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What is Classic WoW?

Classic WoW is a special version of World of Warcraft, allowing players to relive the original version of the popular MMORPG World of Warcraft. This version of WoW features old character models, original zones untouched by the Cataclysm's destruction, complex talent trees, and the original PvP Honor Grind. Combat mechanics, original character models, and skill trees all contribute to a truly authentic experience.

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In order for all players to have a better experience,there are always many changes and improvements in the game,you can also enjoy the osrs quest service of our website. rs 3 gold

Improvement of Elite Desert Diary:

After Elite Desert Diary completes,the teleport point is change to the inside of the sprint at Nardah,make access to the Statuette for regeneration faster,obviously,this is better than drops outside the general store in Nardah.

Improvement of Lunar Island:

After completed the fremennik elite diary?you can use right-click option to an NPC in the Bank to reintroduce the seal mechanic for players who've completed the Elite Diary,then you will be sent back to Rellekka with a much friendlier dialog.

Some changes for the Cook's Assistant quest:

In order to know more clearly where players can go to get necessary items,tidying up dialogue and text in the quest.

Object creation selection menu:

To improve usability,set the spacebar binding to repeat the last action you performed on the menu.For example, the first time you open a menu,you can select bulb as an option,and then select set to 1.The next time you open the menu,you can press the spacebar to receive the bulb without any other input.

There are many questions that will be improved soon.We have a lot of experience in acquiring fire cape and infernal cape, which is safe and fast.

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Noblegarden is a holiday event that takes place in World of Warcraft, allowing players to search for colored eggs hidden around the various starting areas and get rewards. Traditionally, the event starts on Western Easter Sunday and lasts for several days.

On April 12, Noblegarden in 2020 was held as scheduled, it was worth mentioning that it is the first Noblegarden holiday event after Blizzard released Classic edition last August, so the content is much, much more stripped back.

The players in World of Warcraft Classic are required to hunt for Brightly Colored Eggs, with candies inside them to increase stamina and spirit by 2 for 10 minutes, as well as a few cosmetic items like pets, toys and mounts.

In some areas, the players can find hidden colored eggs with an uncertain drop rate for inner items, they are not all useful, or something that does not have any practical purpose. It’s better to send some to the Auction House or trade with others before the end of the season, otherwise it will decrease its value, because no one will be interested in the out-of-season garments.

The event is short-lived and only available during Easter, from 12 AM to 11:59 PM sever time, have you found enough Colored Eggs to celebrate the festival?

Since this is the first year the holiday will be running, Blizzard provided the zone maps for the spawns of the Brightly Colored Eggs to show the breadth of the egg spawns and where some of the known spawn points occur among these six areas of Azeroth.

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With Runscape’s January 27th War’s Retreat (or the PvM Hub) update, many people are calling the Max Guild dead content. Is this warranted? Or are there advantages to both? How do they compare in requirements, access, and content?

REQUIREMENTS: The Max Guild requires you to have 99 in every skill and resets any time a new skill is released. On top of that, it requires a lengthy quest series to access its city, Prifddinas, which is locked behind a membership. War’s Retreat only requires combat level 60, allowing pures to access it, and is free-to-play. War’s Retreat is a clear winner here, as it has incredibly low requirements that are completed by maxing anyway.

ACCESS: Both the Max Guild and War’s Retreat have runeless teleports directly to them. War’s Retreat does require 10 boss kills, which is negligible considering the Giant Mole or King Black Dragon can easily get you that. Assuming you have access to both, it’s a tie.

BOSS PORTALS: The real reason these two areas are compared is they both offer quick access to bosses. The first time attuning each areas’ portal is free, then costs money beyond that. The Max Guild offers a 50k coin reattunement without a kill on the boss and offers access to additional combat areas. War’s Retreat requires you to have at least one kill on a boss, with a 100k reattunement fee to that boss until you have 100 kills on it; it then drops to 50k. After 100 total boss kills, you unlock a second portal with the same restrictions. War’s Retreat also offers a portal to your current Reaper task and another portal to the elite dungeon on rotation, both of which are incredibly helpful. It’s difficult to compare these; I would say the Max Guild is better for early bossing, but War’s Retreat far outstrips it for late bossing.

