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I do this thing where I pull away from someone when they show they care for me. Or I attack them. Or I attack them then pull away. I just can’t trust a man, not any one. I attack them because they’re unfair, or unkind, and if it’s going to be like that I’d rather be alone.

Through my life there were different people who were special and who I loved, but they either tried to control me, or else they were incapable of understanding me and that I’m sensitive and can’t deal with certain things. I always left, in the end.

Objectively I think the problem IS men. They really do just want sex, a smile.. a sense of humour, some intelligent conversation (but not so intelligent it threatens them). They want to use you, basically..your well-being isn’t their priority. They don’t want the rest of you, the more complicated problematic bits ..kind of bizarre as I know they’re very attracted to the kind of aloofness combined with vulnerability, that’s the impression I give. (The chase, I suppose ..) And the reason I give off that air is precisely because I’ve got issues with closeness and with trust, and I’m a daydreamer and an avoider.

What to do, to find someone who loves unconditionally like I do? Who you can say everything to, not hold back? Just...honesty. And you can trust them to put your well-being first (Aristotle friendship style), even above what they want from you??

Does he exist? Is he right there trying to love me, and I just keep pulling away and won’t let him? I don’t feel I can trust the guy I’m seeing, even though he has literally done everything right up to now. I think he’s working on my defences, getting them down just because he wants me, at the moment.

How can I tell if I can trust him, if he really is loyal and kind or just pretending?

Am I being too idealistic? Maybe love is just a transaction and I have to work on detachment and compartmentalising.

Remote Seduction / Influence / Do you feel POI responding to you?
« on: October 21, 2018, 11:29:20 PM »
If so what does it feel like???

And how long did you RS them?
And was it your first target person or did you have others who you never felt respond to you?

THANKYOU all answers really appreciated.

Does anyone know? From experience preferably  8)

Remote Seduction / Influence / An opinion poll for RSers
« on: August 05, 2018, 09:16:25 PM »
Hi there all.
I'd like to hear from any willing participants to a brief survey:

So, first imagine you know nothing at all about Remote Seduction, Clear your mind, Become as objective (and honest) as you can be  ;D

My question is this:
Would you like to have RS done to you by someone, without your having any knowledge about it? Yes or no.

'It depends' is also a possible answer but if you answer like that could you clarify what it depends on?

I'll put the results together at the end of the thread.

Many thanks!!!!

(editing as I should have specified that when I say 'RS' I mean systematic, consciously intentional RS with a view to obtain an own outcome in relation to that person... i.e. wanting something from them)

Yes it appears to be true! From my own experience and from that of many others, I’ve observed by now.
Has anyone else noticed this effect too?

And what about those who find that shortly after beginning RSing on someone, they seem to suddenly gain new confidence and then quickly get together with someone else  :o

Could it maybe be the extra energy they’re getting from the RSer? Sexual drive? A combo?
Interested in others’ opinions on this.

Memory is not actually located in the brain.
Instead seems it’s intrinsic to e.g. places, objects, combos of certain things, sensory (smells, sights etc.).
This totally explains ‘haunting’. The ghosts are in fact memories!

This is why it can help so much making a break... even just temporary, or even just trying e.g. changing your rooms around! after someone you lived with dies or moves out. Change the colours, the lighting if possible.
Or taking a total break from that location might also help to ‘exorcise’... (sp?) though when you come back it might feel so sad.

I walked into our kitchen recently after being in a different country with our kids for some months. I instantly burst into tears and came out with ‘this is where my soul died!’, and then my ex-partner started to cry too. I didn’t want to hurt him, it just popped out! And it’s almost unbearable being here for the holidays again.

Just so the rest of you are aware, how powerful a place is (and a change) and the reason is because THAT is where the memory is located, or where we have reinforced it most.
(ref: Rupert Sheldrake and ‘Morphic Resonance’)

Remote Seduction / Influence / for male RSers.. some hints
« on: June 20, 2018, 04:21:10 PM »
If you sense her responses, that means she's getting it VERY full-on! Yes it feels amazing for you too, but please don't lose you head.. as you may not fully realize what's going on for her.

-do send her loads of love waves, loving thoughts, NOT just sexual (you'll get them back and they feel incredible)
-try to avoid getting obsessive..keep doing lots of other stuff you enjoy
-try not to put pressure on her with your thoughts to do things e.g. write or call you (this pressure could just be e.g. slightly angry fixating thoughts on your side, and on hers a terrible constant pressure like having a hefalump sitting on you...it can make her physically very weak and get ill, symptoms like M.E.)

while RSing..
- stroke/kiss/touch her gently too.. NOT just her sex bits! (go read some stuff on Tantra and yoni...really important anyway if you want to be a good lover both psychically and physically..and this way you can learn how to enjoy to the full yourself too i.e. not be too goal-oriented :-)
-hold her and/or send her love waves e.g. before, during, after.. whatever.. (she might even cry but that's ok).. and at other times too, specially if you feel her anxiety or feeling overwhelmed or confused
- be sensitive to her reactions.. make mental notes of things that she responds really well to (though I can pretty much bet on it, that it will be when you don't just shag her but love, adore and respect her too, and let her worship you too...that's when it gets really mind-blowing..!)

If your girl was traumatized... and many women have been, unfortunately (I read somewhere the figure is probably as high as 1 in 3 for some form of sexual abuse in childhood) that means that the experience of being forced to experience feelings even if pleasurable could trigger some really terrible stuff e.g. shame, self-hate, and maybe even suicidal thoughts.

So I beg you guys... please be loving, sensitive, as much as you can.. specially if you love or care for your POI which surely to some extent you do (even if she is only one model in a long series of them...)

Health warning:
Strong feelings of love are triggered in men by women responding to their RSing. It can happen that men respond to feeling that kind of deep unconditional love and tenderness, by feeling really, strangely, angry!
Seems a riddle but it's natural enough if you consider most men's experiences in childhood (.. often there have been nasty results for boys when they ever showed or felt real vulnerability.. e.g. in trusting and loving that much..)
But directing those feelings of anger.. sexual anger often.. against someone who is psychically wide open to you.. and who may have no idea what is happening to them. imagine what that means..

Finally ..though I know this is unusual.. I would advise very much, just being open and honest with her, as much as you feel able to. Tell her all about it.. don't need to call it RS, you can just talk about 'chemistry' and psychic connections, how you can make things happen -even accidentally!- with your imagination/visualisation..

Remote Seduction / Influence / Question about RS
« on: April 10, 2018, 02:38:50 AM »
I'm looking for an answer to this question:

If I am feeling myself being strongly RS-ed by someone, and a certain person always comes into my thoughts while it is happening - what are the chances it IS that person?

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