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I can literally manifest Bradley Cooper, Chris Hemsworth and Orlando Bloom then?

Yuck, yuck and yuck. Ewh, Siamese. lol
Sorry, but ewh!

The reason they are going after him is because he's a corrupt businessman who launders Russian mob money because his failed business dealings and reputation for screwing everyone finally caught up with him. I don't know how old you are, but this specimen's been doing this crap for decades, we all knew who he was for years already. Like I said, America has a broken bankruptcy system that allows one to walk away from debt and reboot their shady dealings.

Anyway, you know this already, but have betrayed yourself as a fake news junky still pissed at Hillary for the presidency she never had ... so my time is wasted.

The POINT was that yes, Trump did use what we call LOA throughout his life, but did so unwittingly, as many people do. He also manifested a situation wherein he will be the subject of unbearable scorn and shame - had he sense enough to feel those things - out of the strong emotions associated with fear.

Never hated a post more.

Can you validate anything you've said, at all??

Try to read my mind again.., go ahead..

Law of Attraction for Ex-Back / Re: They always come back when you move on
« on: December 07, 2018, 08:37:40 PM »
Prototype does not move on, he applies the Law, there is a difference. It is the reason why he always gets his ex's to come back.
If you want an ex back, that is what you do, you apply the Law. You apply the Law to get whatever it is that you want.

Law of Attraction for Ex-Back / Re: They always come back when you move on
« on: December 05, 2018, 02:53:11 AM »
You're just describing application of the Law, in your own words. The way you describe it makes everyone confused by using the words "move on", but you do go on to explain what you mean by that. So, what you are describing is accurate, - application - just how you are describing it confuses everyone. Even look at the Abe Hicks example you provided, all she is talking about is application of the Law.
You are talking about directed attention.
Move on - take attention off the unwanted, then place attention on the wanted, feeling, vibes, feeling great with everything and about ex returning.
All you are really saying is feel what you should be feeling and put your attention where it should be. It just took a whole page to say it.

And I think your opening sounds bad even if you define what you mean throughout your post, all because of the words "move on."
I mean, there's nothing really to move on from when/since the process/point is application, or directed attention.

People's reactions to your post show why the words "move on" and "let go" should never be used when discussing LoA.
People are trying to insert their own definition of the words "move on" from their experience rather than see the words used as you meant them to be.
There's a thousand different definitions for "moving on" and "letting go", because everyone applies their own meaning, so why even use them?
I mean, are you really moving on? No. - You are feeling great about them coming back, so much to the point that when they do come back, it ruins the journey.

Fuck the moving on and letting go bullshit. It's such crap.

There's is NO point in talking about moving on or letting go of something when the WHOLE POINT is FOCUSING ON HAVING IT!

Anyway, other than the cause of confusion because of word choice, good post.

Law of Attraction for Ex-Back / Re: Need Encouragement
« on: November 07, 2018, 02:40:27 AM »
Feeling controls reality.
Ooops, that's a Neville quote.
I've always known though since experience, before Neville.

Yayyy! Somebody else gets it!
Feeling, in every sense of the word, is all there is within the brain.
Every single electrical stimuli results in what we see, hear, touch, taste, smell and have as emotions.
Everything we imagine is just as real as anything else to the brain when the human sense of feeling is used.

You've a scientific, technical approach. Mine is mystic, religious/spiritual.

Law of Attraction for Ex-Back / Re: Need Encouragement
« on: November 06, 2018, 11:37:48 PM »
I made the mistake of contacting my ex the other day, and he told me that he is seeing someone (a friendís sister). He told me that he has no feelings for me, that he does not miss me, and that heís very happy for her. He was so cold ... he said, ďSorry, I wish I could lie to you, but I have no feelings at all.Ē This was literally one of my biggest fears - that too much time would have passed since our breakup that he would get over me. In fact, he said to me, ďI didnít move on that quickly. Itís been a really long time since we broke up - of course I donít have any feelings left!Ē

Needless to say, Iím crushed. I KNOW that it is STILL possible to manifest him back, but the obstacle in the way feels insurmountable. I donít know how else to work on this. The desire to get him back is strong, but so is my pain. He is the only man that Iíve ever felt this way about it. I know that I did not imagine our connection, as Iím not the hopeless romantic type to lose myself in a man. 

