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Law of Attraction for Abundance / My business sideline is taking off!
« on: July 19, 2016, 06:50:02 PM »
I got my cat sitting site up and running just over 10 days ago.

Someone called and asked me to feed their cat over the weekend.

Then a work colleague found an email from another colleague and passed my name on - I have 8 weeks bookings from them!

Meow for now!

I have a presentation to prepare by the end of the month (and I am massively busy at work and getting home late, so am exhausted) - for a history talk. 

LOA approach to this? 


Found this and thought of you when I read it.  Maybe worth having a look.


I have received an invitation to a football academy in the North of England, to meet one of their coaches who played for my local club for a couple of years a long time ago and who I had the most immense crush on at the time.  And I mean immense – I had daydreams, fantasies, X rated in parts, in fact, about this guy. 

Now why could this not come when he was a) younger b) still hot and cute c) I still fancied him while he was available!

I know this might sound shallow, but I don’t fancy him now at all in the least, but he’s still a good guy so I will probably go at some point. So, I guess he is now friend zoned as they say!

But just goes to show, you never know what is going to happen in the future do you??

Law of Attraction for Ex-Back / This was my very first post!
« on: June 14, 2016, 04:13:15 AM »
Joined new this morning hoping for help.  Story in a nutshell - 5 years ago last week I met Ryan in 2006.  Instant attraction, but an age difference (me older) and both in relationships (his was not serious neither were the ones he had subsequently) we became really good friends with a very strong attraction to each other, went out a few times, he came to my house, we talked a lot on email and text and grew close and fancied each other.  I loved him but never told him as I was too scared.  Nothing physical happened between us other than hugging, out of fear I think.  He went away to University in 2009 and as I think he was unable to handle how I felt, or how he did, he backed off before that and then so did I, and we had no contact again until a year ago, just email telling him my cat (he had met the cat) had died.  Contact resumed then but I have again backed off out of fear.

Thing is that I always thought that we would make contact again after he left but I also knew that would be in the future when he had changed and so had I, did not put a timeframe on it.  I was prepared for it to be WAY into the future.  I was quite needy when we were seeing each other, and now I am not.  Have found out though through Facebook - which I am not on but a friend is, that he is living with a girl; he has never lived with a woman before other than his mother!  Something deep inside me tells me that she is not "the one" and this is not a permanent relationship but a "for now" one.  Something also tells me I am right and this is not just my wishful thinking.  Must make clear that I have no desire to harm this woman whatsoever.  When the time is right for that relationship to end, I believe it will.  I try to stop myself thinking of them together.

What do I do now?  What I want is to resume contact with him, keep it going, meet up with him some time in the future when the time is right, and sort out how we felt/did feel about each other and see what is still there.  Never stopped loving him but I have not put life on hold, have got on with everything normally and things are OK.  Obviously he has changed remarkably in the time he has been at university, he has moved 200 miles away, and I've changed too - for the better in a lot of ways.

Thanks for some help and insight everyone.  xx

And watching the whole day and how happy they are together and how much love and respect they have for each other makes me think. I'd never waste a second anguishing or posting about a man who didn't show me the same. Whoever he was he wouldn't be worth it.

Get the real thing folks don't waste time on losers.

Because I was going to ask - I asked the OP to give us some context and got no reply, just a general post to us all saying "these are the answers I was expecting"


I'm quite an outgoing chatty person, and will normally strike up a conversation with just about anyone. 

Yesterday I was in a bar by myself having a coffee and reading a book after I had been shopping.  A song came on which had some amusing memories for me (I was invited to a 21st party by my supposed boyfriend at the time, who then sneaked off with another girl and smooched to this song with her!  I hated the song anyway, and still do, but it makes me laugh now)

There were two guys sitting at the table next to me and I remarked on this to them.  They turned out to be quite pleasant, we all then had an interesting conversation about all sorts of things, and then they left after they finished their drinks. 

Now, these guys were too old for me relationship-wise and I wasn't in the least attracted to them.  I thought to myself, if instead of those two, there had been two hot guys of my own age at the same table, would I have engaged them in conversation in the same way?  Would I have thought they were too cool to bother with me?  Did I do it because they were safe, and do we put too much "respect" on good looking, hot guys?

