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Remote Seduction / Influence / RS seems to be fading down?
« on: July 03, 2018, 08:09:22 PM »
Hello everyone!

So last 2 months I was at a meditation retreat to horn up my metaphysics skills.
During my stay there, there was a smoking hot girl that worked for administration that was single.

I found this a great chance to do RS since I would be seeing her everyday.
There was some good competition at hand, attractive metro sexual guys and body builders that was also really into her and kept trying to flirt with her.
 With RS though, it worked within just 3 days of me in the retreat.
She only kept coming to me, calling me into her office to chat everyday, always sitting where ever I was sitting. Everyone at the retreat would be commenting to me on how crazy she was for me.

I left the retreat last week on a saterday and she gave me her number before I left. After a few days she was sending me dozens of messages everyday to see what I was doing and kept leaving me voice mail saying how much she misses me.
She even sent me a surprising late night text after 11:30 even though I didnt text her the whole day which I totally missed since I fell asleep.
Then we went on a date last Wednesday. She was the one who asked me out and even paid for the date even though I kept wanting to pay at least half. Then on the ride back home she initiated the first make out, or more like a bite on my lips which I wasnt even able to kiss her right with my lips locked in her jaws.

After that date though everything seemed to settle down. She stopped initiating texts since after the date. I asked her if I can see her again this week and she replied that she is busy on a project for school which I think its total b.s. because she told me on our date she on her school break and vacation. I didnt call her out on it though but she said next week she will be free.

My thing is now all those guys at the retreat will be hitting on her all day with me gone, she even told me on the date, the day after I left the retreat one of the attractive guys there asked her to be his girlfriend but she kindly replied to him that "she is not looking for a relationship right now"

So I dont know what caused her be less responsive now.
I feel like with me not being able to see her everyday the way we was and only seeing each other once a week or two will make her forget/lose interest on me.

What would be a good way to keep things spiced up and not fizzle out? Should we talk on the phone more often or should I be more absent?
With RS I still RS her 2-3x a day

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