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Thank you for your response, Alexbally  :)

Identify what your motivation is for doing anything...
I was just at this numb feeling place where I felt like I didn't want anything - but could also feel worse if something I wanted didn't happen.

You're right about not caring what others think and I have detached myself from that mostly. However, a lot of my dreams and desires were tied to getting others' praise and admiration and my own ideas of good and bad and my moral obligation to leave the world a better place etc. Upon learning that ideas of good and bad are but illusions, and there is no obligation to do anything and that what others' think is meaningless etc, I felt suddenly lost.

But I see now that these LOA teachings have actually freed me to do what I want out of pure love and appreciation, rather than any sense of obligation. I see that I just need to reframe my desires from a fresh perspective rather than lament the loss of old perspectives that did more harm than good anyway.

Coming back to my scholarships, I see now that just because money can come in through any number of means doesn't mean I shouldn't appreciate the means right in front of me. An idea I read from another forum is that, yes, it is possible for one to be happy in all scenarios from A-Z. Rather than think that it is then pointless to be passionate about any of them, our job is to focus on why we might prefer one or the other above the others until we hone in on what it is we truly want.

Hope my rambling helps anyone else feeling numb  ;D

How to Use Law of Attraction / Regarding caring about what others think
« on: August 01, 2019, 10:26:20 PM »
I have been feeling rather low lately from focusing more negatively on some LOA ideas. I started thinking that considering there is nothing in this reality that I truly 'need' and considering everything is an illusion, why bother with anything and so on. I have fortunately come around from that mentality to noticing that there is so much beauty and magic and wonder and art around, that it is truly worth manifesting and appreciating and being inspired by. I am not completely over the 'meh' phase and that is perhaps the reason for my questions below.

I am wondering if I have similarly gone a little too extreme on not caring about what others think. Should we not care at all? Should it not feel good if someone appreciates you or shows admiration? I have applied for two scholarships to start my masters next month but I can't muster any excitement for those. When I ask myself why I want them, I can only think of two reasons - money and prestige. However, the U can bring me money through any number of means. As for prestige, I don't care what anyone thinks which might seem a very empowering thing to say. Alas it just feels depressing in this context - like I am operating on some false premise.

I want to be excited about manifesting these scholarships, and would welcome any fresh perspectives to help me with that  :)

Law of Attraction Lounge / Re: Everyone Is You Pushed Out
« on: July 29, 2019, 01:49:12 AM »
I mostly follow Abraham Hicks teachings, and I think this statement - "everyone is you pushed out", checks out  ;)

What we get from circumstances and other people are a reflection of ourselves, or rather our own vibration. A person who is insecure about their looks will attract people who make fun of their looks and make them feel worse about their looks and a person who feels their partner will leave them or similar will manifest problems in their relationship etc. A person with more positive beliefs, on the other hand, will manifest people and circumstances that further empower them. I think combining this with all of us being one and the same Universe, makes the statement legit and just a different way of putting things.

Now, this statement also brings up questions of free-will for some, especially with regards to manifesting a specific person or making a person do something. I think manifesting a person or a change in a person is only a violation of free-will if one would think the same of the following scenarios - a guy/gal wooing/seducing/flirting/winning-over another guy/gal to be with them, a salesman convincing someone to buy his product, a politician convincing a bunch of people to vote for them etc. In all of these circumstances, we might think it is our actions and the facts and the circumstances that make things happen. However, if you believe in LOA, then you know it is ALWAYS the vibration that comes first - LOA is always working whether we know it or not, and everything is attraction. Thus being conscious of how and what we attract is not a violation of free-will.

I know. I have been going through a spell of negativity and finding the whole deliberate manifesting thing and staying positive rather difficult myself.

The answer to your question lies in momentum. We are a lot more used to thinking less positive thoughts and expecting not so good things and therefore that comes more easily to us. Being used to such things, it is also easier to believe things can go wrong than it is to believe things will turn out great. Abraham uses the analogy of a car pushed down a hill - it's easier to stop it before it picks up too much momentum/speed than it is when the car is further down the road. So what we can do is to gradually start thinking and expecting better things until that's what becomes easier for us.

