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Is there someone you can’t stand? Wanna get rid of them? Well then look no further because I know of a fun contract-destroying exercise. In this exercise, you get to breach an interpersonal contract, all the while loving every minute of it. The way to do this is to raise your vibrations.

First of all, the reason you are in a rut is when you first met this person you either did not show this person any love or you flat-out did not like this person at all. Simultaneously, this person also didn’t express or feel any love for you or express any positive energy towards you, whatsoever. It might have been more subtle where you were minding your own business and ended up being a target.

Whatever the circumstances are, the two of you have a vibe clash. The cause can be transparent or something on a deep subconscious level. Regardless of your case, you still had something to do with this bond. If you showed love or expressed positive energies, and that person accepted it, you would have bonded in a positive way. However, if you projected positive energy on a deep level and that person chose not to accept it, then you both would have repelled.

Firstly, you need to realize that action alone “or being nice” isn't the recipe for being an admirable individual. The recipe is to have a genuine affinity for other people while having a genuine affinity for yourself as well. When you show a genuine affinity for another person, they will feel it and know it. When this affinity for yourself and others is your truth, and you feel it, others will feel it too and feel comfortable in your presence. It must come from the heart, not from the brain or from the norm of what you should do and what should make you get along with others.

Anyway, let's go back to that relationship where the two of you hate each other. You both do not express any love for each other and because of this, you are both engaged in a very unpleasant relationship, contract bond. That said, here is how to get out. I want you to get out a piece of paper. Next, you are to write all the things you like about that person. I am aware that pouring sand in your eyes seems like a more pleasant experience than this. However, it is imperative that you understand this so you don't make this mistake again.

You are to think of this person and try to locate as many similarities as you can. You are to look for similarities that make you both attractive and strong. You should also seek admirable qualities in this person you wish you could improve on. After that, find the similarities in both of you that need work and aren't so attractive. Don't only find what's unattractive in that person because that's what got you into this mess. Only find the unattractive traits that you know for a fact you both have. You will more than likely find alpha traits in that person you also have. You more than likely will find things you don't like about yourself that the other person most likely dislikes in his or herself too. However, that's not of your concern.

((Your primary concern is to find all the things that make you two alike, both good and bad.))

Stay more focused on the good traits, but stay aware of the dark side in the two of you that are similar. Become aware that the two of you struggle with the same issues as a result of your dark sides and as a result of living in this world. General things like the similarities in age, nationality, and profession should also be included. The way to overcome blockages (if you are struggling with this) is to think of that person sitting with you on your couch in your living room. After that, think of yourself in their living room, sitting on their couch. You will have to be imaginative when imagining their living room as I'm sure the two of you never socially bonded on this level. After you can do that and be comfortable, you can begin your list.

I would like to emphasize that I'm not suggesting you force yourself to be kind to this person or do much different than you have been doing unless what you are doing is mean or negatively aggressive. The only thing I'm asking you to do is recognize that person’s exceptional qualities and what makes you two alike, then feel it. That is all you have to do. The word “tolerate” doesn't exist in the world of deliberate manifestation. Tolerating means you're going to put up with it, and you're going to suffer in silence. Tolerating nonsense is not what I'm suggesting you put yourself through. I am suggesting you stay focused on the good traits and similarities. There is no need to change a thing. Deal with this person as usual, but with your new state of mind. Read your list until you can feel that bond whenever you think of this person.

Keep reading your notes until every time you think of that person you recognize and feel their great qualities and how similar the two of you are. An amazing thing will happen if you do this correctly. That person will disappear out of your life in a way that you no longer interact with him or her. In rare cases, you might get along with that person, but that's usually not the case because that person typically won't be willing to see the better side of you. Love being the universal winner will cause that person to move away from you. In some cases, you might find yourself moving up to a better area, or a better position, or a better situation that is away from that person.

Keep in mind that after you start this exercise you may notice you act differently around this person. You may notice you respond to this person or speak to this person differently. You may also notice that you are suddenly able to avoid this person effortlessly. By doing this contract-breach focus, you will alter your magnetic field and ultimately alter their existence in your life. I have done this with great success, and if you do this correctly you will experience less weight on your shoulders. Make sure to make this a habit with the new people in your life so you will move forward agreeing to pleasant contracts. Otherwise, you will end up attracting the same person with a different name.

As a side note, if your view of others is bad, then you are pushing away a lot of potentially fulfilling relationships. This is because the people who you see the bad in sees the good in themselves and you. These people refuse to see it any other way, and for that, you will repel them. In other words, these rules go both ways. For the sake of your well-being, choose the side of unity. The ride in life will be a lot smoother. If you don't have a favorable view towards others and believe that the people you're going to be around will annoy you, then you are going to attract others with that same belief.

On a final note, you would be surprised how you physically change in the eyes of others when your attitude changes. Your opinions and beliefs about yourself and others are felt and sensed by others. Let's say you're wearing a white shirt and you spill a drop of mustard on it, during lunch. The more you think about it, the more everyone else is going to notice it. It's a very similar concept. What you focus on, concerning yourself, is what others see in you. If the other person has the mustard stain and you stay focused on it, then that person won't feel comfortable around you and will avoid you. Your attention plays a considerable role in your relationships with others as well as the maintaining of your contracts.

~Nicholas D’Arezzo~

I remember when I was in my early twenties, standing in a supermarket in front of the refrigerated-drink section. I came from an interview that didn't go well, and I was a bit bummed out because it would have paid well. I was staring at the drinks but wasn't there mentally. It was “lights on nobody home,” so to say when a distributor approached me and asked me if he can help me find something. I said, “No thank you.” I then picked something and left. Halfway to my car, in the parking lot, a premonition slapped me in the face and said, “The right answer was yes you can help me. You can help me get the job you are doing.” I don't know what distributors are paid today, but back in the day, they did very well. Also, he was an employee of a well-known beer distribution company.

The moral of this story is you must always be ready and always be looking. This is done by staying intentional and in the now. Had I remained focused on my intentions to find a job that pays well, along with my intentional role of being an excellent choice for hire, I would've asked the distributor that question at the blink of an eye. It would have been automatic. I was already moving; I just needed to be able to know when to intercept or know when I was being intercepted. Unfortunately for me, I didn't.

As you move through the day, you must remain within your intentions when interacting with anyone or anything. Keep your intentions in mind for everything you do. Look for the doorways everywhere you go. Make sure your intentions are always in check, so you are always prepared. Make sure you are always ready and always expecting, so you are in the moment.

Here is another thought. There is a saying that goes, “leave your problems at the door.” When I had the dreadful experience of promoting penny stock, the boss would say this several times a week. What this means is if you left for work right after an argument with your spouse, you need to remember that when you walk through the door of the building you are a promoter. If you remain an irritated spouse during work, you will waste the day. You must remember to update your role as the shifts take place into new segments of your day.

What this means for you is during your endeavors you will have to hit your “refresh button” many times throughout the day. Just like movies and plays have scenes, so do you throughout the day. The difference is that, on average, you have more scenes that are much shorter than that of a movie or play. Every time you enter a new scene or segment, you must reevaluate your role. You must evaluate whether you want to remain in the role you are in at the moment or shift to a different one.

Let's say you are going to a store to buy something. Scene one would be your driving into the parking lot to find a space. Scene two would be you getting out of your car and making sure it's secured. Scene three would be you walking through the parking lot towards the store. Scene four would be you entering the store. Scene five would be you looking for the item you came for. Scene six would be when you find the item. Scene seven would be you walking towards the cashier to pay for the item, and I will stop there because I think you get the idea.

Every time you begin to move through a new scene or moment you must hit the refresh button and acknowledge the most appropriate role that will suit your overall intentions according to the new scene you are in. It's tedious at first, but as you keep consciously practicing, it will become second nature to you. There is a unique essence or feeling you should get from each of your roles. Remember to focus on the feeling and essence they spark up so every time you reach a new scene you merely need to revisit the emotion. This will be more instant and effective than mentally voicing words all day long. Reviewing a list of titles for your intentional roles while feeling the essence of each title will help you access the feeling quickly. Transitioning between titles will also be swift.

Always be in real-time. Stay away from your mind and your daydreams when you are in “ready mode.” Stay away from yesterday and tomorrow, and get back to your senses right here, right now. The more intentional you are, and the more ready you are, the more natural and quicker your transition will be. Even when you are alone and want to tune everything out and relax, be your role in “relaxed-mode.” Who you are when no one is looking is the defining factor of your true character and ultimately your destiny. As long as you are conscious, you are manifesting. Who you are when no one is around also determines who and what you are going to attract into your life.

