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Remote Seduction / Influence / Attracting people who resembles poi (RS)
« on: November 17, 2017, 12:04:10 AM »
Does this ever happen to you when you're using RS to attract someone? During these 2 months that I have tried to attract someone using RS I keep seeing others who resembles (by their looks only) the person I'm trying to have a relationship with. For instance, I began my internship yesterday and the first morning there was a meeting. As everyone gathered I saw a man who resembled the guy that I like. Even before knowing that he is biracial and that his father is from the same country as the poi, I just had this feeling that not only does he look like the poi but he must be from that country!

Hi everyone I have been here before when I tried to get my ex back. Now I'm trying to attract someone else lol. So 2 months ago I met this cute cashier guy at my local grocery shop. After meeting him for the 2nd time I kinda felt something. Maybe it's just me but I wanna take a step further and ask him out. I have never ever asked a guy out so my attempt today to go to find him failed. I am very nervous of what he will answer me and afraid to just ask him out lol. It is funny though that when I am not thinking of him that are those days when I'm able to see him but when I decide to take an action and want to talk to him, he's never there. I have tried 3 times now ... Am I doing something wrong? I try to think positive most of the time and feel great about the whole thing but the nervousness stops me from approaching him. Can you guys give me some tip on how I can manifest this guy and me being able to ask him out? :)

I would be really thankful if I could get some advice on this embarrassing situation I am in right now. So I have been starting to use Tinder just to see if I have a shot and perhaps there is a nice handsome guy in town after all. I guess this is how I try to cope by moving on with my life and not thinking so much of my ex.

So yesterday I was using Tinder late at night and found this really beautiful looking guy but for an instance I thought, even if this guy is really good looking and I choose to swipe "Like", what do I got to lose? I thought I either will get to know if he liked back or not, which I like about Tinder. I swiped "Like" and tadaaa!! It was a match since he had liked my profile first. But what do I do? I get all excited and try to find him on Facebook!!! I started to look for info about him and perhaps find more pics of him. Then, I accidentally added him as a friend and panicked!! I quickly unfriended him and had to even inactivate my account on FB lol. I have no idea if he got a notification on his phone from FB that I sent him a friend request. But gosh I feel so embarrassed and I probably blew all my chances of him writing to me on Tinder now.

Do you think there's a way to undo this or should I just let it all be? I would love to just get a chance to know him that's all but he probably thinks I'm a stalker... Way to go me lol...

Ok so this is not really LOA related but I truly believe I have attracted him back and it is has been 4 years since we met last time but during all of this time we had contact through Skype and recently it has been more and more of that.

For instance, today we chatted (I initiated contact because it has been 8 years today since we got to know each other) and lately he has been sending me pics of him doing stuff with his friends or just pics of himself only. As I feel or have been able to tell, that it doesn't look like he has someone else in his life. Why? Because I know he is at the library most of the time until late studying, like 3am, and sometimes he writes to me that late just asking ''hi (my name), how are you?'' and so on. Then today we talked a lot about our memories together as usual and finally I told him that I miss all of that, which he replied and said ''we were lucky ^^'' and then he wrote that he had to go to bed. So I felt that he didn't want to talk more about it.

I feel like I have tried to let him know that I still love him and miss us and I have sometimes felt that from him as well but he doesn't show that often as I do. So I am confused if he just wanna stay friends or if he still has feelings for me. What do you guys think?

Law of Attraction for Ex-Back / Why does he write to me once in a month?
« on: September 07, 2015, 07:07:19 PM »
Yesterday when I got home from work, I noticed a message from my ex on Skype. Clearly, he sent this messsage last Thursday, but somewhow I recieved it yesterday. Anyhow, it has been almost one month since I last time replied to him. For about 6 months it has been going on like this: he has been writing to me, asking how i am am etc and then when I reply, it will take a month exactly for him to answer me back or just start again by asking how I am.

I attracted him back 2 years ago after the break up and since last year he showed his feelings to me indirectly by writing drunk text messages and saying that he smelled my t-shirt and it made him smile...but lately I feel that we aren't chatting as much as before and it takes a month for him to contact me.


Hello beautiful people :)
It's been a while since I was active on this forum. I've been working a lot for the past 5 months and things have been going great. As some of you might know (http://www.powerlawofattraction.com/forum/index.php?topic=15472.msg126067#msg126067) I've been trying to attract my ex back and I gotta say that I have seen some great progress. Last time I wrote here (http://www.powerlawofattraction.com/forum/index.php?topic=19534.msg161988#msg161988) was when he sent me some drunk texts in November 2014. He did also mention to me this January that he found my shirt, smelled it and that it made him smile haha  ;D

Well, April 17th was my birthday and he just sent a very short bd message. However, days before my bd he initiated contact after a month asking how I was etc. He even wanted me to download a music app. He initiates contact sometimes but ends it first by saying "can i talk to you later?". There have been times when I feel that he still loves me and misses me but I am not sure sometimes if him and I are on the same vibrational level.