BONFIRE: Both areas offer a bonfire with a few significant differences. The Max Guild’s bonfire allows Cooking and Firemaking, with additional bonuses. War’s Retreat, however, only offers the bonfire health boost, but takes no supplies and is much faster to proc. The downside is that it starts at regular logs (lasting six minutes) and must be upgraded with 1,000 Marks of War and 1,000 logs of increasing level, with a total coin cost of over 9.7 million. For low- to mid- experienced players, I believe the Max Guild is much better, but experienced PvMers can easily unlock the Elder log bonus after six hours of bossing.

DECANTING, BANK, AND ALTAR: Potions are necessary for high level bossing, and both areas offer a decanting service. However, only War’s Retreat offers decanting into flasks, which makes it a clear winner here. Both areas offer banks and altars that restore Prayer and Summoning points, but while the banks are free, you must unlock the altar in War’s Retreat after 200 total boss kills.

OTHER SERVICES: The Max Guild is not a dedicated PvM area, and so offers several skilling benefits instead: a Grand Exchange stand, a skillcape seller, and two skilling portals that do not have a maxed requirement. War’s Retreat offers dummies like the Lumbridge Combat Academy, adrenaline crystals (unlocked after 1,000 total kills), and a high-level aura and aura/Sign of Life refresh shop.

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Law of Attraction for Health / What is Wow Classic Gold?
« on: March 26, 2020, 01:48:29 PM »
Gold in World of Warcraft Classic is a currency that is awarded in small quantities for completing quests and missions, defeating enemies, and selling unwanted items to vendors. It is used in the game to purchase things like armor repairs, crafting reagents and the use of flight paths that ferry players to various locations. It is also the currency of exchange on WoW’s auction house. The most money a single character can carry is 9,999,999g; the same limit applies to guild banks. Prior to Patch 7.0.3, the limit for both was 999,999g 99s 99c.

How to Buy wow classic gold cheap ?

WOW Classic Gold is really necessary, especially for someone who spends more than earn.

You can get money by looting dead mobs, completing quests, selling items to vendor NPCs, via trade or mail from other player characters, or by selling an item at the Auction House. If you use money to put a deposit down for auctioning an item, you lose the deposit if it doesn't sell or if you cancel the auction, but any failed bids are returned via mail.

To be honest, there are some other methods to earn WOW Classic Golin the game itself, but all the benefits are paid with efforts, there is no shortage of players who kept in front of the computer all day to collect a small amount of WOW Classic Gold, and in case you really need it, we would give you the brief introduction about the WOW Classic Gold guide again.

Choosing the most profitable class for your characters is the fastest way to make money, such as Mining and Herbalism.

And never be lazy. Collect the resource as much as you in your adventure, leather, cloth, gems, fish and more are all okay, and then sell them to others in exchange for money.

However, it often happens to buy some WOW Classic Gold from the stores directly in order to save more time and energy.

Where to buy WOW Classic?

Players are always searching for the most reliable store, but only a few ones can get the right answer.

In order to ensure the WOW Classic Gold you get are safe and legal enough, think twice before your purchase. Ask the sellers all problems you want to know, and then make a judgment.

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Coronavirus in Old School RuneScape

The threat of the new coronavirus is skyrocketing. Amid the fear of this new disease, people are flooding supermarkets to stockpile supplies while ironically increasing their chances of getting sick and spreading it at an even faster pace. In response to this, RS3gold team has also taken action.

Is it Still Safe to Buy OSRS Gold?

In short, yes. Why are we so confident? Because we are looking at this crisis seriously. Our professionals in the sales team are washing their hands after every transaction, however inconvenient that might sometimes be. Recently, we have also taken additional measures and began disinfecting every gold coin that comes into our possession and later yours. Customer satisfaction is a priority for us, but their safety and health are of paramount importance. Buying OSRS gold today is as safe as it ever was.

Healthy OSRS Accounts

We put great care into each and every account we prepare for you. That is and has always been our mission. As a team used to constantly changing needs and circumstances we face the new challenge head-on. Currently, our hand-trained accounts undergo additional health checks. Those accounts that might have visited places where there is a high risk of contagion or met people who come from those places are additionally quarantined and monitored until we are 100% certain they are coronavirus free. When you buy OSRS accounts from us, know that you are getting a top-quality product.


