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Maybe this is your personal belief:

"I never get what I want"


"I always get opposite of what I expect"


"Life is out there to get me"

Something like that

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OMG that both scary and awesome at tve same time ;D

I guess whatever makes you feel better, man

Me, I dont think i Would be able to sleep Like that! Its to eerie

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1) I wouldn't go as far as saying people are mentally ill just by talking to them on a forum.

Being sad, depressed, angry, etc, is not a mental illness.

2) I've known people that have started meditating and doing forgiveness and mindfulness practices at 14 years old, with great results.

The power of forgiveness and how it affects manifestation

"Then it seems to me you should just decide if you want to forgive yourself or forgive somebody else. You sit down, think, maybe talk it out with someone, and decide. You use your own personal value system. Like normal people. It may take a few days to completely get over it, but that's all. Like normal people.

And if after thinking about it, you don't want to forgive, then don't forgive. Like normal.

I mean even kids works this way."

When you are angry at someone, you are actually angry at your past. When you release that emotion, you align to peace again.

If we are creators of our very experienced, then it means we create the experiences we have with everybody else.

Thus, we don't actually forgive them, we forgive what we think they did to us.

We forgive the script we give to people that follow the identity we have created for ourselves.

This identity is a SUBCONSCIOUS BELIEFS full of the stories we keep telling to ourself. - Maybe we're always the victim, maybe we are always the abandoned one, maybe we are always the underdog. We have to find these patterns and then find the past experiences that first created these ideas.

Forgiving by "talking" is not really a forgiveness. A core experience (an experience that had a lot of emotion to us) buries itself in our subconscious mind.

Only by meditating or, at least, inner talk, we can let it go.

We are forgiving ourselves.

The central question is, do you HAVE to forgive anyone, yourself included, to be successful at the loa ?

No, not exactly.

But forgiveness is the faster path.

See, we have a story that we keep telling to us:
What happened to us in the past
What we have and don't have in the present
What we do and don't do in the present
And what our future can and can't be

ALl of these stories are based on the past experiences we've had.
Each CORE experience creates or adds power to a specific subconcious belief.

For exampl,e if your parents never took your opinion or never gave you any time, you might have created the SUB belief of I AM NOT IMPORTANT

We make that belief unconscious almost immediately, and then find more and more experiences to keep reassuring this idea. See, we defend our stories, we defend our identity as if changing it would mean death. That's why the EGO is afraid of leaving behind what you think you are.

So, by forgiving, you go STRAIGHT to the subconscious beliefs that are holding you back.

YOu always vote for building subconscious beliefs by visualizations. However, this path, without some kind of forgiveness or cleansing practice, is slower, because you are building new ideas on top of a lot of trash.

We need to clean the trash.

You have asked about this so much, so it seems to me you are somehow interested, that you have some things holding you back.

You can do forgiveness or cleansing practices AND do visualizations as well. It takes no time. I mean, even a mindfullness meditation (when you just breathe in and beathe out and clean your mind of every though for 10 20 minutes) does the job.

Do you HAVE to forgive anyone, yourself included, to gain enlightenment ?

Yes, of course, but enlightenment is a hard quest.

I like how Ramtha School of Enlightenment says: reach all your material goals first, and then go for enlightenment when you get bored.
Ramtha students include Joe Dispenza, Greg barden, Wayne Dyer, Bruce Lipton. All of them highly successful.

Are we here to learn the LOB or at learn how to stare at our navel ?
You can live your life as you choose to and you can be highly succesfoul and happy without ever knowing anything about any of this.

H0owever, most successful people at least know about having positive self-talk, good self-stem and overall belief in themselves.

You don't have to forgive anyone or anything. You can be as angry as you like. As long as you have the discipline to build faith for your Parisian Penthouse + Penthouse Pet, you will get it. Any beliefs which ACTUALLY interfere with this goal will be dealt with and overcome by faith building along the way.  Forgiveness and whatever too.

You can be angry and resent at many things. But if you have issues that relate to the particular thing you are trying to manifest, it's going to be hard.

What I mean is things will represent a symbol for you, patterns. And you may already have a negative pattern.

For example, you may want a Penthouse but, at the same time, when you were little, you keep hearing your parents say it's best to have a modest, low-key life in order to be happy. So you will create the idea that "money and luxury is bad", develop a negative relationship with money, and see a symbol of "If I want this luxury I'm bad" with the Penthouse.

yes, you can still manifest it by continuous meditation, but it will take longer.

Instead, what I do is write the things I want, visualize at night, and, also, every morning, forgive the stories I have that are telling why i can't have something.

So, you can have it both ways.


Forgiveness and cleansing practices will erase subconscious limiting beliefs and create new, empowering beliefs that will help you have everything you want.

