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Law of Attraction Lounge / what the purpose of our lives.
« on: January 14, 2013, 11:39:15 PM »
after watching the TV series ancient aliens , i started to feel curious about human beings. is everything an illusion ? i know there should be a reason for everything. i have realized that struggling to live is no point. but i wanna know the reason why we are here and what the purpose of our lives.

Ancient Aliens Season 3 Episode 16 Aliens and the Creation of Man

How to Use Law of Attraction / I'm stuck. Please help
« on: October 01, 2012, 09:58:31 AM »
Dear friends. I got a chance to go abroad for studies. but suddenly i got a panic attack and i feel terrible now. i don't know this decision is a correct one. i'm so frustrated coz i spent  quiet a lot money to get this chance.  What happens if this decision is a wrong one. i need your help. Please help me.

i know if i can make my mind everything will be alright. please help to make my mind.


Today after a long time I felt so dissapointed about this world. Our country is just recovering from 30 years brutal war. Only about 2 years ago we were able to end this war. now our country is a free and peaceful country. We just need some time to recover. But still some countries don't allow us to get back to normal.

I'm so worried and cannot concentrate on anything.Big fish is always try to catch the small one. please leave us alone. ;(

please send all your positive vibes to my country.   


How to Use Law of Attraction / Started a new business
« on: March 16, 2012, 10:56:07 AM »
Hi everyone,

Firstly i would like to thank to  all these wonderful people here who supported me to change my life. I attracted many things since i entered this forum. My dream job , my soulmate, etc.

now i'm gonna start the next level. I wanna start my own job and have financial freedom.

I already started a web solution thing with one of my friends. It was one of my dreams from quite a long time. I promise you guys to share this success story within 6 months.

LOA really works.

Thanks a lot.  :D

Success Stories / I found my dream girl
« on: August 26, 2011, 09:26:28 AM »
Thanks GOD. I found my perfect match after all those years.
LOA really works. Now time for my next adventure.  :) :D :D :D

This has been happening recently. most of the times i was just about to get something and very last moment i loss it completely.  :(

I've just lost my office foreign tour. I was informed that I had selected for the foreign tour and even asked to bring my passport on monday. But yesterday evening i got to know that i was not in the list. I'm really frustrated. I even thought of resigning the job.

This has been happening for my office projects , personal relationships , etc.

I know the problem is within me. I need some advise how to be inspired everyday ,focus on my dreams and get rid of this habbit. I easily distracted and bored. 

What Are You attracting Today? / My Dream Country
« on: March 16, 2011, 10:28:44 AM »
I could find a good bording place to stay. :D Thanks LOA.

My next goal is to Migrate to my dream country within this year.

Please send me your positive vibes as now i'm stuck with a job I don't really enjoy. I wanna migrate
and start studing animal care and work in animal care field. Recently i'm unable to focus on my dreams.

 My mind is scattered with all the work load @ my office. Eventhough i'm working pretty well @ the office i don't enjoy it. Please help


How to Use Law of Attraction / [b]Unlock The Power of You[/b] - Free ebook
« on: February 09, 2011, 11:08:45 AM »
I've found a useful web link to download a free ebook (Unlock The Power of You - 89pages).

It may help you as well. 


some useful articles

How to Use Law of Attraction / Need a reminder
« on: November 29, 2010, 03:03:37 PM »

Does anyone know any online calender program where i can set hourly reminders about my goals?. Due to tight office work i forget about those things until i go home.

I use gmail calender to receive SMS to my mobile every hour. Just wanna find a better one than that.


What Are You attracting Today? / New boarding place
« on: November 18, 2010, 10:01:11 AM »
I want to attract a new boarding place where i can be relaxed and happy.

I want to watch romantic movies.

I want to fix my guitar and play eel's "Mr E's beautiful blues" song.

I want to complete a new web design


Success Stories / How my life changed thanks to LOA
« on: November 15, 2010, 11:25:22 AM »
As i always used to say i have a lot of experiences about LOA. So I decide to write down some of the turning points in my life. I got all those things thanks to LOA.

(1) Get through to the university

In our country education system is totally free. But after  A/L's only about 10% of the students who got higher marks in A/L's get a chance to enter to a university and get a degree. Because of this A/L exam is very competitive.(On that time there were only few private institutes. There course fees were very high.  So studing in their almost a dream :().

I always wanted to go to a university and become a graduate. So I  tried really hard. Unfortunately at school's first term test, for Applied Maths paper i got 0 marks. I was totally upset. But i kept affirming i'll definetly selected for a university.

First time I did A/L's. I had a huge pressure on those days. Due to this pressure before the exam day i had a terrible fever. I couldn't do the exam well.

But in the second time I decide to do the exam ,what ever the results, i was ready to accept it. I felt much better after that. This time i had a strong feeling that some how i'll get through to the university.

Results came out about after 8months later. I was among the lucky 10%. :)

(2) Got a transfer to another university.

I wanted to get a transfer to a new university. I always wanted to study in a university in the capital city.

I didn't have any clue on how to get a transfer. Again i kept affirming.

Suddenly one of mom's friends came to our house. While she was chatting, mom had told about my desire. Surprisingly one of that person's  relative had been working in the educational department. So with in a week i got a transfer  to my desired University.

(3) Got a new job

Due to last economic crisis i lost my job. As usual i kept affirming to have a better job before 5th of April 2009.

Even though Nothing happened till the 5th April 2009 noon i still believed i'm gonna get a job before 5th of April 2009.

At about 8.30 p.m on that day,one of my brothers friends phoned me and asked whether i worked any where. I said no. He asked me to come to an interview very next day. I went to the interview. Actually it was not an interview i was already selected. :)

I still work there and i happy to work there. :) :).

Hope this will help to somebody
Thanks :)

I'm Grateful to u LOA


How to Use Law of Attraction / Is there anything i can do
« on: November 13, 2010, 01:12:43 PM »

My sister is now 31yrs. she's not married yet. we've been looking for a suitable partner for more than 6yrs now. Still we couldn't find a matching one. (In my country 50% of the marriages are done by proposals) .

So how can i use LOA for is matter. Once i used to affirm like "my sister is getting married soon". Very next day i got a call from mom saying next week one gentlemen is coming to see her. And he came and liked my sister. But later we got to know that he was not a good guy.

So is there anything i can do on behalf of her ?

I must say my sister is very kind hearted and sweet looking lady.


How to Use Law of Attraction / Seraching 4 true happiness
« on: November 11, 2010, 10:35:53 AM »

I have experienced the power of LOA many times. But happiness is like a roller coaster for me. It comes and goes away and comes back. I'm fed of this now.

Last few days i have been happy. But now i'm feeling boring. I cannot concentrate on anything. I cannot think about my office work , my future goals . i just keep searching the true happiness.

Is there any method i can use  to be happy all the time.

Please help



I'm new to this forum. I have read about LOA. So i have started to practice it. But i havee some a problem. I tried to find a solution to this. Couldn't find any where. Hope i will get a solution here.

My Main goal is to go abroad with in 2011. I'm dreaming about it.

I have some other day to day goals as well. Like complete all work properly at the office,play the guitar well, speak in english fluently, go to gym & keep fit.

I'm confused how i can manage my main goal with other day to day goals.

Because when ever i'm given a project to complete at the office i want to dream as i have completed it properly. I mainly focus on completing the project, not about  going abroad within 2011

Please help me & give a solution how to manage this.

Thanks a lot

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