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Subliminal Techniques / Radionics - Manifestation Software
« on: December 23, 2018, 01:10:13 AM »

The energy input codes are what caught my interest. Its possible to record affirming the manifestation while holding a mouse click.
The sequence of codes can be built upon and your template can be saved to add onto your sessions later.

If anyone wants to work with the software I might be capable of gathering a private discount for you.

Review to be posted near future.

Affirmation Journal / New Positive Thinking Technique !
« on: September 05, 2018, 11:55:01 PM »

1. Fill in 3 or more positive affirmations on separate papers
2. Fill in 3 or more negative words or negative thoughts on separate papers

The design of SpiritualTec's technique Version 1: To shuffle continuously through the papers and read aloud ONLY the positive affirmations in order to train more of your attention and focus onto the positive vs the negative.

The design of SpiritualTec's technique Version 2: To shuffle continuously through the papers and mentally repeat "X" amount of times ONLY the positive affirmations in order to train more of your attention and focus onto the positive vs the negative.

The new positive thinking technique was developed with help of SpiritualTec's brain training affirmation game for Android devices and PC/Windows.

PSY - Psychic Influence Software - Manifestation Training Software

Great for training the ability to manifest.

Here is a video of using an example setup for online LIVE experiments.


I will attempt to attach the subliminal audio to this review that is used in the experiments.
The audio should work to boost the ability to manifest the affirmative statement on the software.

Contact me / let me know if you would like me to add a discount from the person who sells the software.
Feel free to ask me to setup another live experiment if you would like to participate.
I am looking for more volunteers for the live experiments.

I am Offering / SpiritualTec's Ping Consciousness Project
« on: May 19, 2018, 10:43:40 AM »
SpiritualTec's Ping Consciousness Project

Discounts are available for returning clients and a trial package exists on special request.

Package #1
-1 affirmation
-Every hour for 24 hours
-Have it setup to send to your router, phone, or website
-3 dollars

Package #2
-1 affirmation
-Every half hour for 24 hours
-Have it setup to send to your router, phone, or website
-5 dollars

Subliminal Techniques / Free Subliminal Text -Java - Better then the rest!
« on: December 15, 2017, 01:21:41 PM »

-Choose any font installed on your computer. -You can use downloaded fonts like from DaFont.com

-Size can custom set to be as compact as possible. -No more half screen affirmations that might not get registered correctly.
(11pt works for me)

-Choose any font color! I use spiritualtec's choice of coloring for the affirmations.

-When one subliminal flashing affirmation disappears the waiting period can be set to flash again in another random spot right away. You don't have to wait the remaining of the second.

(ON : 100ms Of: 1ms) -Those are my current time settings.

Transparency of any subliminal text in my opinion only makes it 50% less likely to be logical to work. So be sure to avoid that.

I have my custom list of affirmations set to flash through the list at random also. I do this because it works best for running more then 1 of the program instances at one time. Meaning I have 2 of the java programs setup at one time to have 2x the subliminal exposure.

So be sure to throw subliminal blaster in the bin. The text size and color changes everything.


Affirmation Journal / Spiritualtec's Positive Affirmation Collection
« on: February 21, 2016, 10:30:48 AM »
Linking below a link to the blog hosting some of the greatest affirmations available currently and forth coming.


Includes general + experimental affirmations that are designed to be manifested through bringing the power of the statements to life into your reality through repetition that charges up the manifestation of the statements.
Most of the affirmation statements are designed to create changes without limits to achieve things beyond the power of suggestion. I progressively expand, upgrade, and maintain the blog affirmations to provide what I have been personally working with in my own personal manifesting research and experiences.

Do an affirmation for the person in the post above yours

Law of Attraction Lounge / Manifesting Forum Game -Log them in!
« on: August 29, 2015, 03:47:45 AM »
There are more ways to practice + train in a mini game format but for now this is the only one I am releasing / hosting publicly.

Log them in! Test your limitations. Here's how to play.

