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https://youtu.be/PgYO3VB6ubo Enlightenment documentary is worth watching from that channel.

How can we overcome our fears? How do we reconnect with our intuition? What is the power and magic of using your intention? -To what extent can we use it to reach the life we truly want? Who are we really? How can we experience enlightenment, oneness, and our divine identity?

- Dean Radin (Chief scientist at "Noetic Institute")

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Maybe we can get a good list of ideas going.

It takes mental control so i suggest meditation is important.

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The impact of every environment that surrounds you can have a similar collective effect based on what's happened inside it.

Use an affirmation recording and play it beside a plant. You might be able to notice some changes.

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Meditation has a way of balancing the brains activity and giving more conscious control over the thought processes.
Guided imagery in most guided meditations is great for removing over attachment.

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You can use energy healing techniques to heal the anger and boost positive energies. (Surround the person in green light and yellow light) then affirm "The positive, and healing light works for me".

You could add anything to that exercise that may help you tap into your own belief systems. Try doing it a few times on separate days. If there's no difference in them then try another approach. The idea is that doing the exercise over time builds better energies between the 2 of you. If she benefits from the energies good. If you don't get what you want back don't be closed off to growing as a human being over it.

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Quote from: Working examples for money
All limiting beliefs towards money are now removed , All negative beliefs towards money are now removed , All problems towards money are now removed, All issues towards money are now removed, etc.

Quote from: Working examples for attracting using LOA in subliminal format
I successfully manifest ___ , I have ___ manifest perfectly for me , ___ manifests perfectly for me, I am happy towards ___ manifesting perfectly for me, I have gratitude towards ____ manifesting perfectly for me

The mind body connection and of course things like brain chemistry and more make for a lot of factors that are somewhat complications for just generating happiness on command with subliminals. Its possible to have statements like "I am feeling happier now" have an influence on the system of well being as a whole but expect it not to always be producing a result every time you use it.

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Images are still in testing for myself so I don't have enough experience to compare the 2 as of yet.
I think the text should be as small as possible but readable and subliminal blaster limits that. The free java version does not.
The java also just recently got open sourced publicly for other programmers to freely expand upon and advance.
It can be opened more then once to have x2 of the amount of subliminal flashing's to be running as well.

Try using your own name in the text subliminals its a good place to start the brain into reprogramming.
It should only take a few hours for a subliminal topic to start having an overall impact.
That's why I have over 13k affirmations from just over the past 1 or 2 years.
Don't be afraid of experimenting with expanding its limitations.

Here's the link to the java subliminal text. https://github.com/krolaw/fst

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Experiments have been done using positive vs negative language on many things. SOME include apples, rice, water, and even DNA. It can also be done at a distance. Oh and of course plants. Hopefully in the future we will even hear of the experiments of intelligence's of planets and stars and such.

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I would be eternally grateful if someone can explain my experience.

What would you rate your level of fear at towards it 1-10?

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The actual health status of the person has little significance to the effort you are having to put forward from inside yourself to manifest the outcome or end result of perfect health. If you want to help them try and manifest the step by step improvements in health and manifest the perfect health.

If you would like to generate positive energy towards the person from doing affirmations yourself while awake then write on paper the persons name and use it the same way a person would if they were to pray an affirmation over a photo.

parallel universe

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Keep the power of your intention focused in what your doing to manifest their perfect health.
Some cases you might only be reasonably capable of manifesting the improvement in their health and not their full recovery.
You don't have to hold them in perfect health all the time. You can hold them in the sense that they are progressively getting better.

Closing your eyes when doing the visualizing and add some use of positive language like "May you be well, May you be happy, May you be healthy" .

Its not so much your reaction thats having the effect thats going to make the difference.

Generally you don't need to have more of an impact then your reaction to what currently is.

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I have 2 links I can share that can be of use that I had designed for a family member the other day.


For the action of speaking and the art of communicating the best possible information in the most effective way.
Social media is strong on negative and positive peoples brain chemistry. Difficult people = negative in outlook also have an easier time conquering the social media scene then the positive people. The more use of the social media outlet the more addicting those reactions are which can be the blocking of people.

They are not controlled completely by the blocking action of course it just seems more appealing and might find an easier time finding supporting evidence to do so even while it might be to little real significance.

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"I don't have an illness" transforms into "I do have an illness." ? No.

If you don't want an illness you don't already have one so you can remind yourself "I am grateful for my health". If you have one you don't tell yourself "I don't have an illness anymore" instead you utilize the use of positive thinking. Positive thinking can be positive statements / affirmations or some form of positive encouragement like a self help or motivational video on youtube with positive content of sorts for illness.

As long as "I am free from illness" works for you then its likely to work towards your overall well being even without the universes help due to the effect positive thinking has on the mind body connection etc.

There is a difference between wording your intention for the universe which should look like "I am cured from illness" and the example you gave at the end which is I "don't" because that came from as early as mesmerism and hypnosis that it just doesn't work well with positive thinking or in the case of mesmerism trances and the brain all together.

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after sometime when you will be able to think clearly

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