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Law of Attraction Lounge / Limiting beliefs resurfacing
« on: May 29, 2017, 03:38:00 PM »
Does anyone find that when you have worked hard on clearing limiting beliefs about yourself in relation to various topics - eg job performance, attracting romantic partners, and you know you have had some success, that when something really important happens - such as going for an interview for a really good job, the opportunity to attract a fabulous partner, or if you achieve both of those and you find yourself actually in the job/relationship - the old fears or worries surface, even though you have not thought about it for a long time?

I guess it is because the beliefs have not been tested?

Any thoughts?

If you are trying to manifest the perfect (for you) life, such as a cool job, place to live, health, right weight, relationships (including romantic) and positive experiences, travel, things like that, how much does it slow you down if other things aren't right?

For example, overweight (because you can't stop eating comfort food), disorganisation at home or work, being irritated with certain people in your life - even though you are actively working to upgrade all those things?

I've been doing RS on a guy for a few weeks now and I have just had a Facebook friend request - from his bandmate.

They were in a band together years ago, and still write and perform some stuff together, upload it to YouTube and so on.  I contacted M, the friend (who I don't know), asking if he was still in touch with the guy back in January, which he said he was - then I found out about their YouTube uploads. I've also liked and commented on a few of these uploads, and liked stuff on M's FB page that he has uploaded, but only the stuff he has done with my guy.

He's just posted on my timeline, asking me if a music venue I went to as a student is still open.

Interesting diversion! Hmmm .............

Remote Seduction / Influence / Curiouser and Curiouser??
« on: April 30, 2017, 06:23:16 AM »
I'm doing a variety of RS stuff with a particular individual and really feel that this is real, which is unusual (or is it?).  It isn't an ex or someone who is going to ring me out of the blue (well you never know, I think it's up to me to make the first move) and that is something I need to think about.  I do various scenario based imaginings at different times in the day. And at night, though I often fall asleep. It's becoming really quite vivid and it's easy for me to imagine that this is something that is happening in real time.

But what has happened is that an ex of mine, who I am back in contact with now (not for romantic reasons) got in touch with me the other day through LinkedIn (which is our method of communication). I'd sent him a link to my work website, which has a recent picture of me, for which he thanked me. He then updated his profile picture - which is really quite stunning and I thought my goodness, maybe I wish I was still with you! He's one of those who gets better with age. I wondered if the picture update was significant.

I had dinner with another ex last Friday, and a male friend of mine on the south coast is in regular contact with very chatty correspondence. This is someone I got in touch with a couple of years back when I was searching for another guy, and we became really good friends!

Just random thoughts.

I've noticed that many people who post about getting an ex back are in different countries. Is this relevant? Are there more instances of things going wrong because of the distances, or is it coincidence? And I wonder how people in different countries ever start a relationship in the first place (OK, I've been out with a Welshman, which is technically another country).

Is it the distance that causes the problems, or would those problems be there if you lived near each other.

Though I take it positively, if everything works out for you all, as all I want is a guy from Birmingham!  ;)

The universe doesn't work on a sense of judgement Ė it operates by your strongest beliefs. It doesn't matter to the universe whether your POI is a boy down the road or Bradley Cooper! The key is ALWAYS your beliefs!

Read this on another board - really made my day!

Would anyone say it is possible to visualise a past with someone that didn't happen - I suppose create an alternative reality - through visualisation, RI or whatever, so that when you meet them, they will remember it?

I mean, what if you fancy two people equally but don't really know which one you would rather have - has anyone remotely seduced more than one person and what are all your views on it? 

Now I am sure she doesn't want a romantic thing with him, he's far too old and he's married but she's a massive fan and wants to meet the guy.  But Claire  says as we live in England it's impossible. She wants to have a drink / chat with him, not just get him to sign stuff or say hello at a premiere.

I've met celebrities - I've got a thing about a Hollywood actor and I chat to his sister on Twitter which is as far as it goes - though I've shown her some of these posts and she said RS would be inappropriate and I agree!

What do you think to this?

How to Use Law of Attraction / Problems with my friend
« on: October 03, 2016, 03:56:03 PM »
Iím so puzzled by my friendís behaviour and I donít want to confront (strong term!) it because I think it would be counterproductive.  Iíve mentioned it before.  She is so quiet when we are out. Itís so hard to have a chat and talk when you get nothing back. For example, I tried to use books as a topic of conversation and asked what sheíd been reading.  Answer Ė ďthe usualĒ. I was hoping a chat about character, plot, themes etc.  Thereís no back and forth with her in conversation, just closed answers or nods, from which I infer I am either boring her, sheís not interested in what I am saying Ė but thatís being a friend isnít it, taking an interest in each other?? The thing is, she very rarely starts conversations herself either.  She will pick me up, and it's always me who asks what have you done, what sort of a day have you had, when I get in the car, otherwise it would be silence.

Sheís got problems with her mum who is in a home with Alzheimer as Iíve mentioned before but though I have empathy with her, she canít let it rule her life.  When there are three of us out it isnít so bad (but then she takes the opportunity to try to take the mick out of me for my busy lifestyle etc, because she has an audience Ė she doesnít do it when itís just me and her)

I donít see the point in her going out with me for an evening when she wonít converse.  I donít see what she gets out of it, and think she may as well have stayed in with the telly for what she got out of it.  My inference, when I am chatting to her and get nothing back but one word answers (and she even sounds bored when she talks) is she is either bored with me, or she disapproves.  But then, why bother arranging to go out with me?  I donít understand.

Please donít think I am gobby, talking over her and not letting her get a word in.  It really isnít like that.  She says practically zero.  I donít have this issue with any other of my friends, so I donít get it, I really donít.

I donít want to end the friendship but I donít see what on earth she is getting out of it.  Itís really upsetting me and I canít see how you can be best friends with someone and not want to converse with them.  I get chatty emails from her, she buys me presents and sends me cards ďto the best female friend everĒ Ė so then why wonít she have a conversation with me??

How the hell would law of attraction sort this out??

Law of Attraction for Abundance / My requests to the universe
« on: October 03, 2016, 01:28:40 AM »
I've started to write down the requests to the universe to solve a particular situation, in order of preference.  ie, Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, whatever.  Then I am going to read out my requests in my garden tonight and burn the paper allowing the requests to be heard.

Law of Attraction for Ex-Back / PDF - Attract Him Back by Lorna Tedder
« on: September 03, 2016, 03:21:42 PM »
Sharing in case anyone is interested - thanks.


Law of Attraction for Abundance / How do people make money from blogs?
« on: August 25, 2016, 08:31:17 PM »
I mean, how do you do it?

How easy or difficult is it?

I know absolutely zero.

What Are You attracting Today? / Amazing bit of serendipity!
« on: July 27, 2016, 08:21:38 PM »
Just reading an article where a so-called celebrity (from a British soap) has on a cute pair of designer pumps.  I'm not bothered about the celeb but I loved the shoes.  They have cats faces on.  They also cost £370 - aarrgghh!!

Jokingly I sent the link to my workmates saying "Shall I"?

The girl who sits next to me said she had a pair at home, never worn, and she doesn't want them anymore so I could have them!


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