You can trust our real-world trading professionals who you meet in-game to trade gold. They are well-prepared and take every precaution that needs to be taken in situations like this. In addition to using a disinfectant, they are also wearing facemasks for that extra safety. Please, do not get irritated or angry with them, if they don’t shake your hand – that’s all for your own good. But, if you insist, they will and they will wash their hands before meeting another customer.

Our recommendations for you:

Be wary and avoid places with lots of people: not only is it hard to find monsters to kill or resources to obtain in such places, but disease spreads like mad.

Do not linger around Duel Arena. Wise Old Man says, that every minute you spend loitering around Duel Arena instead of actually dueling, the chances of you getting scammed increase. Now there is another reason not to do that – coronavirus. Scammers are not to be trusted, so how can you know whether they are washing their hands? You can’t and they most likely aren’t.

The above-mentioned rule applies to the Grand Exchange as well. We also strongly recommend washing your hands after every transaction made.

Go bossing. Instanced content is much safer than the open world. In cases when you can’t do it alone, make sure to bring along people you trust completely.

While we’re on the topic, make sure to use clan chat more often, instead of meeting people in person, unless it is absolutely necessary.

As for Wildnerness – go wild. Players there are already intent on bashing each other’s skulls in, so what’s it matter.

In case you feel fatigued and suspect you have contracted the virus, grab some potions and use home teleport. Once there, drink a potion and log out for a while. Do not invite guests and make sure to go outside only when a medical professional confirms that you can.

This week has brought us a series of events and updates in the RS game. Among them is Umbral Chest RuneScape, which has invoked quite a massive negative comments since its announcement. What’s wrong with the chest and why the players are so unhappy with it?

What is Umbral Chest?

The chest is a free item in a recent promotion of the game. As is said in the earlier announcement, players excluding the ironmen are able to have one Umbral Chest for free every time they buy 450 Treasure Hunter keys. The chest will give a rare purple prize when it is opened. There are also a quite wide variety of loots from the chest, including 200,000,000 coins, Ocean's Archer Body and Hands token, Silverhawk feathers, Lucky Torag's hammer, etc..

Opinions on Umbral Chests promo

In the aforementioned announcement, it encourages players to “feel free to take advantage as many times as you like,” which draws quite a wave of complaint. Among the comments on the internet, there are some players saying that the deal is insane, considering the cost of 450 Treasure Hunter keys weighs much more than the possible prizes from the chest. Further more, the discussion of the chest has been led to a complaint to the Microtransactions (also MTX), a monetisation model where players can purchase in-game goods, and the action that the company put profit-making before the in-game experience of players.

Do you think it is worthy to get one Umbral Chest RuneScape with the cost of 450 Treasure Hunter Keys? Tell us your opinion. To learn more information about the RS game, you can visit RSorder site, where you can also find cheap RS gold.

Feedback And Suggestions / osrs Treasure Trails Mimic Boss
« on: March 16, 2019, 09:51:31 AM »
Players will be able to unlock the ability to fight the Mimic Boss. After unlocking the feature by speaking to an NPC, upon completion of a clue scroll your reward casket will have a rare chance at becoming a Mimic that you must defeat in order to receive your reward. This Mimic boss will be found on Elite and Master clue caskets and will swallow you whole into an instance to initiate the fight.

The mechanics of the fight are still to be determined, however, it was suggested by one of you to have the Mimic boss spawn floating ghostly NPCs wearing 3rd Age Sets that attack you while having the Mimic boss throw various Treasure Trails items representing different attack styles. Another suggestion from you was to have the Mimic boss transform into random Old School RuneScape iconic bosses that will imitate attack styles of that boss. Should Mimic boss pass a poll, we will look to you all for feedback regarding the overall mechanics of the fight. Keep in mind that the Mimic boss is intended to be high risk but high reward.

Clue Scroll Graphical Changes

A graphical change to the way clue scrolls look in your inventory and bank will help make it easier to distinguish between the tiers of clue scrolls. We have received a few ideas regarding the graphical changes and have a mock up of them above to make them fit the style of Old School but also make them distinguishable, similar to the clue bottles and nests:

As one of the best F2P MMORPGs, RS can be played on both desktop and mobile. And there are two versions of this game, including RS3 and OSRS. Besides, every week you are able to enjoy the new game updates. In the meantime, since 2007, RSorder has been offering various kinds of RS products with 24 hours online support all the time.

