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Hall of Fame / Update (2018)
« on: November 15, 2018, 08:47:01 AM »
Hi everyone,

It’s been a while, actually I don’t even remember the last time I posted or really got into a topic to discuss. To be fully honest I don’t feel any connection to the topics here, I am not into the entire RS/RI approach and most of the other posts are very superficial manifestations that don’t interest me right now.

So what’s new with me, manifestations galore as usual. Again money is easy to manifest, I am now on my 6th promotion in 6 years .. which all started from the time I joined the forum. The last 3 promotions I wrote down the amount of money I would like to make, and every single time I got the exact amount. The key here is you have to… HAVE TO.. pick a amount you feel you are worth. You cant bullshit and say you should make a million a year but at the same time wonder if that’s even possible… it is possible.. you just have to actually be “worth” it. Now I am already picking another amount, and I can already see it unfolding nicely.  Also before people say, what did you get a extra $5 or $20, no no.. im talking about jumps between 10-30K at a time.

Ok now for the spiritual aspect, I am fully into astro projection. This is actually old news to me. Now the new thing is full channeling, similar to Abe Hicks or other people who get audio information. I can now meditate and see/hear direct messages. I would say this is imagination, Ive learned things I would have never known.. and I can hear different woman and male voices. Its been a wild ride, my view of this world and how things actually work Is completely different… its been a amazing spiritual journey that actually started with me joining this forum.

I got a lot of insights which I don’t mind sharing, im hoping others here are interested in the more spiritual aspects.. not just getting laid haha.

Just wanted to share a video I randomly came across today:


How to Use Law of Attraction / Astro Travel - Mr B
« on: May 30, 2017, 12:09:26 AM »
Hey everyone,

So I wanted to start this topic, mostly talking about my experiences and seeing what you guys have in common. Also if you have any questions I’m more than happy to answer them. Now this is strictly based on what I experienced myself, nothing I read or heard others do. This is 100% actual reality or mine anyways.

Now I started like many of you many years ago. I would do meditations, visualization and dream boards (which I highly recommend). I wrote done 10 things I wanted to manifest in a book, which I found a long time after.. I was shocked to see I got 9/10 things on that list.. down to the detail.
In terms of success stories I posted many on here, from getting ex back, new relationship, new job, money and things. I’ve covered a vast range of things, but in the back of my mind I always wanted more or at least some higher understanding of what is actually happening and how I can control it as a better rate.

What I wanted to experience is that higher level, meeting my higher self or guides. I saw what Bashar and Abe Hicks was doing.. and in my mind if they can do it then I can also. So that became my focus.
I would meditate and feel like I could release fully, no thoughts or emotions, just complete and utter peace. I tried a few videos on Astro Travel and got really close. I remember one night I fully stood up and could see my body laying in the bed.. I freaked out and snapped out of it.

This lasted for months, the fear would kick in and I could never fully let myself go. I was afraid of what I would see or find out there.. or what might find me.
After a few months of this I started to have a lot of “false awakenings”. I would get out of bed, walk around the house and then see something out of place.. and I would think wait this isnt real. As soon as I thought that I would wake up in my bed again. The thing that made it really crazy is you can touch and feel objects, you can walk and do anything… and it feels like the real thing.. there is no difference.

Soon after I wanted to leave my “house”, and this is where shit got really intense. I was able to pull outside of my body, literally see it … and then go outside my house and experience a totally new level.

Most of the time I would go outside and start sinking, like you are free falling into nothing. It would be totally black and silent and then I would be in a totally different world or dimension. Now keep in mind Im fully “awake”, meaning im not dreaming .. I can totally feel and understand everything like I am typing this right now.

I have many stories to share but some key elements. I was able to see how all the choices I made changed my life. You know that ex you want back, wouldn’t it be fun to see how it would have played out IF you were together still. Yea I saw all of that.. and trust me everything happens for a reason.
I would also meet different “beings”, they would tell me things… which I would google the next day to make sure it was accurate or someone else also heard. In every case the information was on the ball. Things and places matched my experience.. even though I never knew of it before.

Anyways just wanted to get the topic going, I could write a book… and I will probably share more if anyone is interested. I would love to hear if anyone else has tried this or considering it.

How to Use Law of Attraction / Write down your desires
« on: May 06, 2016, 06:15:12 PM »
Hi guys,

Well this is the 3rd time this worked for me, and i think its about time someone else tries it also. A few months ago i wrote down a list of qualities/traits i wanted in a woman, and i can say it worked and i found her. The list is quite long, and very specific... in fact after writing it down i thought there was no way someone would actually have all these qualities, it would be like the coolest person ever. Little did i know, there was someone who had exactly that.

