
I found a great video from Abraham Hicks that I love to share, about "Stop Missing Opportunities" Hope you love it also,
Here is the video link :

Put on some good music too, that'll help lift your spirits. YouTube's got tons to choose from, and these days I prefer synthwave. Whatever works for you, go for it!

So very true.  Uplifting music can improve my mood very quickly.
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