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Remote Seduction / Influence / Re: Anyone willing to guide ?
« on: August 20, 2019, 12:52:13 PM »
OK Good.....My friend, .....Basic simple...You have to own your POI...just visualize them doing what you want to achieve...it's a done deal...know that it's working.....Don't complicate things...your brain and your mind accepts simple things that it understands....so if you complicate things and add too many things that your mind does not understand, , than nothing happens...Visualize your POI controlling you ...just lay back and see them doing anything you desire..have funnnn..They have to want to please you...so visualize them doing anything you want ..to you...once in a while in your visualization ....visualize them as best as you can... see them small like 3 inches long in front of you on the table or a white table...now see energy coming from underneath them...from the ground and entering their base chakra or the tail bone... fill them so you can see them 3 inches long on the table right in front of your mouth.... You can use your breath and slowly blow, to guide your energy into their body... pink energy,  if your sexually turned on think in your mind with all your power how much you love them and see that thought entering them and filling them up... pink energy... the best love ever...now the energy is very important....fill them up as much as you can.....remember ....Energy flows where attention goes"....so the more time you fill them they will be in heaven......remember..their body is energy...everything is energy....the energy in your visualization and their body...the energy and the vortex should be their body...the action is in their body... again...the action or you should see the energy filling their body...that is where the action is..t.he Physical mind is man made with time and numbers etc...the mental mind has no limitations...that is for example when you dream...you can be old ,young... I dreamed of walking through walls so many times so there is no bounderies, in what your mind can do... This is a very quick fast lesson...Don't listen to some of the people who try to tell you this or that works....I've tried and tested and I own results every day......
Now for Theta State...I really constantly listen to;;:15 minite Chakra healing meditation...advanced vision + photographic memory, 15 minutes....Dream vision Unofficial...about 35 minutes..Lucid dream in 30 seconds , maybe 10 times repeated ...Ectasy Unofficial 30 minutes...1hr. lucid dream binaural beat session...sometimes only every other day..about 35 minutes is fine...I own results ...I have never failed and it's not the internet you will find anything...it's your mind...

The internet is for profit....Only a few books that got me started...everything else is just a quote...My LOVE ...Yes I love this girl so much...I can own her....My intention is to leave her be, if I cannot better as to what she already achieved for herself...She is right now doing very well without me..If I can't give her 10 million dollars..she is better off as to what she is made for herself...Love does not conquer..She is the most beautiful girl I have ever met..I can definaltely destroy anybody she is with...but she is doing the best she can for herself...
Have fun my friend and do the best you can...

Remote Seduction / Influence / Re: Rs/ri. Side effect?
« on: July 30, 2019, 11:18:02 AM »
What R U Doing? Give a little more detail...

Well although I normally would not agree with Alexbally, just  my opinion but in this case, Alexbally is right in a way..I also don't agree with magic touch...Why because in short, Dreaming constantly about a person will make you addicted to them...MT will make them get away from you...MT also makes you needy...the other person has to need you, We already know you need them..So Make them need you..You have to own them....in the end LOA says you are attracting needy..and that's what you get "You Need That Person" You don't HAVE..So Keep bringing need and you will get more need..

No You imagine a beautiful  place with a perfect waterfall, and the better you imagine ..and as good as your visualization is...That is exactly what they will see...
I visualized being with this girl by a big golden rock and a waterfall and everything I visualized ...she seen..and she told me about it...and she even said ..."We can live here by this golden rock and we can and I can get a job doing this...she had everything planned....you want to step into her in the classroom...???    You want to use a chalk board with different color of chalk and write her name...write on her back...she will no everything .. write.. I Love you on her back in your visualization.......She will no exactly where that chalk is and every color there that's available although she never ever been in that room....   have funn and remember though  ....you own her...she does things for you...she does everything for you .....make her do things for you...ask her ...can you do this for me...make her think of you and what she can or has to do for you...The guy that does everything for her doesn't make her think of him, as the guy that she has to think about...You get it??