I think you should try this, since i had two relationships based on this technique, and both time i got exactly what i wanted. Other times i wanted material things, or promotions... and every time it works. The key is you write it down, and then just let it go and let the universe deliver.... in all the cases the wait inst even long, maybe a few months at the most.

Regardless, im sure happy these days... life is really good once you start to live in the now and look at positive things. Money is flowing better than ever, i got a extra 40K already this year, and now this amazing woman comes into my life. So really this stuff works if you let it.

How to Use Law of Attraction / Place What You Want in Your Past
« on: December 17, 2015, 11:47:50 PM »
I found this video online, and it makes so much sense that i had to post it here. I really want to try this and i honestly feel it will work since i did something similar myself and got results.

In any case, check it out


How to Use Law of Attraction / You are always lead to what you want
« on: November 02, 2015, 08:48:57 AM »
A nice audio i found on Youtube today, i know some people struggle when nothing seems to be progressing but thats only a illusion. You are always moving forward, and it can be something so small but profound in the end


I know for me about a year ago, i was in a job i always wanted to have before but i thought i could do even better and make more money. I struggled to keep faith that something better would come along. One day my Director suggested i take a in company class for a few days to help out on a project, i did and met a few people there. The entire time i thought this was a waste of time, and wouldnt actually do anything for me.

Low and behold i was promoted a few months later, and when i went to meet my new team and people who will report to me... it was everyone i met in that class and we were working on the principles learned in that class. Both of these things i didnt know when i was first told of the new position. So it all came full circle, and something i thought was stupid actually gave me everything i wanted.

How to Use Law of Attraction / LOA Videos - Christine Pavlina
« on: August 11, 2015, 06:27:24 PM »
Hi Guys,

Well i found this new YouTube channel, by Christine Pavlina. I listened to most of the videos and i have to admit shes really on the ball with her advice and generally just entertaining. Take a look at some of her stuff ,it might be helpful.

Im not advising anyone to buy anything, just take a look and make the call yourself.



Law of Attraction for Wealth / Career tips from Mr.B
« on: July 31, 2015, 08:46:20 PM »
Hey everyone, back again to share my money manifesting tips. Now about a month ago I got another raise at work, which basically means that since I started LOA… which is over 4 years ago… I received a large raise or promotion every single year. I’m actually in the process of manifesting a new position, which should be here this year. Overall I’m on fire career wise, and really the only thing I changed is I started to use LOA to help me get there.

Ok before we get started, lets first understand what money is. Money is completely made up, it has no actual value, besides the one you give it. To give you an example, I lived in Europe before and we were in a pretty terrible inflation.. meaning money would change in worth on a daily basis. To compensate the government started to print larger and larger currency, I still have a bill at home that’s over 1 Billion. That’s right, 1 Billion, and all that could get you is maybe a loaf of bread. So really the amount of money, is really only dependant on you and what you perceive its worth. Most people don’t even use cash anymore, its all on your card .. so really you don’t even have paper to hold in your hand. Its basically just numbers on a computer screen at this point, which should make this process even easier.

Now for me I don’t deal with lottery or that kind of stuff, I find the process of actually getting better jobs and more money career wise much easier to grasp and manage. Since I don’t know what being a millionaire feels like or how to act like one, its somewhat difficult to really get into that vibration. Plus trust me when you are progressing naturally, going up and up every year, you won’t care much about a lotto anyways… everything you want will be affordable regardless.

Basically there are only a few components that you need to remember, you get paid what you are worth. That’s basically it in a nutshell. Now if you are doing LOA you realize that your worth isn’t dependant on other people, its actually fully and completely dependent on you. Which basically means, you get paid what you think your worth getting paid. Now you’re probably thinking, fine if that’s the case I’m worth $1,000 an hour…. Well hold on you might say that but do you actually think that? I made a simple exercise to test that, to test yourself on how much you perceive you are worth.

It’s very simple, start with the amount of money you currently make an hour at work (let’s say its $20). Write that number down.

•   I’m worth $20 an hour – now think about that. Since you are already getting paid that it shouldn’t be a big deal.. in fact you probably don’t feel any emotions about it.

•   I’m worth $25 an hour – now think about this number.