Law of Attraction for Abundance / Re: How can I let go?
« on: July 08, 2019, 06:06:32 PM »
I see this is an old post, so I won't respond to the OP.

Nature is far more powerful than us and it knows that we are "nothing"

That isn't true, Sharry. LOA is about realising our own power, that we have absolute control over anything and everything and knowing that we are the Universe/Source/God. Letting go simply means realising there is no need to rush because everything is working out for us anyway, and not making our happiness or sense of self-worth dependent on anything or anyone or some manifestation.

How to Use Law of Attraction / Re: How to use the Law of Attraction
« on: July 06, 2019, 02:49:32 PM »
Hi anjibenji  :)

First off, your questions aren't stupid. Everyone has these upon starting their LOA journey.

1. I would suggest to start with a book as it would give you a more comprehensive overview of everything. 'Ask and It Is Given' by Abraham Hicks is my personal favourite. However, to give you a quick answer, there are three steps. First, you ask and this happens automatically every time you want anything. Second, the Universe instantly creates what you want; no job for you here. Third, you have to allow yourself to receive it by removing any obstacles such as negative beliefs you have about your desire such as feeling you don't deserve it or that it would be difficult etc until you feel like you can have your desire easily.

2. The important thing to know is that you have power over how you feel. How we feel is a reflection of what we are thinking. In fact, feelings are the first manifestations of our thoughts. So you can change your thoughts to change how you feel. Think more about what you want and more importantly, why you want it rather than all the reasons you think you can't have it or how it's not here yet etc. As you think about all the things you love about this sports car and how fun it would be to have it, you will start feeling the appreciation. As you work through your resistance and feel like you can indeed have this car, you will start feeling better and better and like your car is guaranteed.

3. What helps with affirming statements that are facts, such as 'I am powerful' or 'I can have whatever I want' etc. is to remember that they are true whether you believe it or not. You don't have to affirm and stress them into being true. So whenever I have difficulty saying such an affirmation, I follow it up with 'whether I believe or like it or not. This is the truth'. This really takes the pressure off from myself to instantly believe or else, and then I feel more comfortable saying it.

However when it comes to saying things you want, like your sports car, it might be better to start small and by accepting where you are. 'I know I can have this car even if I might not fully believe it yet'. 'Millions of people win the lottery; surely I can then have a sports car'. 'I am just as worthy as all those people'. 'In fact, there are zero reasons why I can't have it, and every reason why I can!' and so on. The focus-wheel process from 'Ask and it is Given' is a great way to do this.

4. Abundance means inexhaustible. There is an abundance of everything you want -money, love, resources, sports-cars etc. Shortage and lack are just illusions. When the Universe has infinite sports cars, what's the big deal with you getting one? Thus you getting a sports-car doesn't mean someone else misses out or loses their etc.

5. Language doesn't matter. All that matters is how you feel when you say it. If saying nonsense like 'blahblahblah' makes someone happy, even that will work.  :D

6. Visualising it just like when we daydream or imagine things. For instance, imagine the sports-car you want; see it in your mind's eye. Play around with how it looks, what colour etc. Imagine yourself touching it's cool surface, the smooth leather seats. Imagine yourself driving it all full speed and feeling the exhilaration etc. Imagine you buying it, winning it or being gifted it etc. The key is to make it fun for yourself.

Hope these answers helped. However, do start with a book of your choice. When I started, I rushed through my book because I wanted to manifest things as soon as possible: but that doesn't work. Rushing won't help. What is yours will wait for you. Learning LOA is about learning to prioritise yourself and how you feel - and once you do that, everything will follow. Good luck!  :)

Of course he is attracting you. Why else would you be attracted to him? I think if two people are deliberately attracting each other and have decided to go into no-contact in the meantime, LOA will just bring them together in some other way, and the universe can orchestrate it in infinite ways, such as you both running into each other someplace.

