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I read reality transurfing two years ago and it totally changed my way of living
I am really impressed by how simply and brilliantly mrmarvick has summarized it here.
Way to go dude✋👌

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Imagining worst case scenario and acceptinh it FULLY releases a lot of resistance and you increase chances of things going your way eventually

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Start feeding the thought that you are loveable. You are worth a great love relationship that is the envy of everybody. That you there is a guy that would go head over heels for you without you trying too hard and that yes its all possible.
I had the same pattern but not as friends. There was mutual love and interest but wouldnt they would give up on the relationship after few months because I had worthiness issues.
I had a kind of breakthrough when I convinced myself that there is someone who would be crazy for me and who would make me feel the luckiest girl in love.
I still do it. Its a process but it works. Self image is very important.
Also when you believe that you are good enough you dont have to try too hard to prove yourself. You dont smother them with emotions

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I have an example of everyone is you pushed out.
Many years ago I started working at a place. The boss was loud and aggressive and people there were afraid of him yet with me he was always nice, not too nice but never too aggressive, more like a gentleman. Another colleague of mine ( a male) also attracted that side of him.
There was another girl who had been working there for many years when I joined. She was older than me and much more experienced. She was always scared of him and that he would find something wrong in her work and scold her infront of everybody. This is what happened every single day. Everyday he would find a reason to pick on her!
2 different versions of the same person..
It was my first job. I didnt really care if I lost it. I was there for some experience.
She badly needed the job, she was afraid to lose it, she needed to support her family.
2 different energies attracted 2 different versions of the same person.
This, I think, is everyone is you pushed out

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Every case is different that's true but from my observation I find that the majority of breakup cases there is a lack of self-love, self- respect, self-worth in one of the sides. Sometimes you have self-love but you get too attached to the other person which means somehow you think he is too good for you, hence worthiness issue.
Sometimes you have self-love but you have fear that someones might cheat on you. There is belief in yourself and there is fear. Whichever is stronger is going to manifest. But the fact that fear is so strong has something to do with how worthy we feel.

People who love themselves so much and know their worth do not obsess about fear of someone leaving. If they leave, so what?! I can always attract someone better. That's their attitude. The ironic thing is the partner never leaves them

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Every time we get dumped it is a sign of lack of self-love. It is because we appreciate and love our partner more than we appreciate and love ourselves.
If you stay like that, you keep getting dumped until you address it and you change, you put yourself first, then it never happens again

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Karma does not exist.
People don't treat you the way you treat them, people treat you the way you treat yourself.
You can be kind and loving to others and people treat you like a doormat. But if you are kind and loving to yourself people will be kind and loving to you.
It is ,as you said, a belief based system. If you do something bad and believe you will be punished for it, then you will!
so karma does not exist ( unless you believe in it)

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I think this is an awesome post suikaz,
And I can relate so much.

When I first started to check this website I was stuck on wanting a specific person. I was aware of the law, but sometimes when the desire is so intense you lose your focus. You start focusing on your desire more than you focus on yourself.
So I went about it the conventional way, visualizing, affirming, living in the future etc...I intended to let go but actually became more and more obsessed.
All it took for me was to read one post here. It was like a slap on the face ( in a good way :D) and I instantly woke up. What am I doing? Who am I putting on the pedestal?
I realized I have been only harming myself and decided to turn the obsession back to myself.
My new intention became to become the most wonderful version of myself and to find my own happiness NOW,not in the future when something good happens but right now on my own with the current circumstances.
I start to love myself more and also to appreciate life more
( If this is a journey I chose to have as they say in some spiritual books so I better enjoy every moment of it and stop wasting it in worry and self imposed misery)
My own happiness became my priority and I found it in appreciation. A calm walk in nature in a beautiful-weather day, an extra hour of sleep in the morning, a good dinner in a nice restaurant, a cool workout, the beach, the sun, the blue sky etc... life became good again.

Now I feel good most of the time. What is more important is that I feel powerful. This man coming back to my life or never hearing from him again now doesn't affect my level of happiness. Now I am in control and nothing is more freeing.

When you see people obsessing with their SP. Rsing and visualizing and sending love and waiting... you try to tell them stop and free yourself, they get angry. They think you are taking their desire from them. The fact is no one can take your desire from you but if you are in obsessive state and life reflects your current state, then what are you going to get ?? It's like the worm in superman's post. It is enjoying its own misery because it doesn't know there are other, better, more wonderful options in life.

People who are happy in love are not people who love too much, they are the ones who chose themselves first. life rewards people who love themselves, cherish life and find happiness without depending on outer circumstances not the ones who cling and control. Self-love is the key!