Trillions of things are happening every second on this planet. Even when you are alone, you are still influencing unseen events with your gravitational presence in this universe. Therefore, it is best to always be the role and state of mind that belongs to the life you desire because there is constant movement and change happening around you at all times. By staying in your role and the moment, you allow whatever opportunity that is around the corner to come into your reality and join you to have an experience with you. Staying in your role and intentions at all times (Even when you are alone) contributes to the manifestation of your choice. Right now, you are resonating with the universe, and right now there are many shifts and setups taking place to balance with your resonance. As long as you are conscious, you are creating your tomorrow.

Stay open to all options and avoid being selective when you are in pursuit. Do not only be your desired role when you think you are in more promising circumstances according to your limited awareness of all possibilities. You do not know how it will come to you, or when, and will always be a bit surprised when your attractions come through. Therefore, by knowing this, it makes sense to always be on guard and ready to interject or be interjected.

Let your walls down and intentionally flow with reality. Attempting to hide behind a “proverbial wall” while selectively interacting with who you think is a good prospect, is ineffective. This is because you will only know who the real prospects are by letting everyone in your space for evaluation. If you hide behind a wall and interject selectively, you will grow bored as the many opportunities continue to pass by.

You must tell the universe what you want to experience and let the universe take care of the rest. The universe works efficiently when you fully allow the energies to flow into your life. If you are a moderator of the flow, then you are placing restrictions on the possibilities and sabotaging your opportunities. If you choose to micromanage, then you will end up in a stagnant place.

~Nicholas D’Arezzo~

Affirmation Journal / Do You Have Motivational-Speech Syndrome?
« on: December 29, 2019, 05:00:32 PM »
Doubt sometimes hits us shortly after we feel very motivated to do something and begin a new journey. I like to call this "motivational-speech syndrome." To be brief, most of us have heard a stellar motivational speech, which after hearing, was ready to take on the world. Shortly afterward, we felt worse than we did before we listened to that motivational speech.

I will speculate and say that maybe you began to work on your awesome new life while following the suggestions of whoever conducted the seminar. A few days later, doubt started to sink into your head and you felt intimidated by life. You looked around and took in the entire world, noticing how small you feel. You wondered how you could ever make an impact big enough to create a significant difference in your own life. That said, always bite off what you can chew. Keep the steps small enough for you to be able to take, yet big enough to keep you excited.

The more diligent you are in implementing the small steps or the little things, the sooner you will look back and realize how far you have gone. Think of it like cleaning a house and finishing choirs. You have to vacuum and mop the floors. You have to dust the furniture. You have to clean the windows and organize the garage. You have to do the laundry and fold the clothes. You have to wash the dishes that are piled up in the sink. You have to organize a few messy rooms. After that, you have to mow the lawn, trim the bushes, and power-wash the driveway. If you were to think of doing all of that at once, you would probably have to take a seat because you would feel overwhelmed. However, if you wrote it all down as a list and tackled one thing at a time, you would most likely get it all done within a day. You would be done before you knew it because you paced yourself.

During your attempts to deliberately manifest, a brief moment of feeling overwhelmed is enough to cut the flow of energy and set you back a bit. To avoid being overwhelmed, it is enough to tell yourself to do something every day, no matter how small it may seem. Doing this alone will make dramatic improvements in your life, within a year. I remember I made a New Year's resolution to spend the entire first month of that year perfecting a daily plan to use for the rest of the year. I followed my plan religiously, and not only was the rest of that year productive, but the following two years after that were productive as well. Duration is far more effective than scattered spurts of high intensity when undergoing a transition. Like the tale of the tortoise and the hare racing each other, you must be like the tortoise who was paced and diligent towards the finish line.

Personally, I like listening to motivational speakers and if you also like a motivational speech then here's my suggestion to you. The common mistake people make when listening to a motivational speech is they listen to it once then go out and try to take on the world. My suggestion is to get ten or more seminars on audio and listen to them for an hour a day. Let's say you have ten seminars that are three hours long, each. If you listen to an hour a day, then by the time the month is up you will have listened to them all. You can get more seminars or you can listen to them again for another month. Motivational seminars and motivational speeches are effective when you continuously listen to them. This is why I make sure to listen to affirmations once a day. The negative voices will always find a way back into your head if you don't continuously practice thinking positive. Just like everything else in life, your mindset is either moving you in a positive direction or slowly sinking you into a less desirable state of mind and direction. You are either going up or down. There are no plateaus. Let's face the facts, this world is a negative place and it's too easy to sink into a dark place, mentally. You will draw yourself closer to where your attention is, and that focus is based on your awareness. If you are where you don't want to be in life, and you remain aware of it, then you are going to stay there.

The famous phrase said by an American dramatist named Clare Boothe Luce is, “No good deed goes unpunished," and it is a phrase that everyone can relate to. In a nutshell, it means it’s not uncommon to do something kind or thoughtful for someone without suffering adverse consequences of any magnitude, which includes being taken advantage of.

When we go out of our way to do a good deed, sometimes we give with the intention of receiving a reward from a higher power or from the person we did the good deed for. The problem with giving while in this state of mind is you cancel out the purpose of doing a kind act. Remember, our universe is just a group of mirrors. You can't manipulate a mirror; you can only make changes to yourself if you want your reflection to change. Just like you can't manipulate a mirror, you will never be able to manipulate the universe. Even if you were to lie to yourself, you would receive a reflection that would deceive you and eventually put you in an undesirable position. This means if you give with the intention to gain a return, you will only attract someone who will do the same by trying to take a mile after you gave an inch. Fortunately, there is a way to do good for others that will show returns, but it's a bit of a dichotomy because you aren't supposed to do it for the payback. Instead of looking good to your co-creators, you want to look good for yourself and the universal mirrors.

The way to properly give is first to appreciate what you have to give and appreciate that you have it. Whatever it may be that you give, you should give it while feeling grateful that you are able to give, because you have plenty. By giving with this state of mind you give with pure intentions and are able to forget about it because you aren't looking for anything in return.

Let's say you have a good friend who needs financial help. Maybe he is behind on an electric bill, and if he doesn't pay what he owes, his electricity will be cut off. Let's also say you have plenty of money and you can help your friend. If you were to give the money to your friend, you wouldn't miss it. Of course, you appreciate having money and you work hard for the money you earn as money doesn't grow on trees. You give the money to your friend knowing you have it. If you did it right, you would know what it is to have plenty, make a difference, and be genuinely grateful for your well-being. Instead of seeking the gratitude of your friend, you would be too busy feeling gratitude for your abundance. At first, It will feel strange to help someone then sincerely thank a higher power for being able to do it.

If your mindset is in a place where you acknowledge you have it, and you give it to a respectable source who truly needs it and isn't taking advantage of you, then you can give thanks for having it and move on with your life of abundance. However, let's say you do a good deed just to do a good deed. Let's say you do it for a “thank you” or positive acknowledgment. You do it because you want someone to acknowledge your good side and you want to feel special. You want to prove to yourself you are a good person by seeking out the cheerful reciprocation of a thankful human being. You do it because you're acting out a role and want someone to play the part where he or she says you are terrific or whatever warm fuzzy word comes to mind. Maybe you feel guilty and want to make it up to a higher good. Maybe you want to be able to tell others what great things you did for your fellow humankind. Do you see where I'm going with this? If Truth were an entity and you wanted to get the instant, undivided attention of this entity, then this is what you need to do because these scenarios are like the smell of sex to Truth. Do a good deed with alternative intentions, other than to be genuinely kind, and the wrath of Truth will be drawn to you faster than a fly is drawn to poop. Simply put, the wrath of Truth upon you is the result of your insincerity. When we are insincere, our beliefs, intentions, actions, and expectations are out of balance.

As human beings, when we do something for someone, we would like to be recognized and thanked for doing it. This recognition would require that the person you're doing a good deed for understands you're doing a good deed for that person. There is a rule about believing in something while you're doing it. If it is not true, the more you try to convince yourself, the more whiplash you get. This whiplash is usually what happens when you do a good deed solely for the sake of doing a good deed because you did it for a gesture of gratitude (which counteracts the purpose of doing the “good deed”). You expected a gesture of gratitude because you believed you were helping out this person, which may not be the case. This person might find your assistance to be intrusive.

On a similar note, if that person is supposed to be in a predicament and you are trying to help get that person out for the sake of being a hero, you may be interfering with a lesson or experience that person needs to learn. What I'm trying to say is, you might be doing someone a disservice. Furthermore, if that person needs to have a specific experience or lesson to learn and you are taking that away, then you will get the whiplash for it. In other words, you will accrue negative karma and will have to endure an experience to understand that some people need to be left to their own devices.

