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Law of Attraction Lounge / Everyone Is You Pushed Out
« on: July 28, 2019, 04:35:12 AM »
Discuss .........

Law of Attraction Lounge / Must Spark Joy course
« on: December 21, 2018, 05:36:25 PM »
I have noticed a lot of posts by DianneM basically selling the Must Spark Joy course. This is not the only account that has tried to sell it, and it is prevalent on other forums too (see below). Maybe they are all the same poster with different accounts.  Whatever I am very sceptical.

The comments about it range from:

"Oh, and this course was written by somebody who was unable to do it herself but is now telling you how to do it?"

"Or you get the Neville Reader with all of Neville's incredible books in ONE book. It's just 24,95 on Amazon. So for the same money you can buy 5,59118 of those books, give 4,59118 of them to your friends and keep one for yourself. You will have life long access to it*. It contains proven techniques that work in 100% of the time if you do it right. And the best thing about it: It's not just to get your ex back, but to get everything you want and it's kept simple and to the point. And if you really understand it you won't need life long access, because you only need to attract your ex back once and can keep them then.

So buy now and get everything you want as a bonus. And it won't never again happen to you that someone will rip you off with the newest course with the most exclusive information nobody ever heard before, because you won't ever be desperate again.

*Unless your home burns down. Make sure it doesn't happen or if it does go online and get all of his books for free as a pdf

Guys, all the information you need is there for you and accessible for free. Save the time you would spend with reading or watching videos and use them to apply what you already know or ask questions for free in countless groups.

And just for the record: You didn't get your ex back and selling a course about it? Well, okay."

There is something fishy going on.

The Must Spark Joy owner goes on to say:

Hello all,

I am one of the VERY FIRST members of this forum. If you search my posts, I was pretty active in the past, with some of the best success stories in remote seduction and visualizations.

I've been on a hiatus for more than a year to focus mainly on work, work on myself, and write a course in the process. I am done with the course now and I am happy to report that I manifested someone WAY WAY WAY better than any of the exes that I tried to manifest in the past (I stopped manifesting my last ex because he got into a relationship and I didn't want to get in the way between them). The guy I am with now is the manifested version of the mindmap that I created in 2013 and updated in 2015. Until now, I am still blown away by how he perfectly fits the description of the person I want to be with.

As some of you know, I run the website, http://mustsparkjoy.com. It’s been more than a year now since I first published my free course, 30 Days to Manifest an Ideal Relationship with Your Ex (30MIRE). The response had been overwhelming. In fact, I still keep receiving emails from readers with stories of successfully reuniting with their exes.I also continue to receive MANY emails from readers around the world who ask me to coach them; but because I am juggling my time across multiple businesses and other commitments, it is impossible for me to coach full time. So, I decided to produce a self-paced course on getting back with your loved one: Manifest Your Ex Back: A Conscious Creation Course.

I believe that for you to fully manifest your ex back into your life, you need to have a deep understanding of the nature of the universe, your true nature as a human being, and how the universe operates. Your knowledge of your Real Self and how the universe works are crucial to getting your ex back, and you will acquire this knowledge through the course.

Manifest Your Ex Back: A Conscious Creation Course is a complete and comprehensive course in manifesting your loved one. You can take this course at your own time, pace, and leisure. The lessons will open your eyes to the world within you: you will learn about the principles of mind power, conscious creation, the universal laws, living from the source within, and using your inherent powers to change your reality and create a better relationship with your ex.

This course is UNLIKE any of the available courses out there. This course teaches you that you have 100% CONTROL of the situation and that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE if you apply everything that you will learn through the lessons. In other words, the complete manifestation of your ex or loved one, and the success of your relationship with them solely depend on YOU AND NO ONE ELSE, using your mind power and your will.If you study and apply what you will learn in this course, it will eventually result in a renewed relationship with the person you love. More than that, it will give you the confidence to move or rearrange the events in your life based on what you really want. What I am about to share with you will profoundly change the way you see the world, the way you manifest your loved one back, and create anything you desire in your life. This will help you become the TRUE MASTER OF YOUR REALITY.