But the bottom line is, we have complete control of our reality and we don't need to obsess over what anyone else is attracting. Thus if you want him to contact you, then that can happen no matter what.

If it would make you feel better however, I would say, let him know you are sorry and then begin your no-contact from there. Apologise to make yourself feel better, and not because you expect anything to come off it and let things unfold naturally in perfect time.

How to Use Law of Attraction / Re: I have a question
« on: May 13, 2019, 02:06:50 AM »
Hi princesuxx,
       LOA is about doing and thinking (beliefs) things that make us feel better. I suppose going to a therapist gives you more relief than not? If so, you are following your path of least resistance - which is already a step in the right direction. However, now this particular exercise doesn't make you feel good.

LOA brings you whatever you believe. If you believe (or feel uncertainty/fear) that doing this exercise will attract that illness to you, then that is a likely outcome and therefore not something you should do in your current state of fear about it. The good news is that this doesn't mean you should go against your therapist or end therapy or anything if that would stress you out. YOU control the rules of your own reality. So you can just go ahead and decide doing this exercise isn't going to attract anything negative (because it doesn't have to!). Tell yourself this is an exercise designed to help you and so it is going to be enormously helpful and beneficial to you and so on. Once you have soothed down the fear, you can attempt it - but with an LOA twist!

The point of this exercise is to reduce your negative reaction to the idea of these illnesses. So each time you write it, you can say positive affirmations instead of focusing on your fearful thoughts.  Say things like - "Whew, this is one illness I'll never have", "This is just a word and it can't hurt me", "I might as well be writing 'blahblahblah'","I am so safe and protected", "Actually the idea of illness is just an illusion. There is only health and wellbeing", "Source is wellbeing and I am Source. Therefore I am the source of all health and wellbeing", "Isn't it laughable that me, the source of all health, is worried about health?" "Being healthy is what is more natural and easy for me", and so on.

Hope this helps  ;)

I've been through this and what helped is realising this confused, stuck kind of issue is just another step on the Emotional Guidance Scale (which as an Aber, you might know). If you are feeling like this whole thing is too hard, and you are never going to be able to align with it etc, then you are at pessimism, which is actually more than halfway up the scale! The only reason we can't access better feelings thoughts is because we aren't yet at a vibration where we can and not because what we are feeling right now (pessimism) is the absolute unmovable truth. Also, to make things easy for us, we are a lot closer than we thought to accessing better feeling thoughts. For me, this relief kickstarted me into a better feeling place.

That's why Abe always encourages us to reach for relief because it is easier than trying to jump to feeling happy. Hope this helps.

Hi LoveAndLight! Thank you for your kind words  :)

My 'technique' of sort for dealing with days when I don't feel too good or when something bothers me, is to first admit it. Kind of similar to what siamesegirl mentioned, I keep a word document I call my 'Book of Soothing'  :D Sometimes I resist the bad feelings (denial) and try to force myself to be more cheerful. So I then stop and open my word doc and start typing. I start with typing in how I feel - that I am scared, angry etc and why and so on. I then start typing things to myself to make me feel better, like I would if I want to make someone else feel better. I remind myself of how LOA works and so on.

When I first got into LOA, I was at the lowest point in my life. I struggled with anxiety and panic attacks and depression and felt suicidal and like my life was over. I felt this was all because of something a bunch of people did to me. Even thinking of some of them made me nauseated. I spent a lot of energy trying to fight the corruption and trying to get them fired and arrested etc. I even looked into taking legal action. I dropped it all to focus on myself once I got into LOA. I realised I was SO engrossed in getting everyone to know the 'truth' as if I needed their validation to believe in myself and realised I totally didn't need anyone's validation. Besides, since we are all basically the same person (aka the Universe), everyone already knows everything you want them to know. Whether we believe it or not, we all have nothing but love for each other which is blocked from our view by all the illusions we have manifested into our physical reality. So I already felt vindicated and trusted and so on, and the issue could no longer hurt me.