If your intentions are pure and the good deed makes a disaster, you will be exempt from the crucifixion you would receive if the good deed were laced with your ego. Here's a simple rule of thumb to live by concerning generosity. If it would bother you to move on knowing you did not help, or the person in question would be without help, then assist that person. An attitude like this will spare you punishment for doing a good deed. Otherwise, don't do it. Maybe the young girl with the flat tire makes you think of your daughter, so you help her change it. Perhaps the old man who is stuck on a bench reminds you of your grandfather, so you help get him a wheelchair. Whatever your reason, you do it so you can look in the mirror with dignity for one more day, and nothing else. If you genuinely do a good deed and things go awry, you will only get a small slap on the wrist. You won't be beaten into submission because your ego was involved.

All that being said and for a quick recap, every time you give, you must finish with pure inner gratitude for what you have after you give. Leave your ego out of the process and simply reflect on how well you have it as you give. Be thankful you have whatever it is you offer and be thankful you have enough to pull someone else out of their rut. That recognition will shoot through the clouds, into the universe, and reflect back to you. That recognition will begin to be your new truth and truth of your real personal power.

~Nicholas D'Arezzo~

Just some food for thought…...I'm going to talk about the so-called dream.

In the beginning, many people who make it to the top one-percent, financially, start off similarly. They will live in an eight-bedroom, six-bathroom house with a pool and a hot-tub, inside a screened-in patio. In the patio will be a kitchenette section with a grill, a mini-refrigerator and a bar setup overlooking a lake. They will have a dock with a boat sitting on a lift. The house will have a three-car garage with three luxury-cars parked inside. Outside the garage, there will be a driveway with an extended drop-off area to drop someone off in front of the enclosed courtyard surrounding a three-tier stone fountain in front of a labyrinth front door. The landscaping is always lush and well-manicured because there is always a crew of some kind maintaining the property that is commonly a one-acre lot. There is often a maintenance team working inside as well, making improvements or fixing something. Because of all the required maintenance and upkeep these houses require, it's not uncommon for these homeowners to hire property management companies to manage their home.

I realize today that this so-called dream is dramatically changing as it is becoming less of a preferred lifestyle. Most people who live a lavish lifestyle end up leaving it, never to look back again. I know this because I have worked for this class of people. I have observed and noticed that over the years they get tiresome and slowly let their investment rot when they begin losing the motivation to keep things up. Usually, this happens when they realize the dream lifestyle is more of a headache than it is glamorous.

I remember going to a house to do a job at seven in the morning. When I arrived, I parked in their driveway because if I parked on the curb, I would have had to walk a few hundred feet to get to the front door. I drove around the full-circle, drop-off area next to the in-law suite behind a canary-yellow Lamborghini Diablo. I quickly noticed the mangled spoiler dangling over the bumper, held by the brake-light wire. The car was dirty and covered in morning dew. Leaning on the car were two garbage pails and the bottom part of a children's plastic basketball hoop that is typically filled with sand or water to keep it stable. I remember looking at it and forming a thesis on why I was looking at what I was looking at.

Here is my take on how or why a $250,000.00 car was neglected and left outside where the elements will beat on it all day and night. First of all, before I start, you must realize that we are all limited. There is only so much you can do on a daily basis. Most of the time, I don't see people buying many things and enjoying them all, equally. Most of these people would build a mini-empire only to give it all up and live in a three-bedroom, two-bathroom house with a basic economy sedan in the garage. This usually happens after their motivation to maintain their empire dwindles and they start to see their investments start to deteriorate with time.

When you own a huge million-dollar home, you have to run it like a hotel. There is always someone manicuring the landscaping and lawn. There are always housekeepers cleaning up the house while the maintenance people are making a mess. It's as if the owners never enjoy true privacy because they are too busy managing others to keep their house in check. Owning a home like that is very draining (to say the least). It's as if most of the people who live like this need to get it out of their system and be able to say they did it. It is short-lived and soon ends when the owners realize it wasn't what they thought it would be. I'm not suggesting that everyone who lives like this bails out but, from what I have personally witnessed, it is more common than not.

Here is what I have personally witnessed on countless occasions. I will start with the first item that stops being used which is the boat. Most people who buy a boat will practically live on it for a few months then never look at it again. If you don't run a boat engine once a week, you will soon run into problems when trying to take it out for a ride. Also, the entire system needs to be flushed, lubricated and re-serviced after a year of non-use. This is usually done after a few years of non-use before being sold for a fraction of what it originally cost. The next thing to be ignored is the pool, yet the headaches of maintaining one remain. It is at this point the homeowner swears that the next house won't have a pool. However, the hot-tub might be used during the year when the weather is cool. Also, if the grill setup had been installed to complete the tropical-getaway pool-vibe, then it will become a home for rodents. Next to be ignored is the motorcycle. Similar to the boat, it must be thoroughly flushed if not used for more than a year. Also, the battery will need to be replaced. The next thing to go is the fountain. Usually, after the water pump burns out for the fourth time (because it was left to dry out), it is drained and used as a gigantic planter, which looks elegant in my opinion. Soon the only rooms in the house that are occupied are the kitchen, living room, and master bedroom. I had a customer who had no idea what the other side of his house looked like. His exact words were, “It's been four years since I have been to that side of the house.” The last thing to go would be the house because life's too short to battle something so big that deteriorates so fast. When these people end up living in a lovely three-bedroom, two-bath house in a safe and serene area, they seem more relaxed and happier.

The whole point of writing all of this is to add some dimension to your views on wealth. It is to help you understand that you may be a lot closer to living a lifestyle you cherish than you think. The only way you will know what your relationship to money should be is by coming to terms with what experiences you truly desire to experience. The experiences you wish to have may not require a lot of fiat currency. In fact, I am pretty confident that most of you do not want what you are "supposed" to want.

On a side note, I would like to emphasize that I was talking about the top one-percent in the United States. If you make $32,400.00 or more a year (as of 2019), you are in the top one-percent earning-bracket in the world.

I obtained that figure from this article.

~Nicholas D’Arezzo~

When deliberately manifesting, avoid having any "expectations" regarding the details of the experience you seek. Only have an expectation of having a specific experience. You will be hard-pressed to be able to predict who, what, when, where, and how you will attract when attempting to attract, in order to manifest deliberately. This is because what you attract is a reflection of your entire being and essence. It is a reflection of who you are at your very core which is something that our intellectual thoughts can't comprehend.

Although our logical mind is a wonderful tool, it doesn't have the final say in that which we draw towards us. We know so little about our entire mind, body, and soul. Our intellectual minds are limited to knowing our ego’s identity, and not much more. Your conscious mind and all your mental developments, both socially and academically, are a single-digit-percentage of who you are as a whole. However, the universe reflects one-hundred-percent of who you are in all your attractions. Therefore, you will never attract who, what, when, where, and how you “thought” you would. That said, because like attracts like, and your manifestations are based on the elements you attract, the experiences you manifest will never turn out as expected.

When you think of the term “deliberate manifestation,” remember that it is possible for that manifestation to be twenty-percent deliberate if you only use your mind. The other eighty percent would then pan out by default according to who you are as an entire being. Therefore, events will not happen how you envision they would turn out.

At our level of spiritual development, it is almost impossible for any of us to grasp the totality of who we are, and that's what the universe reflects back to us. It reflects the totality of who we are, and last I checked we only use about ten percent of our brains. Our hearts and spirits are ageless. Our physical conscious minds are relatively new to an eternal universe. Our minds are new to an eternal universe that has been operating under the same rules for an eternity. Our mind is just a tool for us to be able to adapt to and navigate within this third-dimensional reality.

Although our logical construct of thinking constitutes a very limited part of us as a whole, we still need our logical minds to be able to embrace the third-dimensional Earth-human experience, fully. That said, what must be understood about deliberate attraction and manifestation is the results of your efforts will never come to you in a clean, linear fashion as expected. Also, the results of your efforts will never come to fruition how you expected, or along the lines of a plot you expected.

When attempting to deliberately attract and manifest, it is vital that you release your expectations. Put your thoughts to a minimum; follow your heart and raise your awareness. When you are ready to manifest and are deliberately intentional, you must get out of your mind and trust what happens. Follow your heart and stay aware because the five senses you use to navigate within this third-dimensional reality are incapable of navigating you through the shifts of higher vibrating events. Only your heart and spirit can do that. In other words, you must learn to trust your gut feelings all the while going with the flow. Of course, this is only when you are a fully intentional being.