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People learn in their own time and through their own experience. You cannot force people to learn.
If they are not open to it, they will resist it.... until something happens in their own life and causes them to change or makes them open to hear something different.
If I were the monk who came down from heaven and saw the worm insisting on staying where it is , I would leave it alone and go. It is not ready for a higher level YET.

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This kind of makes me feel better that the real problem is not loving myself enough. This is becoming more and more clearer to me that I may not be loving myself enough because I feel the lack of having family/partner/love in my life. I just don't know how to accomplish loving myself more than I am doing right now. I have so much love for everyone else around me. I do things which brings me happiness. I have a healthy lifestyle and a great job. I just don't understand what I lack. Wish I could understand this better.

Hi Adhiyes.I can hear ya.This actually reminds me how I came to understand self love on different levels.
A little bit more than a year ago I decided to give up a toxic relationship that was adding nothing to my life. I decided once AGAIN to focus on myself. I used to read about the necessity of self love everywhere. Really these messages were haunting me and I became so resistant to them. I didn't think I had any problem with self love. Actually I thought I loved myself more than enough. I work out and take care of my body. I eat well. I buy myself quality clothes and stuff. I do my hair and nails regularly and even spoil myself with massages when I have time. Really what more self love can I do.
Anyway one time I was again reading something about this and found myself doing a self love meditation on a youtube video. Less than 2 minutes into the meditation I became very emotional and started crying. The fact is it is true I did all these things from the outside but from the inside I was waiting for someone's validation, which I didn't find. I was truly feeling not good enough and hiding it.

I decided since I became this emotional in a meditation I needed to dig deeper. I tried to find a practice of self love that would click with me. To be honest many practices didn't click with me at all. Like standing in front of the mirror every morning and evening and telling yourself loudly that you love yourself. This didn't click with me at all. Moreover I don't have any time in the morning to stand naked in front of a mirror and send love to all my body parts LOL. Or send love energy to the food I eat and water I drink!
Anyway later on I read something someone wrote about treating yourself throughout the day like you would treat someone you really love. Like when you have someone you love coming over you cook them the best food, you provide the best place for them to sleep, you make sure they are enjoying their time and feeling well ! That's how I started to treat myself
I started to tune into how my parents treated me as a child (only the loving moments lol) how my dad would tuck me in bed and tell me "sleep well baby" or how he would wake me up on the weekend and tell me rise and shine ( just to note my paretns did NOT treat me as a pricness all the time. Not at all. I just chose to tune into these moments to feel the same love for myself).
Since I started to treat myself like that and I felt better. I sooth myself with loving self talk all the time. I used to be harsh on myself and that's why I felt not good enough. I still have some weak moments but they are very rare and I recognize them.
I suggest you try self love meditation once a day and speak to yourself lovingly throughout the day like you are your best lover. You will feel the difference!

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YOU are the power. Not some universe or outside thing.  :D

Why does everything then refer to the "Universe"?

I think this notion of the universe giving you things was picked up from " the secret" and abraham hicks. Which is understandable.
I was addicted to abraham for months because the message is sooo soothing and relaxing .It is everything you want to hear. Still it always implied that there is a universe who is kind enough to give you things when you deserve it.
Neville's message is more powerful because it talks about you. You are the creator. The world is you pushed out. Everything outside just reflects you. This is much more empowering and accurate.
No need to wait for the universe and look for signs you are aligning. Just keep working on the inside energy until it starts to reflect.

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From what I have noticed in my personal experience and what makes sense to me most is to stop thinking about it as "attracting" things out there and to think about it more as " tuning" your vibration ( energy) into the state of you that has the thing you desire. Which always comes back to feeling happy, content, relief with life as it is in the current moment because this is what the desired state feels like

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So you were young and affected by your parents decisions. We were all there!
You are still young you can decide what makes you happy and start again. Dont dwell on the past.

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Of course if this was a thread about how to get your ex back or about how to RS the hell out of someone it would have got the attention it deserves. But this post is actually full of keys for manifestation, I fear for it to go unnoticed !

Superman, care to expand more on mental images? How do you describe angry mental images in an angry state ? This more like of a subtle kind or self talk. It is not deliberately imagining something. Would you agree this is more key to manifesting than deliberate visualization ?
Also, how long did you find (in your experience) you have to persist in a desired state until the outer reality starts reflecting that to you.
I have to say, I am coming to break a belief that you need to persist for a long time ( months?!) Until you see physical proof.
From your posts I see it can happen in couple of weeks?!

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When you are less attached, you are more powerful.
This energetic power draws them back to you.
You then can decide whether to take them back or not because the need is gone.
What is better than being the one who makes the choice.
Its all about power !
That has been my experience. And guess what? They always come back. One way or another. Unless you cancel your initial intention.

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