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I guess many people realise in the end that what they thought they were wishing for, was not they were actually wishing for with their heart?

And it is certainly not for no reason that there are so very many posts and threads on LoA forums about "letting go'!!

I think you can totally fail in your specific manifestations and end up being very happy anyway 😊

I was being silly... and it was not a funny joke, so please accept my apologies.
I’ve just so had it with men, that’s all. I mean, i feel sorry for them too and I know it’s no-one’s fault but sometimes I want to just give up on the whole thing in sheer exasperation!

As for RSing, I don’t know... but my feeling is that it’s not morally wrong if you are always kind, gentle, and have their wellbeing to heart... and do not go against their expressed wishes.

Omg, yes please! Can I apply?

How to Use Law of Attraction / Re: Coronavirus - Blessing In Disguise?
« on: April 06, 2020, 12:45:50 PM »
Hi Jason, I loved both your message and your video on YouTube.
I’ve liked and shared it :-)

Remote Seduction / Influence / Re: An opinion poll for RSers
« on: February 08, 2020, 12:30:30 AM »
Why is RS such a big subject. It's only another method of manifesting 🤷 ;D

"Remote Seduction" is intentionally influencing a person, usually without their knowledge and consent - obviously in this context it is extremely likely to be against their wishes (since if it were not, why not walk up to them and ask them out?)

Let's examine this:

- Being prepared to manipulate another person without their knowledge and consent, for your own gratification and desires;
- Scrambling their emotions, forcing them to feel and act a certain way, against their own judgment and wishes and causing them distress confusion and in extreme cases... insanity (and possibly suicide)
- Not considering if it is to their detriment, in terms of their physical and mental health (though who are you to decide what is good for them?).

Any form of manifesting that ticks those boxes is, in my opinion, a criminal offence against another human being.

Answer the survey. Truthfully.


I’m glad you like that sort of thing, too.

Here’s another one that never fails to get me, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ELKbtFljucQ
(‘we’ll rise..over love, over hate...over fear’ - omg..it’s really something!)

I also love this song you’ve got on your playlist ...but my favourite version will always remain Nina Simone’s original

Oh and there I was all ready to be cynical about ‘positive’ music  ;)

However! However...

I really like a lot of the songs on here! A few of which are actually lovely new discoveries for me.

Thank you Eve. Appreciated.

p.s. if you were including classical, this one is a really fabulous piece! Always makes me smile...and sometimes dance around like a silly person too, hehe

Remote Seduction / Influence / Re: My doubts about the effectiveness of RS
« on: November 19, 2019, 12:23:56 AM »
Oh yes.
And I suppose the earth is flat?  ;D

Remote Seduction / Influence / Re: My doubts about the effectiveness of RS
« on: November 18, 2019, 11:40:34 PM »

However, loa has not been proven to exist, either

I'd disagree with this, Anna. I think it's been proven to exist, but the whole LOA name is incorrect. Part of the reason why they called it the Law of Attraction is because, due to the time sequence from thought to reality, and the "bridge of incidents/series of events" which often leads you from your thought to your chosen physical reality, it seemed to be "an attraction" like you were going from point A to point B to Point C, etc. It's just physics, really. You get the idea.

The problem with the name LOA is it causes people think in terms of "attraction". That spawns crap like "vibration","getting in the vortex", and all the other silly LOA terms we know and love. Then the people who have success will often rationalize it to being "Oh, I must've let go and he came back. My RS worked!". But when things fall apart for them, they're back to square one and left oblivious to what went wrong. Unfortunately, these people don't use critical thinking and that's why there's so few LOA success stories out there.

What we all know as LOA, is working all the time. Yes, you can have everything or anyone you want. Remember, the universe does not think like a person. Therefore, it doesn't know what's best for you or "has something better" in store for you, as some LOA guru's actually promote it as. It doesn't require you to change your character. It's an impartial law. It gives no matter what. It's just that people go about it the wrong way and treat this law as if it were some spiritual philosophy.

Sorry, MA138, I probably didn't make myself clear enough. I wasn't disputing whether loa exists or not: I know without a doubt that it exists, and I've proven it to myself time and again. But what I was referring to more was that the science world and the mainstream don't acknowledge it's existence (not that I know of, at least). It is not "scientifically proven" was what I meant.

Very interesting discussion and observations.

In fact all of this has been amply proven to exist, scientifically, in the form of empirical evidence (mountains of it) and formulae etc.

However whenever it raises its disturbing head, whether in experimental evidence or mathematics or quantum physics, it has been instantly slammed as ‘pseudoscience’ for one simple reason. It challenges our existing model. To accommodate it in the mainstream would require a paradigm shift. It would fuel an about-turn in our current belief system and our existing power structure. It’s pretty obvious why the powers-that-be find this pretty damn undesirable.

If you are interested in the science, I would highly recommend the following books:

- Rupert Sheldrake ‘The Science Delusion’
- Dean Radin ‘Real Magic’
- Marjorie Woollacott ‘Infinite Awareness: the Awakening of a Scientific Mind’
- Lynne McTaggart ‘The Field’

Things will change pretty soon, imo, in the field of science. This knowledge/perspective is creeping into universities, respected journals, and the public mind.
Give it 20 yrs.