To expand on the reality of actual manifested results, let's take the artist who would envision an art design then set forth to create it on canvas. This is the artist who is not sketching or copying from anything physical. This artist is copying an idea from her mind onto a physical medium. The artist who creates from a thought is very similar to how you will be manifesting. No artist ever ended up with the exact masterpiece envisioned before attempting to create it. Usually, during the process of creating an art piece, the artist hits many points of improvising through intuitive guidance. The artist is still focused on the idea, which is the intentional state of mind needed to follow through. Her intention to create a specific piece of art remains solid in her mind through the entire process. She also believes and knows the project will eventually get done. The rest is left to the joy of the process, and the emotions to be felt upon its completion. It's not uncommon for an artist to gaze upon their finished art in amazement and disbelief because it came out better than expected. An art piece that is perfect, and one-of-a-kind.

When manifesting deliberately for the first time, the worst-case scenario is you won't get anywhere close to what you attempted to manifest, but instead, get closer to figuring out who you truly are and what you truly desire. You would figure this out by knowing where you started and realizing where you ended up. In this worst-case scenario, you will have a better reference for future manifestations. Once you have found enough of yourself, the fruits of your labor will be the life you truly desired all along. You will likely deal with turbulence towards this discovery. Once you unlearn to want what you are supposed to want according to the status quo, the ride will be smoother. Upon your coming to this conclusion and seeking what genuinely fulfills you, all those old empty feelings you once had will start to reside. Remember, your attraction, and manifestation results are directly proportional to all of who you are. All of who you are also includes your mind, but also includes your beliefs, intentions, feelings, genetics, experiences, and so much more. Everything that makes you uniquely you and only you is what makes your experiences unique from everyone else's. For many of you, this will be bad news in the beginning, yet great news towards the end of your journey.

Remember to leave the micromanaging and technicalities for the universe to take care of. Just like when you are going to a beach to surf, you know that waves are being created and will continue to be created when you arrive. Your only task is to know how to get to the breaking point of the waves so you can ride them. That said, a lot of thought and planning happened before your coming here to Earth, and you had a lot to do with it. For that reason, you can not micromanage where you are. When you do return to the absolute, you can micromanage all you want because then you will be more of a creator who materializes your reality instantly. As for now, you are a manifester who lives off the fat of the land in this pre-created reality known as the relative.

~Nicholas D’Arezzo~

I would like you to be aware that appreciation is the alpha and omega of a rewarding manifestation. If the process of manifestation were a bracelet, the clasps that hold it together would be “appreciation.” Simply put, what you appreciate is what you build on, and what you don't appreciate degrades. It's the start and the finish. If you appreciate what you attract and experience, then your starting point for what you attract in the future will start at that higher foundation of appreciation and grow into something bigger and better. If you decide not to deliberately manifest and only appreciate what you have, you will still build on your previous appreciation. From your previous appreciation, you will draw in more rewarding experiences from the new platforms you manifest from.

Besides having an overall appreciation in life, there is one form of appreciation that is still imperative for success, and this includes manifestation success. What I'm talking about is self-appreciation. There is an essential rule for your appreciation to be felt and appreciated by others, and that is to appreciate yourself first. Let's say a person who doesn't take care of himself shows contempt for you and has no problem telling you he doesn't like you. It's evident by his lack of hygiene and poor posture that he doesn't appreciate or even respect himself. Would you lose much sleep knowing this individual doesn't like you? You most likely wouldn’t. You would probably want him to go away and stay away. If that person showed admiration for you, would you want to include a person like this in your circle of friends? Probably not. So remember, people like to have admiration and respect, but from people who appreciate and respect themselves first.

Therefore, the ultimate question of self-appreciation is, “Am I someone whom I would like to meet and get to know?” The answer needs to be a solid yes. The reason is, you and only you will ever be and could ever be the foundation that will support your desires, and worthwhile manifestations rely on a healthy self-esteem. Think of your self-esteem as the plaster and the manifested desires as the pretty, shiny wallpaper you wish to put on the plaster. If the plaster is gritty, you may get the wallpaper on for a moment, only to soon watch it fall off the wall. In other words, attraction isn't like selling an item on a classified ad after you discovered a piece of junk you don't want is a highly coveted antique. According to the law of attraction, if you think you are junk then so will everyone else.

Point being is, how you see yourself is how others will see you. Also, like attracts like. If you don't think highly of yourself then you will be surrounded by people who don't respect you. You can still attract abundance but it most likely won't last if you are dissatisfied with the co-creators who are making it possible for you. For example, let’s say someone lands a job that is a dream come true for this person. The job is very exciting and lucrative. Also, the job requires work-hours that are perfect for this person. However, this person is disregarded by all the people he/she works with. Because of this, the actual work experience gradually becomes more of a nightmare than a dream, as the days progress. This, in turn, will be the reason this person eventually abandons their “dream job,” or gets fired.

Why did this happen? It happened because this person lacks self-worth. This person put gorgeous wallpaper over old, crumbly plaster only to watch it slowly fall off the walls. That’s a lot of invested time to accumulate trash; don't you think? Once you learn to appreciate who you are, that appreciation will grow towards self-esteem and self-respect. Self-appreciation, self-respect, and self-esteem need to be a part of your life if you ever want to manifest worthwhile experiences that will last. The main reason being is, like attracts like.

~Nicholas D’Arezzo~

If you ever find yourself lost in life or confused, and you need to regroup, then remember the three paths and the order in which they should be achieved. The path of power (your purpose), the path of love, and the path of truth. Choosing to pursue the path of love or the path of truth will turn into a nightmare if you don't pursue the path of power first.

Imagine owning an advanced toy robot, but not having the batteries it requires to function. Although you don't have batteries for the toy, you can still fall in love with its beauty and uniqueness. You can also speculate on all the functions you think it can perform. However, it's not until you put batteries in the robot that you will know exactly what it can do and enjoy interacting with it. If you can’t obtain batteries for this robot, then the love you have for it will wither away and your speculations will turn into frustrations, as you will never know what the robot can do. Afterward, you will most likely find yourself going towards the next thrill because the robot only stands on the shelf. The truth of the matter goes from your owning an awesome toy, to owning a dust-collecting shelf-decoration. If I were to replace “toy robot” with “your life,” the parameters would be similar. Without power, you would coexist with limited potential, and your truth will remain unknown. Your co-creators would appreciate you as they see fit and label you as they deem appropriate because you don't express anything. Only until you have personal power will you be able to express in your unique way, and behold evidence of your truth. Until you realize and reveal your own power, you will merely exist in this world.

If you pursue the path of love above power, then all your relationships with your co-creators will never satisfy you as you move through life feeling empty. You will never appreciate others until you can appreciate your contributions and purpose in life. You will never feel you deserve the love and appreciation of others because you won’t understand why you are loved and appreciated. You won't understand why you are loved until you love who you are and how you express who you are. You won’t love who you are until you are genuinely proud of the inner power within you and proud of how you contribute your power to the world. You will appreciate your contributions when they derive from the foundation of your core personal power. This is the core power within you that will be found when you follow your passions. Until you can find your core power and contribute as the person you were meant to be, you will never feel good enough. You will sabotage all of your relationships and situations because no one and nothing will ever be good enough. This is because, instead of finding and expressing the power within yourself, you seek to fill a void from outside yourself. This is a void that cannot be filled by someone else. Only your personal power can fill it. The expression of your true inner power is the part of the puzzle that determines the quality of the overall experiences you take part in.

If you pursue the path of truth over power then you will also end up frustrated if you look outside yourself for the answers. This is because, as you seek the answers to your questions, you will find endless new questions for every speculation and theory you concoct. Each one of these questions has many answers leading to more questions with many answers towards infinity. Each of life’s questions and problems contain a plethora of solutions. One of those solutions within the infinite sea of answers involves the contribution of your personal power, which is your unique thumb-print solution. There is one solution from the many, for each problem, that belongs to you because it is meant for you. That said, unless you find your personal power, every answer you find that doesn’t involve your unique expression will leave you feeling empty. All truths are half-truths, so it is best to find and only focus on the side of every truth that is yours. Everyone else's truth is already occupied by everyone else.

That said, you must realize your power which can only be claimed at this very moment you are currently in. If time is the curse of humankind, then being in the moment will shield you from this curse because that's where your power is. Wherever your attention may be is where your energy and power will go. Your intentions can only exist right now because time doesn't exist. Every time you have an intention, a plan, or a purpose, you are here, right now, at the moment. Stay in your intentions, and you will always stay in the moment.

Motion without intention happens when you lose the moment and are mentally somewhere else, while moving now. The problem with this is you always manifest unless you are asleep. This means that considerable harm can happen to you if you aren't deliberate. Motion gives power, and you are losing power if you are in motion without any present intention to guide you. Therefore, it is always the wiser choice not to give your power and energy until you have intentions for a direction. For you to decide on a path requires your intentions. It takes intentions to deliberately manifest with satisfaction. Intention and motion need always be kept together like a salt and pepper shaker.