This course includes more than 100 audio and text lessons, exercises, and manifesting tools such as visualizations, meditations, subliminals, affirmations, etc., and techniques that can help you have a successful manifestation journey.

You can also use this course to manifest your ex-fiance or fiancee, ex-husband or ex-wife, ex-lover, or a specific person.

Once enrolled, you will have a LIFETIME access to the lessons and tools as well as future lessons, new tools, and other updates. It took me more than 1 year to write and produce this course. Since I was once like you on this forum and this forum is dear to me, I would like to give you 50% OFF my course. Use the coupon code: VERA1111 upon checkout to redeem it.

Course link: https://tinyurl.com/ybkhyfgb



A note from the author
Introduction to Universal Law

Module 1: All is Mind

Lesson: All is Mind and the Universe is Mental
Lesson: How to Use the First Law to Manifest Your Loved One
Lesson: The Nature of the Universe
Lesson: Understanding the Source of All
Lesson: The Mind of the Source
Exercise: How You Created Your Reality
Lesson: You and Your Ex Are One

Module 2: Your Mind and the Universe

Lesson: The Different Aspects of the Mind
Lesson: The Subconscious Mind
Lesson: The Conscious Mind
Lesson: How the Conscious and Subconscious Minds Work Together
Lesson: The Superconscious Mind
Exercise: Meditation to Access the Superconscious Mind
Lesson: The Unified Field
Lesson: Your Connection to the Source
Lesson: Acknowledge the Universal Mind in You
Lesson: The Power of Your Will

Module 3: Your Two Bodies and Your Oneness With Everything

Lesson: The Real Self and Ego
Lesson: Your Body that Interacts with Your Loved One
Exercise: Visualization to Interact With Your Loved One
Lesson: The Problem of Separation

Module 4: Nothing Rests, Everything Vibrates

Lesson: Nothing Rests, Everything Vibrates, Everything Moves
Lesson: The Scale of Consciousness
Lesson: The Rules in Consciousness
Lesson: The Frequencies of Manifesting Your Loved One
Exercise: Climb Up the Scale of Consciousness (Part 1)
Exercise: Climb Up the Scale of Consciousness (Part 2)
Lesson: The Law of Attraction
Lesson: How to Harmonize Your Desire
File: Vision Board Example

Module 5: As Above, So Below

Lesson: As Above, So Below; As Within, So Without
Lesson: The Physical Plane
Lesson: The Mental Plane
Lesson: The Spiritual Plane
Lesson: The Past Still Exists
Exercise: Your Creations in the Physical Plane
Exercise: Your Creations in the Mental Plane
Exercise: How to Operate in the Spiritual Plane
Lesson: How to Use the Third Law to Manifest Your Loved One

Module 6: Nothing Happens by Chance

Lesson: Nothing Happens by Chance
Lesson: Your Created This Experience
Exercise: Take 100% Responsibility For What Happened to You
Lesson: How to Turn Things Around

Module 7: The Cause is the Meaning

Lesson: The Voice in Your Head
Exercise: Everything Doesn’t Mean Anything
Lesson: What They Say Don’t Mean Anything
Exercise: How Others Add Meaning
Lesson: The Cause is the Meaning
Lesson: Where Meaning Comes From

Module 8: Your FLBs and How to Clear Them

Lesson: Your Common FLBs About Relationships
Lesson: Identify Your FLBs - Part 1
Exercise: Identify Your FLBs - Part 2
Exercise: The Clearing Process
Listen: Guided Meditation to Clear Energy Blocks
Lesson: The Clearing Process Simplified

