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Source: http://zerotoinfinitude.com/8-ways-to-make-your-creative-visualization-process-super-effective

Creative visualization is a very powerful tool that we have with us, but, without proper understanding it is of little or no use at all.

If we really need to learn the proper way to visualize then the best teachers for us would be kids because they actually understand the true importance of visualization process- it is not something that we have to do as a task in order to see the manifestational evidences but the actual purpose of visualization is to “feel good”, because there is a greater power working and managing everything and it just wants us to be happy so that it can gift us with the life experience that we truly wish to have.

When we use creative visualization with the intention to make it a beautiful process and to enjoy it, then only the manifestational evidences would start to appear.

Here are 8 simple ways using which you can make your creative visualization process a very nice daily practice that involves a lot of fun, and when it is fun-it is super effective! :-

1-Meditation Comes First!

The first step before you use visualization should be meditation; if you are already in a very good emotional state, then focusing on that emotion (not thought) would be wise and in any other case one should try to slow down the flow of thoughts.

Creative visualization is something that we use for the inviting the new experiences and our mind is always filled with what is happening right now.So, it is very important to abate the flow of thoughts that are based on the present reality in order to focus upon the new thoughts.

2-Magnify Your Good Feeling

Meditation will raise your vibration and then it becomes easy to choose better thoughts and increase the feeling of joy.

Magnify your good feeling by doing something that makes you feel good like nature walk, having fun with kids, playing with your pet, whatever is your preference.

I prefer to play Abraham Hick’s Rampage of appreciation; it fills my mind with great thoughts.(read my post “Easy Law of Attraction Methods-Ideas of Abraham Hicks” to know more about  the rampage of appreciation)

3-Pre-plan the Creative Visualization Process

Now by “pre-planning” I don’t mean to exactly write the story of what your visualization will be, because that limits our mind, visualization must be natural and free flowing.

By pre-planning I mean- to tell your mind the things that you would like to have in your imaginative world. (You can make list of these things)

Since you have already accomplished a nice state of mind your thoughts would line up to come up with the ideas that would make your creative visualization process fun.

The list may look like this- the attire you are wearing, the car, your friends, a beautiful garden etc.

Once you have made the list don’t think about it again, or you will force them in your visualization, do it all with ease.

4-  Fill Yourself with Gratitude

This step is the key one, take out your gratitude journal or just recall the instances in your mind from the previous day for which you were grateful.

Write down as many things you can, that made you happy in the past day.

One thing to be kept in mind here-if you are not able to easily recall things from the previous day that made you happy that indicates that your current emotional state is not that of “joy”.

5-Play the Music

Napoleon Hill pointed out this in his book “Think and Grow Rich“, that music is among the best mind stimulators and it really has a great impact on the mind images.

A light music in the background or your favorite song, the preference is all yours.

You may skip this step also ,but many people confuse themselves with false beliefs about the proper way to use visualization.

It’s simple,if you are having fun then you are doing it right.

6-Nevillize it!

I have discussed about this in the post “Nevillize it! Working with Law of Attraction is Supposed to be Fun“, this means to visualize as if it is happening right now and to enjoy the process by forgetting about the current reality,this literally means to live in a virtual world for a while.

7-Don’t Fight with Your Ego

Sometimes, when we use visualization our ego interrupts with feelings that really kills the joy.

This happens when our imagination is “too big” for our conscious mind to digest it.

For example- you want to own a private jet and you don’t even own a car right now, then your ego will jump in and say-are you kidding me?

We should realize what we truly believe that we can accomplish(I don’t mean to say set small goals but, just keep your goals a bit higher than your current mind formed limits) and then visualize for avoiding this annoying voice inside your head

8-Let Go

This is something that is a must while using visualization, once you are done with the process then don’t be attached to the outcomes.

Have faith in the power of the universe and just let go.

When we get attached with our dreams, we not only put up a resistance to whatever good that is about to flow in our lives but we also start to doubt our creative ability.


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