When I look around, I see that power is being carelessly dispersed and being readily received with no effort whatsoever from somewhere or someone. This is being done without your knowledge and little compensation because you are distracted. If I were an evil entity and wanted to farm the human race, I would keep things as they are. I would continuously distract you to persuade your minds to live somewhere else as your bodies move in the present so that I can steal the fruits of your hard labor. I would do this to stop you from figuring out that your purpose is to fill your basket with the fruit you cultivated. If you move through life distracted, then by the time you understand your purpose, it's way too late to act on it. The fruits are gone, and you are too tired to keep going, as you are disposed of. The “farmers” would then convince the younger generation to follow in your footsteps. That said, you need to stop being a zombie. Use your power, or it will be taken from you!

The more you know your own truth, the more you will be able to recognize the truth because you will have a very stable reference point within yourself. It is only until you have obtained a robust personal power, and have empowered others with it, that you will be surrounded by love and a truth that is sweet. If your personal power and/or the expression of your power is lacking, then your truth will be unfulfilling, and love will be a dream. Whatever path you choose to take that is absent of your personal power will be a decision to short-sell yourself and live a mediocre life.


“Vision” defined, in simple terms, is your mental image of what your future could be like. Your vision will dictate your focus, which will dictate your attention, which will keep you in the present moment, ready to respond to all opportunities as they arise. If you can stay in your vision and take advantage of your environment for the sake of living a more fulfilling lifestyle, you will eventually need less vision. This is because your intentions to fulfill your vision will eventually drive on autopilot. Eventually, you will need to use less conscious effort to focus on your vision. This, in turn, will make your travels towards a more fulfilling lifestyle feel natural and normal to you.

Without vision, the beliefs you currently have are in control. That's not exactly a bad thing, but if you desire more out of life, you will most likely have to make changes if you want to stop self-sabotaging beliefs. What's convenient about creating a vision is you don't have to pick and jab at your subconscious for results. You only need to stay in tune with your vision, then deal with suppressed issues from the past as they arise, because they will.

The older you are, the more momentum your beliefs have. This means that more unresolved inner-issues may arise for you if you're starting new endeavors, later in life. As of now, you live the life you do because you believe it to be true for you. By creating a new vision, you are challenging your current truth by questioning it. This alone will create mental and emotional turbulence. However, it’s worth the inner-conflict because without vision, you lose focus. Without focus, you become reactive according to your current beliefs. If you are reactive, you will go through life with tunnel vision. You will only notice what you believe to be true and believe to be your reality, which will keep you where you always were.

There was an experiment done in a marketplace by three men wanting to see how long it would take someone to notice a wallet in the center of the commons area. They set up temporary video cameras so they can sit in a cafe to watch the monitors. Each time they placed the wallet down they couldn't get inside the cafe before someone picked it up to see if they could find the owner. After three attempts, they spray-painted a red circle in the middle of the commons area that was about two feet in diameter. In the middle of the circle, they placed the wallet. It took about seventy minutes before someone picked up the wallet after it was placed inside the red circle.

I would like to reiterate that this is a marketplace. This is a place where people stroll around to check out the shops and have lunch. There are park benches and fountains to hang out around and enjoy the day. This is not a place where people are in a hurry. This is a place where people are taking everything in slowly while enjoying their surroundings.

Most of the people who walked by the wallet did look down or glance at it but didn't lose their pace, as if they were looking at a candy wrapper on the floor. Others didn't even look down. Some people walked on the wallet as if it wasn't there. Some people would stop and look at it with a puzzled look on their face, but didn’t pick up the wallet. These people probably looked at it, and to some degree were intimidated because they thought it was a trap of some kind. They probably sensed they were being watched and decided to get away from the wallet quickly.

The difference between the people who looked down, while displaying some form of processing, and everyone else is everyone else didn't have it brought to their attention by their brain. A subconscious opinion will always follow our brain's observations before it is brought to our conscious awareness. In the case of the wallet, these people’s observations were immediately followed by their subconscious mind anticipating the onset of an uncomfortable confrontation or imminent danger. Within that split second, their brain shut down the onset of consideration by deleting the observation before it entered their awareness.

In hypnotherapy, this is what is called a negative hallucination. It is when your mind actively erases a perception. The best way I can explain negative hypnosis, in simple terms, is there are networks of neurons in your brain that always communicate with each other. This communication is active in your brain without your knowledge, and before anything reaches your attention. These neurons are responsible for perceiving and translating the incoming input from the outside world. If everything is in check, the information will be transferred to the conscious mind.

The point I’m getting at is, just because you don't see it, hear it, smell it, taste it, or feel it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. What you tune into you become a part of, and it becomes a part of you. This is what is called your resonance. Resonance, in relation to us, is similar to frequency and its relation to a classic radio or TV that uses an antenna for reception. Just because I'm watching or listening to one station doesn't mean the other stations aren’t broadcasting a program. It is up to me to change the frequency response of either device if I don't like where I'm at. Point being, you are exposed to what you resonate with while everything else seems invisible to you. That said, you are a lot closer to your desires than you think.

~Nicholas D’Arezzo~

Your beliefs are powerful because your beliefs have the final say in how everything will turn out. As you modify your beliefs, you modify all outcomes as you move forward. This is such basic common knowledge when learning the laws of attraction and manifestation that it almost need not be said. It only needs to be a small, consistent reminder throughout your studies and journeys. Unfortunately, we tend to fall short in taking our beliefs seriously as they continue to pave the way to our future. Therefore, because your beliefs need to be taken very seriously, I decided to share some data that will help motivate you to work with self-sabotaging beliefs. Data that will motivate you to re-prioritize and “bump” the working on your beliefs to the front of the line.

Here goes…...

Let me ask you a question. Do you think your beliefs are private? Do you think they are hidden safely inside a metaphorical box? Do you think you can safely explore your beliefs in the comfort and privacy of your own home so as not to expose your true beliefs to the outside world? If you answered yes to any of these then, my apologies, you are mistakenly wrong.

Whether you know it or not, every one of us projects muscular microcosms from our body language that are expressions of what we are thinking and feeling. They are also expressions of our traits and are noticeable in handwriting to the trained eye. Although these microcosms are not visible or noticeable to the conscious mind, they are very prominent in the subconscious perception of others. That said, you don’t have to be a gifted empath to get a bad vibe from anyone because these microcosms stand out loudly to the subconscious awareness within all of us. There are many clues that display who we genuinely are, within everything we do, no matter how minuscule our actions may be.

We all have an empathic nature hardwired within us. Even those who are born with a social disorder have empathy. The few among us who do not have empathy are classified as sociopaths. Personally, I don't believe such people exist organically. I believe these people learned (after being traumatized) to tune out their connection with others, but I'm no expert on the matter. This empathic nature is the reason why everyone cringed when the news played footage of a football player lying on the ground with one of his broken bones sticking out of his torn uniform. This hard-wired empathic nature is why we feel other’s happiness and pain. Of course, sometimes our dark side makes us feel better when certain people feel pain, and sometimes we feel pain when other people are happy. Nonetheless, it's still that empathic nature that causes us to respond. It's the very reason why we yawn when we see other people yawn. As humans, we always try to relate so we can understand. If I wanted to make someone yawn, I would start talking about a person yawning. I could start by explaining the process of yawning as it would be witnessed by another person from beginning to end, in second-to-second detail. I could also describe what it feels like to yawn, in detail, from beginning to end. This is a simple example of linguistically guiding someone to attain a specific response. This would be an application of neurolinguistics. However, for the sake of this post, I'm more interested in the act of yawning when we witness someone yawning. This is what is called “animal magnetism,” which is the empathic responses we have to other’s body language.

Animal magnetism is a result of our mirror neurons (also called cubelli neurons) firing up when we observe another person doing anything. As the neurons observe the behavior of another person, they mirror that person's behavior and communicate with other neurons as though the observer is doing what the person being observed is doing. The neurons will begin to mimic the person being observed. Remember this next time you try to get a cat to swallow a pill, or take a bath. Remember this when you try to take your dog to the vet. Animals are more in tune with their mirror-neurons and align themselves with your fearful anticipation. They start to feel your fear, and the only way to stop the fear is to get away from you. They try to get away from you the way you try to get away from people who give you the creeps. This is because you start to mirror their microcosmic movements that are foreign to you and out of place. You don't like the feeling and want to get away from that person as fast as possible. This is why the presence of some people seems to uplift and heal you, while the presence of others makes you feel ill.