Module 9: Replacing Your FLBs

Lesson: Why Do You Want to Reunite With Your Loved One
Lesson: Imprinting New Beliefs
Exercise: Mindmap Your Ideal Partner
Lesson: Specificity is the Name of the Game
Lesson: Effortless Subconscious Programming
Listen: Subliminal to Manifest Your Ex
Lesson: The Power of Suggestions
Listen: Affirmations to Manifest Your Loved One Back

Module 10: The Art of Mental Alchemy

Lesson: Everything Has Two Sides
Exercise: Application of the Fifth Law of Manifesting Your Ex
Lesson: All Things Rise and Fall
Exercise: Application of the Sixth Law of Manifesting Your Ex
Lesson: Everything Has Its Own Time
Exercise: Application of the Seventh Law of Manifesting Your Ex
Lesson: The Eight Law of Manifesting Your Ex

Module 11: Conscious Creation Preparations

Lesson: Accept Your True Nature
Lesson: What To Eat During the Process
Lesson: Connect with Life Force Energy
Lesson: The Power of Sex Energy
Lesson: True Detachment from Your Desire
Lesson: The Power of Meditation
Lesson: The No Contact Rule
Lesson: Keep It To Yourself

Module 12: Conscious Creation Preparations, Part 2

Lesson: The Power of Mental Concentration
Lesson: Introduction to Mental Concentration
Lesson: Mental Concentration Exercise #1
Lesson: Mental Concentration Exercise #2
Lesson: Mental Concentration Exercise #3
Lesson: Mental Concentration Exercise #4
Lesson: Mental Concentration Exercise #5
Lesson: Mental Concentration Exercise #6
Lesson: Mental Concentration Exercise #7
Lesson: Mental Concentration Exercise #8
Lesson: Mental Concentration Exercise #9
Lesson: Mental Concentration Exercise #10

Module 13: Important Reminders

Lesson: True Detachment from Your Desire
Lesson: The Power of Meditation
Lesson: The No Contact Rule
Lesson: Keep It To Yourself

Module 14: Conscious Creation Formula, Part 1

Lesson: The best Mind State to Create Your Desire
Exercise: Getting Into Alpha State Visualization

Module 15: Conscious Creation Formula, Part 2

Lesson: What You See Gets Created
Lesson: Recall a Specific Event
Lesson: Memorize an Object
Lesson: Use Your Five Senses
Lesson: Beyond Your Room
Lesson: What Does It Look Like?
Lesson: The Sensations of Mental Touch
Lesson: More Visualization Tips
Lesson: The Correct Way To Pray
Lesson: How to Make Your Visualization More Potent

Module 16: Conscious Creation Formula, Part 3

Lesson: The Main Ingredient of Conscious Creation
Visualization: Unconditional Love
Meditation: Send Love and Be Love
Lesson: Forgiveness Provides Everything

Module 17: Daily Practice

Daily Practice: Morning and Night
Daily Practice: What to Do For the Rest of the Day

Manifesting Tools: Subliminal Audio Programs

Subliminal Audio Program: Manifest Your Ex Back - 528 Hz
Subliminal Audio Program: Unconditional Love for Your Ex - 528 Hz
Subliminal Audio Program: Unconditional Forgiveness to Release Limiting Beliefs - 528 Hz
Subliminal Audio Program: Chakra Healing and Balancing - 528 Hz

Manifesting Tools: Guided Visualizations

Visualization to Cultivate and Affirm Self Love
Visualization Prompts to Manifest Your Ex Back
Visualization to Get Someone Back
Visualization to Project Love to Your Loved One
Visualization to Create Love with Your Ex
Visualization to Radiate Love to Your Loved One
Visualize A Romantic Stroll With Your Loved One
Visualize Laughing With Your Loved One
Visualization to Get Unblocked on Social Media
Visualization to Receive a Text Message
Visualize To Remember Not Being Together
Visualization to Whisper Your Love and Affection
Visualization to Revise the Past
Visualize Laughing with Your Loved One
Visualize Meeting a Loved One After a Long Time
Visualize Your Girlfriend Accept Your Proposal
Visualize Your Boyfriend’s Proposal
Visualize Your Wedding Day

Your New Relationship

Lesson: What to Do When Your Loved One Contacts You
Lesson: The Dos and Dont’s When You Start Dating Your Loved One
Lesson: How to Make Your Relationship Last


Course link: https://tinyurl.com/ybkhyfgb (use: VERA1111 during checkout and get 50% OFF)

Happy manifesting! 