By consciously forgiving through meditations, you go straight to the core of your problems.

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Hmmm Oni

I understand you have certain values you inherited from your religion and thus made them into part of how you see the world

However, I do sense that maybe you are judging women too much.

Judgment sometimes comes from true values, sometimes comes from insecurities and fears. Maybe you can consider that.

Also, I would say you should use your values only to judge yourself, but not others. Maybe then you would be able to see people from what they truly are instead of seeing them true your glasses.

Remember you get from people usually what you expect.

Lastly, maybe you have already met your girl, but decided not to give her a chance because you found something you don't look.

I would say you should get extra clear on what you want.

Take a piece of paper and write on the left side what you want your girl to be like. On the right side, you would write what you definitely won't like in a girl.

Divide the paper with a straight line and keep items on each list to ten.

Then, on the back of that paper, write as a title "RELATIONSHIP." On the left side, you would be writting your intentions on your relationship:
As if
I want my girl to support me and love me unconditionally
I want to think of her as the prettiest girl I've ever seen

On the right side, write how would that relationship make you feel
As if:
In bliss

Now that you are extra clear, you can meditate or visualize in whichever way you want.



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You are right , Oki

I am.focusing too much on this guy
 Guess i dispone my message being distorted

Also, you sounds Like an awesome dude. And Río is an amazing city, I hope to go There one day, maybe to a Rock in Río.

I'll consider where to help where i live (Valencia , spain). Although i will post here and share my insights just cause I Like to share.

I'LL search por spiritual Meeting as well. Dunno hay I havnt thought me that


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Please don't listen to Samson.
He is here only to advertise Brighton, who's either himself or a person he decided to put on an enormous pedestal.

Instead, read, meditate and grow by your own means.

I highly recommend Joe Dispenza's "Becoming Supernatural." I think that is all you will need.

Read until you achieve what's needed:

A CLEAR Intention

An empowering emotional state, an emotional state that conditions your body and your mind to your future BEFORE it happens

Empowering emotional state means feelings of gratitude, freedom, joy, love, etc.

You can achieve this state of being in three ways:

1) Daily Meditations 
2) Rewriting negative subconscious beliefs about the big things you want in life (how do you feel about money? about health? about relationships? About friendship? about family? About work? etc)
3) Living as if, which means pretending your future already happen, so you feel as if, you remember things from your ideal future in your daily life, and have a total faith everything will be awesome

If not Joe Dispenza, you can go for Neville Goddard as well ("The Law and the Promise"). His core message is similar as Joe Dispenza's message but he will ask more of your logical mind as he will ask you for blind faith into something you are probably not prepared for.

Instead, Dispenza will give you sound and modern scientific reasons as to why you can have faith and how to achieve the proper state of being.

So, in the end, it's a matter of what you think will connect more with yourself:
The mystical side of things (Goddard)
The scientific side of things (Dispenza)

Or, if you want it both, you can read "The Divine Matrix" by Greg Barden.

In the end, almost all masters have been saying the same for years, centuries, even millennia.

Think better thoughts. Choose better emotions. Visualize your dreams. And get rid of your old, limited self.

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Why are you so againts self love? Self love brings happines, which is what everyone ultimately wants

More so, self love is a symptom, or rather a consequence, le a healthy and positive subconcious belief system

Self love means you have faith about the main sectores of your life (love, money, healthy, emily, adventure, home, etc.)

You can built self love by either cleansing your subconcious mind me by building incondicional love itself

Either way, self love EQUALS having total faith in the possibility me your desires, while also being happy with whatever we have now.

Its a win/win situation, its nothing to be faked, and i encourage everyone to aim for it in one of the two ways I mentioned.

No one is saying self love suplants visualizations or aún other meditations aimed to manifest. What we are saying is that unconditional love for the self (thus for the everyrhing) is the nicest bonus to have when manifesting. Specially for specific things, because we are not attached

Self love release resistance and makes manifesting easier.
Also, it just makes you a happy, confident person with an awesome vibe.

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Oh my God go stuck Brighton's Dick already men

Buy im a fucking birthday cake and throw him a 150k party

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Bwcause you make it seem that being small is a total handicap, enough to think about suicide.

I bring him Up because he mánager to do something without looking the way "he is supposed to look."

Whst you want is the success as a model, not the hwight.the height is how you think you can do it. In order yo manifest sometjing, you need to let go of the how and the when. Only the what you want and how it Would feel remains.

But Hey, i got bored of you

You are obssesed. Obsession leads to insanity

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Oni's advice was spot on

You two should stop asking orther people to solve your problems. That requires a true teacher, and we are here to keep learning and share whatever de have learned.
We are not here to solve your life.

However, you can solve your life.

