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Don't return the ring whatever you do!

Yeh, I am also thinking the same.

Marriage and other Relationship Issues / Getting my ex back after I ended it
« on: September 02, 2019, 11:24:22 AM »
Hi all, I need your help and tips!

So after a one year breakup with my partner and endless scrolling of information on how to get your ex back, he came back to me! We ended up engaged at the end of last year, BUT we recently had a fight and I ended it (I didnít end it over that fight particularly, but that was the catalyst - Iíd had enough). Anyhow, we exchanged a few emails, and it looked like in the last bit of correspondence from him that he wanted to continue. But I was confused at the time, and thought I should stand my ground of it being over. Fast forward two weeks and it suddenly hit me that it was over and I was missing him, so I sent him an email asking if heíd like to talk... but he ignored me until another 2 or 3 weeks later when he emailed me saying he doesnít want to talk and I should get a friend to collect my things from his house, and to return the ring via a friend when I get back from o/s (currently o/s). I tried one last time to see if there was a chance to talk just before my things got collected a few days ago, but my plea was met with a long angry essay accusing me of this and that, followed by some back and forth messages between us with the bad result of him basically reiterating itís over, and my things need to go. I heard from my landlord that actually heís moving house.

Anyway, needless to say, Iím not feeling good about this breakup at all - especially since we were about to get married, and also that it was me who actually said itís over (usually Iím the dumpee). Iím just wondering if the process for getting your ex back is the same whether youíve dumped them or theyíve dumped you? Iím in such a massive state of depression right now, and regretting I jumped so quickly to end it. Iím scared to contact him again to receive another negative, angry, rejecting message. I donít understand how he could have changed his mind in just two weeks time - going from indicating he wanted to continue to not wanting to.

It makes me feel so sad that after my time here overseas, he wonít be at the airport waiting to greet me and continue our life together. :/

Law of Attraction for Ex-Back / He came back!!
« on: September 03, 2017, 05:15:30 PM »
Hi guys,

Just thought I would pay things forward and write my success story here. Honestly, it's so weird after I spent many months scrolling through these boards and every "ex-back" thing I could find, and now I can be the one who finally gets to write a story!

Ok, I don't know where to even begin. Basically, literally almost a year ago, me and my bf had a huge fight and he walked out on me. I was devastated to say the least. I was just a complete wreck. I stopped eating, and was majorly depressed.

I rediscovered the law of attraction and was trying out this and that, but it was all kind of in vain - as I was just sort of living my life to get him back. I kept reading the same cliched things and success stories in how to get them back - "It's when you're feeling good, they return," or "when I let go he came back" etc.

I was definitely not in a state of letting go.. for MONTHS. So many people were like, "he doesn't love you - you just need to let it go," or "he's never coming back to you." He even got in a relationship with someone else at one point... I was devastated.

Anyhow, fast forward to around 2.5 months ago, I was just fed up with the whole situation - how foolish I'd been basing my life and decisions towards someone who couldn't care less about me. I started watching a lady on YouTube called Agnes Vivarelli. A lot of her stuff is about self-love. Of course, I would have been reading a lot about the whole "you have to love yourself, before anyone can love you" thing many months earlier - but I just kept passing it off as a cliche etc. Honestly, for many months I was simply too broken anyway to properly implement genuine self-love practices.

But yeah, this time, something just shifted in me - where I realised he's most likely not coming back. It wasn't as though I gave up loving him and stuff - he was still there in my thoughts, but it was just like I made this conscious shift that I have to really start focusing my energy into me. Not him, not the people surrounding him, and also not any stories associated with him. I made a conscious effort to also not talk about him anymore to anyone. I did have the occasional slip up, but I would mostly restrain myself if I spoke with mutual friends.

A lot of Agnes' videos were on the subject of "everyone is you pushed out," so I learnt that I just had to be more loving to myself, to those around me, and even if I could find it in my heart - to people who had wronged me. I was learning to be strong again, and just try and look for the positives in any situation. I was learning to calm down with being too reactive to situations. I joined Tinder lol, trying to find a date, I almost met one guy that I didn't really want to meet, just for the sake of it - but I felt in my gut, I was just doing all of that out of neediness, and I ended up deleting the app. The time I spent chatting to randoms who I wasn't interested in could be better used by doing things such as brushing up on my skills and getting more involved in the things I already had going for me.

