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-Choose any font installed on your computer. -You can use downloaded fonts like from DaFont.com

-Size can custom set to be as compact as possible. -No more half screen affirmations that might not get registered correctly.
(11pt works for me)

-Choose any font color! I use spiritualtec's choice of coloring for the affirmations.

-When one subliminal flashing affirmation disappears the waiting period can be set to flash again in another random spot right away. You don't have to wait the remaining of the second.

(ON : 100ms Of: 1ms) -Those are my current time settings.

Transparency of any subliminal text in my opinion only makes it 50% less likely to be logical to work. So be sure to avoid that.

I have my custom list of affirmations set to flash through the list at random also. I do this because it works best for running more then 1 of the program instances at one time. Meaning I have 2 of the java programs setup at one time to have 2x the subliminal exposure.

So be sure to throw subliminal blaster in the bin. The text size and color changes everything.

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dancer679, Psionic
What is my definition of a sigil?
A sigil is when you take a statement of desire and create symbolic art to display that statement to create / manifest an effect in reality.

How does it work on my individually?
The subconscious stores the meaning of the symbolic art . Your job is having the sigil in a visible place.

Mechanism of action?
Your subconscious remembers and is reminded of the symbolic symbols meaning.

Does it work? Can we manifest using affirmations in sigils
That's my purpose of creating my forum!

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