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No... it doesnít work that way..

Always remember - Consciousness is the only reality.
Everything else is just a slight variation of mental masturbation.

If you really want to dig deeper, give yourself 1 year.
First 6 months, study Neville Goddardís 5 core lectures. Over and over and over again.

And in next 6 months study Reality Transurfing really profoundly.

- Neville Goddardís core lectures

1) Consciousness is the only reality

2) Assumptions harden into facts

3) Thinking fourth dimensionally

4) No one to change but self

5) Remain faithful to your idea

- Reality Transurfing

Thanks. I will look into what youíve suggested.

But to clarify and to ease my mind right now, if I now forget about the subject Iíve been fearing, and my very last thought on the subject was a negative/fearful thought, I donít have to worry about my fear surrounding this subject manifesting through taking my attention off of it?

I have heard people say that you canít just take your attention off of a subject youíve had fears about without changing your thoughts to positive about that subject first. Because if you do, your fears could still manifest. And then other people say to distract yourself and donít think on the subject anymore, and this will cause the fear to fizzle out.

Iím confused.

If I have been fearing something specific happening and having fearful thoughts about it for about a month now, if I change my thoughts now completely and work on forgetting about it, could the event Iím fearing still manifest even though Iím not thinking about it anymore?


then please enlighten us with what you received from  him

Read his first response to me. He took the time to actually look at what I was asking. And whether or not I understand these concepts in your view, I got something out of his response because he did just that.

I see what Superman is saying.

He’s pretty much the only one who answered my question directly without giving an unnecessary and confusing amount of info.

Now if you are manifesting saying specific like a maserati levante car you still have to take action.
Living in the end is a feeling but not necessarily used for manifestation, manifestation just happens since you will be more in tuned with the opportunities around you. 
Such as always thinking of a maserati the more you will attract it around your life, you still have to strategize and plan how to get it.

I'm not sure I agree with this... This is focusing on the "how" something will manifest, which goes against the whole concept of living in the state of the wish fulfilled or "living in the end", same thing. You can certainly still do that, but you don't have to focus on the "how" to manifest. Just assume the feeling and claim it energetically, and it must come to you if you don't waiver in that.

Negative thinking makes us anxious. Unknowingly while over thinking we manifest something that we didn't wish for. It is becuase we feel this anxiety for real while being anxious or being panicked as if something has happened already.

Hence Neville talks about Detachment - detachment from the negetive possibilties.

But, if you are not living the end of a specific scenario, even though you fear it, could it just be that you are manifesting other situations that make you anxious, rather than that specific one? Because again, I don't see how it could manifest unless you are believing it is a reality and are not aware that it hasn't happened yet.

All loa teachers more or less speak this. Abraham Hicks - Vortex is nothing but being in alignment with your desire fulfilled.
What you feel for real it will be real.

This may be unusual, but I really don't understand Abraham. I understand what Neville says so much better.


I really love your questions lol... you have a sane amount of criticizm.
You have to understand that just like huge part of our desires and fantasies never become real so it is the same for fears and worry! I have every day fears, sometimes huge ones and they never became real. Just like any human. This is something loa fanatics would not admit. To fear or to desire... to become real it really has to fit your whole being, your energy. its not just having fear, worring or desiring a thing that will make it real and thank god lol. So this is what happens when people read and just read... without any analyse or criticizm... they become full of fears when negative thoughts are present and full of false happiness when thoughts are positive (that finaly end into despression) because that is not the "key".

So yeah living in a state is triuely BEING. Having a great relationship for example and being hugely loved has nothing to do with the state of mind that forces you to imagine love h24 or worrying about it. When you become LOVE you dont try to make anything happen. You just are.

Thank you!
Yes, I think what makes this confusing for me is combining different teachings. I understand how living in the end works and it makes sense to me. It works well together with the concept of parallel realities - the reality you experience matches what you believe to be true - which also makes sense to me. But then, people say that you need to be careful not to think negative or not to feed into your fears because you are "attracting" them to you. And this is where things don't match up. If the reality you are living in is a result of what you are believing, then the fear of something happening is nothing if you do not believe it actually IS happening now. Dwelling on it could potentially get you to that point, but again, if you are not embodying living in the energy of that scenario being real now, I don't see how it could manifest. It would go against living in the end. I can see how the state you are in could make realities more likely for you to experience in the "future" but you shoudn't ever be "attracting" something to you.

According to some LOA teachers (like Neville Goddard) all you need to do to manifest anything is to live as though you already have it. You must mentally become the person who has what you want and think/see life from that state.