Every thought and belief you have is expressed in loud, obvious expressions through the microcosmic movements of your body language. These micro-expressions are felt by others then mimicked by their subconscious minds to “feel” where you are at. An opinion is then made about you according to the microcosmic movements you radiate, that other people are mimicking. In other words, your vibes are being mimicked by everyone who sees you on a daily basis. Everyone who witnesses you is instantly feeling your essence. Therefore, if you notice you consistently get undesired reactions from others when you seem to be doing everything according to the norm, then look to your personal beliefs. Also, take notice of your beliefs about yourself and others. As your beliefs are modified, your body language changes, and ultimately the reactions you get from others modify. It's a small suggestion yet a very challenging endeavor. This is the essence of animal magnetism.

If this has you worried or bothered in the least bit then you need to put some time aside and work on your beliefs about yourself, others, and life in general. As you modify your beliefs for the better, the world around you will modify for the better. Do what it takes to make your beliefs positive because no matter what side of the belief-spectrum you reside, your beliefs have a strong bearing on the quality of your destiny both neurologically and spiritually.

~Nicholas D’Arezzo~

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As I’m sure you know, when you give to those in need, you become aware of your abundance. This awareness reflects off the universal mirrors and brings more abundance into your life. It is always beneficial to your state of abundance to give when you can, but you can only give so much. Eventually, you have to cut the flow and take care of yourself. That said, I will answer a question that was given to me to help shine some light on the concept of self-preservation. That question is:

But what about the times I don't want to give, yet maintain a lifestyle of abundance?

Here’s my answer:

If you realize that someone needs something, it doesn't mean you are required to provide for them just because you recognize their dilemma. Furthermore, you don't need a reason not to give, to spare yourself from some form of backlash from the universal mirrors. The backlash only occurs when you feel you need a reason, and then lie to yourself to ease your guilt. This backlash can be the result of Truth or universal law.

For example, if a homeless person asks you for money and you don't want to give that person money, for no other reason then “just because,” then you don't have to give that person any money. If you aren't motivated to give your money to this person because you enjoy feeling your fat wad of cash in your pocket, then that is a good enough reason. Don't make excuses for not giving the money. Don't try to convince yourself that this person will probably spend the money on drugs or alcohol because you genuinely don't know that. Come to terms that whatever the case may be, you aren’t motivated to do any favors at the moment.

Avoid making excuses because that’s when you will run into adverse issues from Truth. Making excuses is a gentle way of saying that you are lying to yourself which is why Truth visits you after you make excuses for yourself. Be honest with yourself that you are not motivated, and that is good enough. Admit it to yourself and tell it to the universe because that is your right not to force yourself to do what you are not motivated to do.

If someone wants you to help with their move to a new home and you don't want to do it, then don't. If someone wants money and you don't want to give it, then don't. Of course, you probably shouldn't tell them you won't do it because you aren't motivated (that's rude). However, if you tell the homeless person you don't have the money to give or your acquaintance you don't have the time to help, then you are telling the truth. You aren't lying to that person, yourself, or the universe. Within your fat wad of cash folds no bills you intended to give away for free; therefore, you technically don't have the money to give. You have the money for transactions but not to just give. The same goes for your time. If you haven't set any of your time to freely give to someone on your day off, then you haven't any time to give. Be honest with yourself. When you make excuses to ease your self-induced guilt, the eyes of the Dragon (Truth) open and its head faces your direction.

There is a universal rule in the teachings of manifesting abundance that explains how to hold back properly. This rule goes hand-in-hand with the last paragraph. Let’s say you want something and you know you shouldn't buy it. You are not to tell yourself, “I can't afford it.” Instead, you are to tell yourself, “I have the money, but I choose not to spend it on this item,” or “I can afford it, but would rather spend my money on more important things.” When you say it like this, you aren't throwing vibes into the universal mirrors that say you don't have. Instead, you are saying that you do have plenty, but the plenty you have is meant for something else. See the difference? This is very similar to what I'm suggesting in the last paragraph. You are letting the universe know you have the resources to give, but you have them for more important things. You don't randomly give away resources because you appreciate them enough to have a time and place to utilize those resources. Therefore, be honest with yourself, and the divine truth will be a truth you love.

If there was a list of the worst things you can do to yourself, I’m confident that lying to yourself would be in the top five. When you lie to yourself, you are trying to make yourself believe that lie. You are trying to convince yourself that you need a reason or an excuse for being the way you choose to be. You don't need an excuse or a reason. For every lie you tell yourself is a new hurdle you put up. A hurdle that you will eventually have to take down to find your truth. Putting up a hurdle, then taking it down, is a lot of unnecessary work that robs you of your precious time and energy. Therefore, it would be in your best interest to start now. Start being honest with yourself right now and start learning to be ok with it. Don't give out of guilt or any other reason other than a genuine affinity, a sincere appreciation, or a selfless love.

~Nicholas D’Arezzo~

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((WARNING: Over 1,400 words……..It's a bit on the long side.))

A successfully executed deliberate-manifestation is the result of the application and maintenance of a compartmentalized strategy. There are eight compartments involved during the process of deliberately manifesting that influence the outcome according to the amount of energy that is put in each separate compartment. Each compartment, if focused on alone, will render results of some kind. However, to successfully manifest lucidly, you should apply all eight compartments simultaneously.

As you become more skilled, you will only need to enhance the compartments that need work and strengthening. The way to do this is by focusing on the compartments you don't want to remain in default-mode during your next deliberate-manifestation attempts. Keep in mind, as you read each compartment, that the default-mode definition is neutral. In other words, depending on where you are positioned in life will depend on whether the default-mode definition is one that describes your advantage or disadvantage.

The first three compartments, when combined, represents your beliefs about yourself, the world around you, and what you can achieve. As you work on the first three compartments, you will know yourself better concerning your interests and your awareness of the strengths in yourself and others. As you give diligence to the first three compartments, you become capable of more because like attracts like.

Compartment 1:
*Awareness of the experiences you want to call your own.
*In default-mode, it is an awareness of the experiences you are currently having, and their limitations.

Compartment 2:
*Awareness of who you are, and all your great attributes.
*In default-mode, it is an awareness of who you currently believe yourself to be.

Compartment 3:
*Awareness of your co-creators great attributes.
*In default-mode, it is an awareness of what you currently believe and feel about others.

The fourth compartment is the expansion of your mind and the strengthening of your gravity. The fourth compartment, if not done, will not stop you from getting results. In fact, if you don't work on the first four compartments and apply the last four compartments, you will attract what you have always attracted, only faster. This may be necessary for some of you to get an idea of where you are currently positioned, so by no means do I shun this approach.

Compartment 4:
*Your focusing to calibrate and strengthen your gravity in order to attract the elements and co-creators needed for a specific experience.
*In default-mode, it is staying aware of the immediate reality that currently surrounds you.

The next step, which is the fifth compartment, is the initiation of the collapse. In this step, you recite the ultimate attraction and manifestation mantra which is, “I am ready.” When you say these words and mean it and feel it, followed by your setting forth to action with motion, the first four compartments hit a short circuit with your reality and proceed into a collapse mode. This is because your attention gets redirected and you are leaving the scene (so to say) which is what initiates the collapse of your thought-energy into this physical reality.

Compartment 5:
*Your readiness, your intentions, and your motion.
*In default-mode, it is your current intentions and motion as it always has been.

Next is the sixth compartment which is staying in the moment. What I'm talking about is keeping your full attention at the moment where your physical body is. All journeys start with a first step and you can only move upwards, one step at a time. Therefore, you must remain in the only place you can make the first step, and that is in the present moment.

Being here and now, at the moment, allows for attractions to take place and for new experiences to begin. It's the centrifugal clutch in the attraction machine which, in turn, is the centrifugal clutch in the manifestation machine. If your mind is always somewhere else, then your energy is somewhere else. If your energy is somewhere else, then your desires can't catch up to you. Keep your intentions, energy, and expectations in the present moment with you.

Compartment 6:
*Belonging and having a presence in the present by staying in the moment.
*In default-mode, it is your selective belonging to specific people, places, and situations according to how you have always belonged. Your mind will always be in the moment you would rather be in when in compartment-six default-mode.

Next is the seventh compartment which regards the key factors or elements needed to nurture an experience. These key factors are also the physical evidence or proof of your success in deliberately attracting and manifesting. Compartment-seven is where you focus on the people, places, and things that would enhance your experience by helping you relate to the experience in the way you desire. For example, If a man wants to socialize at elegant parties, then he is going to need a high-end tailored suit if he wants to belong to an experience like that. In a case like this, the suit is merely a tool to help him belong to the elegant-party experience how he would like to belong to it. Therefore, a high-end tailored suit is one of the elements needed to complete the elegant-party experience.

That said, the elements you wish to attract are merely tools to aid you in having an experience the way you want to have an experience. These are the tools you need for you to belong to the experiences you desire in the way you would like to belong to them. This is the compartment where you stay aware of the key elements that make your desired experiences inevitable if they are present the way you want them to be present in your life.