Remote Seduction / Influence / Re: My doubts about the effectiveness of RS
« on: November 17, 2019, 05:34:36 AM »
So why does it work, Alex? Hypnosis etc., to attract things and make them happen... and Neville’s brand of LOA?

Feel free to go ahead and explain the phenomenon according to your logic. I’m all ears.

Having said that, you’re right about one thing. That Anna’s intelligent ;)

I think your instinct is right and you’ve got to get out. It sounds to me like you’re a very positive and proactive person, and I’m willing to bet that as soon as you’re away from influences that you know pull you down every day, you’ll be great and life will start to pan out the way you wish and manifest.

If you don’t feel that strong or convinced right now it’s because of the negative energy you’re forced into such regular contact with in your relationship and your situation.

Only as you say, how to do it?? I think Halouniverse has hit the nail on the head, the problem is mostly logistic. Hard as it sounds ...and wrong as such a society is, where parents are so often helpless (and poor) dependents... you must find a way of living independently of him, and as soon as possible. All the while you stay, your kids are suffering daily. There is nothing worse for children ‘s development and emotional/mental health, than witnessing daily manipulation and ill treatment within their own family.

Is there no helpline you can call, where they will advise you? Here in the UK there’s Women’s Aid, who will offer practical support and legal advice in such situations. No harm in calling, just for advice ...

It seems to me what you need to work on is:
a) believing in yourself and
b) trusting it's going to be alright.

Once you just KNOW it's going to be alright, you will be the girl who he loves i.e. YOU but without the terrible hangups and insecurities, the possessiveness and the neediness. Your confidence and trust need building up.

So I guess the million-dollar question is HOW to work on those things. Hm.

Can I suggest observing each day when you feel best, when you feel okay - what's happening and who you're with. Whenever you feel great (or terrible) make a note. If it's depending on him - well, okay, just forgive yourself but try to temper it each time with e.g. calling up your friends instead, going out with them or round to a friend's house or for a walk (I include family and animals in the category of 'friends', minus that animals are unlikely to own their own home of course). Spend time in nature if it makes you feel good. Drink a glass of wine if it makes you feel good (and forgive yourself for 'needing' silly things). Listen to music, dance around your room. Um.

HOWEVER (here comes the health warning) it seems to me if he is an avoider and you are insecure, he might not be the ideal partner for you. I know it sounds odd but imo it's better to be with someone you adore a little less but who will be there for you, and who you can rely on to not shy off at important moments.

It would not surprise me at all if this love story ended with you being happy in yourself and with someone else, and him finally saying 'but I loved you all along'. But only when it's too late. And of course that would not have happened at all, if you had been all the time with him becoming more and more insecure every time he abandoned you emotionally.

You'll get the love you crave so badly, when you're being you and you're trusting. Trust me  :)

I think envy and jealousy have been conflated in this post. Jealousy is when you fear the loss of something, as in jealously guarding something. Or someone.

Indeed, beautifully put. Thank you :-)

While ‘envy’ is wishing you had something that someone else has got.

People tend to use these terms in a loose way in spoken English. ‘I’m so jealous you got that job’ ..’’I’m jealous of your lovely legs’. NO. You are envious, not jealous.

Law of Attraction for Ex-Back / Re: ghosting
« on: September 23, 2019, 12:48:29 PM »
Topic is ghosting.
Title is ‘ghosting’!!
Couldn’t really get much more relevant to the topic.

It’s interesting, if you observe closely, people learn mostly from own and others’ experiences, and NOT from being told stuff. Advice is very seriously overrated imo.

I wish more would share their own experiences.
Plus, when others do that I find those by far the most readable posts, I really like it personally.

Law of Attraction for Ex-Back / Re: ghosting
« on: September 23, 2019, 02:19:02 AM »
Oh thank you, halouniverse, you actually made my day quite a lot brighter with your kind words!

So it seems maybe to be more about just relaxing and daydreaming a lot, in a very pleasant way...imagining nice things or even just assuming them?

If so then hey, I guess I’m doing natural LOA all the time! But especially during my commute to work, then the daydreaming gets really good  :)

Often my daydreams seem as real to me as real life, or nearly, lol. But it is just a very pleasant activity. Funny as I’ve never given my kids devices or films during journeys, since I thought it’s so very important to gaze out the window daydreaming, and did not want them to miss out on that. Music’s perfect.

Anyway blah blah (sorry). It seems that guy I mentioned, the ghoster, who was last in contact with me six months ago, maybe got manifested by me talking/thinking about him? I got wild feelings all night..this was three days ago.. and ..a lot of my weird psychic love-stuff..and I totally thought it must be my current love (the one I’m slowly learning to trust), but it was odd as it was so tumultuous emotionally, felt like longing, almost desperation, then love, insanely strong.. then.. well..it was a journey!*

I told my boyfriend all about it in the morning as of course I totally assumed it was him! He said, he must have been dreaming (!). Then.. just a couple of hours later, I get a message from ghost-guy, saying ..wait for it.... he is sorry and he feels bad over not treating me well, and would I meet up with him.


What it took for him to write that message.. it must have been hard. Emotionally.. Don’t think he is very used to saying sorry  ::)

*I wonder if he had gone through a breakup and maybe that’s what I felt, and then he turned to me hoping I might be distraction or comfort? Hm it’s a possibility..

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