While I understand that, here is what is kind of confusing to me: If this is true, how is it that fear and worry are said to ďattractĒ negative things to you? How is it that anything is ďattractedĒ? Although you may be fearing something specific will happen, you are also simultaneously aware that this thing hasnít happened yet, therefore you are not fully in the state of having it. And you must be in the state to have it.

Is it just that being in constant fear about the scenario would help you solidify a belief that itís here?

How to Use Law of Attraction / Re: Using sexual energy to manifest?
« on: December 17, 2017, 09:49:13 AM »
Main key of the manifestation rituals are to lock down the field of energy into yourself. It programs your vessel, energetic fields into your intent and desire. Or as it was mentioned above you get the energy you generate.

So, in your view, just thinking negative thoughts without having the intention or desire to manifest them during this process will not program them?

How to Use Law of Attraction / Re: Using sexual energy to manifest?
« on: December 17, 2017, 01:18:44 AM »
I personally don't believe it... just because someone writes about it or just because you read it doesn't mean it's true. But if you give it some special power with belief then yes it can help you... the same that if you believed that drinking water will heal you (placebo) it will... but it has nothing to do withwater but with the faith in it. The same with that sexual energy.

Considering what I was wondering about, this is refreshing to read.

How to Use Law of Attraction / Using sexual energy to manifest?
« on: December 15, 2017, 11:02:45 PM »
This question was posted on the forum a few years ago:

So I've heard that one of the most powerful ways to attract something is to visualize your desire while masturbating because of the high amount of energy involved. However I have OCD so intrusive thoughts always flood my head during this, since the universe doesn't understand what good or bad thoughts are, is this actually helping to manifest things that I don't desire?

Iím reposting it because I have learned about this method recently and wondered this exact same thing. It doesnít seem to have gotten answered. Does anyone have an answer?

How to Use Law of Attraction / Re: Please help - Changing vibration
« on: November 17, 2017, 10:38:42 PM »
I think I didnít really understand before, but now I do. Iím going to write down how I understand it to all work now. Please correct me if Iím wrong:

Whatever I put my attention/focus on, is what I am activating and bringing to me ó good or bad.

If I have been putting my focus on something bad happening for awhile, then it is coming to me. But, if I switch my focus over to something good with this same subject, then all of the time I spent on focusing on the bad is nullified, and the good is now coming to me instead.

It doesnít matter how much time and energy you put into sending out a vibration about something through your focus. If you switch to a different vibration (focus) about that same something right now, the other vibration is no longer active and begins to fade.

If you have been fearing something happening and it hasnít happened yet, you can switch to focusing on something positive happening instead, and the old vibration of fear will begin fade away and not manifest, even if it WAS on the brink of manifesting.

You need to be careful about what you call "living in the end"... Most people think it is constantly trying to visualise 24h a day... while it is just the opposite. If you had what you want you would enjoy life and not worry not even think about it. You would focus on some other goals. And yes that's very effective. Think about everything you have and everything that is going well... do you worry about it or try to fix it? no of course. So that is living in the end.

I do understand what you mean here. However, I have a question. To attract someone back, is it better to feel/think/act as though they are physically with you at all times, or just hold onto the feeling of being in the relationship with them but not always having them physically with you? The latter makes more sense to me, but I was told by someone else that you must feel as though they are with you at all times.

How to Use Law of Attraction / Re: Please help - Changing vibration
« on: November 15, 2017, 11:31:20 AM »

and other People say:
only the present is real. Therefore only the present can create the present.
The past has absolutely no effect on the present except to the extent you believe it does.
However, when you insist in believing that the present is the result of the past then you are dragging the past into the present. Please note everything that happens happens in the present. Also your "dragging".
You CAN let go of the past and live freely in the present.

Ok, so then I can completely let go of the fear and trust that if I switch over to a new vibration now, I will not experience my fears manifesting. I understand thatís whatís being said, but this whole thing just has me kind of worried.

How to Use Law of Attraction / Re: Please help - Changing vibration
« on: November 13, 2017, 12:07:07 PM »
Ok, so, if you feared something, and no longer fear it, it probably wonít manifest because you are no longer putting out that vibration, and if it did manifest, it would be taken away from you because you no longer fear it. There are plenty of things that people have tried to manifest. Then got discouraged and stopped, and the goal didnít manifest anyway.

This makes sense. But, I guess what confuses me sometimes is people say that your current circumstances are a result of your past thoughts.

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