The Intro to 2019 video from Jagex mentioned there will be a rework of Completionist and added Endgame capes. In commendations to approved Completionist, a accepted roadblock lots of humans and myself acquaintance is earning the Reaper title. Some administration crave you to acquire keys to admission them, others crave a aggregation of accomplished individuals, or they basically crave you to pay 120m rs gold to get a Solak kill. There in fact is no way to accumulate the bossing association blessed with difficult administration to apprentice while aswell not ambience up huge roadblocks for those of us who ambition Completionist artlessly for the recognition. There are humans too who ambition BiS cape for bossing but don't ambition to bother with accepting all the added Completionist requirements done, and there are humans who already did the bullwork to acquire it but don't ambition their efforts wasted.

RSorder-My claimed assessment is to abolish Reaper altogether, or acquiesce DTD to calculation abandoned for 1kc appear the title. However, Mods accept already said no to acceptance DTD to count, so I'm accommodating to try and acquisition a accommodation that works for the majority of people, both cape owners and cape coveters alike. Actuality is my idea, hardly adapted from accession idea:

- Abolish Reaper from Completionist requirements completely.

- Actualize the afterward 3 capes for anniversary of their corresponding titles (see below). Even with all the pets and bang-up titles, Final Bang-up and Insane Final Bang-up deserve added acceptance abreast from a game-wide advertisement and a title.

- Nerf approved Comp's stats down to Maxed cape's stats. It will no best be BiS by itself.

- Abolish the aftereffect of Ava's accent from Comp, but not from Trimmed Comp. Add this aftereffect to all Reaper capes.

- Reaper cape by itself should NOT be BiS, but Final Bang-up and Insane Final Bang-up should accept aforementioned stats and should be BiS. Trimmed Atone will accept aforementioned stats as Final Boss/Insane Final Boss, and accordingly will aswell be BiS. Reaper cape will accept 2 advantage slots while Final Bang-up and Insane Final Bang-up will accept 3 advantage slots.

- All of these new capes will accept a teleport to Death's Office the aforementioned way the Maxed cape has a Max Brotherhood teleport.

- The Reaper capes can all be added to the Atone capes (either approved or Trimmed). If you add any of these new capes to approved Comp, afresh approved Atone will become BiS, agnate in stats to Trimmed, Final Boss, or Insane Final Boss. You cannot add the new capes to the Atone cape if they accept allowances already. You can accept multiples of these new capes but they will allotment the aforementioned allowances as their duplicates. In added words, they allotment the aforementioned advantage inventory, so to speak, like the ore box from the accessible Mine/Smith rework.

- Atone and Trimmed Atone accumulate 3 advantage slots each. If you ambition BiS cape, and 3 perks, afresh this armament anybody to either get Reaper AND Atone to afresh amalgamate them, or Final Boss/Insane Final Boss, or Trimmed Comp.

- If you add a Reaper cape to a Atone cape (either one), the Atone cape assets the teleport to Death's Office and the adeptness of Ava's device.

- To accept Ava's accent on your BiS cape, you can get a Final Boss/Insane Final Bang-up title, or you can get Reaper AND Atone and amalgamate them, or you can just get Trimmed Comp.

- Final Bang-up and Insane Final Bang-up capes should accept atom furnishings btw. I do not yield any acclaim for this aesthetic architecture whatsoever, nor do I yield abounding acclaim for the abstraction of amid Reaper titles from Comp. Shoutout to /u/zenyl for alarming my idea, and Jackscape for the aesthetic architecture of these admirable and amazing capes.

This abstraction gives humans versatility in accepting a BiS cape with 3 allowances and Ava's device's effect. It gives added acceptance to the struggles in accepting Final Bang-up and Insane Final Boss. It does not abuse those who already accept Reaper and Comp. It rewards those who already accept Final Bang-up and Insane Final Boss. It provides allurement for bossers and PvMers to focus on what they adulation and doesn't force them to do all of Completionist just to get a BiS cape. Those who just ambition the acceptance of Completionist afterwards Reaper no best allegation to bang-up alot for Atone (this is what I will do if the abstraction comes to fruition). If they anytime change their minds though, they just allegation to acquire Reaper as able-bodied to accession their Atone cape up to BiS.

