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I amglad I read this thread; I needed this. I have been realizing that I have been trying to find things, ideas to fix annoyances when I have to really do is just relax, not feed into it and be grateful; let go and be in the moment.

How to Use Law of Attraction / Re: MASTERY OF EMOTIONAL STATES
« on: April 13, 2018, 04:31:04 PM »
Wonderful posts! I will surely think and apply this today in work!

I ended up getting 1200 back in tax returns which I wasnt ecpecting that much so my wish was attracted; I thank the universe for such amount. My 2 and 3 wishes hacent manifested yet; but i am patient.

Say Hello to All / Re: Introducing myself
« on: April 09, 2018, 03:36:24 AM »
Welcome Drupad! Glad you were okay after that accident. I think we all on this forum had things in our life where we went: hmmm, or wow I can't believe that happened it was almost meant to be.

^ Bingo. I agree, that's what I thought as well. I agree on the self worth, I am getting through that. I always had a low self esteem. Once I went to college and started connecting to newer friends I started to get better at it. I'm not 100% but everyday I make more and more progress, I will become! My mind likes to replay past negative memories, or try to forsee something negative. But now in days I tell it to stop, and go on its way.

Take a few deep breaths ellu; you have to sit down and look at the root of why you want to be tall. The tall could just be a coverup to the real issues of your self esteem and not accepting who you are, and being happy with it. I mean sure do many want a lot of things but sometimes its better to fix the other issue first and then figure out what your really want to achieve.

I have been using the law of attraction on and off through the past years; those past few times were only for a week and I would lose interest. This time I am really trying to make it a habit. There are many benefits to the mind that can be had using this, so I want to keep doing this. But I am finding it hard to stay positive in belief in certain times of the day. Like in the afternoon when I am more tired, or maybe the weekend sometimes when I am bored. It seems negative beliefs, thoughts dwell when I lack energy. It makes it hard to visualize, meditate, or feel good about something. Luckily its maybe only 15% of the time, but will that impede progress on my intentions, and beliefs? Things I want are a relationship, more social life (Obviously these are explained in more vivid details.), and thoughts will pop up saying I'm not worth it, I'm too strange, that's not going to happen, nothings going to change. I do realize its going to take time and I need to work on combating these thoughts very carefully, not being frustrated about them but giving them a counter point why they are wrong with real life examples.

What do you guys think? Thanks and appreciation in advance!

An update I will say I did manifest an opportunity to make money to paint sonething for my friend. It happened randomly when I asked her about her renovations and she said a wall was missing something. She wanred a painting and I joked I'll paint a still life for you and she was like that would be awesome.

I started this on Wednesday but so far I am asking for.
1: 200$ in real life come to me in cash or what ever form. I would use it to save money for a house, important things.
2: A text from a Person of interest in the next few weeks; wanting to hang or talk.
3: Manifest a date with someone I like and have it be a good time.
4: Manifest band practice today (the past 4 weeks have been cancelled. (So far this one is coming true!)

Everyday I take 15 minutes to first be grateful, be blessed, appreciate things like family, friends, house, job, health ect. Then I start to ask and visualize what I want, try to imagine having it and how it feels, touch, sense, seeing, emotions. Then I let go and not obsess over it. I will think about it in terms of: Oh this is going to happen, I can't wait for this to happen ect. (Is it possibly to visualize with your eyes open? I feel like you can do it, if your waiting for the light to turn green for example.)

Anyway; have a great weekend everyone! Sending positive vibes!

How to Use Law of Attraction / Re: How to make it work for you
« on: April 06, 2018, 03:03:21 AM »
What a wonderful post! It really is true, its about the state your in, and that is what attracts what I want. You want love, feel love, appreciate ect.

I enjoyed this post and it makes a ton of sense! Everyone is different, and our experiences can only reflect on ourselves.

Say Hello to All / Hello!
« on: April 02, 2018, 09:25:02 PM »
Hey how's it going, I'm Kyle. I am 25 years old and over the past 7 years I have seen a lot of growth in myself as a person, learning, understanding ideas of life. I went through my share of heartbreaks, some health issues (Anxiety), and other interesting events. A little bit about myself I am a music fanatic, I love rock music, I play drums, sing, play guitar and enjoy it. I love football (watching it), architecture, exercise and just having fun.

Growing up I always had insecurities in my life; I am a very sensitive man, I can cry very easily if I get yelled at for example. It was always a crutch in my way, until I realized that it doesn't have to be. I always look young for my age, I'm pretty skinny 140 lbs, so that seemed to effect my self esteem over the years. But then I came to the conclusion that perhaps my confidence is really what stops me from getting a lot in my life, or missing out. I am on a mission to gaining that confidence, self love, not caring about outcomes, going with the flow, being positive, giving value to people. I feel like the law of attraction plays a big role, and secretly over the years I've been doing it without even knowing what it was. I find myself at work just reflecting on happy moments in my life and feeling that inner happiness radiate and energize me. Its funny there are 2 times where I felt the law of attraction happened; once at the shore when I was 18. Another time when I was 21 when some how I ended up seeing my favorite band Soundgarden. I woke up and had the idea to make a sign asking if I could play a song on stage with them, so I practiced and went there. I couldn't get to the pit, until somehow someone I knew from online noticed me and said I was coming with her to the front center. Then the singer Chris Cornell (god rest his soul) said he can't do it. Then in a daze he started talking to the audience wondering if I could hear him, when I realized it was me he was talking to, so I quickly ran up and climbed onto stage. I usually get very nervous but I ended up feeling like I belonged up there, not making any mistakes, surprising and making the band very happy. That event changed my perspective of life a bit; I'm very proud about that. I feel like the law of attraction was working on that day.

I felt the law of attraction has worked in negative ways as well; in terms of trying the sleep sometimes. Worrying about not sleeping, or what time it was and then being annoyed. (That actually happened last night, I slept 1 hour. I felt so energized when I went to bed after visualizing, and being grateful about things.) I also feels like it effects my dating life too, I can't seem to get a date. I've been trying different apps the past 6 months, talked to 27 girls, at some point it seems there interested and then the interest goes away. Maybe I think that and therefore it happens, who knows. I know right now I am liking myself to be happy within myself, and expect good things around the corner. Its just hard sometimes, I really have to stop the inner negative talk.

So anyway, that was a bit of a intro / experiences / what I'm working on summary!
I appreciate all the wonderful threads, info on this website, and the future posts as well!

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