But even though I felt a lot better, and even cured my life-long anxiety issues (success story here), I still struggled with the idea of forgiveness. I still preferred that those people would get found for their actions and necessary actions be taken against them. It was no longer the sole focus of my life that controlled how I felt, and it was perfectly fine if it didn't happen even, but I still had the preference. This is perfectly all right, but I didn't know it at the time until I came across an Abraham video that explained it. I realised I didn't have to forgive them or love them or make them a part of my life or grant them an inheritance or anything  :D I can feel however I want. We are here to make preferences and form new dsires from those preferences anyway. I now feel better than I ever have, and have gotten accepted at a very top university in the very field I thought I no longer had a future in because of problems caused by these people (success story here). (Actually, we attract everything. No one can 'do' anything to us) I stopped giving them and the events associated with them power over me and my life and moved right on, even stronger than before.

I hope this story of mine helps explain somethings better. If you still have questions about dealing with a specific issue, you can make a post about that and your forum-mates can help with that too. And yes, it is natural for negative thoughts to come up. Our job is to constantly soothe ourselves into feeling better. It gets easier and easier each time. I went from having generally bad days to 50-50 good/bad days to alternating good/bad days to having a bad day every 2-3 days to only once a week to only once or twice a month etc. It gets easier to feel better each time. Once I stopped struggling to become this saintly version of myself I thought I had to become, and just accepted myself as is, I notice I have now become naturally calmer and forgiving anyway. What others think or say doesn't really bother me anymore, and I find myself more understanding of people etc.

These days if I do feel bad, it is usually because I slip back into looking-for-manifestations mode. So I go back to reminding myself it is done (after I do my book of soothing if it is really bad), and just feel the feelings associated with it. I also change my internal dialogue to one of appreciation - about anything and everything, my desires and why I like them, my laptop and why I like it etc. Appreciation naturally perks us up - you may not feel anything as you start, but you will notice your mood lightening as you keep it up. I remember how doctors used to distract me, as a child to stop my fidgeting, so they can take injections. They'd ask me to talk about my favourite chocolate or my best friend at school etc. It's still the same principle  :D

Hi LoveAndLight,

No, you absolutely do not need to suppress how you feel or become a saint in order to manifest things. If there is someone you can't forgive, you don't have to - just stopping the judging yourself for not forgiving will bring you a lot of relief. Now if this is over a topic that is very important to you, and something you think about often and feel hurt again and again over, then you might need to work on it to get over it. If this isn't something very serious that you think about often then just ignore the topic - don't give it any time or focus.

Here's Abraham Hicks's Emotional Guidance Scale (EGS)

As you can see, feelings of hatred and anger are above (and therefore better) than feeling powerless. Anger lets you release a lot of resistance (just feel it, don't act on it). Then you will naturally climb up to worry and eventually to contentment and so on. These are just how feelings work.

I found that relying only on youtubers can be frustrating as the information is very fragmented. Not all of them know what they are talking about, and worse, sometimes end up spreading their own personal negative beliefs. You may have heard ideas like "Oooh, don't say the word 'no' or the Universe will think you don't want anything!" or talk about how you will 'confuse' the Universe. A youtuber I do like and trust is illuminatingjoy. She has a very practical no-nonsense approach to explaining things. I would recommend her video titled "Manifesting Tip: Use "it's okay" to drop & release resistance" .Can help if you tend to judge yourself or force yourself to feel a certain way about things. Ultimately, LOA is about prioritising your feeling good. So if someone's techniques make you feel worse, then drop it.

Most of the good ones got their information from properly studying Abraham Hicks or Neville Goddard or Bashar etc. They all use different words and methods to explain how to manifest, but ultimately it's all the same idea. I started with Abraham Hicks and can personally recommend that; start with Ask and It Is Given. You can also find a lot of Abraham Hicks videos on many topics (forgiving others included).