Anyway.. He returned!! He'd seen a vid of me on fb, and I got a message from him one day out of the blue - and funnily enough, I had just been watching one of Veronica Isles videos that morning on "how to get a text." I had pushed myself to do something that morning, and I'd had a good day, and was "feeling good," and when I wasn't expecting it, he messaged me. And I just knew that he was on his way back!! And, I remembered from all my months of research lol, that if I wanted any progress with this, that I would just need to respond in a light-hearted manner - like we are just "friends." So I did that, with a small touch of flirtiness, and we continued to message for a few days like crazy. Was just like catching up on a year's worth of no contact. Even the day after he first messaged, I was starting to get that needy feeling of, "why hasn't he texted" and I just remembered that I need to stop trying to control situations, and continued on with what I was doing, while listening to some feel-good music, and literally seconds later I got a message from him!

So we met, like 3 days after messaging, and he said he WANTED TO COME BACK TO ME. It happened. It finally happened! Honestly, it's cliched, but I was quite subdued by then - meaning, because I had now this new take on things, i.e. I wasn't the same desperado, I was happy inside of course, but at the same time I was also quite casual about the situation, it was like I knew it was going to happen anyway. I even waited a few days to give my answer back - not out of playing games, just more that I didn't have to rush. It just feels like now it was yesterday we broke up. I mean, it's like that whole year didn't even happen, when you come back together.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this for all of you who are in my position of how I was a year ago, and even for many many months following. He said all of the worst things to me (I don't love you/I will never come back to you/I have no feelings for you), but just look at how it's true that none of that matters in the outcome.

Sorry for the essay, and all the best to everyone :)

Law of Attraction for Ex-Back / Help...
« on: March 23, 2017, 04:56:26 PM »
Hi everyone,

So, it's now been over 6 months since me and my ex broke up (wow - I hadn't even realised it's been that long). Anyhow, I STILL am not over him, I still regret the day we parted (I didn't break it off with him). But, since the breakup he has already had one very quick relationship, and now I sense he is making moves on another girl (someone that I know too). I just feel so sick and jealous about his behaviour - well both of them. I'm not sure whether too if I am making this manifest by thinking so much about it - or whether it's happening and I am picking up on it (a bit of a chicken and egg thing).

So, how do I stop giving energy to this? It's almost like the energy is so strong I can't ignore it. But I also understand if I want better things to happen, I really shouldn't be thinking about it. How do I stop? How do I manifest what I really want? i.e. Him to come back to me?

Thanks in advance for any advice :)

Law of Attraction for Ex-Back / How to be when you run into your ex
« on: December 01, 2016, 02:16:30 AM »
Hi all :)

Just wondering how is the best way to "act" should you see your ex? We are a part of the same community - so we do sometimes quite literally run into each other, and we have been both ignoring each other.. It's so horrible. It's over from his side i.e. he broke with me, and I've already done all that desperate trying to get him back, with him telling me he has no feelings for me - so I feel like if I am the one to say "hello" etc, or smile, whatever, it will probably just keep pushing him away?



You mean the 5 minutes a day manifestation? :)

Thanks.. yeh, it's true - why was I thinking like that? I guess if there's ANYTHING positive to take out of this situation, it's the realisation and wake up call that I need to seriously work on thinking more positively.. about everything really! Quit the fear attitude. And yep, I will try your challenge. Thanks for the reply!! :)

No there is nothing to take in this situation. Unless it is that you understand how powerful your thoughts can be! They form facts.
Dont stay in that reality if it makes you siffer, dont ask yourself "why" dont make excuses to syat there... just shift as faster as you can. Soar.