Iíve been trying for several months now (we broke up in July of this year after 7 months together). But, guys, I canít lie. Im devastated. I havenít been able to eat in the past day because Iím sick to my stomach. Iím a disciplined and logical person, but my emotions feel too much right now.

I thought my belief of us getting back was growing stronger for a few weeks. I was imagining lying next to him at night, even with his dog there, too. Iíve scripted texts. Iíve meditated. I was focusing solely on self-love and felt strong and whole again. So I decided to reach out to him but obviously that was a mistake.

I donít know how to push through my emotions because they are hindering my ability to imagine right now. I feel like I am the exception to the law. I have never attracted an ex back (unconsciously or consciously). Heís dating a friendís sister, for crying out loud. How can he not be very happy with her? Sheís already in his circle of friends and family. I have no mutual friends with him (we met online), and we both live in a very large city.

Iím sorry for the massive pity party. I just feel overwhelmed by all my limiting beliefs. My desire is strong enough that i can see it burning like a little flame inside me, but I donít know how to get back on the horse.

Any responses would be appreciated.
Disciplined and logical person-

What a shitpost.
Feeling shit does not get you what you want. 
You only thought your belief was getting stronger, so you decided to contact him. To just think a thing doesn't make it so. Feeling controls reality.

Both your desire to get him back and your pain are strong, and so it appears they are equal.
You said you're disciplined and logical but your shit emotions feel too much right now. Again feeling controls reality. Are you equally disciplined and logical or one more so than the other?
If your desire and pain are equal then how could you possibly push through your shit emotion, even if you're a disciplined person? Doesn't make sense.
So, if you do not know how to and cannot push through your emotions, then you simply do not try to do it. Rather you do the one logical thing you are supposed to do.

And how does imagining yourself lying next to him at night and even with his dog imply that you have your desire? You just want to lay next to him?

"I KNOW that it is STILL possible to manifest him back."
"My desire is strong enough that I can see it like a little flame burning inside me."
I think you have a wrong word emphasized above.
And, I don't know, looking at your last statement above, is the pain and the desire really equal or not?

And I have to say  - I cannot believe you would want that thing back. ::), logical person.

MA138, "Resistance is just another word for doubt."

K-win, "Therefore perseverance is a key, mental discipline is a key and obsession towards..."
And these words are just more words for attention.

Alex, your meaning of letting go is basically just another way of saying directed attention.

CR, he is saying to think about something overtime, repeatedly, again and again and again then takes a seat in your subconscious as a belief which means as he said, you don't need belief to get something because belief is an outcome not a prerequisite.
To think about something overtime, again and again, over and over, is to give your attention. Attention is what is needed, not faith. There's nothing more basic than that.

Alex, good points and you said "people will believe just about anything that you tell them and if you tell them for long enough." If you tell them for long enough..that's essentialy the same thing K-win was talking about.

How to Use Law of Attraction / Re: 12 qualities of mind - Neville
« on: August 23, 2018, 04:22:23 AM »
But then why in the above video did he decide to visualise/imagine a whole scene instead of the army papers being from disapproved to approved? Why not just imaging that?

Why not just imagine what you want/decide, rather than rely on Neville?

How to Use Law of Attraction / Re: 12 qualities of mind - Neville
« on: August 23, 2018, 02:46:56 AM »
For ex-back scenarios its particularly difficult because the mind is so beat up, the emotions are in turmoil, etc. So exercising the proper discipline is almost always too much in the early stages. That's why everyone fails. They come here in desperation for a solution when really what they have to do is get over it, get past the crazy, negative, intense emotions and thoughts Depending on the person and situation I would say that takes from 3 months to 3 years, with 1 year being the average. THEN its time to work LOA.

This is something I've noticed over the years, even from my own personal experience in ex-back scenarios. I still remember my high school ex that literally came knocking on my door a year after our breakup. It was right around the time I got over all the bad feelings I had with her. I've often seen people talk about how so and so came back when they "let go".

You're talking about effect NOT Cause, so what's your point?

The point with LoA is CAUSE, ALWAYS.
This is LoA forum, right Desi?

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