-Post a forum member that is currently offline and manifest them in a believable time frame for you logging into the forums. -Since we all have different skill set levels the timing will be different for each of us. -Take note that even if its 2, or 5 hours from now your only offering more of a possibility of them logging in before hand.

-Try and ask the universe the best time you can manifest them logging in if your feeling in the flow with the universe. Maybe your intuition knows when you can easily best manifest it.

This is experimental of course so the original post here may be edited as the game progress's

The current best manifestation has come from PowerLOA member ________

Reasons to play:
1. The game is simple.
2. It puts your skills to the test.
3. Helps you practice your technique.
4. Gets you in the actual application/applying mindset.

Tips: Get creative. This can be great for trial and error :) . Use affirmations. Use visualization. Use your thoughts. Mess around with different affirmations and find which ones are most effective for you. Get as comfortable as possible with what works best for your mind and expand on it. Its your mind and their are no limits.

When done correctly.
1. Will mystify the subject  ;D .
2. Justify your belief in LOA + and belief in self.
3. Send a powerful message to your subconscious that LOA is real and YES YOU can do it.

When done incorrectly here are some things to note.
No one is judging you. Its only practice + training.

Be Determined and Practice Non Attachment to your reaction to the outcome.
Overcome through experience by going through the experience and becoming comfortable with it. The let down can be a great teacher and offer you over practice better non attachment skills.

How to Use Law of Attraction / The LOAers guide by Alex Burke
« on: December 31, 2014, 12:50:28 PM »
Thanks for checking out this guide. If you have any questions please ask them here and not over PM. Please share any advise/tips/input if you feel it can assist this guide and the members participating.

The LOAers guide by Alex Burke

Manifestation sessions

-Manifestation sessions are to be written and stored in a personal journal
-Organize a routine to do a session every day at around the same time.
-Keep the amount of sessions a day to only 1 when you are just starting.

Belief vs doubt session affirm/visualization stages and when to increase the amount of sessions per day and when to increase the time limit
-When your time spent in a state of belief is more then 50% then you can start to add a shorter session but be sure it is after your first set session.
-Be sure that there is a long enough break between the first and second session so you can enter with a clear mind that's not being effected by the session before.

1. Find / set a place and time of day/night to do what I call a "manifestation session"
2. Set a time limit. How long you are going to be affirming ? How long are you going to be visualizing?
3. Bring your journal with you to this place at the set time with a pen.
4. Write down things about the session after the session is over. (Go to "question to ponder")

Starting your session
-Closing your eyes for 30 seconds or so should be enough to clear most of your mind
-Being somewhat relaxed is the best way to enter a session.
-I am relaxed ,calm, and comfortable affirmation can be used at the beginning of a session to assist relaxing

What is there to consider when estimating how many sessions it will take till I experience the desired outcome/manifestation?

-Your current overall level of belief in LOA
-How long it has taken in the past to manifest some desired events/circumstances/changes

Start small and easy!
-Find something you would consider somewhat of a rare occurrence but you don't have much attachment to it happening.
-Manifesting something for another person to assist their life in some way is one working example that can work.

Type of affirmation

Ending the manifestation session
Here is how I end my session. You may end it with any prayer or affirmation or you may use mine.
*The manifestation session has been completed successfully. Its now been done. Its now been manifested. I give thanks. Thank you universe.*

Questions to answer in your journal

-Do you notice any difference now that the session is over compared to when you started the session? Mood, Mindset, how you feel etc.
-What is the level of intensity of the session overall 1-10? How was it intense/not intense?
-What is the ratio of your doubting to believing during the session? Example: 30&doubting-70% believing
-Is your mind impacted by the session in a more positive way or is it more impacted in a negative way? What did you doubt more the visualizations or the affirmations?
*Note: You may want to use less of what didn't work next session and more of what did work*
-How long do you think this positive / negative impact will last now that the session is over? (1 hour? 30 minutes? etc)
-How long do you now expect to wait till the manifestation will take place now that the session is over?
Is there any difference from the last session? longer , the same, shorter?
+more questions to be added to the list in the near future

