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Law of Attraction Lounge / Knowing your own worth
« on: March 22, 2018, 10:49:59 PM »
If you fancied/loved a person, or were in a relationship with them or wanted to be and they said well, I'm going to look out there and see what else is on offer before I commit to you, I might find something better than you, well, you wouldn't hang around or chase after them, would you? Well if you had the right amount of self esteem, anyway, I guess not.  You'd tell them, or think it to yourself if you didn't tell them, that it was their loss and you were going to find someone who was worthy and deserving of you.

So as an analogy, if you were in a company where your contract was coming to an end and there was another role coming up that you know you could do but which hadn't been advertised, you put yourself forward for it and there is nothing said, but they advertise it anyway, would you apply the same principles? I know I would. I'd conclude they had lost out and some other company was more deserving of me.

I said this to a friend who is in the latter situation, and she says it's different to a relationship scenario. But I don't think it is. It's all about knowing your worth and moving on from situations and people who don't treat you with the respect they should do. Or have I got this wrong?

To the detriment of simply getting on with life?

Law of Attraction Lounge / What does self love mean to you?
« on: February 17, 2018, 10:27:36 PM »
"Do self love". "Just love yourself? What does this mean for you? I see it given out as advice all the time and I'm really interested in your own interpretation of this term.

We read a lot about having little or no self love and attracting terrible partners because of that. But what if someone does like and respect themselves and acts in accordance with this, but attracts nobody? How would that be explained?

I fail to understand this and perhaps there's something I'm missing. When I've read posts over years about wanting someone who has cheated, been dismissive, ignored them, been hurtful, ghosted them, said they're in love with someone else or whatever I've always asked myself why they wouldn't tell them they aren't settling for being disrespected and they're going no contact until they treat them properly. It's not rocket science. I don't understand why you would waste time visualising or whatever in these circumstances.

Of sorts anyway. What's your views on this? If you're with someone but you know you're not in love with that person (albeit confortable) but you think the right person may be out there somewhere? How would you proceed?

Law of Attraction Lounge / Does anyone understand dreams?
« on: December 05, 2017, 01:25:00 PM »
I'm not really a believer in dreams as predictions. However I've recently had some upsetting dreams that feature situations that scare me. For example being told at work that I need to focus and work harder (I don't, but I've had some frightening situations in the workplace in the past), losing weight and having loads of baggy skin (I'm currently losing weight but don't have that much to lose so that's not really an issue), losing my cats, being chucked, even being raped, and dreams of my childhood house which was not a happy place.

These aren't long dreams, simply flashes but enough to get the picture, or at least what I remember of them. I'm not sure about any meaning. I don't for a moment believe these are predictions - I never dream about winning the lottery or marrying Bradley Cooper - but dragging up my deepest fears.

I'd be interested in your views and any pointers where I can find out more, in a bit of depth if possible. Cheers!

I commented on this in someone else's thread but didn't want to hijack it. But it has made me think.

Since I became aware of the Secret book I've worked on attracting three specific people. The first one (who things had gone sour-ish with) completely blanked me and nothing ever came of it. He's the one I joined this forum about in 2010. I was successful in attracting meetings with the other two. Of these, with the first one, nothing happened either other than me successfully speaking to him at an event I had chosen to attend because he would be there. That was almost three years ago. I'm still in touch with the third but not as much as I want to be. Nothing else has happened romantically with anyone else either except a man who says he loves me in a romantic way but I don't feel that way about him. I did once, but it went wrong and though I love him as a friend that's all. He's more like an older brother.

This or something better has never held up for me. I've not had the relationship I wanted with the "this", and nothing better ever came along either. Of course they could all have been such wastes of space, that "something better" was being alone in preference to being with them but I'd have liked to have made my own informed judgement on that.

I don't have negative or limiting beliefs about my own self worth, though of course none of us think we are perfect the whole time do we? I'm not 100% satisfied with my appearance as I've gained weight but that's not an issue, I'm remedying that.

So I find the whole thing weird.

Law of Attraction Lounge / Thoughts Becoming Things
« on: November 16, 2017, 11:15:07 PM »
Someone at work got a message from their boss that they wanted to see him in their office, so he started panicking about what he had done wrong. He'd done nothing wrong and the meeting was about something totally different and very simple. This made me think about "thoughts becoming things".

Sam was asked to go to the office and worried he was in trouble. If our thoughts become things, then he should have got a telling off when he got there. But this doesn't make sense, because the reason for the meeting was decided well before Sam was even asked to go. The reason was something innocuous, so how could Sam's worries "thoughts becoming things" change the reason for the meeting?

