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Time and time again I meet men I'm interested in and they leave before anything starts. So, u can attract them to me. They think I'm cute and nice, but not enough to date. Happened again with a few guys online. I really would like to be in a relationship! I want to break this pattern! I need steps and an intervention!

So, I am trying to attract back this specfic person who is a local celebrity. I've written about him before. We never met but had some communication back and forth over social media. What I would really like to do is attract a romantic relationship with him. Unfirthbaltey, it seems like most communication between us us oneway. I send him something over Twitter and he retweets possibly, but it doesn't become more back and forth communication or he doesn't initiate it. Right now he is not following me on Twitter.

If we don't have more back and forth communication, should I just give up?

So, what are the steps to attract him following me and more communication between us/him initiating etc exchange of phone numbers?

I feel stuck a bit!

The Art of Letting Go / Give it a rest! From Martha Beck
« on: March 17, 2016, 03:50:13 AM »

I thought that this was a good article about letting go!


So I have a friend that I had a bit of a falling out with. Basically, I wanted her to be more available to work on various creative projects. I told her that her boyfriend wasn't supportive (she used to say the same thing) but also said he probably wouldn't be either. I wasn't the most understanding friend. So we stopped talking. This was in 2008. Over the years I think I tried to correspond with her, but she wouldn't reply back. I'd visit (maybe even stalk) a bit of her social media accounts to see how she was doing. Still we didn't correspond. I can't say I completely forgot about her and the crummy way our friendship ended but I guess it wasn't the main thought on my mind like it had been before.

Well, last week I got on one of my social media accounts and noticed that she started following me! I did send her a private message but only waited a day or two  before I deleted it, because she didn't repsond. I even sent her a message on her page like "Hi ____, how are you?" She has yet to repsond. So, I added her on another social media account and she accepted my request. She "liked" one to two of my posts/picture but yet still no real correspondence.

So what should I do? Should I just let it gradually happen and let her contact me or should I send her a message or maybe repsond to a post or picture of hers. It's weird that she added/followed me on these social media accounts. I was almost worried that it was some type of automatic/app that helps you collect flowers!

Gosh, I've also been trying to attract the same guy I've been posting about for the last couple of years...I guess I really need to let go!

Every once in a while I give up in LOA, but then it gives me a reason not to!

A few hours ago or a day or two ago I was looking at my FB page and friends. I was looking at a profile if a guy that was a year behind me in high school. He was pretty popular in high school and I wasn't. I've always wondered why he added me, but he did. (He added me years ago.) Well, I was thinking "I wonder why he added me?! recently...it was a thought that kind of came and went. Well, guess who  sent me a message tonight over FB? Him! I was pretty shocked! We chatted on messenger a little bit. Not sure if anything will come out of it, but I thought it was so wierd!

My issue is! He is not the guy that I've been wanting to attract! (if something more happens I might not be opposed. He's just not the guy I'm really trying to atttract). I got the other guy on a vision board, I'm scripting, doing affirmations, etc and haven't attracted the guy that I really want! What gives?

If I want to attract someone back and him initiating contact with me, what should I do?

Right now, I draw a phone with notifications of him calling or texting me as well as different messages that I would like to see on my phone. Is this one way to do it? Should I stick to one message, if I want multiple messages and conversations?

How else can I script in a journal? Different scenarios or conversarions or keep writing the same even or conversation I want to take place. Again, I want multiple conversations/texts and calls.

Thanks for for your help!

So lately I've been kind of feeling like I want to give up on trying to attract this specific person or I feel like I just don't want to keep thinking about him or worrying about attracting him etc. But even still I want to attract him....does that make any sense? Is that letting go? Detachment?  Just being in a funk?Am I close to a manifestation? 

Can you want something or someone and also be sick of thinking about it/him?  Can you also manifest it?

I don't see this specifc person and he doesn't know me. I've been trying to attract him back. He is pretty well known around town. I might see him on TV, hear him on the radio or see his social media feeds.

Well, quite a few times I've thought of somerhing and then the next day or a few days later he might mention  something about this topic or subject on TV/radio or on his social media feed.

I'm thankful for all of these experiences BUT I'm the only one who notices these. We don't know each other and have never spoken. I don't see him in person.....

These things have been on subjects and topics that are not everyday or the "in" conversation topic/gossip.

(I have other experiences like this a lot, so it's not just him or just this time. It just seems like this is happening very often with him!

Why do these keep happening?
What do they mean?
Are they happenig because I'm focusing on them?
Are these signs of this "specific" person coming back into my life etc? (Not the essence but real person).
The end result I'd like would be for him to be in my life: be friends, hang out, talk often, date etc.

I have to say I keep thinking and feeling we will meet! I don't know how, but I want this meeting to lead to more!

How to Use Law of Attraction / Conscious and Subconscious Thoughts
« on: September 30, 2015, 08:52:04 AM »
How do you change you conscious and subconscious thoughts about yourself on certain topics?

I'm of course speaking of negative ones about low self esteem or qorth or being loveable.  Maybe ability to attract a specific person?


A few months ago I was thinking of a movie one night, and the guy I am trying to attract back talked about the same movie the next morning on his show and about how it was one of his favorite movies. 

Last night I was talking with my friends about different LOA/ESP moments we've had over the years. I was really debating about telling my friends about the above story because I was a little embarrassed about it.

Well, I got home  and I looked at his social media feed and he posted about the same movie at around the same time my friends and I were talking about our LOA/ESP moments and I was debating if I should tell them about the above story!

After I saw that post.....you better believe that I told them about both stories!!!!! 

What do you think it means......if I was talking about the topic/movie and then he posted about the topic/movie at the same time?

Haven't had the best luck in romantic relationships especially with men I'm interested in.

I want to have better experiences.
What affirmations have you used to attract the perfect partner for you or to attract someone back and have a second chance with that person?

Is it possible to attract back someone and them being totally available to you, and their ex no longer being in the picture/dating someone else?

The guy that I'd like to attract back is still in a lot of contact with his ex.  I don't know if they have an on again off again relationship or are just friends. 

I'd like to attract him back to me totally available.

How do you influence or seduce someone who you don't see/talk to? Or don't even really know? How do you know it is even working? How do you get them to respond to you or know it's you when they might know who you are, but don't really know you?

Still trying to attract back a specific man. He has an ex-finance who I think he is still in contact with. I don't know if they date casually or are just friends. I just noticed that she started following him on social media. I am worried or have a hunch that maybe they are getting back together-it's just my intuition! Sometimes it's right and sometimes wrong.

What do I do or how do I attract him back to me? What if my hunch is correct?  This is a man who I don't even really know, but want to know. We communicated, but nothing more ever came if it. I want it to though!

How do you know you are a vibrational match to what you want to attract before you attract it? Is it more if you are, you are or if you are not, your not? If you can change it, how do you adjust it to be a match?

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