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How to Use Law of Attraction / Re: A game of realities
« on: July 08, 2018, 05:08:13 AM »
I read reality transurfing two years ago and it totally changed my way of living
I am really impressed by how simply and brilliantly mrmarvick has summarized it here.
Way to go dude✋👌

Imagining worst case scenario and acceptinh it FULLY releases a lot of resistance and you increase chances of things going your way eventually

Last year in my attempt to be more awake during the day i used to set my alarm to go off every hour. Whenever it would vibrate with the message " wake up" i would take a moment to watch what i am thinking. Then i grew tired of doing it every hour. I think i will go back to it. It helps me refocus

As an observer reading your post I can sense your attachment to your desire. Which is normal we are attached to our dreams. However this attachment is the very thing that blocks us.
If you have tried every possible action as you mention then it might be a good idea to give up. Have some rest. Let it go. Free yourself from this desire that is haunting and controling you.

Ask yourself would I still find a way to be happy even if I never ever have this thing ? The answer is usually no and the trick is to keep trying to play around it, to find a way to ne happy and fullfilled in life right now without it.

When you are attached to something you dont wake up and you are not attached. It is a process. A process that you practice everyday. The purpose is to stop this dream from being your God and to free up the stuck energy and then , only then it becomes possible to receive it.
Remember you dont get from life what you want so badly or what you are dying for or even what you visualize more. You get what you Are. Your matching energy. The matching energy is calm, fullfilled and not desperate.
Good luck

Start feeding the thought that you are loveable. You are worth a great love relationship that is the envy of everybody. That you there is a guy that would go head over heels for you without you trying too hard and that yes its all possible.
I had the same pattern but not as friends. There was mutual love and interest but wouldnt they would give up on the relationship after few months because I had worthiness issues.
I had a kind of breakthrough when I convinced myself that there is someone who would be crazy for me and who would make me feel the luckiest girl in love.
I still do it. Its a process but it works. Self image is very important.
Also when you believe that you are good enough you dont have to try too hard to prove yourself. You dont smother them with emotions

Haha its amazing how we limit ourselves and see things that we really reaaly want as impossible!
How did the universe take gim back ? He just went back to his shift!
What are the chances of getting to know the staff of a club you visit regularly ? Very high actually.
Dont worry you will have another chance next week 😁

How to Use Law of Attraction / Re: (Un)Limiting Belief
« on: May 04, 2018, 02:17:36 AM »
You feel free when you realize that that voice in your head, nagging, trying to knock you down... that is not really you

So from your experience give practical examples on how the principle of ( the outer world is you pushed out) applies? Some example that explains it properly maybe ?

I have an example of everyone is you pushed out.
Many years ago I started working at a place. The boss was loud and aggressive and people there were afraid of him yet with me he was always nice, not too nice but never too aggressive, more like a gentleman. Another colleague of mine ( a male) also attracted that side of him.
There was another girl who had been working there for many years when I joined. She was older than me and much more experienced. She was always scared of him and that he would find something wrong in her work and scold her infront of everybody. This is what happened every single day. Everyday he would find a reason to pick on her!
2 different versions of the same person..
It was my first job. I didnt really care if I lost it. I was there for some experience.
She badly needed the job, she was afraid to lose it, she needed to support her family.
2 different energies attracted 2 different versions of the same person.
This, I think, is everyone is you pushed out

How to Use Law of Attraction / Re: Karma and Morals...
« on: April 28, 2018, 06:52:38 PM »
Ester ( Abraham Hicks) claims that animals, even insects attract their life experience. I don't think that's true.
Animals have energy that's true but they don't have consciousness to control that energy.
As far as I know man is the only creature in control of his consciousness. But again how would we know for sure?
At the moment I am a human, not a dog, so I can answer from my human experience.

Every case is different that's true but from my observation I find that the majority of breakup cases there is a lack of self-love, self- respect, self-worth in one of the sides. Sometimes you have self-love but you get too attached to the other person which means somehow you think he is too good for you, hence worthiness issue.
Sometimes you have self-love but you have fear that someones might cheat on you. There is belief in yourself and there is fear. Whichever is stronger is going to manifest. But the fact that fear is so strong has something to do with how worthy we feel.

People who love themselves so much and know their worth do not obsess about fear of someone leaving. If they leave, so what?! I can always attract someone better. That's their attitude. The ironic thing is the partner never leaves them

It is lack of self love in her not in him.
She was the one cheated on

Every time we get dumped it is a sign of lack of self-love. It is because we appreciate and love our partner more than we appreciate and love ourselves.
If you stay like that, you keep getting dumped until you address it and you change, you put yourself first, then it never happens again

Good for you luxelife always feels freeing to put yourself first and know your worth

How to Use Law of Attraction / Re: Karma and Morals...
« on: April 28, 2018, 01:38:07 AM »
Karma does not exist.
People don't treat you the way you treat them, people treat you the way you treat yourself.
You can be kind and loving to others and people treat you like a doormat. But if you are kind and loving to yourself people will be kind and loving to you.
It is ,as you said, a belief based system. If you do something bad and believe you will be punished for it, then you will!
so karma does not exist ( unless you believe in it)

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