I can give you the results...I've already tested this with a few girls...They actually agreed and I did give them an explanation...this was about 3 years ago...When you touch the target...if you are deep in theta...So If ...I suggest you listen to binarural beats my suggestion something like Lucid dreaming...you will get a stronger affect and see them more clearly in your visualization...They bwill get turned on and really enjoy the feeling...but in the end they will go fill their excitement with their choice...And Yes they will know it was you...but don't matter...They will enjoy it and flaunt you and flip their hair and shake their booty but the feeling is good and they will fulfill that feeling with someone they accept as their liking...Very fast too....

Long story Short just a few words....We Are all Connected....So Even when you destroy somebody in your mind...They will feel it maybe 100 times as powerful as you will at the time of your visualization ..But you will be a dizzy spell yourself. this is your thought ..so yes It is your making.....I have even had burning rashes on my back....yet the affected person I will not and cannot comment on...I speak from experience...
  Now You are Visualizing your desire...You should always be visualizing it as Already happened done deal mode...You want your desire to manifest? It is done the way you see it DONE..So Reverse seduction is what you want to achieve...,It is already known that you want your Target...So empowering that with MT you touching and exciting them is only going to make them fight you or feel sorry for you as they see you desperate or get stunned once in a while thinking about you poor idiot desiring them...they get little notions every time you do your MT that you are in need again...although they auto know it's you their mind AUTO puts a blocking on you..So their mind is already trained to auto respond...and your MT does not get any affect any more...only makes them even more assured that you are dying for them...Your goal is the other way...So In short..We are all attached in the mental mind of thinking .....LOA says NO Contact..Which I totally disagree. with....But yes,  because we are told and trained that way it does become than the only option...I say Energy with ritual Reverse ...They will in no time desire you..Look ,,,I am not assuming or speculating with you ...I Did it so many times..,.And it always works...Ex Or No Ex...You want someone...WRONG!!!You never want someone ...They always want you...,get with it even in this Physical world,,,Think this way...This is what you will bring...You bring to yourself what you think....So get with it ..They love and want you....Bring it on..

Remote Seduction / Influence / Re: Method of psychic protection
« on: July 06, 2019, 12:45:03 PM »
Hi My friend....They say in the forums to put a golden light around you...But in my experience...It all depends on how good  is..the person that is affecting  you is...If it is somebody advanced...which I don't think it is...Put a wall of golden light around you when you feel this attack...If it;s somebody just a little advanced ...there is no way you can block it...Not A Chance!!....So many can try advanced attacker No way out...if it is a she and she is sexually attacking you well ....it's not your life your worried about....In the end if she attacks you with some experience you cannot block her...The only thing you can do is immediatelly see a golden light like brick surrounding your Aura..and see it for a while if you can..and do it over a few times...

Success Stories / LOA Multiplied
« on: July 06, 2019, 12:27:00 PM »
Well   A  long story short...I have been using the LOA with Ritual and energy  and color...As you all know the book on Hermetics gives you awesome information that you can manipulate...And yes I am using techniques bettered from other book writers and their books and techniques...My Concentration is the lottery..This is my field of interest...Simply in the last month I got new Big screen Samsung TV ...Free,...that I wanted...New Phone I wanted ....my phone is so awesome...No I didn't want an I phone nor a Samsung...I actually wanted a Chinese phone it is Advanced Camera UMIDIGI....My Umidigi phone is so awesome I don't know what to get for it to protect it...I want to keep it forever...Guitar case I wanted and the guitar that came with it...I was to order a hard case, I had a cloth case already...but it was winter here in Canada I slipped on Ice and I almost lost my new Fender Acoustic Electric Guitar I manifested for my birthday..I got the case for free with another guitar in it,,,Anyways in the end I ended up selling the guitar for $600.00 but in the end, my thoughts were on the case that's what I wanted for my Fender guitar...So yes I manifested and got the case like I wanted in the first place...So now yes I got extra cash from another source for a free trip to Europe...I am going to Paris as that is my first stop 2 weeks in Spain and Rome than I go to Croatia where my heart is...I manifested a condo in Croatia along the Island of PAG....2 years ago  It is mine and I cannot wait to go there..So Yes 2 months Vacation...Thank you LOA ...What you think is what you get...now always think positive and in my case I do manipulate the LOA in my favor...It is energy with Ritual...Remember  Ritual!!!Just thought I would put my happiness on the forum..I will be Off the forum MIA for the next 2 months...I just may browse through if I do get a phone there ...but not taking my Umidigi phone through the airport..not a chance....