Thanks for the advice, will keep it in mind! :)

Try Superman's game I also do it. :)
Just give it a try with the opposite thoughts I know you can do this just focus on it :)
Everytime actually when I don't see any changes I tell myself - Why would you want to see them in this reality if you are trying to get rid of this and shift to another one?
You were together for 2 years with your bad thoughts so it took a bit of time until he broke up with you because all of this. So now give a bit of time for reality to shift. I believe in you. Do those 5 mins and in a day just live the present moment taking happiness from whatever is around you because when you will get back together you will miss this freedom and time you gave for worrying and thinking bad about him. :)
Good lucky, luckygirl! :D

Aww.. Thanks for the nice advice! Yeh, I will give it all a good go :)

Thanks.. yeh, it's true - why was I thinking like that? I guess if there's ANYTHING positive to take out of this situation, it's the realisation and wake up call that I need to seriously work on thinking more positively.. about everything really! Quit the fear attitude. And yep, I will try your challenge. Thanks for the reply!! :)

Hi all,

I apologize for any doubt, fear and negativity that will be in this post. The truth is that I am really absolutely feeling all those things, and I want to first express it all before giving any LOA a proper chance, and get some perspective from anyone. I want to give the LOA a chance to get my ex back, but the reality is, is that it appears he has really moved on. When I spoke to him last (was me trying to initiate any contact - he cut me off, and blocked my no.) he told me that there is NO feelings for me whatsoever - he told me out-right that he couldn't even tell me what to do to change, or care to think about what to do to change the relationship because there is nothing in his heart there anyway, and told me to forget him.

We have the same community of friends - I literally almost bumped into him last night, we just looked at each other and I just looked away and walked off...  it just absolutely and utterly kills me inside to be in those environments and we are not together like before. He just has 100% cut me out, and is doing all the typical moving on things like posting happy things on fb, is going o/s soon (I don't know this from him directly, but we have enough mutual friends where ppl will say things, even if I don't ask for it).

So basically I just have such mixed feelings about giving some LOA thing a try. I mean, in terms of, if I try, am I just being absolutely delusional? I mean, in the awareness that he is really over me? Sometimes I kid myself, and think, he still has feelings for me, but then I encounter a new set-back to reaffirm he doesn't and it just really throws me out with uncontrollable feelings of loss, grief, sadness, depression etc. Even after last night I was talking with someone who knows him and they were saying things like "I can 100% guarantee you that it's over; there's no chance of this relationship ever in a million years getting back; he doesn't harbour any lingering feelings for you; he wouldn't be giving you one single thought." I understand they are saying it because they want me to hear the truth and not be delusional, but it just absolutely kills me to hear all this, and hence, I lose pretty much ALL hope, so much so, that I am just wondering how on earth any LOA might work if this is really the reality of the situation?

The break-up was now over 2 months ago, and we were together for nearly 2 years. Everyone is telling me to "get over it" and "you're just going to have to move on".. But I can't!!! I love him so much. Just because his love has apparently gone doesn't equate to mine also disappearing.

Basically, I just want some encouragement and advice from you guys on whether my case is really a lost cause or not? It's easy to say "just cut your losses and move on" - but it's exactly that, easy to say and very hard to do! We were going to be married.. It's not someone I had in my life just to pass some time - it's someone you envision to be with for the rest of your life.

I know that of course "anything is possible," but am also aware there is a fine line between that, and just being plain delusional (I don't want to end up as some obsessed jilted ex lover-turned crazy person). It is sad, coz I think I did in a sense manifest him into my life, and once he was there I let my fear take over ("why would he be with me? he's going to leave me.. he doesn't love me") and I am so down on myself atm because I feel I definitely contributed to the demise of it with my somewhat unconscious (and conscious) negative manifestations.. the beauty of hindsight.

So please, what do you think, should I just challenge myself and give the LOA a go anyway to try and get him back despite of my circumstances? Please, try and be kind in your responses.. As you can tell am very fragile, so really can't afford much more pain!! It really has without a doubt been one of the most shocking periods of my life.. it is like I have died, while still being alive. :(

Sorry again for the not-so-happy vibes of this post. I'm not getting a lot of hope from anywhere atm, so I hope I can get some support from you guys! I am for the most part a person who believes everything happens for a reason (and am sure there must be a reason this has happened), but for some reason this relationship ending has just truly broken me, and left me so gutted - taking along with it any sense of optimism.


I definitely want to put in some effort and try one of these challenges to get my ex back.. Which challenge though is better? This or the other 30 day challenge? Or.. both as good as each other?

Thanks! :)

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