It's like him and I still connect, we have our small talks about the good times, we recommend music to each other but I feel like nothing more happens than just that. I have contacted him on Skype 3 times after he sent the bd wish but no answer. I know my messages doesn't get through sometimes due to Skype's bad service lately and same thing goes for my ex. So who knows if he recieved it or not. I have this urge to send a song to his email but I don't know if he'll respond. That song describes my feelings and I feel that it also describes his. What should I do?? I feel like I can go days without even missing him or just having some happy thoughts of him and just go on with my life. I see this pattern that the more I stay away from him by not contacting him, the less we talk.

Right now I have no idea on how to approach him even though I try to move on with my life. :/

Law of Attraction for Ex-Back / I don't know what to do, help plz
« on: December 21, 2014, 11:04:22 PM »
I really need to vent because I don't know what to do anymore :(
Just weeks ago every thing seemed to go well and my ex showed that he was kinda still missing me, sending me drunk text messages and one time when he was sober he randomly told me that he smelled my shirt that I had left and it made him smile. This is the best progress that I've seen from him since I've been using LOA for a year.

Now, it feels like he avoids me after I told him that I was thinking about the time when we woke up next to each other and how I missed that. He didn't respond to that but a day later he only wrote to me "sleepy" after he woke up. To be honest I got angry as I expected him to say something else than just ''sleepy''....

I mean, why this behavior? ??? As soon as he makes me believe that he still misses me and loves me, he ends up to disappoint me and acts like he doesn't care and that he is so busy with his studies. I mean I get it, I am also busy with work and school but it feels like I am the one who puts more effort to show him that I still care indirectly. Christmas is just around the corner and I'd love to wish him a happy holiday but I am not sure if I should just stop contacting him as his messages tends to be scarce nowadays.. 

Any thoughts?


Law of Attraction for Ex-Back / Bad dreams lead to negative results?
« on: October 05, 2014, 03:59:36 PM »
I am typing this now after waking up from a very bad dream, felt more like a nightmare i must say, where i dreamt that my guy which i am trying to attract back (we were together for 5 years and still have little contact from time to time but recently i feel like he has pulled back) told me the news that he was going to get married and i was so devastated. I remember in my dream very clear from how i confessed my feelings for him but it was already too late for him and to actually see the wedding, i even saw the woman's face clearly (but i have never seen her IRL lol). She even made a joke to his parents that they must have be relieved that she came along because they must've been worried if his son ever would get married because of the age (he's 33). So during the whole dream process I felt sooooo bad. Like I could really feel my heart beating fast, and i also felt it in my stomach like it was real. When i woke up i felt happy it was just a dream but this dream just changed my vibration totally from good to a very negative and bad state and I have difficulties to forget this dream and to change my vibration to become more positive.

Does anyone know while having a bad dream will manifest that reality because of the high vibration of negativity from the dream?

Please i need your advices and thoughts on this one, thank you!!

The guy that I am trying to attract back is feeling sad, very stressed and hopeless about his future lately. Since him and I are on different vibrational levels, will this make it somewhat difficult for me to attract him back now? I am trying to be as much as positive and help him out but it is hard and it does affect me a little as well knowing that he's in a bad state. It's like the tables have turned a bit. I feel very sorry for him when he says there's no future because he can't do what he likes. However, lately I feel that he's also getting a bit more open with me and he even mentioned for the first time something that reminded him about us.

As I understand it, the person you wanna attract has to be a vibrational match but now that he's on a different level, is there anything that I can do or just leave it all up to the Universe? What I do these days is sending him love, at least I believe he'll recieve it.

Law of Attraction for Ex-Back / .
« on: July 07, 2014, 04:38:54 AM »

Law of Attraction for Ex-Back / .
« on: July 07, 2014, 04:37:15 AM »

Some of you already know about my story from my earlier posts..
I am somewhat still confused when it comes to whether I should continue to keep in touch with my ex who is meeting someone else (according to him) but after 6 months from being totally ignored to be on good terms with him now and him sometimes initating conversations on Skype with me, I am not really sure if I should keep in touch with him as I feel I don't like to be that kind of person keeping in touch with an ex while he is dating. No offense to anyone but I just don't feel good doing it. I think it's a moral thing. However, I still do love him very much but I am not sure if not keeping in touch with him at all would make me have less chance to attract him back to me.

I am moving on and have detached. I don't think about him as much as I used to. And it is not like we chat every day, it's not often at all but we are on good terms. I know it all comes down to how you feel etc. But I'd like to know how your point of view of a situation like this is. I know that him sometimes telling me random (or big) stuff about his life without me even asking about it is something I have acknowledged and he doesn't seem to have a problem doing that. I love that he wants to share it with me. But me being the one who is still in love with him.. seem to have problem with it. I am really confused guys..