Those with Trimmed are not afflicted in any way either. If you ambition a BiS cape afterwards accepting a Reaper cape, you can go for Trimmed Comp. If you already accept Trimmed Comp, you get the advantage of abacus a Death's Office teleport to your cape by abacus a Reaper cape, which you should already be able to own anyways.

If you've apprehend all of this and accept my crazy idea, amuse allotment your assessment with me down below! To accord some claimed perspective: I currently accept 3 things larboard for approved Completionist (Music, Reaper, and 120 Dung/Slayer). I abandoned accept 5 administration absolute to alleviate Reaper (Legiones, Telos, Solak, RotS, and Yaka) but I do not in any way adore bossing. My accepted affairs are to get Comp, afresh MQC, and afresh a few 120s for fun and afresh retire by accepting cool affluent via Mining/Smithing (my admired skills).

Feedback And Suggestions / [osrs]F2P Money Making Methods
« on: November 30, 2018, 02:10:19 PM »
1. Killing Cows

This is one of the most classic money making methods in OSRS. Some Cows are located north of Lumbridge and east side of the river. You need to get 15 in each of your Melee combat skill (Attack, Strength, Defence), and you’ll want to buy a steel Scimitar as well as full steel armor from the GE. Cows are very quick to kill and they drop Cowhides which are worth 150 gp each. Cowhides are always in demand because they’re used for early-game Crafting methods for F2P and P2P. You would get 50K-75K gp/h depending on your Combat level. It is not a ton of money per hour, but considering that Cows are one of the recommended early-game training methods, this is not a bad spot for training as well as for money making.

2. Tanning Cowhide

This is a Production money making method and earns you about 75K gp/h. All you need for tanning Cowhide is some gp and some Cowhides. You are going to find Ellis in north-western Al Kharid who offers tanning service for a small fee per item (From Lumbridge, use the toll gate which costs either 10 coins). Because of his close proximity to a bank, it is common for players to withdraw cowhides from the bank, have Ellis tan them, then bank the tanned leathers and repeat the process.

3. Crafting Gold Amulets

You can craft Gold amulet in Al Kharid, which only requires level 8 Crafting, and you also need to buy a amulet mould and some gold bars from the GE with your RS gold. Each gold bar can be turned into 1 amulet, and this method could earn you 100K-125K gp/h.

This is highly recommended because crafting Gold amulet not only gives you a good amount of RuneScape gold but also gives you Crafting XP which helps level up your Crafting skill very quickly in the early levels.

4. Mining Iron ore

Mining Iron ore is a great early-game money making methods especially for F2P players. To mine Iron ore, you need 15 Mining, and the higher Mining level you have, the more effective you will be. The only thing you need to mine Iron ore is a pickaxe, and you should always have the highest level pickaxe that you can wear. So if you are 15 Mining, the best pickaxe you can wear is Black pickaxe, but the steel pickaxe is easier to get, however, you can buy both of them from the GE.

At level 21 Mining, you can wield the Mithril pickaxe, wield Adamant pickaxe at level 31, and wield Rune pickaxe at level 41 which is the best pickaxe in F2P.

The best mining spots are the South-east Varrock mine and the South-west Varrock mine. When mining Iron ore, you need to have the pickaxe in your inventory or equipped if you have the proper Attack level. Iron ore is currently worth 175 gp, and the money you would get depends on your Mining level and how busy these mining spots are. But on average, you could easily earn about 100K gp/h, and if you have higher Mining level, you would get up to 115k-125K gp/h.

One thing worth noting: when you have higher Mining levels, you might be tempted to mine higher level ores for profit. However, the amount of time for mining these higher level ores makes them not really worthwhile for money making. But there are exceptions like mining Gold ores or Runite ore which requires higher Mining levels.

5. Picking up Ashed

If you have no money, then this is an easy way to get some cash. Many people train their Firemaking skill at the GE and left Ashes on the ground, and Ashes are used in some Member skills as well as quests, so they do have a value. If you just go to the GE and pick up all the Ashes that people leave behind, then you would make about 40K gp/h.