I am Looking For / Re: Looking to trade wishes
« on: July 04, 2019, 10:45:18 AM »
You'd be better off doing this with close friends...What may be your wish?? May I ask??  Remember... sometimes your wish and a friends wish don't have the same force...so in many cases you are just as good, doing it by yourself...So What is your wish???

I am Looking For / Re: For height affirmation which is better?
« on: July 04, 2019, 10:39:00 AM »
Ughhh ..Honestly...In my opinion...you are not in sync with the Universe Loa is the Law of the Universe and the way things happen...you are programmed totally differently..You would probably win the lottery before you would grow another 3 inches ..unless you're 15 years old...then there still would be a slight chance..

Remote Seduction / Influence / Re: Hillier Audiobook
« on: July 04, 2019, 10:27:52 AM »
No... Hillier never ever made an audio book...Hillier copied everything from Joseph Palazzo   ...Joseph Palazzo has made psychic seduction 3 4 and 5 and I do have all of them...Although in 6 he changed his view and does have an audio...kind of to follow or remote  seduction...Honestly it is the basics..if you don;t do the advanced you will not prosper or get anything you want..it creates attention in your target...but will you get your target....Not a chance ...the success rate of the beginner Magic Touch,,Is to turn you target on...your target will be turned on and flaunt and tease you  at the time to prove that she's the best ..and yes she will enjoy it...but keep doing it and she will come back with a no name boyfriend that she finds quickly to impress you and your day dreams about her..I Promise!!So It does work..but just don't use it on somebody you really want..you will loose them...

    Hi Y'all....I guess I better answer a few questions to make things a little easier for the people that are interested..First...I have to be very careful as to what I post, because I do not nor does anyone want to plaster all over the internet exactly how to own someone or do harm., or how to Win millions..since the forums and the internet don't have an age limit some things are better left unsaid ....
    OK.... Rslv..Crimson color comes from your Base and Sacral or sex Chakra, which are Red and Orange...Now yes these 2 base and sex chakra are red and orange and do have different meanings like red is power, anger, in working with candles red candles are used for destruction in a combination...So for love if you do use pink or I say light pink you'll be OK and it is easy to picture whenever you want automatically...you can use baby pink at first and try hitting a little red to it or give it a little fire as you get into your visualization...So orange is your sex chakra........See, we basically make or create our life in every day situations based on this sexual desire or urge...so the sexual Chakra  and the Base Chakras are important for a strong influence on another energy body...You are filling their energy body with very power full  energy while inputting your desires final goals....Now sending green energy from your heart to another heart is sending love which is OK too...But!!!the sexual chakra with desire and  lust is very power full...Now if the person is doing things to you and exciting you in any way you want to visualize ...use that energy with pink color and fill them up...remember .." You!!!!excited! "is powerful energy.......see this is not just filling a thought form with energy and throwing it at somebody and it hits them that it might be you ....for 3 seconds. and they feel warm all over..You are filling this person as a "thought form". You Are filling them like a heavy sponge of your energy desire or like a bottle until  they can't be filled no more...Give the visualization a name ...and order it to stay filled, and fill it again until your desire is achieved..Their Aura is their energy body and you will change their subconscious way of thinking...You are not just turning them on or sending them love, you are rewriting their subconscious mind..
   Secondly...You don't want to complicate things, by trying too hard to see energy or to see color...The more relaxed you are the better....Just close your eyes and visualize what you want  to already happen like your watching a movie..And as you see your target see Vital energy filling them with your goal...ALSO The Action is in their body... You can even use your breath lightly to direct and fill that person with your desire and energy..so energy and action has to always be in the person...not in you or on a color..The action is in the target...so don't stress on other things...They will work themselves as you visualize, the colors will come...just see action in the target..even if it's just energy add color later when you can...Have funn !!!don't make it hard on yourself  and enjoy your visualization..

