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What is the MT?

You're better off not taking the blue pill

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I'm not even going to comment on this... if your MT was very good...and powerfull..and you keep doing it...she's probably going to ignore you and you will never see her again...although she will get pregnant with the first guy that she accepts ...\good luck and have funn!!

After RSing hundreds of girls I can confirmed this happenes.

Happened plenty of times but reason why is because you werent persistent and most likely didnt care for the POI you were RSing.

 If you just RS sexually every here and there, missing weeks and months then RS again with no feelings of love then yes they will just receive lust and do dirty things to whom ever actually shows them love.

If you are consistent with RS, at least once or twice a week then this problem doesnt occur, actually they will even be put off by other people trying to attract them. Just being persistent is key, doesnt have to be hardcore 3x a day but once or twice a week will do, any longer then you will lose it's magic

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My belief is you cant change other peoples beliefs. Only the Most High Dovine providence can guide people to the truth if they search and are open minded so all this rambling isd
Doubt anyone is doing it to you. Little know this is real and ones that do never put in the work to really be successful at it. Requires lots of patience. Even me that succesfully seduced multiple women feel like it doesnt work and wonder why am I doing it. Then theres the fact that there are over 3billion women in this world, to spend weeks months or even years trying to seduce one...well they better be worth it
and.. what about your emotions? How do you feel then..?

Would have to disconnect afterwards in order not to think about them all day with cutting the cord or so. It creates a connection to the point you guys are one which can be a distraction. I used to do it every other day but now just once a week so I can focus on other stuff

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Being good is only half of it. Theres also resistance. They may not desire those thoughts . Getting a parking space  or material wealth is more easy and feels great when you accomplish unlike mind control which depends on many factors to manifest if it does

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Lol that's crazy about the chair thing. When you said they see and feel everything are you saying they get all our visualizations?

Yeah subconsciously 100% of course this depends on many factors such as skill, duration, will power, self development and mental control in order for them to really see it consciously or you can do it while they sleep

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Thanks for this itís what I wanted to know

Just curiosity, do you feel like youíre connected telepathically too? Can you feel it e.g. when heís writing or calling you, or even just thinking of you.. then get the proof he was? Iíve experienced it very often and heard from others they do too.

Well I had sex with my twin flame and it never gets old. Where other girls after a wank or two I move on to next girl. With twin flame it can be addictive. And yes they see and feel everything. For example one time I visualize my twin flame riding me backwards. Next day when we were sitting down she kept...not sure how to say it but swirling her hips around on her chair exotically and subtly jumping up and down while sitting. Then some other guys came in the room and she kinda like looked at them froze and thought of what she was doing then stopped.
I had wanked to her around 9:30 I remember looking at the time since it was a long day of work and shit...then she told me..."what were you doing around 9:30?" me:in my head I was wanking off to you, tells her " Working on some other projects why?"
Oh nothing I had some crazy thoughts last night then went to go to sleep around 9:30"

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I have this energy field. Have all girls pulled to me like a magnet.

Used to be fun a decade ago but now I am just used to it and don't care.

Doesnt work remotely though so thats when RS comes in handy so

They think of me 27/7
Commited to me fully
Thinks of me everyday

Start sharing your advice and methods!  :P

That you need RS as just having a seductive, exotic, forbidden aura just works in the same room.

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One more thought. Go within, and SEE if you really want it or higher. Something made me keep going back to that. If so, then SEE with no doubt you have it. SEE IT. Act and feel, see the scenes of it, a few times until you totally are immersed. See the handshake and believe, see increase in pay and responsibility. It is a test of faith, to do for months.

Id do it once a week just to program your subconscious mind you dont have to do it everyday.

I used to do rituals everyday and it works...crystal clear manifestation.

Now I do rituals every minute because well life is a ritual.

The secret to rituals though is connecting to God. Feeling him grab and connect to your heart chakra. So powerful should be done every other day minimum with some prayers to stay connected. Angel is connected its why she gets messages from spirits and the Unseen to the naked eye world.

Hell one time she told me about some magi pissed off at me about a business deal. I had just finished trading some stuff with some dude online and sent him an email saying his work sucks and want a refund lol.
How the hell she know? A hacker? Maybe or just really connected to the Universe

Their main concern for them is that Iím too ambitious for the role

Id agree. Sounds like you'll be alright.
what techniques are you using? Are you RSing your point of interest? If so I would not be worried about her ex in the picture

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I rock android any day. Manly because you can play around with it and make apps where apple is really rescritive. Although id say most teens use Iphones. I was stuck in a club with my phone dead...no uber and everyone only had Iphone..litterly I asked the whole club before giving up and jumping in the cab

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Hey mads.

First thing is first, STOP thinking of her now. The more you feed those thoughts the more you will suffer, unless you are into suffering? There are people who listen to breakup sad songs and deppressing things like that. Don't let that foolish person be you! Jam this guy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fwGYJ7qDIM4&list=RDpzi5ULQNbvA&index=11

Okay maybe not that song because its about "missing you" but his other stuff is good. thats it for now just let go of the thoughts, try and find a psycholoigist to so they can give you happy pills and someone professional to talk to. I used to think they were fake but the women I got now is pretty awesome, she is a reiki healer and knows a lot about chakras, telepathy and LOA. Try and ask the Universe to guide you, always pray and stay connected to the Source!

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Just focus on making her fall in sink hole for you in love. You create your reality. See her saying things like "Hannah I am so scared to lose you, you mean the world to me!"
Hannah please I want to see you everyday, my love for you is so strong!!

Be confident and will it into action, no resistance/doubt.

It will take a while to get the hang of it since you are just starting, Reread the MPS manuel and read some threads here from Nyashman and littlebat

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