Law of Attraction for Ex-Back / [Update] Guys I need your help!
« on: March 29, 2014, 07:15:24 AM »
Ok now i am not feeling well

I was just chatting with my ex on skype, everything seemed fine until i asked him what his plans were this weekend. He answered ''to meet someone haha''.
Reading that made me feel so bad and sad because all this time i wished there wasn't anyone in his life.....
I answered him by saying ''oh ok, i am happy for you''
which he replied ''thanks ^^'' ..after that he told me he had to go eat breakfast.

I really haven't had much contact with him lately and he seems to be fine to talk with me (like there aren't more feelings for me left) because i am the one who initiates contact most of the time. But he seems to be cool with it. Anyways i don't know what to do anymore. Since October last year i have been doing my best to use LOA to feel good and become a better person and hoped that i could attract him back. I still have feelings for him but haven't told him that because i am afraid that will push him even more or not wanting him to talk with me anymore.
But.. i don't feel good now to talk to him since clearly he means that someone is a girl. What should i do? Just tell him i can't talk to him anymore because of how i feel? Just delete him? I really don't know what to do :(

FYI: he lives in a different country, I have known him for about 6 years and he broke up with me last year in May..and he was my first love.

I hope you guys can let me know what the best thing is to do without regretting it.
Thank you

Law of Attraction for Ex-Back / Meditation and dream last night
« on: March 18, 2014, 12:01:44 AM »
Last night after meditating I felt good and slept right away.
I don't know if this is normal however but I never saw this before when meditating with open eyes. I saw a big wave of greenish/yellow color at the ceiling and it was pulsating. Even when I blinked normally it continued but for a short while and stopped. I know you tend to see colors or small dots when it's dark or when your eyes are closed but this was different. I felt good while seeing it and asked the universe for signs about my guy.

After that, I had a weird dream but a good one. It was about me surfing on net when I came across my guy's Facebook (he doesn't have one as far as I know) and I checked his friends list and saw that he had different type of girls as friends, one person I noticed had big bosoms lol. I felt kinda jealous but then suddenly I noticed that he was in a relationship saying:  ______ is in a relationship (You) and that You was linked to my page. I felt really happy but it wasn't a big surprise either. Then me and my guy appeared in a different place. Now this is where it gets weirder. I came to a place where lots of people were sitting on rope swings, I think hanging from a very large tree. Then I remember I was sitting on a swing next to my guy. And we started to swing higher and higher. Then I remember that people where watching us and I could see that it was only me and my guy swinging. I felt that the people watching us were amazed and surprised of how high we were swinging. I told him this feeling was so wonderful, like almost flying and being free. And as I swung higher and higher I noticed that my swing's rope was tangled with my guy's swing rope. I wasn't even afraid us two hit each other but instead I continued and saw that me and my guy were syn-chronically swinging at the same direction because our ropes were tangled together. I just felt really happy with him being there with me and I felt that from his side as well even if I can't recall him talking much.

Anyways I try to see this dream as a sign that I asked for from the Universe. :)

How to Use Law of Attraction / The Feeling is the Prayer
« on: March 12, 2014, 08:02:31 AM »
Hey folks, I found a really good article that I am sure most of you will enjoy. Especially for those who lack in belief and feels like nothing happens no matter how much they try and try etc.

In order for the prayer to work, we first must feel as our prayer already answered and feel gratitude in our hearts for it. Gregg Braden says, one must become the change one wants to see in the world. We must become the very things that we choose to experience in our lives. If we’re looking for love, understanding, and happiness in our lives, we must develop those qualities within ourselves ,so that the Mind of God can mirror them back to us in our relationships. If we want abundance, we must feel gratitude for the abundance that already exists in our lives.                                                                                 


1. We witness all events, those of environmental balance and those that we see as the absence of this balance, as possibilities — without judgment of right, wrong, bad, or good.

2. We release our judgment of the situation by Blessing those conditions that have caused us pain. The Blessing does not condone or consent to the event or condition. Rather, it acknowledges that the event is part of the single source of all that is. (Please see the book Walking Between the Worlds: The Science of Compassion, for details.)

3. Now, we feel the feelings of our prayer already answered. In doing this we invoke the ancient quantum principle stating that conditions within our bodies are mirrored in the world beyond.

4. We acknowledge the power of our prayer and know (feel) that the focus of our prayer has already come to pass.

5. Our prayer now consists of acknowledging that balance already is present in our world, living from the knowledge that this balance exists, and empowering our prayer by giving thanks for this opportunity to choose.

Credits: Gregg Braden & Quantum World: Awaken Your Mind

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