Compartment 7:
*Seeking the key elements you need in order to intentionally interact with the experiences you desire, in the way you desire to contribute to them. These elements include people, places, and things.
*In default-mode, compartment-seven represents what you currently have in your life as well as who is currently in your life. Compartment-seven represents the tools you use to contribute to your current experiences. Also, compartment-seven represents where you currently live, work, and play.

Last is compartment-eight, and in this compartment (if done in unison with the others) you are in total motion, with full intentions, backed only by your truth and whatever work you put into yourself. This is the compartment where you are at the point of “cashing in.” Compartment-eight deals with the implementation of yourself in attempts to create new relations with your co-creators in order to create new experiences.

Your attention creates gravity which simultaneously draws in and repels factors accordingly. Your co-creators also have a gravity from their awareness which can attract or repel you according to their gravity, in relation to yours. The goal is for you and a co-creator to be in sync and deliberately pull each other together for a specific experience where you will both complement each other.

Your gravity will bring possibilities nearby while repelling everything else if you stay intentional. Once those possibilities are near, your magnetism will click with those possibilities while repelling everything else. Your magnetism flows through your presence-expressed. Your presence-expressed creates an immediate bond once the possibilities gravitate near you if you are on the same wavelength as you were when you focussed on the possibilities. As you click with others, you become something different as a new whole, and that new whole is an experience. Together you create an experience that has its own unique “molecular” bond.

Compartment 8:
*Interjection of yourself intentionally with co-creators, places, and things.
*In default-mode, it is the interjection of yourself unintentionally with expectations that
everything will remain the same. In default-mode, you will maintain your current way of living according to the direction your environment and your past is taking you. Regardless of whether you have claimed your power or not, compartment-eight is where you express your truth.

The quality of your life is limited to the compartment you have invested the least amount of willpower in. This means that the quality of your life is only going to be as good as your weakest link. As you grow in life, these different areas grow and balance out with each other. In other words, as one area improves it pulls the others up as they tug it down until they find a balanced point. The same balancing effect applies if a compartment repositions for the worse. Ultimately, you want all eight compartments to be at an optimal point, working in harmony together.

~Nicholas D'Arezzo~

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This is an extension of a post I wrote titled “The Unspoken Taboo That Self-Help Experts Never Warn You About,” which discusses the inner psychological conflicts you may experience during the “inner” change process. If you haven't read it then you can find it here:


In this post, I will talk about the external chaos you may experience when putting to motion your deliberate choice to resonate with a new way of living or when deliberately attracting. This is what you can expect to deal with right after that magic moment takes place, when you say, “I am ready,” and believe it, then act on it.

~Post begins here~

So there you are, paddling a boat towards an island you desire to live on. Between you and the island is a storm. You can do one of three things. You can paddle through the storm and throw things overboard to spare the boat from sinking. You can choose to keep everything, and still paddle through the storm, which will sink the boat. Lastly, you can just sit there and hope the storm doesn't come in your direction (which it typically does).

In the world of deliberate manifestation, once you decide to make changes in your life, you will immediately be placed in a boat, on the ocean, looking at a storm while forced to make a decision. In other words, once you begin the process of deliberately moving forward towards a better place, everything around you will immediately have a new expiration date.

Here are some of the factors that make up the storm which you may be paddling through.

You may experience losing grip on your life. It will be like trying to hold a handful of sand as you powerlessly watch each grain slip through your fingers. This will feel like life is moving way too fast for you to handle and things are happening at speeds out of your control. Only focus on controlling what you can (like your health and basic needs) when you're in this type of situation. If you realize you are losing control, then try your best not to let it emotionally affect you. Just let it all go and let it all settle on its own. If it were meant to continue to be a part of your life, then you will be able to go back and pick up the pieces when you are done riding your emotional roller-coaster. Pondering on the loses will set you back and counteract your original intentions. Therefore, keep this in mind, and keep moving forward to better as intended.

You may experience losing things. This will be an actual loss from misplacement, or the item breaks. Everything holds a vibration, and some of the things you own will conflict with the vibrations you are drawing in. Therefore, those things will disappear one way or the other.

Another result of deliberately manifesting is the experience of people suddenly disappearing out of your life. I'm not saying everyone you know will vanish, but expect to lose a few friends. As you change, everyone else will seem to change, which will change how you respond to them and ultimately relate to them. Eventually, you will find yourself growing away from some of the people who were once close to you.

You may learn truths that you weren't prepared to learn. These may be truths you need to know or revelations about your past that will pertain to your current situation. Sometimes, to move on to better, you have to come to terms with issues you previously weren't willing to face or were utterly ignorant of. The reason is, it may be required for you to accept this truth to be the person you need to be, to belong to the experience you seek. It may also be information you must know to strategically and mentally prepare you. This preparation will prevent you from being blindsided or thrown off your proverbial axis during the new experience you seek.

New insights may also encourage you to take specific actions according to what you learned, to preserve your best interests. These truths may not be from the past, but instead might be your manifestations drawing truths to you. You may see an article or something online that catches your attention. Someone may suddenly see you in a different light (because you are changing) and share information you weren't ready to hear. In either case, this is information you need to know for you to be able to move on. Usually, it will be a truth that alters your beliefs so you will be open to receiving the elements of your desired experiences.

Another type of truth you might be strong-armed to come to terms with is your destiny. To make a tiresomely long story as short as possible, you are here to have specific predetermined experiences. You aren't here to learn as much as you are here for exposure. You can read a book about how to do anything and understand the fundamentals. You can't read a book and experience anything, no matter how vivid your imagination is. It is only until you go out and live it that you will have experienced it. At that point, you will have attained true knowledge according to the experience you had.

We are here for specific experiences; otherwise, we wouldn't have to be here. We are here to have specific experiences with our co-creators as well. Also, we are here to develop our will and spiritual presence. I don't know this for a fact, but it almost seems as if we are here to gain compassion so we can take on more significant responsibilities in a more evolved reality. Therefore, it is safe to say that you have a destiny and a life-plan for the remainder of your incarnation. You have two options. You can be resistant to your path and experience your destiny in misery, or you can accept your path and experience your destiny with content. If you find that you are struggling with your destiny then keep in mind that once you achieve harmony with your destiny, everything will seemingly fall into place.

Expect to have to return to old obstacles you avoided or dodged. You will know you are being confronted by your destiny when you realize you must go back to overcome obstacles you once avoided. You will be haunted by the stones you left unturned until you return to the creek and turn them over. This can come in a myriad of ways, and it will be very personal to you. Therefore, it is safe to say that you will know when you are faced with past issues that need to be addressed before you can move on.

And there you have it. These are just some of the incidences that may take place during your transition towards a new way of living. These incidences are a result of you tipping the scales and establishing a new balance. I am not saying that everything I list is going to happen to you. What I am saying is don't be surprised if one or several of the ramifications I list occurs during your journey. On a positive note, when you do notice occurrences taking place that seem to be negative on the surface, you will know better. You will know it is a sign of progress. This is because the old structure that is your current experience is shifting and re-adjusting so you can fit into the new structure you are manifesting. It's an unnerving experience that will feel like your life is on weighing scales trying to re-balance as they teeter, but rest assured, there is a method to the madness.

~Nicholas D’Arezzo~

I’m going to touch base on a few traps that are self-created by comparing yourself to others. These self-created comparisons will cripple the potential of your deliberate attraction and manifestation results. By understanding the origin of these emotional pitfalls, you will be in a position to do something about it for the better.

I will start with envy, which is the awareness of other’s abilities and skills that give them an advantage over others. Envy is a double-edged sword because not all envy is bad. You can admire and envy a person simultaneously, which is normal and healthy. You can also behold an unhealthy envy which is envy stacked with hatred or disgust. Whichever the case may be, you feel inferior on some level which makes the attributes you envy out of your reach. They are out of your reach when you aren't in the required mindset to obtain those attributes by choosing to remain envious.

When you become aware of the abilities that someone has, that gives that person an advantage in life, you can learn from that person and grow. This is because feeling envious signifies that you are noticing a specific ability that you want to call your own. In other words, recognition of good traits that aren't already yours is taking place because you want them for yourself. You want them for yourself because they will help you fulfill your purpose for being here. They will make your travels towards your destiny easier.

That said, if you are already in a mindset that allows you to be aware of the traits you want to call your own, then you are halfway there (to making those traits yours). The other half is the required work it will take to make those traits yours (hence the envy). This can only happen after you shift your emotions of envy (both good and bad) into the realization of your potential so you can work on strengthening those areas within yourself. Therefore, use your envy as a teacher by recognizing what you envy, then work towards making those attributes your own.