6. Catching Lobsters

This is a resource gathering method, you will get some Fishing XP while making the money. To catch Lobsters, you need level 40 Fishing. You are going to catch Lobster with a Lobster pot and some RS gold at Musa Point which is the northeastern edge of Karamja, located west of Port Sarim.

Once you get a full inventory of Lobsters, you have 2 options:

1: If you have 37 Magic, you can teleport to Falador, bank the Lobsters and run back down to Port Sarim and take the boat again.

2:Another way to bank items is going back to Port Sarim by boat, and deposit your items into the a deposit box there. However, it will cost around 540 rsgp, which will slightly lower the profit, assuming nine roundtrips are made every hour, but this method is much quicker.

Please click Youtuber FlippingOldschool 's video for more details of this beginner money making guide, and all the content of this article is quoted from his video:

7. Cutting Oak logs

This could earn you 50K-100K rsgp/h depending on your Woodcutting level. It is recommended to start cutting Oak logs as soon as you reach level 15 Woodcutting. This is a very simple method considering that the Oak trees are very close to the Bank. One of the best locations is right beside the Draynor villiage bank where there are 2 Oak trees that you can cut and deposit into the Bank.

You should always be wearing the highest axe that you can wear. At level 21, you can wear a Mithiril axe; at level 31, you can wear an Adamant axe; and at level 41, wear Rune axe. But it is still a good method to cut Oak logs when you only have a Steel axe.

8. Killing Dark Wizard

You are going to kill Dark wizards which are a little south of where you cut Oak logs in Draynor villiage. The best way to kill them is with your Ranged skill at level 20. Dark Wizards drop different types of Runes including Nature rune which is pretty valuable as well as Black robes. The Black robes are worth about 2K rsgp each, and the Dark wizrard drop them frequently. You might only get 40K rsgp/h here, however, you will be training your Ranged skill, and this is a decent training methods all the way up to level 30 Ranged.

You’ll want to grab the highest level of Shortbow you can wear. At level 20, you can wear Willow shortbow, the Iron arrows. As for the equipment, you can wear the Studded chaps as well as the Studded body. You can also buy an Amulet of strength or an Amulet of power off the GE with which you will be able to kill them quickly without taking much damage. However, it is recommended to take some food with you.

9. Collecting Anti-dragon shield

You need to complete the Dragon Slayer quest, and if you are F2P only, then you need to complete all of the F2P quests including the Dragon Slayer. Once you complete the Draon slayer, you can buy the Anti-dragon shield from Oziach who is located in Edgeville.

You are going to run up to Oziach’s building, buy all the Anti-dragon shields. From there, you’ll want to walk back to the Bank. The reason why I am using “Walk” is because your energy will deplete quicker when you are running with higher weights. So it makes sense to run when you have less weight in your inventory and walk when you have a higher weight.

It is about 100K rsgp/h doing this method. You won’t get any XP, but the gp per hour you can get will be better if the GE price is higher.

10. Telegrabing Wines of Zamorak

The spell of Telekinetic Grab only requires level 33 Magic to cast. However, having level 37 Magic for Falador teleport will be extremely useful. The tower has 2 levels, and it is highly recommended to have 500 total level for the access to the top level. Because the bottom floor will be heavily botted, and the Monk will attack you every time you cast the spell. But the top level is only accessible for those who are above 500 total level, and there is only 1 Monk there, so the top level will be much easier.

You are going to run all the way north from Falador with a Staff of Air, a Zamorak monk top, a Zamorak monk bottom, and a bunch of Law runes. You enter the Chaos Temple, go up to the upper level and cast the Telekinetic Grab on the Wine of Zamorak on the table (Don not try to pick it up manually).

This method is so profitable because each Wine of Zamorak is worth 2.1K rsgp. This item is no use for F2P players, but for members, they are used quite frequently. This is one of the best money making methods in F2P, and if you can find an empty World, it would earn you up to 250K RS gold per hour.

There are more F2P or complicated money making methods for OSRS, but the methods that we have mentioned in this article are some of the basic introductory ones that can help you start earning some RuneScape gold in the F2P game. Should you need more RuneScape money making guides, be sure to bookmark our RS news page on RSorder.

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