•   Etc Etc

The point is to keep going, going up and up and every time think about you making that amount. If it doesn’t feel like a big deal or any stretch of the imagination… keep going. Eventually you will get to a number where you will think is this possible, or maybe you will think hmm how would I make that, what job would pay that, I don’t think it’s possible etc. You are looking for ANY resistance at all, even the smallest.

This number is basically your current TOP. Meaning you can manifest anything between the current number and that number without having to deal with any blocks … or basically self-sabotage.

So now you have a range, this is very good, because this is your indication of what you perceive your current self-worth is. To put it into perspective, lets say you don’t even feel your worth $30 a hour… yet you want to manifest millions in lottery… how do you think that’s going to work out for you?

So now pick a number in the range, from your current base to the “max” current range based on resistance, write that number down. This is what you need to focus on, this is your manifestation. So when visualizing and thinking about money, think about this amount. Think about getting a paycheck with that amount, working in a office/job that would give you that money. Essentially build a story around it… I also recommend a vision board.

Next step, actually look for work that would pay you that. Literally go online, and look for positions that make that much. Pick one that you find interesting and exciting… don’t even look at experience needed (its bullshit) and visualize yourself doing that job.

Do this for a few days and you will start to form ideas, thoughts about how it will happen, ways  you can achieve this… maybe you will get promoted in your current job, maybe it’s a new job… don’t limit yourself.

If you get a idea, mostly if it makes you excited and motivated… hold on to that.. really think about it because trust me IT IS doable.

Final step, start actually going for it.

How to Use Law of Attraction / Jesus Christ LoA Superstar
« on: June 10, 2015, 12:33:06 AM »
I had an interesting discussion on this topic a few days ago, and was thinking maybe people here would like to join in the conversation because I think it’s an interesting one… or at least something to ponder. I’m not a very religious person, although the more I dive into the “spiritual” the more experiences I have shown me there is something more out there.

The topic is really based on this verse from the bible (Matthew 2:19-23), to put into context:

Jesus said to them, "A prophet is not without honor except in his hometown and among his own relatives and in his own household." And He could do no miracle there except that He laid His hands on a few sick people and healed them. 6And He wondered at their unbelief. And He was going around the villages teaching.

Essentially Jesus couldn’t perform any miracles in his home town, where he was known as the son of Mary, or just a regular carpenter. These people knew him since he was a little boy, and in their eyes he was just an ordinary man.

But when he would travel, and encounter people who really believed that he was the son of god and capable of miracles… then he actually had the ability to do so.

It’s interesting that although he himself knew that these things were possible, the real issue came from people around him. If they didn’t think he was capable of making miracles happen, then he actually couldn’t do it.

The point being, the miracles happened because the people around him believed they could… and in many cases the larger the crowd of people the more intricate the miracle became.

So was it him performing miracles, or were the people creating miracles based on their own beliefs. Also if this is the case, how would that impact manifesting in general…

Is it enough for only us to believe something will happen? Or should people around us feel the same as us first?

How to Use Law of Attraction / Mr.B Guide to LOA
« on: December 08, 2014, 09:12:06 PM »
Part 1: Explaining the manifestation process.

I want to start by saying; Be careful what you wish for because you ALWAYS get it. The only thing that is preventing you from having what you want is the current state you are in; when you are ready… it comes. Your entire job, the entire process is becoming ready, everything else is irrelevant.

You also have to remember that your desires, no matter how long ago, are still manifesting and most of us are still manifesting things we wanted years ago. Right now, majority of my life is based on desires I had about 3 years ago. Yes that long ago, and NOW they are coming.. but the real question is what changed in that time? The answer is simple, I changed.

I wanted to start this topic by giving you guys some examples, because experience is really the best teacher. Now I attracted everything from money, to specific people, to careers to houses. Actually we all have, but when you do it consciously you can see how it develops.

Few quick examples, I just moved into a new house and bought a new car in the last 2 weeks. Did this happen randomly? Not even close.

3 years ago my friend bought a new house, I helped him renovate and I was there in the entire building process. I watched him finish the entire house, and was super impressed with his work and level of detail. In fact I use to tell people about it, and how I “WISHED” I had something like that. He asked me if I wanted to move in, take over the place.. but I said I don’t “FEEL” I can afford it right now.

4 years ago I was working at another job, where I would frequently go out to lunch with my co-workers. My friend at this time had this amazing car, I would always ask him to drive somewhere because I wasn’t happy with my car. He suggested I just buy one myself but I said I “WISH” but I don’t “FEEL” I can afford it.