Law of Attraction Lounge / Anyways, can I get .....
« on: December 08, 2018, 08:40:14 PM »
Why do many people write this when it makes no sense and the correct term is anyway? Same with asking if you can "get" a coffee. Yes you can if it's self service. In most coffee shops you can have one but the person serving you will get it for you. 

Perhaps I should manifest not giving a monkey's when so many people do this!!!! 😂

Law of Attraction Lounge / Growing taller, versus .....
« on: November 29, 2018, 11:27:17 PM »
.... I thought about that when I got a junk email today. How many guys have been on here wanting a bigger Willy? I know it seems like a playground topic but I wonder?

Law of Attraction for Health / Meant to be doesn't exist
« on: November 19, 2018, 02:03:15 AM »
My friend's partner is waiting for test results to see if he has cancer. Another friend has said "he'll be ok if he's meant to be." The sooner this ridiculous phrase is redundant, the better.

Law of Attraction Lounge / How our beliefs affect things
« on: November 02, 2018, 12:02:05 AM »
Do you think it is possible to have a belief about something and not be consciously aware of it? For example someone asks your opinion on something or how you feel about an issue and let's say you've never even thought about it before but you now start to think about an answer. If you've never consciously held that belief, would you have subconsciously held the same belief and would it have had a bearing on what you attract or manifest?

What Are You attracting Today? / What do you want to happen?
« on: October 23, 2018, 03:43:14 PM »
I’m waiting for X to happen before I join Y.

I want to have this taken care of so that I can focus and do Z.

I just need to know that B will happen if I do A.

These are simple statements and yet they say so much. They say you are hoping something will manifest without your power.

So many people think their power is a magic affirmation or visualizing it perfectly, when in fact your magic power lies in you making a decision.

It’s the decision, yes or no, that starts bending the vibrations of the Universe to make your decision come true.

You get to decide what you want. No matter what it is.

And the decision that it will be yours and your “saying yes” is the magic potion.

There is no sign, but that feeling inside that says “yes this is what I want.”

Honor that.

Choose that.


Then watch as your own magic unfolds.


A lot is said about this, and I agree with it. A healthy self image (as opposed to self-aggrandizement) is only a good thing. However ............... there are people who don't have the relationship of their dreams, but who also have a good view of themselves - I consider myself one of these. Nobody has a 100%+ positive view of themselves the whole time. We all have doubts, however fleeting, about our ability to do X, if Y will work out. It's human nature. I am sure even Superman would have to think twice about his ability to fly a Cessna. (Or he may surprise me!)

I had a very poor upbringing and it took me many years to realise that I was actually a worthwhile person. Of course this affected me when I was in my teens and early 20s. I no longer believe I am rubbish, worthless, not deserving and not good enough (though I do sometimes regret the past, and feel it was a waste).

We can all improve, develop and grow, but not having the right partner doesn't always go hand in hand with a lousy self-view, bad behaviour and having to "work on yourself" to see results.

What do you think about this paradox?

I was thinking recently about something said on here - I think it was by Superman but please don't ask me to quote any posts as I can't remember - about attracting other people into your orbit, and saying that the reason people can't attract X or Y is that they are not in alignment with them. Or you can only attract those that are compatible with you and your energy only. Something like that.

I guess a lot of people have thought that they can have whatever they want due to Law of attraction. This made me think though. Imagine that you want to reconnect with someone from your past, and I mean long past, years. Not necessarily an ex, not necessarily anyone with whom you have had an acrimonious break up. Or it could be a bad break up. This is hypothetical - I am not talking about myself or a specific situation or person.

