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I don't have a fear of lions for example. That doesn't mean attracting an animal like a cat .. happy of course .. any easier. Try and embrace the process of meeting people in some way that enhances it. You like being around and meeting new people.. so why not give yourself little suggestions of why that person is likeable to be around.

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Heart Chakra Low Volume Affirmations

The link above is a good example of the volume you likely hear the affirmations at.  The video in the link has a lot more going on in a way that makes it almost impossible to believe there's anything to gain from it. Even those type of videos have been shown to work for people beyond what should only seem like its all due to belief in the video. Don't worry so much about the volume just try and make listening to the recordings a regular habit and a positive outcome will be inside yourself for sure and raise the chances of something outside yourself but its never a 100% for sure thing. An example of a script is in that videos description box.

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Everything happens in steps and moves forward all done inside the present moment ONLY.
Let go of the imperfection part that says you want to be happy inside but happy in this or that specific kind of way.
Happiness is happiness and your not happy if your all about it not being perfect from this or that.
When you are happy do you care about being perfect? So why work towards both? .
Go a bit deeper and realize were clever at making mistakes.

AND DEFINITELY when we need sleep.  :)

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Inspired action will come if

Once you heal the issues on the subject you become a LOT less attached to it and then YES like said it becomes much more clear to go about it and that's when inspired action CAN happen. Sometimes you don't even need inspired action and just becoming more clear and less attached helps and makes enough of a difference.

Tip: Design questions and by doing repetitions even without the answers immediately can start its very own healing process.

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I recommend to continue what's working here even if its only inside yourself. The more repetitions of the affirmations in the subliminal there will be a stronger and better response / impact. Sleep is a great time to play them and if your as respective as you should be in your sleep you could experience dreams about the subliminal and eventually you might have regular dreams that have everyone speaking the script to you.

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I want to come to some knowledge that I have not known before.

I now access the best information for ____ .
I now generate the best information for ____.
I now know the best information for ____.
I now manifest the best information for ____.
I now attract the best information for ____.

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Positive affirmations for the gift of a healing touch

In my experience it works on people under the influence to a great extent. Just recently A friendly hand shake to a person at a corner store lead to the person practically jumping towards scanning his own items with enthusiasm and speaking "I have the magic touch".  Those affirmations were done on the same day.

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You should attach your desire that you attract/manifest to a feeling.

Here's a chart of effectiveness:

2. siamesegirl is happy towards her own money being increased.
1. siamesegirl is feeling happier towards her own money being increased.
4. siamesegirl is attracting more money now.
3. siamesegirl is manifesting more money now.
6. siamesegirl attracts money now.
5. siamesegirl manifests money now.

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Reprogram yourself into already being a confident success at the desired job. It will change your perspective making it easier to learn and smarter at subconsciously developing it into your behaviour. It can also free up your mind to have unique/inspired ideas to offer the job that can usually get you the desired position. Then after you can reprogram yourself for motivation and productivity the same way. If you let me know specifics I can help you design an audio session that you can listen to.

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You can practice detaching from thoughts all together to become the observer of them (without reaction) as a silent sitting meditation exercise.
You can also choose an affirmation and build it up in meditation with repetition for 5+ minutes ish (mentally and or speaking) and then continue the repetition after opening your eyes.
Try something simple like "I am stronger then all thoughts" or "I am stronger then these/that thought/s". Hypnosis is also great and I also recommend less negative media exposure if possible.

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Its Mind re/programming. Everything designed well in affirmative statement formats are better then what's already in your brain from past media etc.
Biokinesis isn't that far out for a person like myself as well. I just use my statements to target the DNA to be more specific. I've also used it on my cells.
You definitely should look into sending me a PM because generally you could use someone with more experience in doing these experiments like I have already.
As for dangerous I would disagree. There are also a few tricks to ensure safety of the experiments.

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You can listen to as many affirmation topics as you choose. The mind can actually like the variety and the brain I would assume would absolutely want positive anything over all else.

Make no mistake, words and language are magical. Words and language are used to make the world and your reality because they are ideas as soon as they are presented to your personal perception of them in the mind.
It's then down to creating the link between the words and the objective mathematics to make it work which is done by thought and will.


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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPMQdVdR0gw -  Start Your Day Positively! (2018 motivational video)

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