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Law of Attraction for Health / For those of you who know about my mum...
« on: October 12, 2016, 10:08:20 PM »
I have spoken a lot on here about my mum and her constant battle with cancer. It has been so up and down over the past 8 years. I have started a GoFundMe campaign for her. I would be so grateful if you all took the time to read the cause and donate. Thank you so much.


Law of Attraction for Health / Request for your prayers!
« on: February 03, 2016, 03:55:19 AM »
Hi everyone!

Some of you may remember me- I used to post frequently on here, years ago!
So some of you may remember a few of my posts about my mum and her health.
Well I need your good energy and prayers more then ever...

She is soon to be undergoing aggressive chemo because her tumor has grown rapidly in the space of a month and a second one has now grown on the left side of her brain. It's been a 6 year battle- 2 surgeries, radio therapy, chemo.. In and out of hospital. I'm scared I'm going to lose her. I'm not ready, she has so much left to give, to see... Please pray for her. She is the most kind hearted soul I know and she is my best friend.
This message isn't as well thought out as I intend but it's upsetting me typing this so I'll just leave it at that for now.
Thank you

Sending positive vibes to you all xxx

Success Stories / I Got My Guy :)
« on: May 21, 2014, 10:42:38 PM »

I've mentioned this guy in posts a few times on here. I met him last year at work for a very brief time and he had a gf but we definately connected. Insanely! I attempted RS after he left and he had briefly been in touch but then it all stopped. Eventually I let go. Fast forward a year he came back to my work for a period of a month and in this month we got really close, even though he was still with this girl. EVERYTHING i imagined happened- he started texting more, calling more, and we even hung out twice outside of work for the whole day. He opened up about his relationship troubles and I advised him as best as I could.

I think the real test was to see if he kept in touch this time round, and he did. I even posted on here an incident where he randomly just sent me a video of his gf and thinking it was out of character for him. Some on this forum said that she probably got him to send that to me because she saw me as a threat- well, I asked him about that- it was the case!!!!

I had done alot of RS in the past just to get a message or something from him, after a while I just done it because it felt good. I created all these scenarios in my head to a point where they became so real and really filled my heart. I have photos on my phone sorted into albums and I made one of pics of me and him and titled it 'my boy' even faked phonecalls with him or imagined him sitting in the car with me (lol) it just felt so nice!

Something that really helped me was a book called 'The Neville Reader' some powerful stuff in there, I would really recommend it!!!

Anyway, to get to the point, ahh im shaking while typing this!!! There was a space of 2 weeks after his last text where he went quiet. M.I.A from everything. I BELIEVED deep in my heart he had broken up with his gf and was just taking time away from everything. I remember on one of our dates he had asked me what I would do if he told me he had broken up with his gf for like 2 weeks and said he really liked me- 2 WEEKS! Just like he said!! lol
He called me out of the blue and invited me down to stay at his cabin in the woods, said his friends were having a BBQ and he really wanted me to meet them. Of course I said yes! It was hilarious when I was there because him and his friends all sounded so rehearsed, I think he wanted me to find out he was single but not from him so his friends asked him how he was coping right infront of me, it all looked so staged! Bless him!

I thought he may have told me that he had no intention with me in that way, and invited me down for the company but he went and told me EXACTLY how he felt and I kind of went into a state of dis-belief, as though I was on another plain or something, it was the strangest manifestation of my life. I couldnt comprehend how he was being THIS open with me, EXACTLY the way I pictured it. I mean I know from past manifestations that things can play out exactly as you imagined them but they ALWAYS get you by surprise!!

He confessed he liked me pretty much since day 1 but he wanted to do right by his gf, he said that even though he started falling for me more and more, he didnt want me to be the reason he split with her, they broke up becuase of problems with each other. He said he always knew he was going to pursue me and, get this, he said "I didnt know how long it was going to take for me to deal with my break up but I dont know, I kind of felt your energy go, I started to worry you may have found someone and I would have kicked myself if I let you get away" FELT MY ENERGY GO!? No doubt, that was me letting go and getting on with my life- that bought him about faster!!!!!!!!!

I didnt WANT this man, ladies and gentleman I already HAD this man, I was just aligning with this reality. This is the first step but lord what a step!! We are getting to know one another and I'm grateful to know where I stand, what he wants and where this is going!

Shall I tell you how important it is to love yourself? Well, you want the Universe to work miracles for you dont you? Did you know that you actually ARE the universe!? If you love it, it will love you. So love yourself. And everything you feel inside will manifest outside.

Law of Attraction for Abundance / Imagine end result?
« on: May 14, 2014, 11:19:27 PM »
I was just wondering about the whole 'end result' thing

So do I imagine the phone call from the employer saying I have the job, and feel the excitement of knowing I got the job? Or imagine myself being in the job?

Imagine my guy saying he wants to be with me, or imagine being in a relationship with him already?

That sort of thing..