Improving your sessions
*If affirmations are impacting you in a negative way you could try listening to some uplifting music*
*You may try listening to relaxation music* *You may try listening to speedy electronic music* *Try Music with lyrics* *Try listening to instrumental music* *Earphones or Speakers?* *High/medium/low volume?* *To visualize you may use visual cues like pictures*

My knowledge on affirmations

*Affirmations after time become more natural/comfortable. I suggest you enter your first sessions expecting your affirmations and maybe even visualizations to surface a fair amount of doubt. It may slightly uncomfortable at first but your efforts are not in vein. Your efforts are slowly working in a positive direction. Everyone reading this has the willpower and strength to get thru the beginning sessions. Sure it can be filled with doubt and it might feel like its not a lie or even not working. Just stick to it and you will eventually win*

There is actual power in the way the statements are worded
*For me in my own personal experience. The practice of affirmations becomes like a game of words where the statement you create holds the power. I highly recommend everyone reading to
Research Dr.emoto's water and rice experiments (youtube it) and see for yourself the power of words on the world around you.*

Having it now affirmative statements
*I highly suggest using "already having it now" statements/affirmations. If your in this for the long run and wanting the best most effective strategy for getting the most out of affirming. These statements are for you. Good news is when your mind is familiar to these now affirmations you will be getting better and faster results then most. You are likely to experience more doubt even some confusion at the beginning but you can overpower the doubt after time*

*Every completed session leads to more reflection in your journal and hopefully you will over time understand more about the sessions content including the doubt. You should eventually get better at dealing with it.


"Teach yourself to be more obedient to your own command and you will have a dictionary of new tricks to get more out of your life"


"Concentration and the ability to shift your focus and maintain it on a desired affirmation and or visualization can be trained.. These organized sessions you are now hopefully planning on doing can assist you in gathering more control. It can lead to the eventual mastery of changing your mindset on cue.. The sessions will become shorter and will have more impact after continued practice."

My Hope

I hope this guide when completed will inspire more LOAers to following a dedicated long term plan to master their minds, lives, and LOA and give them all the best knowledge to attain it.

Enjoy LOA'ers! From Alex Burke owner of spiritualtec.com and spiritualtec.info !

grateful160 is a gratitude journal that gives you an email or SMS/text nudge up to four times daily to count your blessings. You reply with an email or text of your own with a short reflection of gratitude which is stored in your journal.

Each week you get an email summary of all you had to be thankful over the week or you can access your journal online.



Hello PowerLOA members and welcome to my topic
AlexBurke's subliminal flashing guide

This topic is for subliminal blaster or any type of subliminal flashing software.

I recommend updating version 2.0 of your subliminal blaster to version 4 (free).
http://sourceforge.net/projects/sublaster/ - download

Subliminal blaster settings for version 4.0 subliminal blaster:

Timing: 3 seconds (lowest) between each flash. 5ms flashing duration

Text: RED or BLACK Are the most effective for getting change as quick as possible.
Font size: 1 (smallest) - So your eyes can see the whole affirmation easier.
Transparency: None

Settings > System settings > Uncheck the box that allows subliminal blaster to check for updates.
This is because their update servers are down due to costs and it will give you a popup if U do not.

In my next post I will have an affirmation list that I can update as this topic progress's

I am Offering / Manifesting Brain Training Game by spiritualtec
« on: July 25, 2014, 10:17:40 PM »

Brain training is getting a lot of hype and positive research done on it.
So I am announcing spiritualtec will be creating a brain training game.

The user will type in affirmations for the thing wanting to be manifested.
Example: Manifested Money, Attracted Money, Money is being attracted to me now, etc.

Then the user enters negative statements/affirmations about the same thing.

What the game then does is make the positive and negative statements appear
and its your job to only click on the positive statements while being bombarded with both.

Here's the catch: Your being tested how many positives you can click in a 1 minute session.
+1 to your points if you click a positive and -1 if you click a negative.

What this does is train your mind to notice the positive statements more then the negative creating
a positive state of mind for your desire.

Let me know if anyone's interested and what their desired price for a game like this would be.

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