Recently I got promoted at work, I was feeling amazing and just calling everyone I knew. I felt with this huge bonus I could afford to move out of my current place and get a new car. Guess what happened? Like clockwork my friend called me a week later, didn’t even know about my raise, and said I know I asked you this before but would you be interested in the house? Yes I said, I can afford it.

Few days later I started to look for a new car, low and behold the car my friend had was on a special sale that just started.

Brand new 2015 model, and that’s the car I got. I have hundreds of examples like this, of things working out no matter how big or small the wish was at the time.

Once you start to really look at events that are happening around you, start tracing back manifestations, you will always notice the same pattern. You wanted something, but you didn’t “FEEL” you could have it… once you got the “BLOCK” that was preventing you originally the manifestation came.

Everything is based on who you are ARE, not anything else at the moment. So how do you get there? Well I have a simple solution.

How to Use Law of Attraction / Be Confident
« on: October 14, 2014, 08:23:25 PM »
I hope everyone is doing well, it’s been a crazy busy time for me in the last few months. I had the inspiration to make a post, its funny I’ve been doing LoA for about 4 years now and I always find something new to talk about or a new way of looking at things.

Needless to say I have to admit this stuff does work, if anyone new is reading this and having some doubts. Give it time and you will start to experience things that are going to open your eyes in a big way. Ok enough gibberish.

I came to the conclusion there is really one simple way to manifest anything you want, it’s called confidence. Yup that’s the word that sums it all up.
I’m sure you heard people talking or seen it on TV, when you ask someone what is the most attractive quality in the opposite sex… their answer 99% of the time is confidence.

Hmm the most attractive quality is confidence.

What is confidence really?

Well the definition is:

•   The feeling or belief that one can have faith in or rely on someone or something:
•   The state of feeling certain about the truth of something:
•   A feeling of self-assurance arising from an appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities:

How funny is that that people even on a subconscious level know that the most attractive (manifesting) quality is belief, faith, feeling certain and self-assurance? Now I’m sure everyone here is familiar with this, since this is basically the entire foundation of LoA.

Now look at those 3 definitions, no lie that’s what the Oxford definition is exactly, it’s a step by step guide.

You’re on the forum because you believe you can achieve something, even if it’s on a very small level now. Now you have to feel it, feel what you desire, feel the joy of that manifestation and how it will be once it comes.

Finally stop thinking you’re not good enough, have faith in yourself.. You’re good enough to have and do anything you want in life. Don’t listen to that negative voice, or negative people around you. Follow what’s in your heart.

Once you have all 3 going at the same time, well there is really nothing stopping you.

How to Use Law of Attraction / Tired of RS
« on: April 08, 2014, 01:52:13 AM »
Not bashing anyone here, but what’s the obsession with RS around here. It doesn’t make much sense to me, mostly for the application that people are using it for.

I understand you are hurting and want to bring that person back, so you are sending them love. BUT think about it for a second from another perspective.

RS, or remote seduction, implies by its very nature that the other person doesn’t actually have strong feeling for you… therefore you need to “seduce” them. Seduction means, literally, tempt or lure, someone else to you.

So in reality you are approaching the situation as if they don’t love you, and you need to somehow send them love in order for them to “feel” the same for you. But that’s totally counterproductive, it would be like sending your job application to a place you know isn’t hiring, or putting money into a close bank account. Why do you think they don’t love you? Why do you think they don’t have feelings for you? Of course they still do, even if the relationship was a short one you can’t just forget about someone or stop loving them on some level.

Second you don’t need RS. Another thing is you have a set time and ritual, in a sense, in which you send that person love and affection. But why can’t you do that all day regardless, why cant you just be happy with the image of that person and think positive thoughts. Think about it, a 15 min RS session compared to an entire day of positive thinking. That’s all you need, that’s MORE than enough energy right there without the need to “influence” someone else.

Last point is you need to stop living in the past. Yes you guys broke up, are not together etc…. whatever… instead of focusing on the negative start thinking about the life you want to create. Start focusing on what your life will be when you get back together… where do you want to go… do you want kids, house, maybe a vacation…..

Doesn’t that feel so much better, when you think about the possibilities rather than the old past? Try it,

Well I read the news today, Kevin Trudeau is going to jail for 10 years for ripping people off with his products.

Why do I mention this, because he created one of the more know LoA audio tapes which is called “Your wish is your command”. We had several people try to sell the material on this site. The price is rather ridiculous, anywhere from 300-400 for 6 CD’s.