That saying 'believe in it, want it, feel it with every fibre of your being' well, I didn't really know what it meant until recently. Ok yeah I've wanted certain people really badly, I found that 90% of my posts on here are about men! Even posts to do with healing in my family were half hearted. I hadn't realized until I felt this feeling.

It's a job. It's my dream job and it's going to be LIFE CHANGING if I get it. It somehow manifested into my reality. Even my star sign for this month, everywhere I look have all said the same thing- that I am starred to make an important move of some kind. The steps to get this job had actually put me out of my comfort zone and I feel that I want this with 'every fibre of my being'

At one time I thought this type of job would be impossible but I know that thought alone could destroy my chances. I feel like I've done what I can and now it's up to the universe. I need these bosses who are SO busy to actually stumble onto my email, be curious, like what they see despite my next to nothing experience. I want this job more then anything in the world!

I'm actually at a monastery right now!
Typing this in the car then I'm going to mediate on it. I really need your prayers! Because I am feeling scared!

And me seeing 11:11 EVERYWHERE gave me a thought. So the angels are trying to make you aware of something yet science suggests the SC is now programmed to automatically look at the time when it's 11:11? To me, that's the angels trying to say 'you focused on the number, it embedded into your SC, you let go, and now it is in your reality' hmmmmmm..... I personally think the angels want you to look carefully at the process.

What does it mean when you've been on the right track and you're belief was building and building but the 'set back' comes from the person themselves! He sent me and me alone a snap video of him playing ping pong with the gf I know he's unhappy with. It's out of character for him so I'm trying to spin this in a positive way but this whole time I was focusing on me, I was kind of hoping he was making the necessary choices you know?

Without going into too much detail, the guy I liked came back from holiday and after me doing a month of RS and other techniques he done a complete 180. He's always liked me but was guarded because he was in a relationship. Since coming back he's made more of an effort to text and even calls me. He took me on a date earlier this week and is planning to take me out next week on a really expensive date. He told me about his gf and the way she treats him, he doesn't seem happy. I can see he is trying to get to know me and I guess he's getting confused because we both know his feelings are strong. My problem is how frustrated I'm getting with it all now. I haven't let go the right way, I now appear to be telling myself he's not worth it and he's playing games which I know he's not. We were meant to go out today and I text him last night trying to confirm the plans and he's not been in touch, not called this morning or anything and I actually feel dis-heartened by it. Why make plans to see me and then not even text me to confirm anything? It just feels like a game.

I feel I had been in the vortex for a long time but for some strange reason, now progress is being made I'm feeling frustrated and ungrateful. I worry I've now confused the universe and I no longer am vibrating this desire. I also haven't eaten well this week at all and any seem to sleep for long periods of time, that could just be a bug but I wouldn't put it past my SC mind trying to tell me something.

He was just a friend who I NEVER thought of in that way. We flirted a little- no different to how I flirt with other men, little did I know he was falling for me. Anyway fast forward a few months and I really started to like him- totally saw him in a different light out of NO WHERE. I told him and he was devastated as he sadly stated he was seeing someone. He admitted he had thought about me in that way a lot but never in a million years thought id be interested in him (talk about me falling for him after he LETS GO)
We are still really close, his gf is one of my close friends now and him and I still have a flirty relationship which she finds hilarious because we both know he's fiercely loyal to her. I have to try hard to keep my cool but most of the time when I see him- I can't keep my hands off him!
Hello RS

Marriage and other Relationship Issues / Frustrated :(
« on: March 17, 2014, 06:00:55 PM »
I'm attracting men with girlfriends. They all like me back! I thought perhaps I have a subconscious fear of commitment? I don't know what to do, how to change my inner world to better my outer one. Any thoughts?

Remote Seduction / Influence / RS potentially ruined things?
« on: February 18, 2014, 12:22:18 AM »
Last year a guy helped out at my job for a week and we completely hit it off. Although he had a gf and was very moral and honest, it was obvious to us and everyone else that he definitely had a soft spot for me. After he left I attempted one session of RS (I've done it loads in the past with different men and always had success) 10mins after he messaged me to let me know he left his jacket at work and could I keep it safe for him.

Fast forward a year and he's back for another week. We literally picked up where we left off with the flirting being a lot more intense. I think he may still be with his gf I'm not sure. He even said I could hold on to his jacket for the week and wear it if I'm cold. I mean things where going great until I attempted an RS session. The next day his whole energy changed! He was quite cold with me. Ok it may be resistance but I feel like had I not attempted RS we would have been fine? What do I do to get past the resistance? I hate it!!!!

Success Stories / Saw my ex after 2 years!!!!
« on: December 22, 2013, 04:56:05 AM »
I work in an attraction and he came to visit with his friends and girlfriend. He's the ex I joined this forum to get back, was with him 4 years and haven't seen or heard from him in 2 years. I started thinking about him recently, just wondering how he's doing. Always wanted to know that he was ok.

