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Here is what most people get it wrong. I know it's going to be a bit difficult for you folks to understand, but at the end of the day, everything boils down to this thing only.

I think it's more a matter of not really believing you can manifest what you want.
I mean if you really thought what you want is possible and that it will happen you wouldn't worry that much. You would be more calm and relaxed.
Sometimes you would of course feel some impatience but it wouldn't affect you that much.

You decide on something you want. And you go on trying to manifest it. You can look around and notice that there are far too many people who ACTUALLY manifested what they decided on. They just keep running around in circles and never really go anywhere.

The reason for this is they skip the most important step which comes AFTER deciding what you want and BEFORE you start applying LoA techniques.
That step is called the Why Analysis.

You decide what you want and you start interrogating yourself with questions like "why do I want it?". You ask yourself why and you get your answer. Then you take that answer and perform why analysis again. You keep doing it until you reach a stage where you can't answer why you want it. There reason you can't explain the WHY is because  you reached at the stage where your answer is in terms of FEELING.

At the end of the day, what you are trying to manifest is the feeling. Not the thing you think would bring you those feelings.

You have to reach to the point where you are comfortable with the fact that You don't know what you don't know.
The only reason you are not attracting the thing that you THINK you want is that that thing is NOT a vibrational match for you. The LoA HAS to work. It is a law. It works regardless of anything. If you see what you want is not working, then that doesn't mean LoA is not working in your favor. It only means that LoA is still working in your favor and that you don't get it because it is not a vibrational match for you. In other words, it means that you will be better off not having that thing/person than if you did have it.

When you are vibrating at the level of feelings, you KNOW how it feels.
If you are vibrating at the level of THINGS, then you might not know how you would FEEL if that thing pops up into your existence. You THINK you know how you would feel, but look at the results. You have to force visualization and other techniques to make yourself understand how it will make you feel.
When you know what feelings you are after, you don't have to do jack shit to visualize. It is an automatic process.
Human brain works precisely as per the LoA.

It's because you people have wrong fundamentals and no basics at all, the things like visualization and imagination and affirmations bring you no results.

Always think it terms of feelings than to be thinking in terms of specifics.

And you know one beautiful thing?
When you are vibrating at the levels of feelings, the vital factor called "belief" automatically takes care of itself. You don't have to believe. When you know the feelings, you start visualizing it AUTOMATICALLY. What what is belief anyway? It's just the set of images that you hold in your mind. haha!

Have you ever faced a situation where you wanted something really bad and you got it? And then you realize that "Oh! I thought this thing/person would bring me so much happiness but clearly it doesn't seem to be the case"?
Has that ever happened to you?

The only reason that happens is because you THINK you want something, but in reality, what you actually want is the FEELING, not the thing/person.
That is a pitfall most people fail to see.
Some people deliberately fall into that same pitfall (especially Ex back community) only because they can't do their own thinking.
Their ego is more important than their own happiness.

And then we wonder why the LoA doesn't work. hahahah!

So when it comes to specifics and feelings, is it better to think/feel "This/him\her or something/someone better?"

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