I also didn't use to like mediating. In my case, I realised it's because I thought of it as a violation of my freedom to think whatever I want. So I changed my perspective about it. I can think whatever I want, and in the 15 minutes of meditation, I want to think nothing. I choose it. So now this is about exercising my freedom rather than suppressing it. Now with each breath I say - "I choose what I think" and then look into the emptiness caused by my closed eyes and just watch it or repeat the words 'empty..empty'. I find this helps me ease into the meditative state. So think about why you don't feel like meditating what might make you feel better about it.

Hi LoveAndLight

You don't need to spend a certain amount of time to put enough energy to create anything. The moment you have a desire and decide you want it, it's done. It could just be a few seconds of visualising an image of what you want. You are the Universe, so how can it not know what you want? For instance, one day I saw a bird on my window (with its back to me) and wanted to know what kind of bird it was. I tried googling with what descriptions I had from seeing just the back of it, but couldn't find anything; I then forgot about it. 1-2 days later, I happen to see the exact bird in the exact pose (with its back to me) in the thumbnail of a video and could figure out what bird it was. (It was a dove. Don't laugh now, I didn't know doves could be brown too). The point is, I didn't even have to specifically visualise me finding the answer. The Universe knows. The Universe delivers.  :)

Now if you continue visualising and dreaming about something, it would only be because it's a fun thing for you to do! You do have to be in the right vibration (generally feeling good) to receive something. If the topic of money doesn't make you feel better, then think of something that does. It doesn't matter.

Another thing is, whether you believe it or not, what we really want are the feelings behind the desire. Once you get those feelings, you will notice you no longer feel the urgency. Then you just know that the manifestation is now an inevitable side-effect. That's letting go.

So focus on the feelings of abundance - You being the Universe is abundance and the source of all riches. Why would you of all people need to worry about money? I personally found that despite getting the feeling of abundance, I didn't lose my sense of urgency because I was still focused on what others would think. I realised I was equating my sense of worth on how much money I had. We being the Universe are Gods. Nothing on this physical reality is real - just illusions and reflections of ourselves and our thoughts/feelings. Once I got over that and realised nothing in this world can threaten my sense of self - I was free! Free of the desire. Money no longer had power over how I felt! I now could feel like an Empress even if I had to wear rags and live in the streets. (Not that I'd have to). More money is now coming into my family, and opportunities are ideas for more are flowing!

Something to remember, is that your priority should be to feel good. After all, the only reason we want things are as an excuse to feel like our true self - worthy, important, free etc. So you don't have to go buy more things if it doesn't make you feel better. If spending more just makes you feel more worried about money, you are still in a vibration of lack and will attract more lack. So just know that your million dollars are coming, and until then, the universe will take care of all your needs. You are the God of your universe. Once you have the feelings I described (that is, when you are aligned with your desire and allowing it), then as sure as the planet is still in orbit (as Abraham Hicks puts it), your money is coming soon. If you ever catch yourself wondering how long it's going to take, just ask yourself - "What do you mean how long? I already got it and it was instant!". That's true because the feelings are instant; the feelings are the first signs and indicators or how close we are to our desires.

With regards to other people, as you seem to understand yourself, it is a futile endeavour to try to figure out why or why not something works for them. Perhaps the man who won the lottery finally let go, or stopped thinking negative thoughts about money. We can't really say. Someone could be really depressed but put on a happy face for others. We will get nowhere if we wonder why this supposedly happy person isn't attracting loads of goodies. Sometimes people with great beliefs might talk things that lead us to believe they are negative. But like you said, we can never know what is going on inside anyone's head - but we can tell from what they are manifesting into their lives.

Also, once you get the feelings associated with abundance, the money thing is now old news. You can move to manifesting other fun things!