Next is jealousy. Jealousy is the awareness of the privileges that others have that give them the means to move through life with less work or effort than others. Unlike the privilege of having an ability, that we might feel envious towards, these are privileges that need no work, skill or ability to maintain. Jealousy is felt when you realize the struggles you have to deal with are far more significant than the struggles the person you are jealous of has. Jealousy can be of a person’s privileges, perks, freedoms, beauty, and overall “given” upper-hand in life.

Whereas envy can be easily identified and fixed, jealousy is a hidden realization that you are where you don't belong. If you are sharply aware that someone else is getting by effortlessly, to the point of feeling jealous, then you are in the wrong place or position in your life. This is because, if you were manifesting a lifestyle you love, you wouldn’t be in a position to notice how well others are doing because you would be too busy enjoying your own story. Therefore, if this is the case for you, then you need to take a good look at where you are at in life. Take action to realize what kind of lifestyle you would have to live in order to be immune to jealousy. Your newfound realization will be a good indicator of where your next steps towards a new path can begin.

Next on the list of comparisons would be resentment, which stems from intimidation and can morph into feeling like a victim. Resentment is an emotion we have all experienced and will probably experience again. Resentment is like a sticky tar that holds you down if you touch it. An example that almost all of us can relate to would be the resentment we had or have towards others in higher positions, within our workplace, especially the ones directly above us.

If you love your job and your superiors, then you are in a very desirable spot. However, you may not like your job because you hate your superiors. Dealing with these people makes you aware of your vulnerability, and because of this, you begin to resent these individuals deeply. Once you start to feel vulnerable around these people, the sticky murk has got a hold of you. If there is nothing you can do to rise above the resentment you have of a superior then you need to make plans to move on, either within that company or towards a new one. This is because living with resentment, in one area of your life, will eventually seep into and compromise all the other areas of your life. Resentment is very corrosive to a healthy lifestyle.

Of course, resentment isn't solely a workplace issue. This feeling takes place in any event where you feel trapped or at the mercy of another. It's a feeling of powerlessness due to another. Whatever area of life you are at, where you see yourself as a victim, is where the resentment will be. It's a nasty emotion but a significant indicator of where to find your self-inflicted or allowed weaknesses so you can start to be proactive in regaining your personal power. Resentment is also a pre-judgment trap because once you get stuck to the murk of resentment, caused by a specific individual with specific characteristics, you are very likely to instantly put up walls the moment you notice similar characteristics in another individual whom you have yet to let in.

Here is a quick example to sum this all up. I live in Florida, and in Florida, our carpenter ants don’t eat wood. Over here, they eat food crumbs like all the other ants. Only the carpenter ants up north eat wood (New England states). However, the carpenter ants in Florida like to nest in wet, damaged wood. If a person has a sudden infestation of carpenter ants in Florida, it means the ants are burrowing in damaged wood nearby, which means there might be an unknown roof-leak or tree with root-rot nearby. The ants may be a nuisance, but nothing like the nuisance a collapsed ceiling in the house, hidden black mold, or a tree falling on the house would be. For those who are aware of this probability, the ants are merely a small indicator and warning of the mess to come if the nesting source of the ants is not found and addressed.

Just like we would recognize the nuisance of carpenter ants as an indicator of hidden dangers around our home, you should recognize your ill feelings towards others as an indicator of the hidden demons in your mind. Once the source is addressed, the demons will go away like the Florida carpenter ants who no longer have wet, damaged wood to nest and grow in. Much like the ants, the nasty feeling you get from comparing yourself to others is mother nature's way of suggesting you look around and find the source.   

~Nicholas D’Arezzo~

I am going to briefly discuss the inner friction you may endure when making personal changes to yourself. I’m talking about the personal changes that involve the restructuring of your attitude and beliefs. If you are attempting to make significant changes to your beliefs for the first time in your life then you will experience extreme turbulence. This is because, at the beginning of your journey, you may be dealing with a lot of issues from your past that you have repressed without resolving. Although you put these issues behind you, they are still influential in your present reality. Therefore, expect significant resistance from your subconscious mind during your very first “go-around.” As you progress in life and continue to make changes, you will be dealing with less turbulence because you will have already resolved the major issues during your first attempts to change your mental circuitry.

Unresolved issues are like open applications on your computer. If you don't completely shut down a program, it will continuously run in the background and compromise the performance of the computer. You won’t notice the computer slowing down at first, but as time progresses and more programs are left open, the compromised performance will become more apparent. If you attempt to open a new program when too many programs are running in the background, the chief operating system will alert you to close some of the open programs in order to provide the required processing power.

Much like operating a P.C., the first time you attempt to make changes, you may notice a lot of old issues resurfacing to request your attention. These issues need to be dealt with or “closed” so you can proceed with the new “program” you wish to run. Surfaced issues are your mind’s way of alerting you that the changes you want to make conflicts with old beliefs that are still running in the background. Your mind will surface any old beliefs that contradict your new installed-beliefs because it needs you to pick one and close the other.

Another reason why you will be dealing with inner conflict is because the mind hates change. Making changes in your routine is a threat to the survival mechanism in your primitive brain called the amygdala. It figures it has survived this long, doing what it was doing, and any change is a possible threat to its life. You may feel this conflict on a lower animalistic level, which is why it will not make sense to you logically.

Keep in mind that the negative experiences I list should only last a few weeks. During that time you may want to lay low and take it easy. These are some of the occurrences you should expect:

You may experience guilt, which is the conflict between the heart and mind. You might find yourself having consistent feelings like you did something wrong, but you can't pinpoint what it is. It might even escalate to you worrying that you're going to be punished for doing something wrong, but you still can't pinpoint what you did wrong, let alone why you're going to be punished and who is going to punish you. If this is your situation then the less you do, the less you'll have to second-guess yourself. Lay low until the negative feelings reside.

Very similar to guilt and a possible result of guilt is anxiety. Just like guilt, this may be a feeling that something terrible is going to happen to you. In general, it's a feeling of fear and worry. This can come as a sharp pain in the chest, followed by a rapid heartbeat and loss of breath that will wake you from your sleep. You may find yourself not wanting to do anything, but instead, wanting to stay home or anywhere you feel safe. Anxiety can surface in different ways at different times. The primary symptom of anxiety is an intense worry. Again, lay low until it resides. Also, be aware of what may be triggering your anxiety as it will be a clue on the issues you need to address.

You may experience nightmares, or dreams that are disturbing to you. On a similar note, you may find yourself being bombarded with thoughts and emotions that you aren't usually bombarded with. Mostly, these are issues that are surfacing because they need to be dealt with before you can behold the new beliefs you are trying to behold.

You might suddenly remember a situation when someone wronged you which makes you feel anger or rage. As these types of memories and emotions surface, you need to reevaluate the situation then forgive yourself for letting it happen. You need to realize you are older and wiser now and didn't know any better at the time. The best way to deal with these kinds of thoughts is to identify how you allowed the situation to be, then work on those areas so you never allow a situation like that into your experiences again. If you don’t take this approach, it will be an ongoing internal loop of anger that can't be resolved because closure is impossible in this type of situation. The only thing you can do about a situation like this is to make sure you do what you have to do, from now on, to ensure it won't happen again. You can only have power over your actions and reactions, so only stay where you have the ability to be proactive.

Confusion is common whenever undergoing changes in your life because your mind is rewiring itself while also trying to function like normal. Going back to the computer analogy, you are simultaneously starting new programs that contradict the old ones, and we aren't as easily programmable as a personal computer. We can’t just delete unwanted programs, but instead, have to override unwanted programs with new ones. That said, during this process, you will have too many programs running at once which will cause slow speeds and lag in your mind. This, in turn, will cause you to experience mental exhaustion which creates physical exhaustion. You may not have the energy you usually have, or would like to have. However, keep in mind that this will only last a couple of weeks, so hang in there.

You may find yourself in a state of deep depression. This depression can derive from your realizing you are going to have to leave cherished comforts behind. Sometimes, the changes you attempt will separate you from friends and loved ones. Sometimes moving on means to move away from the old ways as they no longer can support your new experiences. This can be your moving away from a location, or your moving away from others.

This brings me to the obvious of needing more sleep because this is when the brain can recuperate, and it will require much recuperation during this process. When you are awake, you may feel a bit overwhelmed which will create confusion and a lack of motivation to do anything. You will want nothing more than to be blissfully zoned out because that will be the most comfortable way to be while the rewiring process takes place.

Remember that everything I listed should only last a few weeks. Eventually, your mind will give in and reorganize old beliefs to suit your new intentions and goals. This is, of course, after it rebelliously kicks and screams for a little bit because it doesn't like to change, hence the reason for the bad thoughts and nightmares. Any new way of living and thinking is a bit traumatic for the brain.

~Nicholas D’Arezzo~

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