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Remote Seduction / Influence / Re: My progress
« on: November 12, 2018, 12:25:24 AM »
I haven't been here in a while and came back now and saw your posts.
My advise for you is if you really want her stop keeping tabs on your progress. Stop writing and giving focus to your current reality. Stop what you are doing! If you want something then imagine what you want..live in that imagination and let it be your only reality. Live from the end. Highly recommend Neville Goddard.
Stop with the RS and other stuff. At least for now. Work on loving yourself coz how you feel about yourself and what you see in your current reality is all you..you pushed out.

As soon as you read about a teacher saying something along the lines of "The Universe knows whats best for you, you were too attached, etc" then you need to RUN! LOL.

Exactly!!! If people will follow NG they will know that there is nobody outside of ourselves. We decide what is best for us!

Thank you so much for the wonderful thread. NG and Joseph Murphy are the men! One lottery winner won after reading Murphy's book POSM (great book).

Remote Seduction / Influence / Re: Wendi's RS working?
« on: September 13, 2018, 10:10:00 PM »

So I am in the process of attracting thing guy (Manny) in my life as a potential partner. We've been texting for about a year and eventually he took forever to respond back to my texts (but there is always hope!!), so everyday for the past few days I've been listening to Wendi's RS meditation. I've been feeling very detached from this guy in my thoughts and actions and I've been getting subtle signs that tell me that the universe is guiding me into my destination. But then sometimes out of nowhere, I would get waves of....let's call it "intimate desire." I would not do anything to provoke the feeling, it would just hit me (like if I was reading at the library or babysitting at museum). I would be really confused and wonder what was going on?? I was wondering if the universe was testing me, or if my guy was responding and sending me back whatever I was sending him (like snail mail). He hasn't physically reached out via text, but I'm doing my best not to talk myself into doubt. I was also listening to frequency chords for love and trust before/after my meditation. I'm curious to hear your thoughts on this or stories to share?

The Universe doesn't have a mind of its own..it doesn't test you. What happens in your life externally is coz what is happening internally.

How to Use Law of Attraction / Re: Power of the Mind
« on: April 14, 2018, 02:30:30 AM »

I think what many are missing is that while RS and other techniques are methods to get you into the state of feeling you have what you want this alone isn't enough. You need to change yourself..your beliefs and thoughts and you need to love yourself. You can't do a technique and then for the rest of the day be negative or dwell in thoughts that don't support your end result.

How to Use Law of Attraction / Re: How to make it work for you
« on: April 07, 2018, 06:15:03 PM »
Nice post. So, when I am driving I should send love to those annoying drivers who drive slowly in the middle/fast lanes and not curse at them and wish I was a cop so I could give them a fine?  :)

I am Looking For / Louise Berlay
« on: January 24, 2018, 02:09:06 AM »

Does anyone have the audio or pdf of the book The Magic of the Mind by  Louise Berlay that they can share?


Success Stories / Re: A few manifestation secrets that may help
« on: December 27, 2017, 10:23:49 PM »
What's the thing with sex energy? If you have sex you won't manifest? Don't understand that part

Remote Seduction / Influence / Re: RS for 14months
« on: December 06, 2017, 04:17:57 PM »
I have been trying to manifest a romantic relationship with my friend. I did remote seduction, visualisations, journalling, etc. I was feeling great, grateful, believed and knew that it was working because we became closer than ever, so I knew something was about to manifest. This happened for 14 months, I know it was a long time, but whenever I asked for a sign should I carry on, immediately after a few minutes it will show up. I remember asking for an owl, and I am living in a country where there are no owls. After asking the universe, I opened Netflix and continued watching the movie I left, and guess what, the girl was holding an owl stuff toy. And then I often see owls in a painting, bag, shirts, you name it. I was feeling high and I am in a vibrational alignment.
But today, he broke the news to me, that he is engaged to someone else. Of course, I said I was happy for you, and no single tear fell from my eyes.
I feel like the universe created a big joke on me. I know this might sound desperate to some, but I feel that our story is not over. I still feel that he is the one for me.
I will continue doing RS but since I donít have a specific person anymore, might do it without a certain person in mind. My question is, will it attract someone to me even if I donít have a specific person in mind?
And why RS, visualisations etc didnít work for me? I super duper believed no doubt, but what happened? Did I miss something?
Did you believe you were good enough for him? Did you have any sort of fears? Did you want him so that you can feel loved and happy?

imo..'something better' is crap...we decide our reality and put our desires out to the universe...the universe delivers but doesn't decide if something else could maybe be better.

I am not sure I understood your post but from what I did understand this is what I think:

I have no idea what thoughts you had but it sounds to me like the minute you didn't get the relationship you wanted at the time you thought you should you gave up. I also don't know if you lived in the end or just imagined meeting your POIs. Also, sounds like you don't know what person you want as you mentioned 3 different people. I am a bit confused with your post..i think the Universe might be too :)

BTW..even if you don't have limiting beliefs about yourself but you have limiting beliefs about your desires or don't have faith in the process that hinders everything.

Law of Attraction for Ex-Back / Re: Do you unfollow them?
« on: November 20, 2017, 02:43:27 PM »
If you were in a relationship with someone surely you would follow their social media (as opposed to "checking" with its negative overtones)? I'm a member of a number of groups that have married couples as participants. They are Facebook friends with one another and follow one another on Twitter. I don't understand how this is perceived to be a thing you would not do with your partner.
The way I see it is if you follow them on social media while you are together you aren't doing it from a place of lacking or neediness or looking for a confirmation about what is going on in their lives. Checking social media while you aren't with them just reinforces that you are lacking them in your lives and are checking to see what is going on in their lives and possibly if they are in a relationship. The chances that if you see that they have added a new friend or whatever won't make you feel good.
My best friend and her husband are also friends on FB and follow each other..but it is from a healthy place..trust and they don't analyse every small thing they see on each other's page. Veronica and Agnes both have done YouTubes on social media. Look them up.

Remote Seduction / Influence / Re: RS When They're In a Relationship
« on: November 18, 2017, 07:05:27 PM »
Then this kinda goes to the question; which is better? To RS Your Target, or to use Loa to go to the reality where they love you?
If you want a reality where they love you so you need to focus on that. You can still do RS but I personally do more LOA stuff as RS is more physical and doesn't mean he will fall in love with me.

Law of Attraction for Ex-Back / Re: Do you unfollow them?
« on: November 18, 2017, 07:01:41 PM »

Following them and checking their social media isn't good. You wouldn't do that if you were in a relationship with them. You should always live in the end. Don't be needy and desperate.


What's the difference between the following 2 for attracting a romantic relationship with a specific person (not an ex)?
2. Clear center hole i find divine love (with name here) together (or name here)


Thanks. He is someone I am in love with and we are friends but I want a romantic relationship with him. He isn't an ex.
So I will use this
Clear Centre Hole I find Divine Love (with, insert name here) Together (or here)
From what I understand I need to omit Bow Concede correct?

You need to stop telling yourself that she doesn't love you and has a new boyfriend...ignore the bf and what she said...it doesn't matter. Create a new reality and new story in your mind...positive self talk..she loves you and realised you are the ONLY one for her.

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