Thinking logically, there is no difference - people can be interesting if they are hot, or if they are not. 

How to Use Law of Attraction / Allowing
« on: May 22, 2016, 09:21:29 PM »
What exactly does that mean?

My friend is getting married a week on Saturday and I had nothing I wanted to wear until I spotted a dress in town.  They had one very small size and one quite large one but not mine.  They didn't have any others in store, none on the on-line purchase site, and none in other stores either.  The sales assistant told me it would be impossible to get one as they were a limited line and they would all have gone by now.

I thanked her but said (not in the shop, later on!) "Universe, I want this dress and I am determined to get it for the wedding".

Well, today one came back in stock. 

So, thank you!

When I was a student (in Yorkshire) I met an Australian guy on line through a history forum and we exchanged emails and messages, and he sent photos etc and I arranged to visit him.  I was going out with someone at the time, and was curious about this guy but only really saw him as a friend.  When I went out to visit him, he wasn't what I expected, and I didn't fancy him in the least (he looked nothing like his picture btw), but he was a decent guy and good fun.  He became obsessed with me though and because of the different setting - sort of like a holiday romance I guess - I tried to convince myself I wanted the same when deep down I know I didn't.  He then followed me to the UK and all hell broke loose as he wouldn't leave me alone and because I hadn't had the decency to be straight with him because I had always had a problem with dumping people it got worse.  I thought finishing with people was being cruel and mean would you believe?

He rang and emailed all the time, chased me relentlessly, sent presents, sent a ring, turned up at my university out of the blue, phoned me saying his mother was dying of cancer (an outright lie), phoned and emailed my friends, all to get attention.

All of this is a very long time ago and I must emphasise I would never behave like that again.

But no matter what he did, I would never fancy, love, or want to be with him romantically or marry him, never, ever.  He could send me a zillion energy balls, RS until next Christmas, and think as positively as he wanted but I DON'T FANCY HIM.  Weirdly enough now he is married with three kids and we are friends again and in touch!

So what message does this have for anyone who wants an ex back, or a specific person?  Or won't stop chasing or obsessing over someone?

How could he have got me to fall in love with and marry him?

Answers on a postcard.  (or as an addition to this thread!)

Neither of these books are about the Law of Attraction overtly, but they use its principles without actually saying so, or realising. 

I've found it quite refreshing to read something that doesn't focus on LoA but embodies its principles.  Seems more like an entertaining, inspirational read and less like hard work.  The first one is a workbook about life coaching, the second one is the story of someone who is a real glass-half-full person, and really did attract everything that happened to him, good or bad, whether he realised it or not.



I sometimes feel that reading LoA stuff constantly is a bit anxiety-inducing and this made me feel really uplifted.

I've been in London today for a work meeting and met up with my best friend from home for coffee. We were chatting about our careers and I asked her if she had her life over again would she make the same career choice? She said yes, and when she lived in Yorkshire she thought how great it would be to work in London but didn't see how it would happen.

She's in the legal profession and a guy came in and she took his case on, then he asked her out. She went out with him once the case was over and he was transferred to London. He proposed and she went with him but had no job.

She heard about a job in a law firm through an acquaintance, made enquiries and went along for a chat. The hiring partner was from our part of the country and they clicked instantly, and she was offered the fabulous job she loves.

I knew all this already, but never thought of it as law of attraction in action and neither did she because we'd never heard of it. But that's what it was, serendipity and everything coming perfectly together.

She didn't obsess over the outcome though, she had a job here in Yorkshire she was happy in, but simply thought what she would like and it all fell into place.

She has really energised me today!

Law of Attraction for Ex-Back / Question about dating other people
« on: April 24, 2016, 11:38:20 PM »
I've copied this below from another forum because I am interested in the answer - what do you think?

Please note - I am NOT attempting to attract an ex back for a relationship.  This is not about me.

So, I have a question – I would like to attract my former boyfriend back into my life. I was told to send my request out to the universe and then let it go. So, while I’m waiting for my request to be fulfilled and doing my visualizations and manifestations, is it okay for me to date other guys? (When I say date, I mean NOTHING physical….just going out to eat, to the movies, to concerts, etc….just for companionship). Is it okay to do this while I wait or will it confuse the universe and make the universe think I’m not serious about attracting my former boyfriend back into my life?

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