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I'll help you. I can do both manifesting a solution, and being a guide for you to manifest as well.

Freeish works for me.

This is a live manifesting session from a few hours ago with dancer.. Helping.. I think. Or watching. Had to stop the live stream due to the software not being able to handle the energies.


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https://www.youtube.com/embed/ygCZo9vVNJw - Motivational Video #1 *new*

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KaEZGgVe0Ws - Focus - motivational video.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oX1k1SWDshA - CHANGE YOUR REALITY - Motivational Video.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UKRo0SY0Yew - YOUR WORDS BECOME YOUR REALITY - Motivational Video

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkJnD0Sljt8 - MANIFEST - Motivational & Inspirational Video

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Yes, thank you so much for informing me on these things! :)
Can you send me a PM on more info about the generators/model? :D

All sent. If anyone else wants the information on the setup to manifest random generators. Send me a PM.

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Your exercising your ability to manifest. This is exactly what I have told my clients to do. Manifest easy / random stuff.
I personally practice / exercise my ability on random generators.
I hope to teach clients with my own model of how I succeed at doing it with affirmations.
I record my sessions these days because of how talented I've become to manifest it LOA style.
There just something special about seeing it working that draws other manifestations to me.

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The java program / software flashes the affirmation faster then your ability to read it but on a brain level it registers the affirmation anyway even if you don't have the ability to actually pause and read the affirmation while it blinks at a random spot. Its like walking past a dollar coin and not noticing it. Your brain STILL registers the dollar coin even if you only saw it for a very short moment. Another way of looking at it. Our brains register 100's of frames per 1 second on a computer screen. Our brains register all of those 100's of frames even if we only see 1 flat picture. If even only 1 of those frames had a message on it in the form of an affirmation your brain still in the end activated processes in the brain same as actually reading that same exact statement. The idea is that the brain goes through the same processes in the brain with the information when it blinks as to when actually reading it. Steve G Jones has a neurological study that proved it on a larger level in terms of scientifically proving the existence of the subliminal flashing phenomenon.

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I can create a subliminal recording designed to manifest money for you.
I will even give you the script that you can verify by opening the audio file in an audio editor
and matching the words with the wavelengths etc. Let me know.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ksGf-611K7g is one of the best affirmation videos I've seen for money.

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-Choose any font installed on your computer. -You can use downloaded fonts like from DaFont.com

-Size can custom set to be as compact as possible. -No more half screen affirmations that might not get registered correctly.
(11pt works for me)

-Choose any font color! I use spiritualtec's choice of coloring for the affirmations.

-When one subliminal flashing affirmation disappears the waiting period can be set to flash again in another random spot right away. You don't have to wait the remaining of the second.

(ON : 100ms Of: 1ms) -Those are my current time settings.

Transparency of any subliminal text in my opinion only makes it 50% less likely to be logical to work. So be sure to avoid that.

I have my custom list of affirmations set to flash through the list at random also. I do this because it works best for running more then 1 of the program instances at one time. Meaning I have 2 of the java programs setup at one time to have 2x the subliminal exposure.

So be sure to throw subliminal blaster in the bin. The text size and color changes everything.

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dancer679, Psionic
Quote from: yesican
1) accept totally that you have not made a decision. Do not critizise yourself!!
2) affirm as often as you can that you cannnot decide wrongly, believe it and feel it.
3) affirm that all the information you need comes to you in the right time and place
4) really enjoy the process of decision making in your life!! The more you enjoy the process itself the faster it will go

Code: [Select]
I have a positive and optimistic perspective on all my decisions.
I have a positive and optimistic perspective on all my choices.

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Some random research suggests : Social media (even forums) have more of an impact on the brain then real life.  Thoughts and Beliefs = Feelings.
Affirmation : ____ Is happily released and removed from my mind in the best of healing ways.

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on: September 14, 2017, 08:01:19 PM 44 Law of Attraction Products/ Services & Resources / I am Offering / Re: Music

SpiritualTec's 5 minute Affirmation Repetition Counter For Love Life / Heart Healing

If you want to contribute could use a short maybe 3 second sound that I will tune in 963hz for the counter and I will be adding a supersonic affirmation script embedded into the webpage.
We can talk over PM if you'd like. I will be designing a collection of web pages that should go well with SpiritualTec's affirmation blog. Anyone feel free to give the counter a try.

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Visualization exercises have a positive effect on alpha brainwaves. Alpha is also said to be slightly euphoric. You can boost alpha brainwaves with certain music. Spoify has some high quality brainwave music.

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