If many years have gone by, people have changed. If you weren't "compatible" then - as friends, co-workers, partners or whatever - you could be now, because we all change and evolve. But imagine that someone had a less than positive view of you, or you of them, in the past, but now you would get on like a house on fire if you met as you have changed, grown, developed, matured, mellowed, or whatever. But how would they know that? How would you attract that individual?

Thoughts please? On a postcard? Or as a reply to this thread.

Law of Attraction Lounge / Friends that ghost
« on: September 01, 2018, 04:25:36 PM »
Out with three girlfriends last night and we were talking about people not contacting, going off the radar etc. Not in terms of romantic partners, we were talking about friends, friends of different levels. My own views on this are quite strong and firm. For me to choose not to interact with any of my friends, they would have had to do something immense and dramatic, moreover they'd know about it. I wouldn't just do a disappearing act. I choose friends well, keep them and interact well. I don't "have the face on", sulk etc. What you see is what you get, I'm transparent.

They were of the view that people disappear because circumstances change, such as moving away, having families, that sort of thing. Yes that happens but is it really a reason to jettison a friend because your circumstances are different? Phone calls, texts, Facebook chat, emails don't take long. It's something I've never understood.

If I've been ignored after a few attempts at contact I've sent them a final message telling them I am inferring they no longer want to be in touch and though I wish they'd have been brave enough to be honest, this was the last they'd hear from me. I don't do messing people about.

Maybe my views are extreme?

What are thoughts on this?

What Are You attracting Today? / I feel a bit pants today
« on: August 24, 2018, 04:20:05 PM »
So what will I attract?

Just one of those days when I feel my mojo has gone, I am fed up, and just "meh".

Surely this doesn't mean my whole life will go downhill?

I've always thought this to be very silly, and I don't understand it. Particularly in this experience I have just had, when it has just happened to me, which is beyond stupid.

I know a couple of guys who used to be in a band together and saw their Wikipedia page recently, that had some incorrect info on which I corrected. I then saw a guy whose name I didn't recognise listed as a drummer with the band. I found the guy on FB and sent him a message, asking him if he used to be a drummer and that I was trying to clear up an incorrect Wikipedia entry. His profile pic had a very cute dog like one belonging to my friend and I complimented the dog. He replied and asked why I was asking, so I told him. He then said "I did session work for a lot of bands. I was given music and i played my piece. That was it really in those days. Sorry i cant help you more" then he mentioned the name of one of the guys I know. I asked about the dog's name and he told me.

Just chat really. But the guy has now blocked me! It is bizarre. I wonder where he is coming from.  Do you think he thinks I fancy him and am trying to come on to him or something? Nothing could be further from the truth! I have never met him and his picture doesn't do a thing for me. Now the dog is cute, but he's not! Maybe he thinks I am going to pester him? Which I really was not going to. He didn't really give me the info I wanted as he said he can't remember so that is the end of that.

What I don't get is I was giving out no vibes, nothing. I had no expectations, got the info I wanted, that was the end of it. I'm not interested in the bloke. So why act like this? I feel quite affronted at this and rather amused too, so I wonder how people who get blocked by people they care about feel?

Just a bit of insight into the silly blocking phenomenon!

Remote Seduction / Influence / Being RSd by a minger
« on: August 14, 2018, 09:40:04 PM »
Isn't that a concern for anyone? I've seen a post vaguely mentioning it somewhere. Imagine guy who looked like Dracula doing it? Mind you, Luke Evans ...... Seriously does it bother you that someone you can't stand would do it? I once snogged the face off a guy I neither liked nor fancied. I now feel sick to think how it happened! I was only 18 but sober so no excuse there. And I don't think he used any technical stuff as nobody had heard of it then. Not consciously anyway.

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