OK ..Color is very important...you are influencing the persons subconscious mind...your body is energy!!!...Your Aura the energy in your body constantly changes color as to whatever you feel or do or think or feel or need or want or desire or lack...need I go on??!!!!...when you are sad the person who can see auras can see that instantly...people who can see auras can tell you immediately before your doctors or any cat scans can show that you u have a certain disease before it shows up in your physical body...so for influence... if you use a yellow energy for love ...it wouldn't be as effective...Try filling yourself with gold energy...than try filling yourself with Grey..if you are doing it right...in a few seconds you will feel the grey making you dizzy...Each of your energy fields has a different color for a reason...even though the colors of your aura change drastically with your feelings and emotions...if your colors of your aura turn a muddy or dull and not bright...this is where you are bringing that part of your body a problem, disease or maybe even hurt from love, like stress...so you have to input the right colors and make them bright again in that Chakra or energy field that is lacking that color, or yes it can cause stress and disease will form......So for influence again..if you are not getting top results by influencing or filling a persons body with the best of love ...then why even bother..Get The Best Results or do something else instead...You are filling a persons energy field and influencing them to do what your intention is or desire...if it isn't 100% effective why bother?..
   And to YES TO Rslv  Crimson is the best color for love the original true love, the only thing is, it is so hard to picture CRIMSON although that is the one I always go for...and the closer you can get to it ..if you are ever in the vicinity of the person you are influencing...as soon as your mind visualization hits that right color if you can see your target you will see them Jerk or just be stunned...and the feeling they get is from heaven...so yes I say pink or baby pink.. it has affects and easy to visualize but ..But Crimson is the feeling they will not forget ...  and if you can see them once your mind hits that right color they will instantly kind of jerk or be in their own little world. and they will be turning their head around looking for you instantly.......have funnn and always do the best...because when you do things the right way you will see definate results..

There is a lot of information on colors of influence on the internet...for instance love is more an orange color but not orange more of a brick color..but baby light pink is good...Your heart Chakra is green, so some people associate that with love...Yes there is different colors for the same thing...for instance money can be gold or green...red is fire, but Orange is more effective...red is more anger...white I never use although many people will tell you to see white energy all around you...I believe when you die you then see pure white energy...If you look at the sun with your eyes completely closed...now don't open them but just slightly loosen them and in your field of vision with your eyes loosely closed you will see a orange and yellow mixed light...now you can imagine yourself in front of you on the ground or in your mind..now fill yourself with that color energy...This is the sun"s energy...It has all the colors together...

Colors in short!!!!Your Chakra system is made of colors...This is used for healing your base Chakra is red... fill it up with red energy and you will notice how you feel in seconds..Red Orange yellow green blue purple and violet....The rainbow shows the same order...Like I said the Franz Bardon Fire Water Air Earth, are all colors of influence...when the moon is bright it affects the way things happen...On a gloomy day dark day it affects how people feel on a bright shiny day it also affects on how people feel and act...Countries that don't have enough sun the people take Vitamin pills to not feel sick...green vegetables, and different colors of fruits affect different vitamins...When your born if your face is grey or really red then it can be a bad situation...So I hope you get what I mean....If I fill you with grey energy you would feel it totally different than pink or blue...For some reason the Universe really responds to colors...Have fun and yes the colors are very influential...You can search I believe it is spelled Kirllian photography
         To Analyze this further so that you really freak out and do a little knowledge research I will go a little more in depth......Your Aura is all colors, when you laugh, think, get angry,etc. constantly is changing colors...You are an energy field, your whole body is energy...everything is energy...when you are sick your aura colors turn very dull...There is doctors who can check your Aura color and it shows them where you are getting sick before your body shows the disease...There is also people who were born with the gift of actually seeing peoples Aura...There is a lot of information on the internet on how you can see your Aura. You want me to complicate things even more....You have a twin that resides in you...for instance when you are asleep your twin rises...and if somebody scares you..your twin will shoot down back into your body and that is why you jump up so fast ....How big is your Aura? it can be very small and it can stretch to huge...There is also different layers .....

      So when you are filling someone or yourself with a typical kind of energy you are influencing their Aura, their sub conscious mind..Or changing the colors of their being at the time to the colors of energy with power as to what you want them to do or the way to be...or healing the dull spots or chakras....Have funnn and enjoy energy and don't over do it because you will feel dizzy..then STOP and do again only as much as you can...

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