I've read a few posts about this, about karma biting you on the bum etc. I don't think law of attraction was used in these examples or at least not consciously. My best friend from school married my cousin. After a few years he left her for another woman who he cheated with for 4 months and who he's now married to, seemingly very happily and more content than he was with my friend. My friend has a new partner who she's very happy with too. It seems everyone is a winner. My friend was bitter and angry at first but said she always felt my cousin was obsessed with her when they first met.

So then, karma is likely to bite my cousin and his wife (who he's been with longer than his original wife) would you say? I'm interested in views on this scenario.

Friend of mine is in contact with a guy, they like each other, friends really, and if he wasn't in a long term relationship they'd probably be together. But she is happy with what it is, and she is respectful about it.

One of her facebook friends used to know some of the guy's friends, I don't think they're in touch anymore though but facebook is 6 degrees of separation, isn't it? My friend posted something on facebook. The friend put two and two together and made 5, PMd her and said "What's going on? Please tell me he's not leaving Gemma".

It's nothing like that, and she told her so, in fact she went over the top telling her that nothing like that was going on between them, they liked each other, and if things were different then who knew but it wasn't on that level.

She's now worried about what "the universe will do". Neither this guy or his partner are facebook friends with either of them so nobody will see anything.

I've assured her that nothing untoward will happen but I would like to know what you all think.

I've managed to attract someone I wanted to - someone from my dim and distant past who was not someone I had a relationship with but who I was drawn to, fancied, whatever you wish to call it. I didn't do this through "techniques" and waiting for him to contact me (though I did do some RS, visualisation and scripting, but not religiously). We got in touch the old fashioned way by me phoning him, us emailing and texting and meeting. I'm not a believer in having to wait for them to call you or you don't have a success. We got on well and he said he wanted to stay in touch. We've texted and emailed a couple of times since then although he is not brilliant at replying to people. (Guess that can be changed with believing something different as I read on another post earlier?) He also has a lot of health issues that are far from trivial so a lot to cope with, really.

What I have been finding over the past few days is that I cannot stop thinking about him, all day, and I don't like it because it distracts me from daily life. I don't mean that negatively. When I have done RS sessions it has been immense fun and I really like it. He's amazing and I really like him, very much, so thinking about him is a positive. But all the time? I don't think that's a good thing. Not when I'm at work or doing other things, because we all have lives to be getting on with. It seems to happen without me trying, so I do try to turn my thoughts to other things. I don't want to become obsessed or engage in anything unhealthy. I want him to think of me in a positive way, though.

These are my concerns:-

Thinking about him all the time - are these thoughts transmitted to him? Is it a block or a problem, would he pick up on it and if so, positively or negatively?
Would this have any sort of effect on other areas of my life, affecting me in other areas?
How can I stop it?

I'm not in the position of needing him to be happy, thinking that my life is worthless or any of those obsessive feelings and thoughts that I've read about. Life is good and busy (if tiring), but I am a bit concerned that having this man on my mind all the time is going to drag my inner feeling, vibration or whatever down and cause problems in other areas of life.  I want everything to be positive, all my relationships, including the one with him.

I'd like to know what you think about this and if it's happened to anyone else.

Good or bad? How do you stop it?

Law of Attraction Lounge / Must Spark Joy website
« on: August 11, 2017, 03:55:48 PM »

This site above is actually very good, and has some excellent ideas, advice and exercises. Well worth a look at. It also has good advice about limiting beliefs and your own energy independent of relationships and exes.

But whoever is spamming this board, and others with different usernames, starting numerous topics, answering others' posts with cut and paste from this website above, should be open and honest about what they are doing. They are obviously being paid to spam the board, and whilst the website is free, and is accessible, and is very helpful, they do sell stuff including subliminals and a paid 30 day course.  So our spamming friend is just looking for the loss leader, I think.

So be aware, but most of all Benjme123, PoWerLoA or whatever incarnation you come up with next, please be HONEST as it looks as if this is just a joke. And we are not stupid - we know it is coming from the same person.


How to Use Law of Attraction / This is all you ever need to do
« on: August 08, 2017, 04:00:31 AM »
I was sent this on an email this evening. Do we agree? I think it is a recipe for a rather bland life myself.

Donít think about getting an ex back, be happy without them, in fact, be happy without a partner at all, you donít need one. You need to be self sufficient and happy by yourself. Nobody can then let you down and you don't have any expectations.

Just be thankful for everything you have and stop wanting things you canít have.  If someone doesnít like you, then thatís that. Move on and get on with your own life without them.

Focus on yourself and taking the best care of yourself, have no expectations of anything, and thatís all you ever need to do.

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