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Nah I don't believe in that witchcraft stuff.

Hey, I've been in this community for 6 years!!!! I haven't been active for a long time. However, I know a lot of people want to use LOA to get their ex back.
Anyone wants to join a Whatsapp or Discord group chat where we support each other to get an ex back? You can share your success stories, tips, advice, and what method worked for you. Or where you can rant and get support <3
(This is a free support group)

WHATSAPP LINK:  (The most active group in the moment)

Discord: Add me as SZA#7686 and I will invite you.

How can I apply this desire?
They think of me 27/7
Commited to me fully
Thinks of me everyday
Any guys crush

You nane it,

Start sharing your advice and methods!  :P

This is the problem when you learn about ę mainstream Ľ law of attraction. You want things and you donít look at the depth of the desire. Your desire here reflects the issue you have with yourself. No ę sane Ľ person needs to be loved Or worshipped by all the men to feel happy. In fact quite the opposite you will be loved when you donít need it. When you will love yourself enough people will reflect that love to you. But never all people nor all men. Only those compatible with you and your energy.

I personally was always the popular guy even a little before I was a model. I remember always being the center and I had to come late in school because I had enough of people talking to me or touching me before class. I loved that but at the same time it made me feel weird. I even recieved letters and messages...Even guys admired me and called me ę brad pitt Ľ haha But for some reason all that massive admiration made me feel lonely and weird. The reason for all that massive admiration was that I loved myself so much and I had a big self image. I didnít care about them or what they think. I had big confiance and above all I needed nor wanted no one. I was happy feeling loved  and admired and complimented the whole time but it was nothing to me. It never was my subject of thinking. I didnít think ę omg this is crazy im so happy Ľ. I just had my own focus and passions... I had big dreams... Think of a guy or a girl who runs after you and for whom you have 0 respect/love. It gives you no satisfaction... thatís how i felt lol. I think its the same with superstars they donít care of their fans they focus so much on them and their art... So to be really loved love yourself and focus on you.

In your case you seem to seek some external validation to love yourself and that cannot work like that. You wait for others to show you your worth... but a person who knows his worth and value needs no one and no opinion but because of self love and self confidence, love is reflected all around. Because people reflect how you value and treat yourself. This cannot be faked :D So learn to reality think great thoughts of yourself and your value.

Superman I always love your responses. You are the man!

"Make all guys want me"???

All guys includes - overweight short fat bald smelly guys. Criminals. Weirdos. Serial killers. Gay men. Your grandfather. Perverts. The nerd down the street.

You might want to think this through again and think why you want this.

LMAO. True.
Let's say make all good, kind, intelligent, high-quality men want me.

So all the other stuff we want such as money, friends, home, etc comes from desperation, lack of love and security too? *facepalm*

Whats wrong with being desired? WHERE THEM HOT GUYS AT?  ;D
Just chill

^ Yep they will think of me in their sleep too!  :D

How can I apply this desire?
They think of me 27/7
Commited to me fully
Thinks of me everyday
Any guys crush

You nane it,

Start sharing your advice and methods!  :P

Lol just found out he is dating someone smh why universe do this to me

The Universe doesn't do anything to you!

Universe gave him to another girl. 😂 and i got so sure we will be together.... lol dont know what to do now

Lol just found out he is dating someone smh why universe do this to me


Any ideas or tips ?

B has liked my comment yesterday on Twitter. A comment I posted on his status 18 days ago! 10 hours later he posted something on his instagram, I commented, and who liked my comment? His mother.

This is heavy. I still want him to take action and message me.
 ;D :-\

I have a question.
(Related to my OP)
However he will soon to be a international celeb because he got casted into a big hollywood movie. He lives between LA and Toronto, and I live in Europe.
i am doing a technique where I see a picture of him and begin to cry tears of joy. Acting as if he is my partner and friend. I would cry happily while looking at his pictures while saying mentally "I am so happy and grateful to have you in my life," etc.. i also photoshopped him and I together in a picture..
do you think this technique will amplify in me attracting him into my life?

Well probs to you for admitting it and choosing to change. A changed behavior is the best apology as words means nothing. You can however text her saying how deeply sorry you are and that you are on a path of changing. Then wish her the best.
Then do meditation. Control your temper and anger management. Find out the root to your abusive behavior.
Go on a journey where you can find yourself again and fix your own personal issues.
Let the girl go as its understandable she doesnt want to come back. (Cause I wouldnt neither)
Forgive yourself. Etc I can go on.

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