Anyway, I just happened to be working today and my job attracts 5000 visitors a day- it was no coincidence. We spotted each other but only looks where shared, I walked past him and tapped him to say hello and he looked stunned to see me. He ignored me the next time we crossed but I'm glad I said hello. I don't harbour any resentment towards him for the past and I wanted him to know that.

I always envisioned if ever I saw him again it would be where I work. Thank you universe for colliding our paths so that I can see he's ok. I feel like it's happening is a direct result of me letting go and I'm really grateful for it. I feel very peaceful and wish him all the best!

When attracting a specific person, especially when using RS- what happens after the 'rejection' stage? He went from being SO close to me to ignoring me for weeks. we are meeting on sunday for the first time in ages to- basically argue- about why we havent been in touch as much, he is so bothered by my distance yet makes it a point to drill into my head that he definately doesnt like me (i see the signs, he blatently does)

Whats going on with him? we may argue to breaking point or alternatively he will just deny how he feels. I stopped using RS when things got tense between us. Im emotionally exhausted to the bone

Any thoughts?

Oh and another thing I wanted to ask- when you want to manifest a relationship with someone and focus on that, but then you fight or something happens so you put out to the universe you don't want this person- then change your mind again and it fluctuates between the 2 - what will manifest?

Success Stories / Tried 2 different NAPs , had success with both!
« on: October 17, 2013, 06:21:47 PM »
I've not been on this forum for months, and as previously mentioned by many, more happens when you are off this forum because you're simply LIVING YOUR LIFE!

Months ago I attempted my first nap, removing limiting beliefs regarding confidence to walk down the path of my dream career. Merlin said he believes when you see changes, thats when you know its working. So I kept it going for over month. Listened to my NAP every single night without fail- even with all the nasty symptoms.
Its only when I stopped the NAP did I start to see changes.

My second NAP was to repair a dead nerve in my front tooth. It has a black mark on it and has done my whole life. I'm always paranoid when I smile. I tried everything to fix it, but the cheapest option was 300. Even my uncle is a dentist and was willing to help but explained the LONG procedure, estimated to last 5-6 months.

After just a week of my NAP I stopped, and moved on to the next one. A week or so after, I had a terrible toothache but done everything to avoid the dentist! Eventually I caved and went to get my tooth taken out. I asked my dentist again about my front tooth,and she offered a solution to fill the tooth. I had the procedure done today for 50 and my tooth is WHITE!

The NAP I'm doing now regarding weight gain, I'm not even worried about, I know its going to work. I'm not even counting the days I'm doing it, I'm no longer experiencing bad symptoms- and I had a flu jab the other day! You would think I'd be coming down with something, but NO!

I guess my SC is finally accepting I'm re-programming it.

Hope this inspired! 

Success Stories / What my Cleaning NAP has done for me so far...
« on: August 26, 2013, 03:17:28 AM »
I started using my cleaning NAP on the 1st August, removing limiting beliefs stopping me from walking the road to my dreams. It seems I had a lot because 2 weeks in I experienced some bad symptoms, even had to call in sick to work and I've NEVER called in sick. I've been so run down and bunged up, drained of energy. I got constant headaches and pains in my head and around my eyes. I was moody and aggressive.
The thought of 'taking a break' and missing a day of my NAP did cross my mind, but I soldiered through.
To this day, my ear phones still mysteriously fall out and the battery to my ipod is on red when I check in the morning, but seems to be fine once I'm up and out the shower. So I dont really know how much I've listened too before the ear phones fall out. I've also altered the NAP 3 times during, changed the voice twice, and added music to my most recent adaptation (which is my own voice)

My confidence in this particular area has slowly begun increasing and I'm not as lazy as I used to be. I'm feeling more motivated and get sparks of inspiration now and then. I also believe more and more that this dream is my birth right and its within my reach.

Something I feel I need to write is someone who I considered to be one of my closest friends, turned his back on me recently, during a hard time I was having at home with my mum having surgery (shes fine now!) and we've stopped talking. It made me think- this may be the universe eliminating the fake friends out of my life and taking out everyone who wont be in this new life of mine. Sucking out the poison, so to speak.
A couple of months ago- something like this would have really hurt me and I would have tried patching things up with him even though it was him, who wasnt there for me.

Anyway, thought I'd share.

How to Use Law of Attraction / Only in darkness, can we appreciate light
« on: August 06, 2013, 04:19:41 AM »
If you think the idea that we must always be happy is the true element of LOA you are under great illusion. When we are on such highs we often get taken back when something bad happens. We question, analyse and try and figure out what we've done wrong. We allow it to set us back thus cancelling out all the hard work we've done.

The universe is balanced. It runs on duality. That's a universal truth.

When something negative happens in this mist of my miracles I take it as a sign that the universe is either, balancing my life again or reminding me to be grateful.

We wouldn't appreciate the miracles if we didn't go through pain

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