Something else I do for fun is treat my life the way I would if I were already a multimillionnaire; it's just a fun way of being appreciative of everything, really. I put on clothes as if they are $5000 worth designer wears. I savour each meal as if I am at a fine-dining. I put on my products as if they cost $500, and are made of rare exotic herbs from the Amazon forests  :D I recently got accepted to a posh university and got invited to a top-notch hotel to meet a professor. So my reality is already beginning to relfect everything. You don't have to do this too, but it's just an example of having fun and appreciating everything we have  :)

Hope my equally long answer helped  :)

Hey Rosie!

It's ok if you can't instantly feel the belief about everything. Start small. Try to think positively more often (not ALL the time, just more often) than you feel negative. I'll get you started with some fun questions for you to answer!

Start thinking about what you want your life to look like. Ask yourselves questions like What if you got an opportunity to move out? What if a friend/relative shifted to your area and offered you a place to stay? What if your partner has to leave somewhere for a while, and you get the place all to yourself? What might it be like once you finally get over your current issue? What if you come across a lot of money that gives you the freedom you want? How do you think you will change as a person once you have the life and confidence you want? (My answer to the last question in my case was - I would be more assertive and speak with a firm clarity. I would feel like I can handle any situation, because the right things to say/do just comes to me etc) If you have your ideal perfect life, what might that look it? (Make it as detailed as you want!) Once in that life, what are things you will be able to do that you now can't? (For me, with regards to confidence/being-anxiety-free, my answer was that I will no longer have to distance people. I can confidently join all sort of fun activities with friends. I can travel more. Nothing can stand in my way! etc)

Just make this into a fun activity to find some relief. Then when you feel like it, maybe go through the statements in my first reply. You might find yourself being able to believe, and things will start changing for you - as you change.

Hi Rosie  :)

The important thing to do is to take whatever is the easiest path for you. Will staying, until you have your baby at least, be an easier path to take than moving somewhere right now? Also LOA isn't about forcing ourselves to feel happy. It is about feeling better. Find whatever relief you can. Once you feel slightly better, you can then slowly climb up towards happiness. Try looking up Abraham Hick's Emotional Guidance Scale. It shows how we can go from powerlessness (which is where I feel you are) to anger to pessimism to hope and so on.

The most important idea in LOA is that YOU are the Universe - this means you are infinite freedom, infinite worthiness/importance, infinite abundance etc. These are facts whether you believe it or not, so you don't even have to feel like you should affirm it into being. You don't need to build your confidence, and you don't need anyone's help with it, because your confidence and sense of self-worth already exists. Feeling confident and strong and happy is what is natural to you. You are already worthy and important enough to have discourses with kings and queens and presidents. You are even worthy enough to rule the world and more! When you start gently reminding yourselves of these facts, and accepting them, then nothing your partner or anyone else does can affect your confidence. You will see your partner has no power over how you feel. But once you start practising this feeling of worthiness, the people around you (your partner included) will start reflecting it back to you by treating you how you deserve anyway  :)

I would also recommend you read Abraham Hicks's Ask and It Is Given (this is where the emotional guidance scale comes from) if you haven't already. I would also recommend Veronica Isles's youtube channel. She talks a lot about realising your true worth and just emanates a lot of positive energy you might find encouraging right now  :)

Wishing you the best and sending you lots of love  :)

Success Stories / Re: Got accepted to my preferred university
« on: April 06, 2019, 01:22:18 PM »
Just wanted to add another manifestation that happened along the way, plus an update.

While I was first trying to get the feeling of already getting an offer (at the end, it all came down to just feeling worthy and not necessarily anything specific), I thought it would be nice if I could find a picture of what their offer letter might look like. The closest I could get was a (non LOA) video of a girl on youtube who was describing how she got her offer, but didn't show the offer itself (just the notification). I therefore just tried to remember how I felt when I got my offer from my undergrad uni before. A few days later, my preferred uni X actually sent me an offer letter by mistake! There couldn't be a more obvious sign  :D So this was a manifestation along the way.

Now the update is that I have now got offers from all three universities! Funding is the only thing left to sort out but things are already happening how I visualised them, and so I am looking forward to writing a success story about that too in a month or so  :)

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