I was able to get a free copy, and it was ridiculous. The entire thing is a sales pitch, asking you to sign up for coaching and more sessions… I shit you not its 6 CD’s that all tell you to actually order more in the end.

Anyways stay away from this stuff, and im happy the guy is going to jail for scamming people for years.

I am Offering / Some LoA Tips
« on: March 04, 2014, 01:04:26 AM »
Hey guys,

Well I haven’t posted in a long time and I just got the inspiration to make a post. I don’t really read much on here, most of the stuff is pretty negative and repetitive… so I stay way.

Now I read a few posts in the last two weeks and I just wanted to chime in and give my advice or opinion on a wide range of issues people are posting about.

First im going to start by saying I posted many success stories on here, and im guessing most of the new people here have no idea who I am… so if you are at all interested they should be still kicking around if you search.

The bottom line is LoA is pretty simple. Remember everyone is already using it, the only difference is that YOU know how the process works.

Now for you to manifest anything from money, relationships or whatever you desire is the same exact process. Do NOT think you have to change your approach, or that one takes more effort or time… that’s the exact reason it’s still not manifesting.
My two biggest keys to success:

1) Go general. This means do not focus on the specifics, at ALL. I don’t care if you have a specific person in mind, or an ex, or a job or anything… stop that right now. You have an infinite way of getting your desire and when you focus on the specifics it actually slows it down. Instead of allowing the universe to deliver it to you in the best way possible, you are demanding it happens your way, in your own time…. And that is not really the way to manifest anything.

2) It is critical that you feel the way you will when you manifest your desire, right NOW. When you visualize or meditate see how you feel, how you will act… and then do that now. Its important to know it might not happen today, meaning you can start feeling better but don’t think where your manifestation is… because simply you need to keep going to a better, and better, emotional and mental state. If you feel negative, wonder where it is or anything that is contrary to feeling better and better… then go back to step 1.

That’s it folks, that’s really all there is to LoA.  Don’t worry about the time it takes…. It WILL happen very very fast once you’re in the right place.

Just found this on Abraham Hicks forum... wondering if you guys wanna give it a try??

Hello my dear Abrahamsters!

This exercise totally blew me away when I did it, and I've started doing it every time I look at myself in the mirror. It's BRILLIANT. Scroll down to see it.

I've included a big chunk of the interaction, because it's AWESOME, but the mirror exercise, as I am calling it, is highlighted in blue below with the title in red from me.

I'd love to hear what people's experiences are with it.

From San Diego Jan 21, 2012 workshop

Hot Seater: [Question about how to free himself from caring what other people think of him.]

Your inner being never thinks a negative thought about you. You know that?

So, if your Inner Being, who is your guidance, who is your Source, who is the holder of the vibrational place, who is the continuity of that which is you from lifetime to lifetime, if your Inner Being adores you unequivocally, why would you possibly be seeking the opinion of any other?

It's insane.

Why would you go there? Why would you ask some… disconnected fool? [audience laughs]

It's an old habit.

It IS an old habit, isn't it. It's a habit that got started before you knew what you now know.

But it's old news.

It's an old question. It now longer applies to who you now are and what you now know, you see.

So, when we say we don't want you to give a rip what anyone thinks, what we mean is, we don't want you to let their opinion of you, which is bogus and distorted and has far less to do with you than you could even imagine, we want you to care not at all about what THAT opinion is, while you care infinitely what the opinion of the Source Within You is.


Go home and look in the mirror and say right out loud:

"Inner Being I know you're in there, and I know you are aware of me and I want to feel right here right now how you feel about me,"

and look in the mirror until you feel it.

And what you will discover is that the Source Within You will look right back at you through the lens of your own eyes, and will define for you a Love the likes of which you have not allowed yourself before.
And then say to everyone else, "Until you're in the mirror with my inner being, I don't give a rip what you think about me." And mean it. And mean it!

BUT-- when you are looking at someone else and they are feeling disapproval of you, this we want you to know:
They are not reflecting to you their own personal opinion of you. They are reflecting back to you the image that you hold of yourself. Every single time.

So whether you are looking in the mirror for your inner being who is always there, or you are looking in the eyes of some other, Law of Attraction has put them there to mirror back to you how you are feeling right now. And if it doesn't feel good, it's YOUR opinion, not theirs. And you can do something about that and you can do something about that FAST.

Thank you.


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