Believe in yourself.

Believe in your own ability to change

Believe your are creator

And know you dont need anything to solve hay problems, as Theres are no problems, only temporary inconveniences.

If you think OLDER members simply form a though más then recieve a millón dollsrs, you are mistaken.

This is a constante grow, a nerver ending cleansing of limiting beliefs,  perpetual vigilante of where you ingesta your physical and mental Energy, and a journey within itself.

DO the Work.

No one os doing it for you.

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I'm adding my two cents, an advice I actually got on this forum from a very old member named Rainbows, or something like that.

I learned that every person has infinte possibilites within them.

We activate those possibilities based on two things

1) The idea we have on ourselves
2) The idea we have of them

Both these things created a set of though habits that later become belief and expectations.

Regarding relationships with other people, it's best to go ahead and change yourself by changing the two things I said.

And then realize people are only fulfilling a script you have given them. Most of the time, people are there only to justify your own limitations by filling acts, like a play, of a character that would fall in line with how you perceive the world.

An example with myself:
After I ended my last long relationship I had a long period of trouble with women. For various reasons, no women could accept me, and if they did, I always found a way to sabotage the relationship.

i then found out I had given my ex gf the part of being the only girl that could ever accept me, and thus we were together only because of luck.

That was all in my mind. And as soon as I realized that pattern and forgave it, things started to change. First within me (in the peace that finally came into my life) and then on the outside.

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Oh sweet mother of GOd

Andres, we already told you why you can't get what you want.

Now it's time to be mean because it feels like talking to a wall

"I have zero desire of XXX while having this body"

What the fuck is that, men?

If you don't accept yourself as you are now, you will be stuck on this cycle forever and ever. That's the end of it.

Your extremely specific desire is creating so much furstration in you, and you have zero faith that you could make it as you are. You are hoping and daydreamign to magicly transform into someone else in order to have what you want.

That' not gonna happen. You don't transform your outside.

You transform only your inside.

Your perception of yourself.

Your idea of yourself.

Your ideas about what you need to be successful.

Take a hard look at yourself, men, because you are the only reason why you're not successful. And I'm not talking about your body. Hell, there are famous guitar players who don't have hands.

I'm talking about your mind, and how you are so fixated in that YOU NEED SOMETHING OUTSIDE OF YOURSELF IN ORDER TO BE HAPPY AND ACHIEVE YOUR DREAMS.


Correct Mindset:
Everything I need to be happy and achieve my dreams is within myself.

Did you want a LOA truth? That's the only one you'll ever need right now.

Accept and love yourself as you are. Or keep ranting. It's your choice.

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Stop your rant.

You can't have what others had because, clearly, you are not ready.

WHy do I know this?

Because you keep reflecting on SUperman, whom you don't know, that which you think you have lost.

Desiring something is not enough.

You have to feel it as real, right now. Or believe it as possible, very soon, very fast.

You can't have that because you are not in this mindset. Not becuase of YOU, but because of WHO YOU CHOSE TO BE

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"Never chase a bitch" - Future

Not kidding.


Know 2 truths:
1) You have a lot to offer, you are a 6-out-of-5 star men and every girl desires you
2) This girls wants you

Know this, feel it, act it, sense it.


Treat her with sexual banter, tease her and don't be afraid to be annoying, unsafe or desapproved. Treat her as if she was already your girlfriend, your bratty girlfriend.

Give it a try

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This thread is so sad. Superman is so sad.

I no longer understand what he or she believes, thinks, craves.

"What I say is thay many times we are transformend without any desire. Sometimes you are tranformed by an event, a situation, a person, a book... a love who leaves you... So no all transformation doesnt beging with a desire... even less with an intense desire. Many times you dont want to change or want to act in a certain way but you do.... But yeah a tranformation can begin with a desire. But as always Nevilles is exagerrating."

This is transforming by circumstances, not by choice, not by awareness, not by personal growth. This is letting life kick you in the balls and tell you where to go. Wereas the majority of people life like this, we, in the spiritual circles, should now better. We should know that events carry no meaning on their own.

You should know you are the master of your inner world and thus responsible for what reflects outsides.

Neville's teachings are all about awareness of the mind, all about "killing the old men", the one that takes its cue from what he can feel, see, touch, see and smell.

Neville teaches the Law of Assumption, in which you assume your dream is fulfilled and stop fucking worrying.

You are teaching...i don't know. Lack and limitation.

Transformation doens't require a desire. Growth doens't require desire. Neville doens't talk about desiring. He talks about assuming.

And controlling? No. Merely projecting your inner world into your personal relationships and surrounding circumstances. Do we not control someone with our day to day interactions?

It's not about "techniques", man. It's a way of living, a perpetual state of being. Conscious awareness.

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